10 Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting 2023: Which One Is Best?

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In this article, we will provide the 5 Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting 2023

If you are a Minecraft enthusiast seeking the Best free Minecraft server hosting 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you have arrived at the correct place. This post will provide information on some of the top free servers.

Since 2009, Minecraft has been one of the most popular and beloved games globally. Minecraft’s appeal seems to be no end in sight, with over 126 million active players worldwide.

There are several methods to play Minecraft with others, but the most versatile is on an internet server. Consequently, you’re likely one of those players that want to take their Minecraft experience to the next level by hosting it on a cheap, quick, and stable server with your preferred customizations.

Hosting a Minecraft server may be difficult. Suppose you are careless and unsure of what you are doing. In such a circumstance, it is feasible for your server to get overcrowded with excessive players, resulting in an experience that is inferior to playing on an official server such as Mineplex or CubeCraft.

New users will be turned off if your Minecraft servers have latency and may never join your server again. You will learn everything required to run a Minecraft server without latency or stuttering.

Check out the list of some of the best free Minecraft servers. 

What is a Minecraft Server & How to Host Your Own Minecraft Server?

A Minecraft server allows you to play Minecraft online with your buddies. This implies that they are not required to download the game independently (although they can do so if they wish). Their data and files are instead saved on a central computer, host, or server.

This host controls the whole game and allows all players to connect. When someone launches Minecraft, they may view other players on the server, play with them, and, if they want, construct their worlds.

The host does all this by running a specialized Minecraft server, which may include mods or plugins. This enables game modes and options unavailable in the classic Minecraft game.

Before operating your own Minecraft server, there are various considerations to make. Due to the impossibility of everyone connecting at once, a server overpopulated with gamers may have latency or boot everyone off.

However, if the game is devoid of players, it defeats the point of having a multiplayer game. Therefore, when you initially start up your Minecraft server, it’s usually ideal to have a small number of users on it so that no one has difficulties or latency.

After some time, and you are sure that the server will function flawlessly, you may add additional players to increase your audience size.

Some of the Best Free Minecraft Servers 2023

1. Nodecraft:

Nodecraft: Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting

Nodecraft is an excellent choice for Minecraft server hosting. The user-friendly interface of this hosting server is a result of its adaptable control panel. This control panelknowndepanel2 is why Nodecraft’s interface for desktop devices is user-friendly.

Nodecraft also provides the ability to build modified servers, alter setups, and add plugins. The characteristics of Nodecraft are essential to its excellent performance and functionality in providing players with high-quality gaming experiences.

Nodecraft Pros and Cons

Nodecraft Pros

  • Users may save and switch between game servers effortlessly, allowing for uninterrupted gameplay.
  • It equips your game server with solid hardware, resulting in tremendous performance.
  • Whether an expert player or a novice, NodePanel is simple to use.
  • This server has DDoS protection so that you may play games without worrying about security.
  • The game has no latency or downtime since the servers have robust hardware.
  • The design of Nodecraft makes it simple for users to construct their gaming server.
  • Whether you are a veteran player or a novice, you can easily set up your gaming server with the assistance of their knowledgeable support team.

Nodecraft Cons

  • There are various restrictions on free servers, and you may ultimately need to switch to paying ones.

2. Host Havoc:

Host Havoc : Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting

Over the last eight years, Hosthavoc has delivered one of the most consistently high-quality servers. They provide a variety of hosting choices, including excellent gaminshockg hosting technology. Their service ensures a range of server setups to offer a fantastic gaming experience.

You may investigate a few features exclusive to Hosthavoc servers. Hosthavoc allows you to customize the control panel for simple server setup and administration. The feature of Hosthavoc is crucial to its appropriateness for beginners and new users.

Host Havoc Pros and Cons

Host Havoc Pros 

  • Their hosting offerings include complimentary DDoS protection, ranging from simple UDP floods to Source Engine query assaults.
  • After purchasing, their gaming servers are set up promptly and automatically.
  • Their infrastructure comprises more than 80 percent of NVME drives, the market’s fastest storage solutions.
  • They are seven times quicker than SSDs and twenty times faster than conventional hard drives.
  • Additionally, one of their most significant advantages is 24/7 customer service.
  • Host Havoc boasts ‘excellent network availability’ since their servers are located in the most dependable data centers in the business. They promise an uptime of 99.9%.

