Best CRM for Sales 2023: The Ultimate List (Pros & Cons)

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If you own a business and have been generating new leads regularly, you must be well aware of how difficult it is for you or the other employees to manage all the data and customer journey of all the clients. 

Choosing the best CRM software tool will not only help in increasing your revenue but also increase optimal utilization of the available resources to efficiently handle the customer.

 In order to help with this scenario, CRM proves to be the best tool that exists. 

Now I will provide details about the seven best CRM tools available in the market and the major things to be considered while selecting the best. The following information will be available for all the tools :

  • Overview
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Faq’s

Bottom line Introduction

Today there are several businesses that rely on different CRM platforms to help boost their sales and marketing, provide good customer service and ops teams, while also managing their day-to-day tasks and providing remarkable customer experiences. 

CRMs are majorly used to attract leads and further convert those leads into customers.

This article would help you make a sound judgement before you invest your money and would also help boost your Sales business.

Best CRM for Sales In 2023: Which One To Choose? 

1. EngageBay

Engagebay Overview- best CRM for Sales


 EngageBay is an all-in-one sale, marketing, and service automation solution with a free CRM facility. EngageBay can be used to attract as well as engage the target audience and clientele and help in converting them into long-term satisfied customers.

The EngageBay software can be broken up into three logical areas of marketing, service, and sales. The best part about this is that one can opt to pay for the full package or simply buy the pieces that they would be needing. The three parts of the package are as explained below. 

Marketing Bay (Overview): 

The EngageBay Marketing platform comes with an extremely powerful set of tools that ease the job of working on numerous tools while also creating a patchwork quilt version of the customer’s journey.

With Marketing Bay, one can get an all-around and end-to-end view of the customer’s journey, which would further allow them to capture and analyze the deep thoughts and insights related to the audience.  

Marketing Bay (Features): 

Social Media Marketing: the software allows one to schedule all the social media content that is there on the EngageBay platform.

It also has a very cool feature that allows the user to create a ‘Stream’ while also helping them be updated about certain types of content that are available on each of the social media platforms. 

Conversion: The tool eases the work of creating landing pages and forms which help to capture new leads with the intuitive builder and the wide range of templates present in EngageBay.

The user can change the designs of the forms and pages using a design that would suit the brand while also optimizing the brand based on a real-time basis. 

Email: One can also use the element of Marketing in order to send engaging emails to the database by using beautifully designed templates or the feature of fully customizing the style.

The user can also create automated email sequences while also tracking all the efforts with proper reports and data analysis. 

CRM and Sales Bay (Overview): The sales component present in EngageBay’s software helps the user to track deals that are present in the sales pipeline while building better relationships with the customers.

CRM and Sales Bay (Features):

Contact Management: EngageBay gives a complete 360-degree view of the customer by tracking all interactions as well as storing them in one place, which helps the user to prioritize leads with a smart scoring system. 

Visual Deal Pipeline: From the new prospects to closed (or lost) deals, the user can visualize the health of the entire sales pipeline present on the EngageBay dashboard. 

Appointment Scheduling: EngageBay also has its own built-in calendar tool which enables the individual sales reps to have their own calendar or create a team calendar for easy appointment scheduling.

They also synchronize this calendar with Google Calendar and Office365. Service Bay (Overview): The element of sales in EngageBay helps the user to track, prioritize, and solve all the customer support tickets from the exact same dashboard which is also used for all the sales and marketing activity.

Service Bay (Features): Live Chat: The user gets access to a Live Chat software that enables them to engage with all the customers on a real-time basis while also proactively following up with all the automated messages available on the website.

Response templates: The user can create an entire library of templated responses to most of the commonly asked questions which enable the team to provide all the answers instantly. 


The price of the EngageBay Software starts at 8.89 USD/ per month for the all around basic package. 

EngageBay pricing plans- Best Sales CRM



  • The software helps to ease all the possible work that can exist in the company when one is talking about CRM. 
  • It is extremely user-friendly and convenient to use since one can store all the data in one place. 


  • The training manuals could be slightly improvised in order to make it easier. 

2. Really Simple Systems

Really simple system- best crm for sales


Simple yet extremely sophisticated, the Really Simple Systems is an easy-to-use CRM which offers a myriad of features like contact management and marketing automation for clients, suppliers, vendors, and leads.

It also features the factor of automating salesforce and service tools which help induce customer satisfaction. Really Simple Systems also offers advanced data security and encryption traits which makes this CRM the usually preferred choice for the government and other financial organizations.


