Best Expression Engine Cloud Hosting 2023: Which One Should You Choose?

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Looking for the best Expression Engine Cloud Hosting Services? Here is everything you need to know. But, first let’s find out about Expression Engine.

Looking for the best Expression Engine Cloud Hosting Services? Here is everything you need to know. But, first let’s find out about Expression Engine.

Modern content management systems (CMS) allow you to manage, produce, and upgrade content and other things on your website without the need for coding expertise.

Expression Engine is in a distinctive league although there are several options available for CMS. It might not be the internet’s most famous or even most used platform, but it’s extremely effective and powerful.

Why is it? Let’s see that here!

Bottom Line: Although WordPress can do most of the tasks Expression Engine does, Expression Engine is much more proficient and allows the developers to create layouts and interfaces as well as handle large and diverse content. Nexcess should be the ideal choice for Cloud hosting for ExpressionEngine because of faster servers and quick deployment. If you need reliable servers with uptime, Cloudways is the #1 choice and most affordable.

About Expression Engine

Expression Engine Cloud Hosting is a content management system that gives users access to a modular web platform. Website administrators have the power and freedom to manage their websites efficiently with Expression Engine Cloud Hosting/CMS (content management system).

Expression Engine cloud hosting

Ellis Lab, an American software firm, created the Expression Engine Cloud Hosting/Content Management System. Expression Engine CMS is a commercially produced modular content management system.

The expression engine is available in both core and standard versions.

As a result, Expression Engine Cloud Hosting performs admirably for both small and large websites, in both static and dynamic functionalities, with light and heavy content loads.

Expression Engine CMS has three licensing tiers: commercial, non-commercial, and freelancer web management. The programming language used to create Expression Engine in PHP. Thus, nearly every hosting platform can be supported through Expression Engine.

Expression Engine polishes your website to meet your specific requirement from effective tools for writing articles, to spam hindrances, typographic versatility, and safety functions.

The Expression Engine is built on the principle that a content management system (CMS) should not make presumptions regarding the type of website you want to create.

Expression Engine is therefore ideal for different and out-of-the-box sites that are difficult to render in traditional content management systems.

Also, the same people who created CodeIgniter, a popular PHP framework that developers adore, created this CMS. The Expression Engine was built with unique concepts like efficiency and flexibility in mind. It is where, unlike any other CMS, you’re not restricted by fonts, templates, and features. 

Features of Expression Engine Cloud Hosting


Expression Engine organizes the content of your website into channels or data containers, which are made up of fields for various kinds of data.

Blogs, product and service descriptions, headlines, document downloads, team bios, and more can all be added to channels. For a dynamic experience, it offers a variety of templates that include JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and other technologies. Install a single Expression Engine application to run different websites, each with its distinctive look and feel. 

You can see a live overview of your content and prevent trial and error by checking it out. Expression Engine allows you to update your website with a single click so that your time is utilized.

You can also handle approvals and positions, membership categories, and build application forms, user profiles, and discussion boards with member management tools. It provides spam identification, CAPTCHA testing, and blacklists, as well as session safety and performance updates regularly.

It provides security and permission tools to help you comply with GDPR, set cookie authorization, and more. Furthermore, the customer service is sufficient, with high client satisfaction rates.

Expression Engine looks and functions beautifully on any device, enabling you to compile from just about anywhere. It comes with traffic information, data caching, and a variety of free and premium add-ons, tools, and extensions to help you streamline your workload.

Although, this does not negate the power of CMS such as Drupal, WordPress, and others. From creating blogs to serving as publishing controllers for big companies, they’ve all proven their worth. It’s just that each website’s specifications are different, so not every CMS is the best fit.

  • Expression Engine is a favourite among designers- Expression Engine does not cater to a specific market – such as e-commerce – or a specific type of content – such as blogs. Hence you can create almost any type of website.
    You can make a website that has distinct sections for e-commerce and blogging. Various Forums, documents, FAQs, Blogs, articles, video pages, photo galleries, job listings, community information pages, and news sites can all be turned into focus pages, producing visually stunning, media-filled informative, and data-backed websites.
  • Multiple Websites Feature– Any company with numerous websites would benefit from the Multiple Site Manager tool of Expression Engine. Your websites can use your new domain, previous domains, and sub-domains, all of which can be customized separately within the same Expression Engine setup using the feature of Multiple Site Manager.

Another feature of Expression Engine is that its installation is arguably the easiest way a CMS can be installed. The process of installation comprises of:

  •       Establishing a website database.
  •       Expression Engine files to be uploaded from an FTP client to your account.
  •       Setting file access policies according to the installation guide.
  •       Run your installation wizard by assessing the admin.php file you have originally uploaded to the database on your web browser.

