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      Over the past decade, website building has been steadily evolving into a no-coding phenomenon. It’s now easier than ever to build complex websites for those with no development experience at all. WordPress, Elementor, and Gutenberg are the giants we owe this opportunity to. However, there’s one name missing — Crocoblock

      This is an all-in-one website building toolkit meant to lighten the burden of every non-coder. Plus, the Crocoblock package can be installed into your WP dashboard in a few minutes. Check our, in-depth Crocoblock Review here.

      We’ve etched out 5 Crocoblock plugins, which may gin up e-commerce, booking, and rental businesses. Let’s give them a once-over now.

      Top 5 Crocoblock Plugins to Enhance Your Website

      1) JetBooking

      If you offer anything for rent (hotel rooms, apartments, equipment, cars, etc.), it is a must-have investment for your future projects.

      Firstly, it stands for a quick check of the items’ availability. Let’s say, a guest wants to book a room at your hotel for a specific timeframe. JetBooking implies the Check-in/Check-out dates functionality, which is lightning-fast in pulling the dynamic meta to verify if these days are vacant or not.

       Crocoblock Plugins - Jet Booking

      Crocoblock put its best foot forward and implemented the automatic submission of booking requests to a database. As a website administrator, you’ll be able to view all incoming requests in dedicated custom post types. Manual intervention is reduced to a minimum, which gives more room for effective management.

      JetBooking for Elementor | Booking Functionality Tutorial

      Spoiler alert: JetBooking can be integrated with WooCommerce and synced to Google Calendar. Go see for yourself!

      2) JetAppointment

      A lovely appointment booking plugin that’s both easy to set up and customize. If you’re a business owner offering hourly services, JetAppointment is a must. In a few steps, you’ll create several booking forms that are good to go “as is.”

       Crocoblock Plugins - Jet Appointment

      You are free to adjust the forms so they are the best fit for your web property. On top of that, these appointment booking forms can be perfectly integrated into any existing webpage; be it a service-dedicated page, static page, or provider’s single.

      All in all, this smart Elementor plugin covers the entire booking routine—from submitting a request to sending notifications and order editing.

      JetAppointment 1.1 Version Overview

      3) JetMenu

      Stepping into the mobile-first era will be much painless with this Mega Menu builder. JetMenu allows you to build a desktop-independent mobile menu and style it in a different way. So far, there are 3 available menus to opt for—Vertical, Horizontal, and Hamburger. No need to mention they are perfect for tight-packed mobile screens.

       Crocoblock Plugins - Jetmenu

      What’s even more special about JetMenu? Well, it’s the ability to capture any type of content. From pre-made Elementor templates to e-commerce items, multimedia, and dynamic content — everything can be embedded in the mobile Mega Menu. Plus, this plugin boasts cool animation effects to make the menus even more appealing.

      JetMenu for Elementor | Plugin Overview

      4) JetEngine

      Meet the Crocoblock highlight —JetEngine. What we find particularly amazing about this plugin is that one can create custom post types, taxonomies, and relations without PHP or CSS. In its most basic terms, JetEngine allows building websites with little to no coding skills.

      As to the plugin’s front-end output, you can structure the content into clear-cut clickable listings. Among the best-performing grid layouts, there is a plain grid coming with a bunch of styles, map listing, and custom calendar listing.

       Crocoblock Plugin - JetEngine

      However, the capacity of JetEngine is not limited to grid layouts and back-end item connections. It boasts a powerful Forms functionality that lets you create any type of forms from scratch like Contact, Order, Registration, Booking, or Feedback. To pave it all, check out the Profile Builder functionality. We bet it’ll be of use for those willing to add user-editable profiles to their websites.

      JetEngine 2.3 Version Overview

      5) JetSmartFilters

      A variety of filter types that will make any website user- and search-friendly. JetSmartFilters is here to turn any search routine into a walk in the park. Implement any desired filter type — from basic Search and Sort by to exquisite Indexer and Hierarchical filters.

      In fact, this plugin doesn’t require much effort to create or edit filters. Moreover, you can customize them “top to bottom” to achieve the design that meets your website concept. Due to its absolute simplicity, JetSmartFilters can be worked into any WP theme and custom post types.

       Crocoblock Plugin - JetSmartFilters

      On the back end, you get a workable filtering functionality allowing users to find the needed products, services, and posts in a snap.

      JetSmartFilters for Elementor | Plugin Overview

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      Conclusion: 5 Crocoblock Plugins to Enhance Your Website 2020 |

      Sure, the outlined 5 plugins are just an appetizer. Crocoblock’s potential is much higher. Using the right combo of the Jet Family plugins, one can build a fully-responsive and high-functionality website from scratch.

      If you’re still confused about where to start, take a closer look at the above-mentioned plugins and their perks. The rest will be covered by Crocoblock’s hearty support team.

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