  • It is a simple CRM software that provides everything that could be required by a small business to run their sales, marketing, and service in one easy-to-use yet powerful system. 
  • It has been designed to solve the problems of small teams that are working B2B and is also easy to set up and extremely simple to use while allowing the user to train his team within minutes.
  • It also includes an integrated Advanced Marketing solution that enables the user to build campaigns while also sending newsletters directly from the CRM system. 
  • It complies with GDPR, which allows the user to capture new leads directly from web forms and assign them to the sales staff so that they can do the job of following up. The user can also add them to an automated email marketing campaign in order to ease his work.


  • It offers a free plan that can be used by two users maximum.
  • Their starter plan retails for around $14 for one user on a monthly basis when billed annually, and $15 for one user on a monthly basis when billed monthly.
  • The Professional plan retails for around $30 for one user on a monthly basis when billed annually while it is $33 for one user on a monthly basis when billed monthly.
  • The Enterprise plan retails for $46 for one user on a monthly basis when billed annually, and around $50 for one user on a monthly basis when billed monthly.


  • It is a simple CRM software that provides everything that could be required by a small business to run its sales, marketing, service in one easy-to-use yet powerful system 
  • It has been designed in a way that enables it to solve the problems of small teams that are working B2B. 
  • It is easy to set up 
  •  Extremely simple to use while allowing the user to train his team within minutes. 
  • The tool is easy to use and can be considered a good option. 


  • Generating a report through this tool is a bit more complex than it should be. 
  • Also, the email templates that are present for marketing campaigns are a little too basic. 
  • This tool also does not allow Outlook users to trigger any active reminders in their inbox.

3. Zoho CRM

Zoho Overview- best CRM for Sales


Zoho CRM is capable of catering to businesses of every available size and type with its easy-to-use interface, automation, social media facilities, and customizable modules.

The platform allows the users to define all the workflow while rationalizing their daily tasks while managing leads and automating the process.

It also enables integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, which further allows the users to reach out and communicate with possible leads quickly at the correct time.

It’s available for free for three users at a time, although it has its limits when I talk about the features. It also offers limited customization, but the users are allowed to send around 50 individual emails every day while also having access to a maximum of 10 email templates. 


  • The software allows the user and the business to automate routine sales and marketing while supporting functions that may use up some valuable work time, thereby allowing the user to give more time to concentrate on their customers. It also helps create optimized workflows that can further help in reducing manual data entry, while eliminating redundancies, and speeding up the overall process.
  • Zoho CRM also does the task of capturing new leads, automating the lead scoring, identifying the possible leads that will convert, and following up with the detailed contact information.
  • It allows the user to close more deals in less time while also tracking the status of the deals, while also seizing every possible opportunity at the correct moment. 
  • The software allows the user to get real-time insights about all the customers while helping them connect with all the customers across channels, and build a strong relationship with them.


  • The user can integrate all the elements that are required for efficient customer/prospect interaction.
  • It also has the workflow tools that can address the work of marketing, social, customer service, emailing marketing, projects, human resources management, inventory, etc.
  • The software can be customized to fit almost every possible industry or model very well and efficiently.


  • The tutorials of this software need improvement.
  • The AI assistant present in this software does not seem to add a lot of value to its features.
  • The user needs to have a constant and stable Internet connection.
  • All the events and appointments are automatically marked as close once the date for the event arrives.
  • Scheduling a call through this software is a cumbersome task.


  • An unpaid or free version of the software is available for usage by 3 users. It also offers a 15-day trial for free for each of the paid versions.
  • The Standard edition costs RS 720 for one user on a monthly basis when billed annually.
  • The Professional Edition of the software costs about Rs 1200 for one user on a monthly basis when billed annually.
  • The Enterprise edition is priced at Rs 2100 for one user on a monthly basis when billed annually.
  • The Ultimate edition retails for Rs 2300 for one user on a monthly basis when billed annually. It also offers a 30-day trial period which is absolutely free with this version for the users.

4. SalesForce

Salesforce- best CRM for Sales


Overview: Salesforce’s services allow all the businesses to use cloud technology in order to connect with all the customers, partners, and potential customers in a better manner.

Companies use Salesforce in order to develop a better understanding of their customers while connecting with them on a variety of different levels while helping them grow their customer base.

This cloud-based software also allows companies to track the analytics, customer complaints, a variety of other CRM functions, and the rate of customer success and support,  with the ease of cloud storage as well as easy access irrespective of where the users are present on a real time basis. 