So, if you’ve decided to use Expression Engine, the next step is to find a reputable hosting service. 

Let’s get started on that!

Best Expression Engine Cloud Hosting in 2023

1. Nexcess

Nexcess a liquid we brand

New technology brings a ton of potential with it. Nexcess began almost two decades ago in a small garage in Michigan, intending to become a hosting provider that enables customers to start and develop the businesses in the way they wish.

Nexcess now has data centers at various locations globally that provide the best in performance, consistency, and management, all of which are managed from their headquarters in Southfield, Michigan.

Nexcess has managed to develop technologies that have forever altered the course of web hosting management and support by introducing sophistication, maintaining stability, and collaborating with our customers, partners, and teammates.

If you need Expression Engine Hosting, make Nexcess your first choice because

  • The superior performance of Nexcess will make it your no.1 choice because it uses advanced technologies like NGINX, Apache 2.4, PHP, and others. Its lightning-fast Turbo Servers can deliver up to 20X faster page loads than its competitors.
  • By choosing Nexcess as your Expression Engine, you can increase your Expression Engine’s versatility. It is Expression Engine’s official hosting partner that focuses on delivering a top-performing CMS application. The Nexcess Cloud will automatically adapt to your website’s information and react quickly during high user traffic.
  • Utilize the enhanced cloud system to increase your site’s speed and uptime. Nexcess offers you the option of including your SSL certificate or purchasing its certificates from a list of options like Wildcard, Standard, EV, Premium, different domains, etc. It also offers free migration of your Expression Engine website.
  • Boost your site’s SEO rankings and decrease server load by using a CDN. It also backs up your website every day and keeps the data for at least 30 days. You can also use its email hosting feature to get even more benefits.
  • Nexcess is a hosting service that is PCI and SSAE-18 compliant. It also helps you set up your US-based license and offers 24/7 customer support which can efficiently look into active site surveillance, security hardening, and firewall installation.
  • It comes with a 30-day free trial. The price for 1 TB of bandwidth,50 GB of storage, ten alternative domains, and 20 simultaneous user handling begins at $29 per month.
  • Your bounce rate, SEO rankings, conversion rate, and, finally, your bottom line are all affected by a 1-second page load delay! When you choose Nexcess Hosting and its lightning-fast platforms, you won’t have to worry about any of this!

Here’s why Nexcess differs from others-

  • The versatility of Nexcess Cloud- Easily adapts to high traffic periods with changes in automatic user competition as visitors to your site increase. Nexcess Auto Scaling stabilizes your website as traffic rises. Speed, safety, and a strong customer experience of your website are maintained. 
  • Adaptable to Heavy Traffic- All of us know how difficult it is for a website to function when there is heavy traffic on your site- it is a 30 minute (or more) nightmare that could change to a simple 15-minute drive with Nexcess. When everyone visits your site, the same backups take place on your web server simultaneously. Although more traffic is a good problem, if you aren’t prepared, your customer experience may suffer as a result.
  • Official Expression Engine Hosting Partner- With a worldwide emphasis on delivering the best in CMS environments, we’re the official Expression Engine hosting partner. All the businesses that have used Nexcess have been recommending and using Nexcess hosting for over a decade. They are the very best in the industry.
    Excellent customer service. State-of-the-art facilities. Lethal equipment. Very knowledgeable. For ultimate performance and reliability, Nexcess stays ahead of the technology curve. That is why many people use Nexcess and enthusiastically recommend them. Become a member today and avail of its brilliant features.
  • Unmatched Performance- Thanks to the advanced implementation of NGINX, the performance of Nexcess is unrivaled. The Nexcess Cloud Accelerator is an abstract level located before the cloud stack, allowing load times to be greatly accelerated.
    NGINX, a high-performance web server for handling static content, is at the heart of it (Micro Cache). Using the Nexcess Cloud Accelerator, you can boost your hosting solution’s efficiency and capacity.
  • Customer Support available at all times- Support based in the United States is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A proactive support team that hardens security implements custom firewall rules, and more to keep an eye on your website. We believe in a service that goes above and beyond, one that empowers customers while also ensuring stability.
    With proactive site tracking, security hardening, and a dedicated support team on hand which is there 24 x 7, you can make your web hosting experience as easy as possible.
  • Backups provided everyday- Your site is backed up every day and is saved for 30 days per backup.
  • Excellent hosting of emails- Host your email account along with your website with Nexcess


2. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting magento hosting

A2 Hosting has functionality that is developer-friendly. Furthermore, you have the choice of selecting your desired PHP version. It also provides unrestricted SSH connections as well as free and premium SSL certificates.