Host Havoc Cons

  • A 72-hour refund guarantee for paying customers may be too short compared to other hosting providers.

3. GG Servers:

GG Servers : Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting

GG servers were founded in 2013 and are one of the most excellent web hosting and gaming providers. GG servers also seek to host popular online games like Rust, Ark, Survival evolved, and others. This hosting provider is committed to providing a positive gaming experience, simple setup, and user installation.

The GG servers have one of the most excellent speeds and functionalities. For this hosting service, you can choose between premium and ordinary servers. Several more capabilities can only be accessed when utilizing a GG server platform to host Minecraft.

GG Servers Pros and Cons

GG Servers Pros

  • If you’re just getting started with Minecraft, GG Servers may be the ideal alternative since their discounts on the first invoice will reduce the cost to half.
  • Support quality is very crucial in Minecraft server hosting.
  • Under the DDoS service, GG Servers will provide defense against external assaults.
  • GG Servers provides complete access to files and FTP transfer capabilities.
  • Premium solutions from GG Servers include the most potent memory, the NVMe SSD. This is six times as fast as the ordinary SSD offered with standard packages
  • GG Servers will facilitate the downloading and installation of Modpacks with a single click.
  • Within its regular and premium versions, GG Servers allows the free customization of your subdomain.

GG Servers Cons

  • There is a 1-day money-back guarantee, which is short given that comparable hosting sites offer premium consumers a 30-day guarantee.

4. ScalaCube:

ScalaCube Review

ScalaCube is one of the top Minecraft server hosting providers available. This hosting is appropriate for popular games such as Ark. ScalaCube offers reduced latency and lag for online games with a community connection.

ScalaCube’s hosting services are located in North America, Europe, and Asia. This hosting includes several user-friendly features.

Your gameplay experience while using ScalaCube to host Minecraft is among the finest available today. ScalaCube’s hosting services provide freedom if you breach its constraints.

ScalaCube Pros and Cons

ScalaCube Pros

  • All premium plans include a website and forum that are pre-configured and linked to your ScalaCube server. You may add and change your stuff.
  • All ScalaCube price options include a complimentary subdomain you may use instead.
  • With any plan, more than a thousand mod packs are available. For each game for which you operate a server, you have the option to include the most popular modifications. Also, you may submit your mod packs.
  • ScalaCube’s backup mechanism enables you to handle anything manually for free. In addition, you may enable automatic backups for a one-time price of $10.
  • Undetermined is the amount of gaming servers and slots. This means you are restricted only by your chosen plan’s RAM and disk space.
  • You may have your own ScalaCube Minecraft launcher that shows your server(s) for a one-time price of $10.
  • On your dashboard, you have access to every conceivable performance metric. Memory and storage monitoring may help you determine whether your current plan is enough or if you need an upgrade.
  • ScalaCube hosting guarantees 99.9% server uptime per month for continuous gameplay, which is approximately average for the industry.

ScalaCube Cons

  • The customer support they offer is slightly limited.

5. Sparked Host:

Sparked Host

The gaming servers provided by the sparked host are among the finest for Minecraft. With over 20,000 servers and over 2,000 customers, it is one of the top gaming and site hosting services. The host is also accessible in other languages across the world.

This hosting gaming service offers a variety of valuable features. Users get access to investigate storage, security, the control panel, and domains. Additionally, the sparked host provides special features for establishing and configuring Minecraft servers.

Sparked Host Pros and Cons

Sparked Host Pros

  • All of their solutions include complimentary DDoS protection to guarantee your safety.
  • Regardless of the service you purchase from us, it will be set up immediately upon receipt of payment.
  • They have several premium locations across the globe, ensuring that you get the most excellent service regardless of where you are.
  • Their customer service crew is accessible at all hours of the day and from any location.
  • They employ only enterprise-grade hardware to ensure that your product is always available and functioning as efficiently as possible.

