Top 4 Best Dropshipping Courses & Training Online 2021 (With Reviews)

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Searching for legit dropshipping courses can be a tough job and I completely understand that.  Considering my trouble in finding a good course, I decided to help you all as much as possible.

So here is my unbiased review of four dropshipping courses that I found out to be quite famous. The reason I have only chosen four is that I didn’t just want you to get an idea about the courses but also wanted to give you in-depth information about the courses, in order to make it easier for you all to choose.

  The List Of 4 Best Dropshipping Course of 2021 Top Dropshipping Courses Online

1) Oberlo 101 

(#1 Best Shopify Dropshipping Course & Training 2021)

Top4 Best Dropshipping Courses - Oberlo 101

Course introduction

This is the right course for all beginners as you start right from the very basics. It covers basic topics like finding the right products for you, setting up your Facebook Ad, etc. If you want a quick preview of the course, there is a 5 minutes Youtube video by the course presenter itself. The video might help you to get a better idea of the course and what it entails.

  • Course structure

The course is split up into five modules; each module focuses on a particular topic. And every module is divided into module topics, there is no such fixed number of module topics per module.

  • Module -1 – getting started with Oberlo 101

So this module helps you with navigating yourself in the course. It gives you a brief idea about what you can expect from this course. You are introduced to the concept of dropshipping. And the three basic business models are explained as well.

  • Module 2- find great dropshipping products to sell

So once you have a basic idea about dropshipping, the second module helps you with finding the right products for you. Brainstorming assists you to find the right probable product/products for you and once you know what products you are going to sell, you need to have suppliers for them. So Oberlo 101 helps you find your set of trusted suppliers on Aliexpress.

  • Module 3- Set up your Online store

In this module, you learn to sign up on Shopify and then you create a business name so basically a brand. You also learn to link Oberlo and Shopify and how you can add dropshipping products with the help of Oberlo. So basically this module concentrates on building the foundation for your business.

  • Module 4- Launch Facebook ads

So in this module, they introduce you to Facebook ads. They also explain how the whole concept of Facebook ads works and how you can create successful ads with the help of deciding your target audience and making eye-catchy videos. This module also teaches you to analyze the ads data and how you can achieve the most out of it to boost your sales.

Frankly speaking, this is a great module for those who are new to Facebook ads.

  • Module 5- Scale your business

You learn to accomplish your order and how you can track your shipping and what you should do in a crisis. They also teach you to handle your refunds.


The course is free to all for a limited time if you sign up right now. The usual course fee is $49.90. This is a major advantage if you just want a basic knowledge about dropshipping and you are not ready to invest hundreds of dollars in a course at the moment.

 Top4 Best Dropshipping Courses - Oberlo 101 Pricing

  • Know your course presenter

This is a course by the Oberlo website itself and the presenter is Jessica Guzik. She is an eCommerce mentor and business owner as well and she helps entrepreneurs with starting their own business and launching it successfully. Other than this not much is known about her.

She presents the course in a very interactive manner and goes slow and steady while explaining the basics of drop shipping.

Two sides of the same coin (Pros and cons)


  • Well designed course.
  • Interactive presenter.
  • Starts from the basics
  • Explains the ideas well.
  • Quite cheap


  • The Oberlo website itself is not successful in its Facebook ads campaign. So we don’t know if their tricks really work or not.
  • No inputs about other apps that can be used from the Shopify App store to uplift your sales.
  • No information on which ads to scale and which to kill.
  • No information about Google ads or other platforms where you can run a campaign.


So, to sum it up, I would suggest that if you are a beginner go for this course and the plus point is the cost is quite affordable and at the moment free. But if you know the basics about dropshipping, this course might not be worth the time.

2) Drop-ship Lifestyle DSL

 Top4 Best Dropshipping Courses - Dropship LifeStyle

Course introduction

Oberlo 101 had a course introduction video but there is no course introduction video available here but once you open the website you will see Anton Kraly’s introduction video where you can get a brief idea about why this course and what you can expect out of it.

This course focuses on running a successful eCommerce business by not just following the trends but finding what suits you and will help in building a sustainable business.

 Course structure

The course consists of four main sections and the sections are further divided into modules. There are 150 videos in total which would take you 33 hours and 30 minutes to complete.

  • Section 1- Drop- ship blueprint-

There is a reason why this section is called Dropship blueprint, as, at the start of the section, Anton comes out with his model of dropshipping as opposed to the traditional ones. So in this section, he takes you through the basic process of setting your eCommerce business like the products that you should sell, launching your online store, finding suppliers, optimizing your ad campaign to the best, etc.

His main focus is on selling “evergreen” products. 

He believes that “evergreen” products are much easier and profitable to sell as compared to the trending ones as the demand for “evergreen” products is rarely going to end. He also stresses on finding local suppliers instead of depending on Chinese suppliers.