Host the website on the high-performance SwiftServer network to get 20 times quicker page loading speeds than other hosts, which can help you increase your SEO rankings and conversion rate. It allows you to choose your preferred host, which is tailored for speed and includes a free SSD.

Seek the assistance of the experienced Guru Crew customer service unit, which is often available to assist you. They will assist you in downloading the ExpressionEngine app. A2 Hosting also offers free website conversion and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Free Kernelcare updates, HackScan Protection, Brute Force safety, double firewalls, and other security features are available, to save you from becoming the next target of a cyberattack.  

3. Krystal

Krystal Web hosting - Alternatives

The Krystal data centre is based in the United Kingdom, making it suitable for servicing the European market while adhering to local regulations.

Any Krystal ExpressionEngine plan comes with a free SSL certificate which you can unlock via cPanel and use to add http:// to the URL bar. It ensures encrypted transfers by encrypting payment and consumer data with 256-bit encryption. It also provides the option of upgrading SSL to EV for extra protection.

With Krystal hosting, you’ll get amazing features, excellent service, and unrestricted bandwidth. Using SSD disks and LiteSpeed Caching, you will boost the efficiency of your website to render it 16 times quicker with no code updates

Krystal provides PCI-compliant hosting, which is advantageous if the company allows credit card transactions. They have one of the best support team staff who will help you with your problems through live chats, phone calls, and tickets.

From start to end, it provides operated pages and email migration. It makes no difference which controls panel you use; their expertise will seamlessly move the data into Krystal. They track the website’s uptime and issue security updates to keep things running smoothly.

A 60-day money-back policy is included in the hosting contract.

4. Cloudways

Cloudways- best magento hosting providers

To get the best out of ExpressionEngine, use Cloudways’ feature-rich platform. You’ll have complete control of all of your apps, websites, and servers, as well as faster load times.

To start your server, you can choose your preferred server provider, location, and requirements. 

Deliver a superior user interface and higher speeds with Cloudways CDN, regardless of where the users navigate the website. It also has built-in caches such as Redis, Memcached, and Varnish, and its servers are operated by HTTP/2 for better performance.

Cloudways offers stability.

Cloudways has specialized firewalls that are routinely monitored to eliminate potentially dangerous traffic for protection. It also offers self-healing servers for resolving operational problems, as well as on-demand automatic backups. To protect your files, you get a fast SSL certificate setup, advanced IP whitelisting, and two-factor encryption.

You will easily launch your upgrade codes to live servers using Git integration. You can replicate applications and the entire database, as well as staging URLs, to validate updates before they go live. You can also upgrade an application and enter cloud storage remotely using SFTP and SSH.

5. FastComet 

FastComet - Expression engine

Use FastComet to host your ExpressionEngine platform and benefit from its cutting-edge technology, support, and functions.

You can access your servers and files up to 300 x quicker with an SSD-powered cloud. It provides you with a free Cloudflare CDN so that you can share your website material around the world. FastComet provides the common and efficient cPanel website development control panel for easy management of your hosting account.

To protect your files, make free regular and weekly backups of your website.

FastGuard authentication allows servers to share information about malicious activity and form a global protection system to thwart attacks. Bruteforce security, account separation, free SSL encryption, DDoS tracking, botnet filter, ransomware scans, and reports are all available for free, as are 30-day regular backups.

The monthly fee starts at $2.95. A 45-day money-back guarantee is available if you are dissatisfied with the facilities.

Why Choose Expression Engine?

Expression Engine offers you the opportunity to create a safe and refined website that performs the exact tasks that you want it to without having to indulge in too many codes.

This means that you do everything from typography, publication tools, and spam dissuasion to safety features.

It’s an engine with strong designing and templating features. Expression Engine does not predetermine the kind of content you’ll see on your website (as opposed to WordPress’s posts, pages, and comments).

You define the type of content your site will have, and then create the templates you want to display it.

  • Expression Engine cloud hosting is very user-friendly. Anyone, with or without prior knowledge of information technology, can use this application.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that makes the management of a website and its content very easy.
  • When managing websites or content, you would not have to sacrifice the web platform’s dynamic features.
  • Expression Engine cloud hosting is a highly adaptable web and content management system.
  • Expression Engine has a powerful engine that can be used for both e-commerce and dynamic web development, with all of the features required.
  • When compared to other CMS packages, Expression Engine CMS is very cost-effective.
  • When it comes to managing websites and content, the web administrator does not need to know how to code. With the help of templates, administrators with no coding experience can create dynamic websites through Expression Engine cloud hosting.
  • Users can choose from a variety of tools and plug-ins available through Expression Engine CMS.
  • Expression Engine CMS has spam detection and comment system usage available through its search engine too
  • It can also handle mailing lists.  
  • Expression Engine can use system information to manage data and minimize load on the server whenever needed.
  • For website and information management, the Expression Engine is the most commonly used CMS worldwide.