Sparked Host Cons

  • Free servers offered by them may not be enough for you. You may have to invest a little. 

6. Apex Hosting:

Apex Hosting is an additional top-tier source of free Minecraft server hosting. With apex hosting, you and your pals may enjoy various gaming benefits.

Apex Hosting

You have the option of choosing which Minecraft modifications to install. Additional opportunities exist to monetize your Minecraft server by placing advertisements on your online shop.

They have a unique storage system, prompt customer service, a beautiful user interface, and solid security. All of these features guarantee a positive experience with Apex hosting for Minecraft. Among them, Apex hosting is the most cost-effective option for people interested in this service. You may connect to up to twelve people without experiencing any latency.

Apex Hosting Pros and Cons

Apex Hosting Pros

  • Self-help tools provided by Apex Hosting are what stand out. It has countless articles and instructions that cover practically every topic imaginable.
  • Apex Hosting utilizes a modified version of Multicraft’s control panel. This allows you to handle almost every element of your server.
  • Every Apex Hosting Minecraft server has the option to establish a custom subdomain.
  • North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia are among the 18 available places.
  • When joining up for a new Minecraft server, you will have the choice of having any of over 200 modpacks pre-installed.

Apex Hosting Cons

  • They have a linguistic barrier since they are unavailable in several languages.

7. Shockbyte:

Shockbyte is one of the leading suppliers of 24/7 free Minecraft servers on the internet. They provide various services ideal for every Minecraft player, regardless of experience or skill level.

Shockbyte Review

Shockbyte has a 3-day money-back guarantee on all plans so that you may evaluate their services before committing. In addition, they provide a choice of programs to fit your requirements.

Shockbyte also provides a vast selection of mod packs, such as Feed The Beast, Technic, ATLauncher, and any plugins you may install on your server, allowing you a great deal of control over the game’s gameplay. You may also utilize their chatbot to control your server without being there at all times.

Shockbyte Pros and Cons

Shockbyte Pros

  • They give a guarantee of 100% uptime. The company’s service level agreement covers any potential network interruptions. This offers consumers worldwide coverage without interruption.
  • They give help around the clock. Here, you have access to an immediately accessible support staff that can assist you with any issues or inconveniences you encounter along the route.
  • Clients also get a free sub-domain that may be used to create a customized IP address with their server name.
  • Shockbyte provides additional add-ons and features, such as mod packs, custom jars, and quick reconfiguration. 

Shockbyte Cons

  • While customer assistance is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week via online chatbots and emails, the response time is often slower than anticipated.

8. Hostinger:

Since 2004, Hostinger has provided internet technologies for hosting services. The low cost of this hosting service is one of its benefits.


It is also popular outside Minecraft, with many bloggers using Hostinger to host their websites. This hosting service is accessible in over 170 countries, indicating that it supports several languages.

Hostinger is the Minecraft server hosting of choice for around 30 million players in these countries. Additionally, you may adjust your IP address to be closer to Hostinger’s Minecraft servers. Changing your IP will prevent you from experiencing latency while communicating with your pals ( allows up to 90 players).

Hostinger Pros and Cons

Hostinger Pros 

  • Even if you have no server management expertise, the Hostinger administration panel is very intuitive.
  • On their website, Hostinger includes knowledge base articles that provide instructions for self-help.
  • If you are unsatisfied with Hostinger’s web hosting services within 30 days of signing up, you may get a refund.
  • On average, you should anticipate loading times in the 300-400 ms range.
  • They provide a good uptime guarantee. This is one of the Hostinger features I like the most.

Hostinger Cons

  • Their customer support needs more options and is up to the mark.

9. Minehut:

Minehut is a free Minecraft server hosting service that provides some of the most significant features on its free servers.


Minehut is also the most excellent option for novices who do not know how to set up servers. Minehut provides support and training that allow you to create servers within minutes of signing up.

The servers have credit mechanisms for premium subscriptions. Additionally, credits may be bought on the website. The free Minehut plan is ideal for people just beginning to play with others. Otherwise, there are a large number of popular premium plans that have first-rate features.