  • Section-2 – AdWords PPC

This section can be an extremely helpful one. It is presented by Michael Erikson from Search scientists. This section covers the Google Ad (AdWords) algorithm. It gives you an in-depth knowledge of how you can set up a campaign through Google and how you can optimize it to boost your sales. Google ads are quite advantageous as you can choose where your ad will appear and at what intervals. This section gives you a detailed analysis of Google ads stats and PPC.

  • Section-3- Paid social traffic

This section focuses on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, that you can use to advertise/market your eCommerce business. Again it is presented by Michael Erikson, so this one is also super informative. He even covers basic concepts like PPC, CPC, and Organic traffic. Then he also differentiates between Google ads and social media ads. The section has six modules and each module focuses on one particular social media platform. It leads to this section paying attention to details. 

  • Section-4 – Events

This section contains speeches or presentations by speakers at the DSL retreat. This section is subject to change after every DSL retreat as some new presentations are added and some old ones are removed. Think of this section as an added perk to the whole course but mind you, it may not be worth the time.

Drop_Ship_Lifestyle_ Course

  • Know the course author

Anton Kraly was featured in Forbes you know like in a proper article. His drop shipping business made a whopping $3, 68 million of revenue in three years. He sold it later on and he is now completely focussed on the course and earns through the same. 

Well, I think he is an amazing and competent course presenter. But he might be selling the idea that successfully handling an eCommerce business is easy and anybody can be successful in it but in reality, whatever you decide to take up you cannot shy away from hard work, nothing comes easy. 


There are two pricing tiers

Premium- $2997 -access to all the other services excluding benefits.

Ultimate- $8997- added benefits like the DSL retreat and personal coaching and a set Shopify store.

Price can be a MAJOR issue but the price comes with a lot of advantages, I would say that it is worth the money as the course is detailed and informative with good customer service/ help from the DSL team. But don’t go for it until you are totally sure about it

Drop-ship Lifestyle DSL

Two sides of the same coin (Pros and cons)


  • Great customer support
  • Completely different business models from the existing traditional ones.
  • Extremely informative
  • Saves a lot of time since you don’t have to be on the search for new and trending products all the time.
  • Advocates for independence from Chinese suppliers.


  • Sound issues.
  • No examples in section 3, which is about social media campaigning and requires examples to understand how it is done
  • Section 6 (Events) can turn out to be repetitive as most of the contents are covered in the earlier sections. 

Theory oriented.

  • Extremely expensive


This course could or could not be profitable. It might completely change your point of view for good. Although the price is a big hindrance if that is what you require and wish for then go for it.

3) eCom Elites 

Best Dropshipping Courses - Ecom_Elites

Course introduction

 Said to be one of the most famous courses for learning drop shipping. The course is like any other drop shipping course with all the basic tips and tricks but what makes a difference is the added examples, learning from real-life examples is a great way to learn. 

  •  Course structure

The course has 9 video modules and each module focuses on a particular aspect of dropshipping. This course is a little more detailed than the two previous ones as not only beginners but even people with knowledge about dropshipping can benefit from it.

  • Module 1- Introduction

The concept of eCommerce and dropshipping is thoroughly explained. This introduction is a boon to the beginners as a thorough explanation of the whole concept gives you a clear idea of what you can expect from this field and how the whole give and take works.

  • Module -2 Set up your own Shopify store

This module is particularly about Shopify and how you can set up your store. But one thing that I like about it is even small features on Shopify are taken into consideration. So basically Franklin grabs your hand takes you through the whole process while explaining things like how you can set up a theme for your store and how you can reduce your Shopping Cart abandonments and bulk ordering etc. 

  • Module 3- Product sourcing and research

If you want to open a store it is necessary to have a trusted source. So this module particularly stresses on finding your trusted set of suppliers, you will find a lot of tips for the same in this module. And it’s not only about suppliers but products as well. So before choosing a product, you must do good research for the same. So Franklin also teaches you the right way of researching for a product and on what basis should you determine the price of your product.

  • Module-4 Traffic

This module is all about marketing and how you can increase the traffic in your store. All kinds of platforms are covered in this module so instead of focussing just on Google ads or Facebook ads, every media platform is explained. This is a great module as Franklin opens a lot of doors for us and doesn’t stick to only one that he has used or advocates.

  • Module-5- Email Marketing

A whole module just for email marketing! Guys this is super, as campaigning on social media platforms is different than you will rarely come across a module dedicated to just emails.

  • Module 6- Chatbots

Another amazing module, chat service is a great way to support your customers and it’s not only customer support you can also check up on your customers and recommend them some products or encourage them to complete a purchase. So here you will learn to set up a Chatbot which will contribute greatly to your sales.

  • Module-7 – Sales funnels

In this module, you will learn the basics about sales funnels and how they work. And you will also get great tips to enhance your sales funnels. 

  • Module-8- Bonus

As the module is named this module contains all the bonus material to make your store a successful one. It also contains some previous Q and As sessions.

Ecom_Elites - Model

  • Know the course author

Franklin Hatchet is one more famous personality in the field of dropshipping. He has tried affiliate marketing and dropshipping. He made a lot of money online and wanted to share his experience and knowledge with other people to help them excel at it, so he, later on, decided to design a course.