  • Salesforce CRM gives the assurance of providing a hassle-free contact management system by giving them access to all critical data of the customers as well as the interaction history. It also gives a complete customer picture including all the insights and possible engage-enhancement strategies.  
  • The opportunity management feature is one of the best features provided by the Salesforce CRM. It allows the user to view the activity timeline of their customers while also depicting the various stages of any particular deal which would help them analyze their next move. In addition to that, the user can also view critical details of their activity timeline along with that of the business competitors. The ready-made templates also help to ensure hassle-free emailing to all the clients. 
  • The Einstein analytics feature of this software offers high business intelligence to the users that help them in unlocking complicated sales as well as the service insights. The Einstein Actions allow the users to proceed with the next step faster. The Einstein Actions allow the users to proceed with the next step faster. This analytics also helps connect the users to service, sales, and community clouds along with all the embedded dashboards. It also consistently demonstrates all the data as well as the insights about all the employees and partners.  


  • Salesforce also offers the option to customize the CRM software with deep yet well developed tools for all the sales process and team collaborations that are required along with several integrations. 
  • It is a completely robust system that allows the Sales teams and sales managers to build as well as execute extremely complicated task management system. 
  • Salesforce also helps automate several tedious tasks as well as the process of making a decision out of a given workday.


  • This software has no functionality when working offline and the scale of working with this software appears to have had slightly pessimistic results on the support, i.e., the CRM’s service desk is not very responsive. 
  • The turnover of the support staff also makes it difficult to build a long-term, and working relationships with selective support group team members who are aware of the company.


Salesforce Pricing- best CRM for Sales

  • The Essentials plan is priced at $25  for one user on a monthly basis when billed annually.
  • The Professional plan costs $75  for one user on a monthly basis when billed annually.
  • The Enterprise plan costs $150  for one user on a monthly basis when billed annually. 
  • The Unlimited plan is available at a price of $300  for one user on a monthly basis when billed annually. 
  • Apart from that, a 14-day unpaid trial is also available with all the plans. 

5. HubSpot CRM

Hubspot-Overview- best CRM for Sales

 HubSpot is an inbound sales and marketing platform, which does the job of helping different companies attract new visitors, convert leads, and close the customers.

This CRM does so by bringing together a variety of functionalities and allowing all the marketing and sales departments to manage their activities and work in one place.

This also includes the work of content creation, lead capture, customer relationship management, social media sharing, workflow automation,  sales pipeline mapping, and performance tracking.

Owing to these features, the companies are better equipped to manage all the sales and marketing activities in an efficient manner while the leads can be nurtured through the customer’s journey effortlessly. 


  • HubSpot provides the tools that help in building websites, publishing content, managing their social media, sending emails, automating the lead nurturing workflows, and a lot more in one place.
  • Sales and marketing alignment has become a possibility today because of the HubSpot CRM which is offering a range of sales tools while also enabling closed-loop reporting from a new lead to becoming the customer.


  • HubSpot CRM offers a platform available for free with very basic features for all the users. 
  • It effectively handles all the basic duties for the sales process, including lead management as well as tracking cross-channel for all customer interactions.


  • HubSpot CRM offers very limited customization options, which might be an issue for those who are doing something which has to be niche.

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Hubspot- best CRM for Sales

  • The basic HubSpot CRM is available for free, which is offered to an unlimited number of users.
  • The Marketing Hub, Service Hub, and Sales Hub are packages that can be added later and cost about $50 each for one user on a monthly basis when billed monthly.
  • The HubSpot CMS is priced at $300 every month when billed monthly.
  • This software also offers a Starter Growth Suite which includes all and is priced at $113 for one user on a monthly basis when billed monthly.

6. Copper

Copper-best CRM for Sales

Copper has a deep integration with Gmail, and for those who are using G Suite on a regular basis every day, Copper would be super helpful.

It has a well-designed and highly visual sales pipeline that allows the user to manage their leads throughout the completion of the process of qualification.

All the contacts can easily be accessed easily through email, text, and voice within the app, while the voice transcription that is available in-app allows the users to take notes while on the move.

The pipeline progression reports, which happen weekly, also offer an improvement in the workflow and team communication, while the customizable filters and alerts help in keeping the user on top of the deals that are of utmost importance.


  • Copper helps the user to keep a track of all the stages involved in the lead management process which enables them to easily capture, qualify, nurture, prioritize, and convert the leads into customers.
  • The feature of right lead tracking management allows the user to spend less time in tracking, organizing, and managing all the sales prospects while also helping them focus on converting the leads into new customers.
  • Copper’s sales workflow allows the user to drive efficiency throughout the entire sales process.
  • Copper also works in simplifying the hard work required for sales process management.


  • Copper has a highly visual and well-designed sales pipeline that allows all the users to manage leads throughout the completion of the qualification process. 
  • All the contacts can be accessed easily via email, voice, and text within the app, while the voice transcription that is available in-app allows the users to take notes while on the move. 
  • The weekly pipeline progression reports also offer an improvement in the team communication and workflow, while the custom filters and alerts keep the user on top of the most important deals.


