11+ Best CRMs For Shopify Integration 2021 (HANDPICKED)

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Choosing the best CRM for your Shopify Store? I would love to support you by bringing you the ultimate guide to help you in making the perfect choice for your store.

Customers and visitors view your site and this generates a pool of data. Their behavior is very valuable when I consider it for generating better marketing activities after deliberately deducing conclusions from this data. This can be done with the help of a CRM Shopify integration.

This integration will not only consider e-commerce stores but also will help you to integrate quickly with the customers through the available data.

Shopify CRM will help you to generate integrated mail, provide you with session tracking, help you with individual profiles of customers, bless you with automatic tagging, and also let you filter your customers.

A CRM Shopify Will Help You In The Below Mentioned Tasks: 

◆ it will help you to segment customers and make marketing more effective

◆ it is the ability to generate detailed customer profiles so that you can brood over their shopping habits and generate relevant marketing strategies

◆ helps you to generate resource fullness to your E-Commerce platform

◆ to get a detailed note of what customers are engaged into on your shopify site

◆ Some CRM softwares allows you to send a cold email to potential customers. This is sometimes even before they convert two leads.

The list goes on and on. There is a lot that a CRM solution can do for an E-commerce site. Some of these CRM softwares turn out to be a blessing for startups and freelancers as these are easily available free of cost.

So, I have tried most of the Shopify CRM and come up with a brief note about the features of these softwares.

Best CRMs For Shopify Integration 2021 That You Must Try (Best E-Commerce CRM Software to Integrate)

1. HubSpot CRM: Best Shopify CRM Integration for Custom Product                                         Workflows

HubSpot is the best of the available shopify CRM. It greatly helps in marketing automation and would solve all of your problems.

HubSpot CRM for eCommerce and Shopify

It offers a long list of e-commerce solutions that will ultimately help you to collect detail and customer specific insights so that you can have your personalized touch and develop a suitable marketing approach. Types of customers can be linked with their order data.

The customers then can be segmented on the basis of their attributes for example new customers products purchased, idle customer, average value of order, etc.

You can also get briefings about the purchase frequency, monetary value and recency and using Shopify CRM, you can strategize your marketing campaigns that would be suitable to each of the selected customer segments.

Shopify CRM can also be used to send emails to potential customers about offers, deals, coupon codes and other related information to the potential customers. Moreover you can also get contact details of the customers and track if the receiver has opened your mail or not.

Hubspot has a lot to offer in terms of customer support and service and will also provide you the details of Optimisation so that you can earn more returns with less efforts.

All in all, HubSpot is a powerful marketing platform with a class lead scoring system and is simple to use.


2. ActiveCampaign Sales CRM:  Best Overall Small & Large Business CRM  for Shopify Integration

It provides endless expandability and integrations. People generally know it is a service for email automation however it is pretty more than that we can now see it as a fool lead scoring shopify integration that allows you to manage your contacts and can be regarded as a true sales shopify CRM.ActiveCampaign Sales CRM for Shopify

Not only digital marketers, but it is useful for any individual who is interested in tracking his customer behaviour and wants to to manage campaigns. Not only this, but it also helps to design emails for your customers, evolve them into a contact list and to analyse the performance of campaigns with the help of email marketing.

And also has other marketing tools like reporting, lead segmentation, tracking and social integration, etc.

It can integrate with customer management softwares and provide help in the sales process by providing tools for managing it. Other CRM functionalities include contact management, pipeline management, drag and drop tracking and lead scoring.

3. Capsule CRM:

Using Capsule CRM would allow you to manage and store all your data of business relationships at a single place. It helps you to maintain details about vendors, customers, visitors, and site.Best CRM for Shopify -CapsuleCRM

It can also create customer profiles, add notes and contact history of the customer. It also helps you to provide product delivery to your customer as per the assigned delivery dates. It is a user friendly software and will get well acclimatized with your android or iPhone. Your access to your Capsule database will let you track bids, deals and proposals from vendors. It has integration with e-commerce tools such as Zendesk, QuickBooks, G-Suite and MailChimp.

4. Ontraport CRM: Best Overall Small & Medium Business CRM for Shopify Integration

The ontraport CRM is a very powerful system which helps to build consumer relationships. It works by tracking all the contacts, data engagement and purchases. A person can easily recognise the information of a consumer from a database in which all data are well organised.

Ontraport CRM vs Hubspot CRM for shopify

Benefits of Ontraport:

◆For the one to get started it gives 14 days fully free trial.

◆It has relationship management and one hand to other hand contact.

◆It also gives sales alert at the crucial time

◆It is also less the other similar options for CRMs for example infusion software.

◆It has very well predictive analytics

limitation of Ontraport

◆It is very much more expensive then compared to the active campaign

as compared to the active campaign.

◆It is more difficult to have it’s setup

◆The another drawback is its Limited social media features

5. Salesforce

Salesforce is very famous for achieving e commerce goals. This provides a powerful Shopify integration for achieving goals. It has a very crucial feature which keeps monitoring the various details of the consumer like the type of product they are thinking of buying at what time.

