Top 10 Best Rated Dedicated Hosting Providers 2021

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Top 10 Best Rated Dedicated Hosting Providers








Dedicated Hosting



      Decisions are difficult once it involves web hosting, does one go together with cloud hosting, a dedicated server, or managed hosting solution? You’ve settled on the dedicated server possibility, currently the foremost vital call of all: who’s best to host your site?

      A dedicated server could be a powerful computer that’s used exclusively as a network server; one pc or computer in a very network reserved for network wants. In this post, we handpicked the list of top 10 best dedicated hosting providers in 2021

      It refers to the rental and exclusive use of a personal computer and it provides services for under one account or name. it’s so exclusively to be used by one organization and is chartered and hold on within the information center of the host company.

      Finding the most effective dedicated server hosting supplier is not any simple task, particularly because it typically needs a reasonably vital investment. Dedicated servers are far more pricy than shared or VPS hosting, however they additionally supply a bigger level of security and permit you the flexibleness to grow your web site as required.

      Fast, cheap, or good. choose any two of the three. Seriously, it all depends on what you are looking for, and there are many, several factors concerned. there’s no single best-dedicated hosting company out there for everybody, there’s merely about to be one company which will be an improved suited you than the others, for now. Your necessities, and also the provider’s focuses may additionally amendment over the time.

      Types of Dedicated Server

      Best Rated Dedicated Hosting Providers
      Best Rated Dedicated Hosting Providers

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      Essentially, there are solely 2 choices that you simply ought to bear in mind of once buying dedicated server hosting. These are managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. The variations between these 2 are negligible in terms of hardware, however counting on your desires, selecting gone over the opposite could also be unfortunate.

      A managed server remains maintained by the web host firm, which implies that you simply won’t got to do a issue ought to hardware failures or routine maintenance get entangled. The hosting supplier can do all of this for you. You lose to a small degree of management, however to be honest, if you haven’t got the technical skills or information to manage a fancy web database, this is often merely the most effective possibility for you and your business.

      An unmanaged dedicated server on the opposite hand may be a server in its rawest kind. You’re paying for the chunk of hardware and zip else. this is often usually cheaper, however it will leave you with the burden of desirous to perform routine maintenance, advanced system upgrades, and alternative such entanglements that need a minimum of a basic understanding of web server technology.

      The Top 10 Best Dedicated Hosting Service providers In 2021

      RankWeb HostingBasic FeaturesPriceRatingWebsite

      inmotion wordpress hosting
      Best Dedicated Server

      • Intel® Core® I3 2120
      • 2C/2T • 4GB RAM
        (speed may vary)
      • 1TB 7.2K SATA3
      • Backup Drives Available
      • 6TB Data Transfer
      $119/moInmotion ReviewVisit Inmotion

      arvixe-web-hostingCheap Dedicated

      • 2CPU Cores
      • 100% Server Management
      • Nightly security updates
      • Unlimited Transfer
      • Redundant power,
      • tier-1 providers.
      $108/moArvixe  ReviewVisit Arvixe

      ipage wordpress hosting
      Affordable Dedicated

      • 2 Cores
      • 500GB storage
      • Unlimited Transfer
      • 25TB
      $119/moIpage ReviewVisit iPage

      atlantic logo

      Affordable for small sites

      • 1 CPU Cores
      • 512MB Memory
      • 20GB SSD Storage
      • 2TB Transfer
      $4.97/moVisit Atlantic

      Best Decicated Overall

      • 2.5 GHz CPUstorage 1TB (Mirrored)
      • RAM4GB
      • 5TBincluded
      • 1IP Addresses
      $74.99/moBluehost ReviewVisit Bluehost

      liquid web small logo
      High Performance Dedicated

      • 1 CPU Cores
      • 1GB Memory
      • 50GB SSD Storage
      • 5TB Transfer
      $50/moLiquidweb ReviewVisit Liquidweb

      High Performance Dedicated

      • 1 CPU Cores
      • 1GB Memory
      • 1 TB SSD Storage
      • 5TB Transfer
      • Bandwidth: 10 TB/mo
      $102/moGodaddy ReviewVisit Godaddy

      Best Uptime

      • 4 CPU Cores
      • 1GB Memory
      • 1 TB SSD Storage
      • Full Root & Shell Access (SSH)
      • DDoS Protection
      $102/moDreamhost ReviewVisit Dreamhost

      siteground-96x96Huge Bandwidth

      • 4 CPU Cores
      • 8MB CPU Cache
      • 1 TB SSD Storage
      • 500GB SATA II HDD
      • Bandwidth: 10 TB/mo
      $149/moSiteground ReviewVisit Siteground


      High transfer speed

      • 2 CPU Cores
      • 4 GB Memory
      • 500GB Storage
      • 5TB Transfer
      • Bandwidth: 10 TB/mo
      $119/moFatcow ReviewVisit Fatcow

      Hope you like this list of dedicated hosting service providers.