Expression Engine has all of the services and tools you’d expect from a content management system, plus a few extra features as well. The following are some of the most notable Expression Engine benefits:

Expression engine benefits- best cloud hosting

  • A powerful and versatile platform for email management. Send your Expression Engine Admin panel email newsletters without the requirement for a special mail server.
  • Full monitoring of the comment systems such as membership, measurement, expiry, and error handling.
  • Refines typography tools including the automatic transformation into HTML syntax of the copied and pasted MS Word.
  • Solid site statistics to help you react to how users navigate through your site.
  • An integrated database manager with a backup utility for databases.
  • Extensive safety features like captcha, safe form encoding, IP/Email prohibition, and censoring.
  • Registering and managing Website membership functions to fully monitor and moderate your membership. 
  • More than 100 plugins available to expand the performance of your Expression Engine website, including tools for e-commerce.

Costing and discounts are other features where Nexcess is better than its competitors.

The free “core” version of Expression Engine is available on the internet. Expression Engine Core also contains substantially reduced features, which makes it an ideal option for personal sites.

If you want the total cost of the entire version of Expression Engine, that is $299. A few premium additions are to be taken into account.

An additional Discussion Forum is also available for an acceptable $99 fee, and the Expression Engine can be converted into an extra $199 multi-site manager.

A free user community supports all Expression Engine installations. Furthermore, your purchase of Expression Engine will include premium support of 3 months from the developer Ellis Lab. If you want continuous premium support from Ellis Lab, you can buy support for from $49 to $1,999 per month according to your needs for site support.

FAQ’s On Expression Engine Cloud Hosting: 

👓What is Enterprise Information System (EIS)?

An enterprising information system uses integration to enhance the functions of an enterprise's business processes. It provides high-quality service, handles large amounts of data, and can support large, complex organizations or enterprises. An EIS should be used for all components and all levels of a company.

🔥What is Enterprise Cloud Backup?

The process of backing up enterprise data to a remote, cloud-based server located off-site is known as enterprise cloud backup. Cloud backup data is stored in and available from various distributed and connected resources that together take up the form of cloud storage. In most scenarios, a third-party service provider generally hosts the server and charges the user an extra fee through capacity-based bandwidth or user number. Service providers offer individual customers free services. However, nearly all cloud service providers charge a fee for business customers.

👍What is the cost of Enterprise Cloud Backup Services?

Backup services in the Enterprise Cloud have different costs for different customers. There are two main reasons why the price varies – • Various cloud storage requirements – The higher you will pay, the more backup space you will get. • Service differences – Different customers have different requirements and accordingly set their expectations. Thus, the price varies too.

✔ What is the best cloud backup system for enterprises?

The best cloud backup solution for companies is the one that offers high availability of uptime in combination with support and industry compliance criteria, like Nexcess. Some cloud backup system providers also back up data to several servers.

💥 How long does the Enterprise Cloud backup process take?

The time to build a backup increases if the data to be moved to the cloud increases. Moreover, backup time often relies on many other variables, like network and uplink speed. Networks with good speeds can shift your data faster.

✔What is enterprise/business cloud computing?

👀What are the benefits to a company of cloud computing?

The benefits of cloud computing for a company are as follows – Availability – The ability to use the company cloud everywhere and anytime is the accessibility principle. This makes it possible for workers to be linked to the network regardless. Increased uptime- Clouds use a variety of subsequent servers in contrast to physical servers. This guarantees that the network continues to function even though one of the underlying servers fails. Safety and Security- Availability to the cloud network is very secure for a network as the cloud strengthens an organization's security using entry by requests and password encryption.

✔What exactly is an enterprise/business application?

The application used by businesses for their daily operational needs is an enterprise/business application. It is not only used by individual users in the group but also in the whole organization. Enterprise applications are part and parcel of information systems within companies. Its services are usually for industry-oriented tools, including online shopping and online payment processing.

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Conclusion: Best Expression Engine Cloud Hosting Providers 2023

Although WordPress can do most of the tasks Expression Engine does, Expression Engine is much more proficient and allows the developers to create layouts and interfaces as well as handle large and diverse content.

Therefore, this platform allows developers and designers to easily create customized websites. You can create content in any layout you want, and you can organize it however you want.

In a nutshell, it is highly adaptable.

Although WordPress can do most of the tasks Expression Engine does, Expression Engine is much more proficient and allows the developers to create layouts and interfaces as well as handle large and diverse content. Nexcess should be the ideal choice for Cloud hosting for ExpressionEngine because of faster servers and quick deployement.

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