List of Best Cheap Cloud Backup Service For Mac 2024[Latest]

You can lose your data that keep on your Mac in many ways. There may be the situation like power surges, theft, random drive failure until and unless you have updated to high Sierra, they may threaten your valuable files. There is an alternative available to protect your data by using some of best online backup solutions in the market. Here in this post, we have compiled a list of reliable and Best Cloud Backup Service For Mac.

Cloud backup is also known as online backup, it includes the strategy for sending the copy of your data over a public network to an off-site server. Such type of server is usually hosted by third party service provider. The charge varies according to the capacity of data, bandwidth, and number of users. Third party backups had gained the popularity through SMBs and home users. These pricing models may vary by vendors. But it is important to look into the hidden cost.

My suggestion you should go with Backblaze because of several reasons and customizations but there were many cloud back service also exits.

The list:

It a platform where you can upload your data and access it from anywhere and also form many other devices. It is the only way to safeguard against PC meltdowns. Using cloud backup on your windows system is a splendid idea.

Here listed the top three benefits:

  • Cheapness
  • Security
  • Recovering and file versioning

List Of Best Cloud Backup Service For Mac In 2024


It comes with an easy interface, unlimited storage which suits Mac. If you are the using a Mac then you are at the right platform.

 Backblaze- Best Cloud Backup Service For Mac

This one is the easiest online backup service. Though, it has limited features. It may be the best online secondary solution with unlimited backups. This is so simple even that you can upload your data with click solution. There is also a good option to select hard drives to backup. You can choose when to backup your data continuous backup or once a day back up.  It has private encryption keys, secured with 128-bit local encryption and 256-bit server-side encryption. It also has a file back up option even when you delete that file it keeps deleted for 30 days. Most of the things in Backblaze is automated you may get frustrated for not getting more customization.

There is no versatility or any complexity is there to handle while you are using that. When you look at the desktop you will see three buttons:

  • Pause backup
  • Restore backup
  • Settings


  • Unlimited backups
  • Clean interface
  • Automated backups
  • Private encryptions


  • lack of customization
  • choose a folder to backup
  • cant view backed up files
  • slow restores via the web interface

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  1. IDrive

With competitive price and fabulous customization, this may the best choice you have. It has continuous data protection which easily updates the backup option in every 15 minutes.

Online Cloud Backup IDrive®- Best Cloud Backup Service For Mac

This comes with tons of feature, options, and other customization. It provides incredibly fast speed. It is the only cloud backup option which comes with file sync features. The result of that you can even turn any folder into a dedicated synchronizing folder. This feature is like a miracle and will solve many problems for people who struggle between personal and work computers. It will upload even viruses and nasty stuff.

It does regular backups. When you install it, it will automatically select folders and files to be uploaded. And you can also choose specific folders to backup it whenever you wanted. It only gives true downside highest amount of storage is 10 GB. It works smoothly with windows explorer. Its backup servers including:

  • SQL
  • Exchange
  • Oracle
  • VMWare


  • file syncing
  • private encryption
  • continuous data protection
  • windows explorer encryption


  • a bit expensive
  • no unlimited storage
  • no monthly payments plans
  1. CloudBerry Backup:

It does not actually offer any storage. It is a service consisting of one-time payment for backup service and flexible subscriptions to various storage providers. It is the type of straightforward backup solution. It is mostly used by who is familiar with cloud solutions and IT professional. If you are not from that category then you should go for Backblaze.

CloudBerry Backup- Best Cloud Backup Service For Mac

In this cloud service you have to set manually a storage provider and also you have to create the folders as well as many configurable options. There are some restrictions and limitations on CloudBerry for Mac. The drawbacks of having this service are Block level backup and image backups are also not available.

It offers 256-bit AES encryption along with private keys. If you somehow learn to use it then you can take the advantages of cloudberry which is extremely secure. It is mainly targeting those who is having IT experience as well as business.


  • powerful toolset for professional
  • restores VMs in the cloud


  • No included storage
  • Not for casual users
  • No mobile app  

It has the similar approach like Backblaze. Once you download this you do not need to do any customization. Its iOS and Android apps can also backup photo library.

 Carbonite- Best Cloud Backup Service For Mac

It also provides unlimited online backups. It suits both the types of users who upload small and average.  Its unlimited backups feature does not come with caveats. It is similar to CrashPlan when we are talking about storage and pricing plans. But you will not get many customization options. If you want to choose to backup your data automatically then you may be able to browse from the application itself. You have to choose another browser to browser. When you are using this service then several indications are there when in the taskbar if the color is green then your file is uploading, yellow means files are waiting for being uploaded and white with a green border means your files are uploaded. All in this cloud backup is very comfortable for people who want to control over their backups,

Carbonite offers simplicity. When you install this to your service it will start scanning automatically the files you may upload to its servers. When you choose the automatic backup option all files and documents will be uploaded including photos, music, and emails which are saved on your system.  It also comes with outstanding color code system in which you will get to know the status of the uploading, waiting and uploading files.


  • private encryption
  • unlimited storage
  • easy restoration
  • integrates windows explorer.


  • a little expensive
  • no versioning on macOS
  • no monthly subscription
  • limited mobile backup
  1. Sugarsync:

It priorities your security and privacy among all of these. It has a good interface that makes it more attractive than others. It is specially built for those less advanced users who want some extra privacy. When you will access the manage tab of this provider that gives some disgusting information about some other services. But the good thing is that you have all the track record of each and everything you had stored in Sugarsync.

SugarSync Cloud File Sharing File Sync Online Backup From Any Device

It has zero knowledge by default. You do not need to worry about configuration to get this much of security. It secures your data with 256-bit AES encryption. Data is transferred through TLS in Sugarsync. It does not have the option to use a kill switch like in the two in Backblaze and IDrive. This is flexible because it comes with syncing and sharing.


  • Zero knowledge power
  • Strong focus on privacy
  • Plenty of controls for advanced users


  • On the expensive sides
  • File syncing is slow
  • Based in the US

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Conclusion: Best Cloud Backup Service For Mac in 2024

Here Backblaze is ruling the list among the all and offering unlimited backup for your Mac. If you want some more specifications then you can choose IDrive. If you are having IT professional background then go with CloudBerry. Choose one and secure your files.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to share which cloud backup service you use in order to keep safe your photos and data secure right in the comment section. We really appreciate your effort if you would share this post on trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.


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