      We have discussed the features of each dedicated hosting providers with pros and cons of each of them.Here are detailed plans of each dedicated hosting servers above:

      1) Inmotion’s Dedicated Hosting

      Founded: 2003

      Data centers: East Coast and West Coast

      InMotion Hosting Dedicated Servers


      • Performance & Speed: If you are using the dedicated servers, you expect your site to be online 24/7. Thus, Inmotion Hosting has SSD (Solid State Drives) instead of the traditional HDDs whch perform 20x faster than them. It pulls data 65% faster than the HDDs.
      • Web Manager:  The dedicated servers come up with easy and intuitive cPanel as well as WHM panel. While the WHM panel monitors the servers for your clients, the cPanel manages all the email accounts, e-commerce, domains, sub domains, create backups and easy transfers. Thus, the cPanel has all the tools to manage your servers.
      • Upgrade Anytime: If you have got more clients or if you need to upgrade, you can do that anytime to improve the performance of your server. With upgrades, you have the flexibility to choose the servers among the Intel Xeon E3, E5 or Dual processors. Moreover, you can choose the location that is nearest to you.
      • Security:  Severs are monitored 24/7 and are checked for the DDos attacks or any vulnerability is reported quickly. All the accounts have a private DNS which ensures no data is leaked. Spams and viruses are checked regularly by advanced firewall systems such as ModSecurity.
      • Money Back Guarantee: What’s best about the Inmotion is that it gives 90-day money back guarantee which is far better than the average 30 day money back guarantee.


      • Higher renewal price: The renewal prices for the servers areslightly higher. Moreover, you will get more discount only if you choose a long duration plan.
      • No Windows Plan.
      How to Enable cPHulk on your Dedicated Server

      2) Arvixe Dedicated hosting plans

      Founded: 2003

      Data Centers: US and Hong Kong, Asia

      Arvixe Best Dedicated Servers


      • Supports Linux as well as Windows: These servers are compatible with LINUX as well as the Windows. Both Linux and Windows server have intuitive cPanel as well as WHM. In the Linux server, it is fully compatible with Cent6 OS while in the Windows, it is compatible with the Windows 2012 servers.
      • Cheap servers: Arvixe servers are the cheapest in the industry starting for just $108 per month. You can choose either single processor servers or the dual processor servers. Each of the servers varies in memory and disk space.
      • Full Access to servers: All the hosting providers promise full access to the dedicate server resources but only few in the industry withstands the promise. Arvixe is certainly one of them. You have the authority to control the accounts, change memory, disk space, security needs and other factors for your dedicated server.
      • Cloud Dedicated server: The cloud managed hosting is managed by the dedicated servers with latest Hyper-V technology to provide dedicated environment, assistance to setup server and Tier-1 servers.

      arvixe dedicated cloud hosting


      • Not fast servers: The dedicated servers in Arvixe are not as fast as the others in the industry. The servers are not responsive with only 2 data centers.
      • Customer Support: Customer support team is not responsive and there is no live chat option available.

      3) iPage

      Founded: 1998

      Data Centers: 2 US based data centers

      iPage Dedicated Servers Managed Best Rated Dedicated Hosting


      • Cloud based flexibility: iPage dedicates servers have all the features much like the cloud based servers. The servers are designed on LINUX and Cent OS 6.4 with full access to all the resources. The servers are setup instantly and are totally scalable with instant use. Moreover, the migration from a lower to a higher or from one dedicated host to iPage is a breeze.
      • Excellent Performance: Though, there are 2 data centers both of which are based in US. These data centers are fully efficient with Cisco power routers and cooling systems. They are secured and monitored by a team of experts 24/7. iPage certainly gives one of the fastest speed in the industry.
      • Easy to Use: iPage has intuitive cPanel with all the features like domain management and multiple email accounts at one place. You are the only owner for managing your servers. Moreover, you will get a free domain registration for 1 year.
      • Install any software or scripts with just one-click. Other scripts like PHP, Perl and Python comes pre-installed.