  • The user can’t attach files to the emails that they send through Copper and have to constantly switch over to Gmail for doing so. 
  • The tutorials present here are also not always sufficient for the purpose of troubleshooting. 
  • The product appears to be user-friendly in the first appearance but fails to live up to that expectation for the user. 


  • The Basic plan is available for $19 for one user on a monthly basis when billed annually.
  • The Professional plan costs around $49 for one user on a monthly basis when billed annually.
  • The Business plan is available for a price of $119 for one user on a monthly basis when billed annually. 

7. Insightly

Insightly- best CRM for Sales

Insightly is well integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite which therefore covers Gmail, Excel, and Outlook integrations.

For those who are involved in a business related to selling, this CRM tool effectively offers a well-streamlined pipeline integration for sales between all the features, including the features of customer data, contact management, as well as lead tracking.

It’s easy to assign work to all the team members with well-maintained to-do lists. The features of Business intelligence or BI present here are also very useful as CRM features.

This feature also helps collect old as well as the data which is available on a real-time basis within the CRM platform while ensuring that the user has the information needed to boost their sales performance.

Insightly also builds its Business Intelligence into the dashboards in an extremely visualistic yet simple way.


  • Insightly helps in tracking the most relevant lead information while also including a rich activity timeline of all the marketing campaign sources, phone calls, emails, meetings, as well as the tasks. 
  • The software also allows the users to create complex and multi-step business processes along with the Insightly workflow automation. It also helps to send email alerts, create or update records while also generating tasks for others when the opportunities are won, and it also helps execute a custom business logic to sync with the external systems from SAP, Oracle, and others.


  • The Insightly CRM tool effectively offers a highly streamlined sales pipeline integration between all the features, including the features of contact management, customer data, as well as lead tracking. 
  • It’s easy to assign work to all the team members with well-maintained to-do lists. 
  • Business intelligence (BI) features present here are also very useful as CRM features.


  • The two-way synchronization between Google Calendar and the software can prove to be very glitchy. 
  • Also, custom fields that are supposed to be available for all the contacts have been limited to 25, that might be sufficient for a section of the users but could also prove to be a problem for the users who have extremely complicated sales process as well as their business needs.
  • This software’s user interface is also a bit outdated.


  • Insightly Plus is available for $29 for one user on a monthly basis when billed annually. 
  • Insightly Professional is available for $49 for one user on a monthly basis when billed annually.
  • Insightly Enterprise is available for $99 for one user on a monthly basis when billed annually. 

FAQs On Best CRM For Sales

🔥Which is the best CRM for sales & who can benefit from it?

EngageBay is the best CRM tool for sales. Almost every organizational unit can benefit from CRM, including sales and customer service to marketing, recruiting, and business development. A good CRM software provides a better way to manage all the external relationships of the company.

✔ What are the benefits of CRM?

CRM software helps reduce costs. The performance and quality of the service/product are improved. CRM software also supports the organization to gain more customers with loyalty. This also increases the sales volume.

💥 What are the types of CRM?

Operational CRM An operational CRM helps in streamlining and simplifying the main business processes of any organization. In order to do so, the tool will do the work of helping companies in generating leads, converting those leads into contacts while also providing the service infrastructure that is necessary in order to delight and retain customers. Analytical CRM Analytical CRMs are the ones that rely on gathering the data and analyzing it in order to help companies better serve their customers. Some basic examples of this kind of information include customer preferences, behaviour0, and contact information among others. Collaborative CRM A collaborative CRM helps bring together a company’s marketing, sales, and service data to further improve the synchronization within the businesses and give a better understanding of the customers’ needs, wants, and interests to each of the departments.

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Conclusion: Which is The Best CRM For Sales? 

CRM is a very effective feature for all businesses, and the tools that exist for CRM offer very similar features. All these tools work very efficiently in helping the users to manage their businesses.

While there are several CRM tools that are available in the market, the ones mentioned here are believed to be amongst the best. But, for those who wish to know the best out of this list, the choice comes out to be crystal clear and goes in favour of EngageBay since it is that one particular tool that offers the maximum features and the customizable sub-packages while also having the least number of drawbacks for the users.


While all other CRMs have technical glitches and might not be very user friendly, EngageBay is the one that has only one minor issue, which is a part of its training manual. 

When it comes to small businesses or startups, CRM software provides numerous advantages ranging from identification of the pain points to widening the target audience. EngagedBay has a set of simple automation tools that makes the process of targeting the right audience and get the maximum benefit out of them a whole lot simpler.

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