What The Best Facebook Ad Campaigns Do Differently 2024? (Great Results)

Most of the marketing fail to achieve success as they aren’t useful to the audiences.

This happens at Facebook every year as loads of ad campaigns created, but few of them become examples of success.

Here you will find what the best ad campaigns do differently from the rest of the population.

How is it done- A Prominent Question

Every marketer comes up with unique yet selling ideas, but all of them won’t conceptualize perfectly.

In other words, you can say-

‘Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently.’ – Shiv Khera

Facebook advertising remains the same for everyone.  Say it is the smartest marketer or a novice starting for the first time at Facebook advertising.

Actually, initially, no one has credited the smartest or greatest marketer rather every one becomes when applies the right planning.

The difference between the best and not the best advertiser has been discussed in this article-

Every online marketer wants to show how the best Facebook ad campaigns differ from any general Facebook Ad campaign.

Actually, this is the key to launch a better Facebook ad campaign that ensures better conversion than any other ad.

The journey starts like this-

1. Create Highly Optimized Sales Funnel

Sales funnel is the first & foremost thing that a Facebook ad campaign should comprise.

There could be a chance that your Facebook ad conversion rate won’t ho high, but if you work on your sales funnel, the result would be as per expectation.

But how is it done?

Begin your work with the right approach.

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are two different things, so your campaign planning should also be different. So is the Twitter ad works?

You need two different plans for targeting Google Ads and Facebook Ads audiences. This is because an immediate sale can approach Google audience, but you’ll have to play as per the mindset of the Facebook audience.

Google Ads are mostly helpful for targeting users who are eagerly looking for taking an action like a purchase, but Facebook Ad is much placed back concerning that.

Facebook users generally scroll through the feed. Handling with that intent, most of the marketers fail to make the sale in the initial step of Facebook advertising.

This leads to planned action.

Start with engaging the users. Create and launch an engaging ad campaign. Observe the results. Solve what worked best for any piece of demographics. And then, optimize your ad campaign.

The first task is to get users engaged. Make and launch a useful and return-driven campaign.

Assess the results. Map out what plans worked best for any set of demographics.

Lastly, go for ad campaign optimization.

Remember, conversions using Facebook ads vary from conversions using Google Ads.

So when it comes to Facebook advertising, go slow with one step at a time.

ad vs facebook ad

2. Keep Ad Frequency that Encourages Audience

Before you enter the topic further, first understand what is an ad frequency?

Basically, an ad frequency is “the number of times an ad is shown to a user”.

It’s marketing calculation that if a user sees an ad couple of times regularly, they catch the ad and also turn them off.

The simple logic is that if the ad frequency is too often, the user will run away from the brand.

A good ad frequency can be 1.7 maximum.

So, ensure it doesn’t cross the given limit.

Facebook Ad - account overview

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3. Make Right Ad Placement

We talked about ad frequency, not this is the time to look at another feature i.e. ad placement.

You created a great ad set and also checked the targeting options right, so what to look for now.

It’s definitely the Ad Placement.

If you correctly placed your ad, it can greatly impact the CTR.

Taking this in the notice for Facebook, every time you step ahead for launching a campaign, you’ll be asked to pick an ad placement option.

So optimize your audience and then wisely choose the right ad placements.

Facebook Ad - square

This is a mobile Facebook ad placement with a number of impressions and even high CTR value.

4. Use Retargeting Options Correctly

Facebook adverts also facilitate space for remarketing.

Facebook Ad - expedia ads

Retargeting allows you to re-run an ad to the users who saw your product but didn’t complete the required action in the first go.

So, why to show the same ad to those consumers again?

Well, this time you need to make some changes in the ad or if you want to go with the same, ensure it is up to the mark.

The best advantage of retargeting is that you can further drive down them into your sales funnel through some other content form like this ad example or something else.

Facebook Ad - expedia ads page

5. Bid Smartly

Internet marketing circulates around one-word “bidding” and every ad platform uses it in their ad channel.

When you talk about bidding, the first picture that appears on your mind would be “auctions”. Like in the auction, to get the highest visibility, you have to pay the maximum.

So, when you run a campaign, of course, that would be a conversion campaign. You can select from link clicks, conversions, and landing page views.

If you have a high budget, go for conversion, but if you have a limited budget, click optimization would be better.

Recently, Facebook made changes in their bidding strategies. Find some details here-

  • Lowest Cost (with or without a bid cap) implemented in order to replace automatic bidding with the maximum bidding.
  • Target Cost focusing on a stable average cost in order to replace manual bidding.

Taking your budget and target audience, you can choose between these two options.

6. Implement Your Older Winning Ad Strategies

You would have posted numerous Facebook posts until today. Definitely many of them have gained tremendous response and performed brilliantly.

It could be images or videos or any textual posts that did well for your objectives.

Analyze them and you can use that strategy again for standing out in the competition.

Examples of Best Facebook Ad Campaigns of 2019

Here are some examples of the best Facebook ad campaigns in video ads, carousel ads, canvas ads, photo ads, and much more.

#1 Facebook Blueprint (Lead Ads)

Facebook Ad - Ad Blueprint Facebook Ad - Ad Blueprint one

This Facebook lead ad offers a clear benefit. This shows if you sign up for the webinar you’ll learn how to find more shopper for your online product catalog. This ad has targeted audience, it’s engaging directly to young professionals and digital marketers. The lead gen form is very simple, can fill out in 60 seconds.


Always remember when you are running lead ads, try to keep your form short and simple. Also, tell visitors the benefits of your campaign and how it benefits them.  And, also make sure your lead is relevant and high quality.

#2 Adobe Stock (Image Ads)

Facebook Ad - Adobe Stock

Adobe stock has stock images library. It adds a stunning image to show the quality of the photos they provide on their platform. It smartly uses visual effects to show its logo. Adobe is promoting its new stock images collection- Premium and Editorial.


A picture can say a thousand words, so keep the focus on your visuals.  If you are showing brand awareness with image ad, then add your logo and name in front and center.  If you are advertising premium products then ensure all your images are premium and HD quality. If you are a famous brand then bring it up to its reputation.

#3 Sephora (Canvas Ads)

Facebook Ad - Canva ads

The gif shots, motion picture, excited faces experience by Sephora is truly an attention catcher. The bright color used in the ad makes the product really stand out from others. This ad shows the brand’s product ranges in a clean and structured way. It also boosts viewers to get active and swipe to discover all the gift ideas. All the captions of each product are catchy and funny. It grabs viewers’ attention, the right balance between entertaining and informative.


Canvas ad with attractive visuals experience, a catchy copy will add extra life to your ads. Use the different product categories that viewers can swipe between. Focus on dynamic, colorful motion shots into your ads.

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Facebook ads serve a large set of marketing aims, and they come in different formats. There are tons of Facebook ads on the internet, but everyone is not doing “extraordinary”.

Actually, the best campaigns are not created outside the world but created by people whose advertising knowledge is out of this world. This article is showing the same that’s how the best Facebook ad campaign does differently. Let me know in the comments section below what you think of Facebook Ads and your opinion on how we can do it differently.

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