      • Pricing: iPage is slightly higher than some of the dedicated servers. The basic plan costs $119 per month with all the essential features such as 4 GB RAM, 500 GB of storage with 2 CPU cores. Similarly, the Professional plan costs $151 per month while the enterprise plan would cost you $191.90 per month.

      iPage dedicated hosting prices

      4) Atlantic

      Founded: 1994

      Data Centers: NY, London, Toronto, San Francisco, Dallas and Orlando

      Atlantic best Dedicated Servers Hosting


      • Speed: Speed is considered the top most factor while choosing a dedicated server. Atlantic.Net has data centers widely spread in Northern America. This accounts for the faster website speed and flexibility to choose any state of the art data center. The servers run on fast SSDs rather than the traditional HDDs. Further, they are Tier 1 bandwidth providers.
      • SaaS Hosting: The best part about Atlantic.Net is that it gives different dedicated hosting plans for different software. Besides the dedicated web hosting, it also offers the SaaS dedicated hosting. Your SaaS application definitely needs security, faster speed and more interdependence. Atlantic.Net verily provides all of the three.
      • PCI Hosting: Like SaaS hosting, if you ever need an e-commerce store, you need a PCI compliant store. Thus, Atlantic.Net gives the PCI dedicated hosting which individually keeps track of your malware attacks, caching, server management, backups and restore.
      • Cloud Nodes: You can launch your cloud servers on Dedicated cloud. These cloud servers offer high speed, vast storage, daily backups and redundant security.
      • Flexible Packages: There are three basic packages to choose your dedicated server. Each of these servers comes up with different configurations. Also, the SaaS hosting as well as PCI hosting has different and quiet affordable pricing.

      dedicated servers for ATlantic.Net



      • Extra cost for cPanel.
      • Customized Quote: Some services are not readily shown with the pricing or configurations. You need to quote your requests for individual pricing packages.

      5) Bluehost

      Founded: 2003

      bluehost dediated servers

      Bluehost dedicated plans - top dedicated server hosting



      • Extreme Speed: Since the servers of Bluehost are house in-built, they are manages and looked over by a team of experts. The faster speed is fairly attributed to the open source technology such as OpenStack. It gives you the flexibility to upgrade you server anytime for enhanced speed.
      • Easy Setup: Majority of the hosts take hours or day to set up any host, Bluehost takes few minutes to set up a dedicate server. All you need is to choose and purchase the plan and you are ready to go.
      • Usability: You have full control over your server by root access management. Also, you can swiftly manage your account by using the enhanced cPanel dedicated server. Thus, even if you are a beginner, you can choose your dedicated hosting plan and start without any hassle. If you face any issue, you have got an extensive 24/7 customer support.
      • Pricing: All the three plans or the dedicated hosting are much cheaper than most of the dedicated hosting providers in the industry. The standard plan costs $74.99 per month where as enhanced plan would cost you $99.99 per month. Premium plan has the most amazing features with $119.99 per month.


      • Extra for add-ons: It is clearly specified that the Bluehost will charge extras for some services such as add-on domains ($15.99 per year), domain privacy and dedicated IP.
      • No Free SSL Certificates and No Free migration
      Dedicated Server Hosting, by

      6) Liquidweb Dedicated Hosting Plans

      Founded: 1997

       Data Centers: US (east), US (west), Netherlands

      Liquid Web Managed - Best Dedicated Server Hosting


      • Flexibility to choose: What’s more better here is that the users have got the flexibility to choose among the number of servers. There are almost 12 server plans to choose from which makes it one of the best dedicated server option. You can either choose a single server or a dual core server for better performance. If you still want your customized server, you can create your customized solution by paying bit higher.
      • Speed: It has 3 data centers; US East, US West and Netherlands. Each of the data centers has four servers which are Intel Xeon servers. The servers are superfast and are installed with free CDN (content delivery network). It has also a Gigabit Uplink to ensure faster page load. Thus, it offers 100% Uptime in its dedicated hosting plans.
      • Cloud Dedicated: LiquidWeb gives the cloud bare metal service with power of dedicated server and the provisioning of the cloud platform. These servers are fully scalable and are available with LINUX as well as Windows server. You can either choose a single processor or a dual processor.
      • Customer Support: They have got one of the best customer supports in the industry. While in the live chat, you can talk to a human, there are many helpline numbers for customer assistance. They are quiet responsive and helpful.