Best shopfiy CRM -Salesforce

All integrating shopify along with the Salesforce CRM you can easily synchronize important data like contacts between two e-commerce platforms. Salesforce also helps to create detailed customer personality reports and it also analyzed how many active customers are there. Along with this, it also gives information about how much the consumers are buying at what rate and how frequently.

The uses of Salesforce CRM along with the shopify is so well integrated that it fits all the business sizes whether it is small, any business or a very large organisation. It is so well made that a person can access your CRM with an Android device as well as with an IOS.

6. Agile CRM

Frequently there is a question that can we integrate the agent CRM along with the shopify? The answer is yes, you can. It is a single time integration which has a goal of helping shopify sellers. It boosts automation marketing as well as web engagement.

You can easily shopify events that will help a lot. The best example of the shopify trigger can be the creation of a new consumer or the cancellation of any previously ordered substance. It is not needed to synchronize the contacts with the Agile CRM once it is triggered.

For the beginner it has also provided a very helpful PDF guide for integrating the Basil with shopify CRM.

Agile CRM for ecommerce

7. Bitrix24

You can consider this to be a CRM software, marketing platform, sales channel and automation solution to E-mail marketing with cloud computing service for its customers. It allows you to have leads and nurture customers. You can engage your customers through this and also take care of every customer. You can track your records of delivery and get tasks completed on due time.

Free CRM for Shopify- Britix24

It also provides you with a calendar in Bitrix24 CRM so that you can schedule your customer’s needs accordingly. It also allows you to have data visualization, monitor sales and distribution channels, view invoicing details and manage payments.

8. Metrilo:

It is an impressive software that would track your potential customer even before the lead is generated. Historical data creates a customer profile when he does his registration.

It will collect data like contact details, search history, past purchase history and other important tags that you might have added. It provides additional information like if the customer brooded over your video or not. It offers filter combinations so that you can easily segment your customers and generate improved marketing campaigns.

Metrilo CRM for Shopify stores

Deadlines can be easily met with its help as it generates alerts and notifications for timely completion of customer’s work. It also asks customers to provide feedback so that the process can be carried out with more ease.

9. Nimble

It is simple to use and is in competition to HubSpot, Zoho CRM and Bitrix24.

It is mainly based on managing contacts and focuses on generation of leads through engaging, tracking and developing contacts. It is successful in bringing customers from multiple social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.Nimble

Most of its contents can be expected to be visible on the dashboard. It will bring on to you contact data and other details so that customer profile can be generated.

The tool is very convenient to use and can easily be used in coordination with the site having bundles and clusters of data like LinkedIn.

Brooding over company’s profiles, you will get details about size and revenue. It offers standard benefits like calendar, mailing system and other benefits. The most convincing part of this software is that the customers will receive mail as an individual receiver and not as a broadcasting mail.

10. Zoho CRM:

It helps in sharing data of customer, online sales, product and other targeted data. It allows you to have thousands of contacts in your CRM. You can add a customer profile and customize it by adding requisite segmentation details.

Zoho CRM

It has much to offer to you. It helps you with sales signaling, email authentication, multi user portals and inventory management.

It also provides you with a chat program where you gather leads and also help out customers at the time when they visit your site. You can add a lead and encourage individuals to convert to sales.

It also provides you with apps for email automation, invoicing, collaboration tools and accounting.

11. Insightly:

It has its emphasis on contact management, customer profiling and order delivery.

It tracks the visitors interaction with your e-commerce site and generates data with the help of artificial intelligence. It would then generate a customer profile , segments it and helps to target potential customers.Insightly Marketing CRM for eCommerce and Shopify

It will take on any incoming details of a candidate and will add it into your database.

Distribution and leads are automatically captured. It helps manage leads, send mails and track sales automatically. You can also automate workflows and give an assurance of timely delivery.

Bonus CRM integrations for shopify:

◆Pipedrive CRM

◆ReadyCloud CRM



◆Revamp CRM

◆Onesheet CRM


✅ Does Shopify consist of CRM?

CRM software would basically help you to manage your customer and integrate your customer’s needs. It helps you to gather information about customer’s profile, behavior and do the analysis of the same. All this is handy to your Shopifybut CRM will provide you with better tools.

🔥 Does Shopify consist of an API?

It does have it and has an open source language. It allows you to work the way that your client would ask for. And it provides you with a platform where the software would work for you.

💥What can be considered about CRM in the current E-commerce scenario?

CRM is something that would help you to store, collect and analyse customer profiles and derive useful information from it. This data helps in improving business.

⚡Can CRM be considered to be a software?

CRM i.e. Customer Relationship Management is a kind of software that helps you to integrate details of potential customers, help in its interaction and smoothens business process.

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Conclusion: Best CRM For Shopify Store In 2021 Best Overall Small & Large Business CRM for Shopify Integration

All the above-mentioned CRMs will be available to you for free of cost, however, HubSpot and ActiveCampaign Scales are among the noteworthy ones. Still, identify your needs and select the best suited CRM software.

The advancement of technology has made everything easy. Reaching out to customers is no way behind in it. So, engage and interact with your customers with the help of these data drives solutions in the form of software to maintain better customer relationships and develop a satisfied client base.

I hope this article as shown you the vest themes available in the current market. I wish you lots of success while building your excellent Shopify Business.

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