Minehut Pros and Cons

Minehut Pros

  • Nothing is doable with configurable Minecraft server choices, integrated cross-play, and marketing assistance.
  • On your own Minecraft server, you may explore and experiment with TONS of material, with more constantly uploaded.
  • The fact that Minehut has the most significant server host community available means that there are more people for you to play with and develop with. Discover many ways to play today.
  • Not everyone can claim this, but their base Minecraft server plan is free and comes with no restrictions.

Minehut Cons

  • Minehut needs to work on its customer support more.

10. Aternos:

Aternos is one of the most popular websites that provides Minecraft enthusiasts free servers so they may operate their network.


Everything is free, from the RAM to the available plugins. Indeed, the company’s tagline is “free Minecraft servers forever.”

This implies that As long as Minecraft is free, Aternos will also be free. Since 2013, the Aternos server has been used by about 13 million users and 400,000 players daily. Aternos functions identically to all other Minecraft servers, and getting started could not be simpler. All you need to do is visit their website, log in or establish an account, and you’ll have your own Minecraft server. Your server will be up and running in only seconds, and you will get an email when it’s ready.

Aternos Pros and Cons

Aternos Pros

  • There has been no decrease in the company’s customer support services. Even though there is an accessible server, the support is equivalent to expensive hosting services.
  • Even though Aternos is a free Minecraft server, you always have a backup of your server.
  • Your game server is modifiable and may be altered to suit your needs. Adjust everything on your server to your liking and make it your game if you want.
  • However, Aternos offers free services for your Minecraft server and comprehensive DDoS protection to keep you secure from future attacks.
  • If you find vanilla uninteresting, you may install plugins at any time, tinker with your favorite modifications, or use one of the numerous pre-configured modpacks to customize your experience.
  • Using blocks, you can simply design adventure maps, parkour, and the newest minigames using blocks. Even so, you may upload any environment you like to play with at any time.

Aternos Cons

  • Users have reported having some crashes

How To Choose the Best Minecraft Server Hosting?

Determine your requirements before searching for the best Minecraft server hosting provider for your Minecraft world.

Numerous add-ons and features, such as DDoS security, low latency, MySQL, good uptimes (almost 100 percent), etc., are pretty typical (for paid servers), as are DDoS protection, low latency, and strong uptimes (close to 100 percent).

I’ll describe the main characteristics that a good server should possess. (Some will rely on your needs, such as utilizing Java or Bedrock, so it pays to know what you want beforehand.)

Allowed Slots (Players) Number: 

When evaluating your server hosting site, consider carefully the number of players/slots you have; this figure represents the number of concurrent gamers.

A hosting server service MAY offer unlimited player slots, but if you have not purchased a plan with sufficient RAM, you will not be able to host them all.

Before deciding the number of player spaces, you must determine the number of players you will host (how many will participate at once). If, for example, you have a community of 10 members but only five player spaces, only five may join at once.

You are not limited to a single plan tier; all hosting sites provide both upgradeable and downgradeable options. So it’s no big deal if you purchased a plan with inferior specifications (RAM or slots).

Ultra-Low Latency/Ping:

Latency, sometimes known as ‘ping,’ is the time required for data packets sent from your computer to reach the server.

The data must leave your computer, go to the server, be confirmed by the server, and then return to you or other players. Ultra-low latency implies that data is sent immediately. 

The geolocation of your server might affect latency. Choosing a server on the other side of the globe might cause slowness. Before picking a server location, do speed tests (hopefully, your server hosting site would provide them) to establish which server location delivers the quickest performance for you.

Automated Backups: 

Automated backups function automatically, without your intervention. No specific request should be necessary for the server site’s automated backups to execute (a manual option should also be available for on-demand backups).

Be sure to read the tiny print on server hosting websites. A few restrict upper limits (on the number of copies that may be stored). Thus automatic backups will still need human installation; otherwise, you risk overwriting older backups with newer ones.