Ecom_Elites - Pricing Plan

  • Standard-$197– with all the above-mentioned features
  • Ultimate-$297– with extra added features like Funnels academy, complete 7 figures Funnel.

There is only one thing that I would say, go for this course, totally worth the 


Two sides of the same coin (Pros and cons)


  • Easy and understandable explanation.
  • Short and crisp content, no beating around the bush.
  • All dropshipping methods are covered.
  • Worth your time and money
  • Detailed course.


  • All the marketing techniques shown can be a little expensive.
  • Too much information can turn out too much for you.
  • And the low course fee can attract a crowd of money crunchers which can harm the group dynamic.


So to sum it up I strongly recommend this course and if you are trying to venture into this field this is the kind of course that you should go for, totally worth the money and extremely helpful course with an amazing coach.

4) Ecom Hacks Academy

Best Dropshipping Courses - Ecom Hacks

 Course introduction

Same as the other dropshipping courses but with a concept called “drop surfing”. You can also watch some Youtube videos of Jared Goetz, the course presenter before jumping into it.

  • Course structure
  • Module 1- Structure

The whole idea of eCommerce is explained and how it works and is it a successful way to earn money. They also help you to link with Shopify and create your call center number.

  • Module 2- Setting up your store

In this module one thing that he does a little different is that he shares his Shopify theme with us, that’s his recommended theme. And he also suggests some apps that we can use on our website.

But I would recommend you all to create your theme because unless and until you explore it you won’t be able to master it.

  • Module 3- Products

He explains what you can do to find the products that are profitable and will earn you a good income. His idea about finding a product is not to look for new ones; he says that with great marketing skills you can sell the products already used by some other stores. But be warned people, this idea won’t work every time. According to him, this saves a lot of hassle. 

  • Module 4- Advertising

In this module you learn to advertise your business, I think this module is quite good. Firstly it isn’t only fixated on running campaigns on various platforms but contains more technical and theoretical knowledge that you need to scale your ads. This module contains a lot of tricks or “hacks” to analyze any media platform. He advocates bidding strategies which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

  • Bonuses and supplements

This module contains topics that are mostly covered in the earlier sections. But, of course, there are some new things which can be quite lengthy but informative and also there is this “Hacks Document” included which can be greatly helpful but unfortunately, I am not able to find much about it.

Ecom Hacks - Module

  • Know your course author

Jared Goetz is a very well known dropshipping Guru. His Shopify store made a net worth of $5 Million in over a year. This was in 2017. But he has been quite consistent with his success. And can be a great coach for building a sustainable shop, but guys notice the “can”, he can be doesn’t mean that he will be. 


The course is for -$1999 +$1000 advertising costs and some more money for other things.

This course is not easy on your pockets and you can get a lot of this plus some extra in eCom Elites course.

Two sides of the same coin (Pros and cons)


  • An experienced coach.
  • Riding on the success waves can be beneficial.
  • All the basic knowledge.


  • Quite costly
  • The lack of customer support.
  • Makes the whole investment in advertising also very expensive.
  • Do not deliver what they have promised ( Read it in other customer reviews)


Guys, the customer reviews that I have read were pretty shady and there were a lot of negative reviews. They have also conned people like they make people subscribe for their premium subscription which promises one to one teaching with Jared but a lot of people say he never appears for these sessions. I have not tried this course because after reading these  I didn’t have the guts.

FAQs & Best Dropshipping Courses?

👉🏻Are dropshipping courses worth it?

Yes, the courses are worth it and can give you a necessary insight to start your own business but choose wisely.

👉🏻Is eCom Elites legit?

YES, eCom Elites is one of the best dropshipping courses available.

👉🏻How much does the eCom hack Academy cost?

The basic plan of eCom Hacks academy costs $1997 but there are premium plans as well.

👉🏻What does Jared Goetz sell?

Jared Goetz owns a Shopify store and sells a wide range of products.

👉🏻What is Dropship Lifestyle?

Dropship Lifestyle is a dropshipping course that helps you launch your own store and of course excel at it.

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Conclusion: Top 4 Best Dropshipping Course in 2021 Which is Best Shopify Dropshipping Training Courses Online?

To sum it up, I am sure that this blog has been of some help to you all.

 I have reviewed every course thoroughly and you all know what you can expect from each course. 

To make it a little easier, I am going to summarise all the courses for you and also suggest which courses are the best for which type of learners.

So if you are a beginner and are a little tight on your budget Oberlo 101 is the best option for.

If you want to learn dropshipping from the basics but want some added luxury features like retreats and community meets Drop Ship Lifestyle is for you.

Tight on the budget but want great quality content and over-the-shoulder coaching eCom Elites steals the show.

I am not going to eCom Hacks Academy as I have come across some negative feedback from customers and the course and the promises they make seem a little dicey to me. But if you want to explore, please go for it. It’s not necessary that you will have the same experience.

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