      • Pricey: Though there are a number of servers to choose from, these servers are still on an expensive side. The lowest configured single processor server starts at $199 per month while the most expensive one comes up for $599 per month.
      • Extras for Add-ons: Besides the servers, you will also be charged for the add-ons which are quiet expensive too. These add-ons include Firewalls, Email services, DDoS attack prevention, cPanel and SQL hosting.  

      7) Godaddy Dedicated Hosting Plans


      GoDaddy Dedicated Server Hosting Linux Windows Plans


      GoDaddy Windows Dedicated Server


      • Easy to Use: GoDaddy dedicated service is easy to use. You can control multiple clients from a single cPanel. You can root access your server as well as install and update apps with a single click.
      • Server levels: There is flexibility in choosing the levels of management. You can choose either the Self-managed, Managed or Fully managed servers. Each of the servers have different configurations.
      • Flexible: You have the flexibility to run your dedicated servers on Linux as well as the Windows server. Both of the configurations give faster processors, intuitive cPanel, redundant storage and Site backup.
      • Heavy discounts on both Linux as well as Windows plans.


      • Customer Support: The customer support team of GoDaddy is not as responsive as other dedicated hosting providers. There is no live chat option available for the customers. Moreover, there is no email or ticket support system.
      • It only gives a 2-days money-back guarantee.

      8) Dreamhost

      Founded: 1996

      Data Centers: Virginia and California

      DreamHost Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting


      • 100% Uptime guarantee
      • Excellent Performance: Dreamhost’s dedicated hosting has been recommended best for the e-commerce sites or sites with fairly high traffic. The hosting is completely managed where you don’t need to worry about the configurations or setup. The servers are monitored 24/ by the team of experts.
      • Security: The servers run on RAID 1 storage which offers larger storage and makes sure no data is lost. All the hosting plans have Free SSH access, SSL certificates, protection against the DDoS attacks and regular backups and updates.


      • Extra cost for some features
      • Poor Customer Support
      • Difficult to use cPanel

      9) Siteground

      Siteground Premium Managed Dedicated Servers


      • Multiple Locations: You have the flexibility to choose any one out of 5 data centers across the globe. All the data centers are equally efficient and have access to free CDN for better local speed.
      • Fully Managed Servers: Siteground’s dedicated servers are fully managed. You don’t need to setup or monitor your server. All the tasks such as set up of server, updating and monitoring the servers, creating backups or fixing the issues are looked after by the company.
      • 24/7 Support: Though the servers are fully managed, still customer support is vital for the functioning. Siteground is certainly one of the best hosting providers because of its responsive live chat, phone and email support. Furthermore, you can reboot or diagnose your server on request.
      • Handy Software: You can further use the geeky software at no cost. You can integrate your server with these software. Install any software such as Cloudfare CDN, Joomla or WordPress, Joomla or WordPress staging environment or multiple PHP versions.


      • Not enough bandwidth
      • Small Storage Space

      10) Fatcow

      Founded: 1998

      Data Centers: Boston and MA

      Fatcow Dedicated Hosting


      • Unlimited additions: Add as many as domains, sub-domains, POP3, FTP accounts, MYSQL databases in your server as you can. There is no limit to it.
      • Pre-installed scripts: A number of pre-installed scripts such as Perl, Python, PHP, JSP, Ruby, Rails come with the dedicated server of Fatcow.
      • Instant Deployment and High performance: The servers are loaded with pooled environment. They are configured on Apache web server, Cent OS as well as other software for faster speed. Moreover, PIX firewall from Cisco contributes to its security.
      • Ease cPanel: Fatcow has intuitive cPanel which manages all the accounts, domains, auto-responders, webmail, email alias as well as mail forward at one place.


      • Not Recommended for high traffic websites
      • Too much Upselling

      11) Contabo

      Contabo Hosting offers

      CONTABO offers professional web hosting services from personal to enterprise level, for World Wide Web beginners to expert with high web service requirements. They have webhostings services in different discount prices.

      Conclusion: The Best Dedicated Web Hosting Providers In 2021

      I hope you like this list of best dedicated hosting service providers. What is your experience with these dedicated hosting companies, please share in the comments below. Also check out best WordPress hosting, top hosting providers & best VPS hosting providers.

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