Restoring from a backup should also be straightforward. Even better if you can do this without contacting the server hosting site’s support staff. Note that the most acceptable web servers include backups with your hosting package; however, some charge extra.

DDoS Prevention Measures: 

In this context, a distributed denial of service (DDoS) is the intentional use of a server’s reserves. They are not the most prevalent cybercrime, but they are severe.

The culprit attempts to isolate these resources from the site’s legitimate users. Cybercriminals drain a website, causing obstructions and preventing legitimate users from accessing the servers.

You must choose a website server provider with a robust DDoS protection mechanism. Search the Internet for evidence that the target website has been attacked in the past. Any prior successful assaults increase the risk that they will occur again.


Uptime refers to the server’s health (offline or up and running). Typically, server hosts provide an SLA (service level agreement) that guarantees a minimum uptime. When a server is down or unreachable, we refer to this as “downtime.”

This uptime number does not include periodic maintenance performed by providers. A reliable server will alert you in advance when maintenance is required. Emergency maintenance is also excluded from downtime numbers and refers to situations when the server must immediately address security breaches.

The finest server hosting websites will display their SLA. They will issue free credit if the outage results from anything not covered by the SLA. Before selecting a Minecraft server, examine how effectively they adhere to its promises.

Server Locations: 

More server locations are preferable. There is less chance of lag (lower latency), giving you more options if you think your current server is performing suboptimally and want to move

Typically, the server geographically closest to you will be the best option. A superior server host will provide speed testing on its website.

Examine the server’s performance. Some servers display the optimal server for your location.

Always choose a server that allows you to change your server location without losing files or experiencing significant delays. Find those that are automatic (a single click initiates the transfer), while others need a ticket.

Because certain servers charge for specific areas, you must be aware of such fees.

Support With Mod Packs/Plugin: 

Mods and plugins enhance your Minecraft environment. Each serves a distinct purpose and requires a unique structure.

Find a server that can handle both (they won’t be operating simultaneously, but the server should be able to switch between the two seamlessly).

Mods use Forge to enable the installation of additional in-game goods and characters. They are installed either on your machine or the server. To utilize your server, all users must own the same modifications.

Plugins are compatible with CraftBukkit, Spigot, and Paper. Plugins enhance server content. Every player on your server has access to them.


Random Access Memory is required for your server to handle the software that runs your game. You can host more people, add more plug-ins and modifications, and build bigger worlds if your server has more RAM. Less RAM causes more latency.

FAQs On Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting

Why is my Minecraft server lagging?

There are numerous potential causes of Minecraft server latency. Still, the most common include limited RAM, a large number of people, a server located too distant from your location, and a weak CPU.

How much RAM do Minecraft servers need?

The amount of RAM needed to play Minecraft depends on various parameters, like the number of players and plugins utilized. Generally, a minimum of 1 GB RAM is required for four players, and additional RAM is necessary for the same number of players if modifications and plugins are used.

Are free Minecraft servers safe?

Always verify DDoS protection before using a server. Both free and premium Minecraft servers are often less vulnerable to assaults.

What Does it Cost to Host a Modded Minecraft Server?

To operate a Minecraft server with modifications, you must have sufficient RAM. Numerous server hosting websites do not indicate their price plans based on the number of changes that may be hosted. In this case, you will need to determine how many mods you have and then do calculations (50MB per person, mod, and plug. Add it up).

What is the Best Amount of RAM for a Minecraft server?

To determine how much RAM you need, you must know the number of concurrent users you expect to utilize your server and the number of modifications and plugins you'll be using. Generally, 50 MB per player, mod, and plug-in is the typical requirement (separately). For instance, if you have ten players, ten plugins, and ten modifications, you will require at least 1.5 GB of RAM.

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Conclusion: Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting 2023

Considering all of these hosting businesses they contribute significantly to the Minecraft game experience. You may have effective performance regardless of your budget. Additionally, these hosting servers provide capabilities that enable gamers to explore while connecting with several people.

These web hosting servers may provide a positive user experience, which is a benefit. I hope this list of the best free Minecraft hosting servers helped. Please let me know in the comment section which one out of these you choose and why, 

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