Best Gaming Mouse: Buyer’s Guide 2020 [Top Picks Under $99]

It wouldn’t bode well to utilize a $5 mouse or console with a $2,000 PC, correct?

With that off the beaten path, this offered route to a great deal of makers like Asus, Logitech, Razer, Corsair, and several different organizations to venture up their diversion and deliver a portion of the best gaming peripherals in the market. Considering how today, we will examine the best gaming mouse 2020, you ought to realize that while the “gaming” and your standard mouse chip away at a comparable mold, and system, gaming mice are better since they offer you to switch between various DPIs and additional programmable catches.

Are you looking for a new gaming mouse? This guide lists and reviews the top wireless gaming mice 2020.

Envision playing a Role playing amusement and having every one of your spells appointed to the catches on your mouse alongside the essential assaults.

Since we have everything off the beaten path, how about we investigate the point of discourse we have staring us in the face, today, we will take a gander at the best gaming mice that are accessible in the market for the customer to purchase. In the event that you are asking why this rundown is being made, well that is on the grounds that the market is immersed at this moment, and each other organization is discharging a gaming fringe including consoles, headsets, and mice.

While it might appear like a stroll in the recreation centre for in-your-face customers, for individuals who don’t have a great deal of information about these gaming peripherals, things can to some degree troublesome.

Keeping in mind the end goal to ensure that doesn’t occur, we have thought of a rundown of best gaming mice that you can purchase in the market. So as to keep things reasonable and stable, we have included both wirelesses and also wired gaming mice to ensure that every one of the perusers are completely fulfilled.


Here is List of Top Best Gaming Mouse : Amazon Best Sellers 2020

1.[easyazon_link identifier=”B01AZC3I6U” locale=”US” tag=”techdig02-20″]Steel series Rival 700[/easyazon_link] – The only mouse that vibrates

Best Gaming Mouse

To start with gaming mouse on our rundown is the Steel Series Rival 700, and for the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea about, the organization’s Rival arrangement is maybe a standout amongst the most well known arrangement that is at present under Steel Series, concerning Steel Series itself, the organization is the most loved among essentially each and every expert e-sports gamer, and has earned itself a great deal of notoriety among the most enthusiastic gamers there are.

Before we start taking a gander at exactly how great the Steel Series Rival 700, there are some undeniable things you ought to think about this mouse; the Rival 700 is exceptional it could be said that it conveys an OLED show that can show an assortment of various things including settings, and in addition some GIFs that are particularly made for this show and can be downloaded from a few arrangements.

Talking about the specialized subtle elements, the Rival 700 is a secluded mouse that offers elements, for example, a measured outline, RGB lighting, OLED show, flexible DPI settings with DPI maximizing 16,000 on the optical sensor, and 8,000 on the laser sensor, and yes, you can change the sensor by getting one independently.

Unfortunately, however, as much as we would have wished, the mouse doesn’t accompany an able to use both hands outline and may be an issue for individuals who aren’t left-given. In any case, that doesn’t imply that the Rival 700 isn’t a decent mouse, behind the costly value lies a better than average mouse that fits gamers of numerous kinds, it doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you are playing a FPS, a RPG, a MMO, the mouse is there to serve, and work well for you.

Our exclusive issue with the Rival 700 is that it ought to have been accessible for the left-hand clients and that the modules that are sold independently ought to have had a more reasonable sticker price. All things considered, we will investigate both the advantages and disadvantages of the Steel Series Rival 700.


  • Industry standard RGB lighting
  • Inventive particular outline
  • A gimmicky OLED screen that is as yet an appreciated outline change
  • Programmable material alarms telling players of in-amusement occasions
  • Modify the mouse according to your own needs

Cons :

  • No left-gave or able to use both hands alternative accessible
  • The cost may be a considerable measure for a few
  • In spite of the fact that helpful, modules are somewhat costly


2. Asus ROG Spatha – Best MMO gaming mouse 

Asus ROG Spatha – Best MMO gaming mouse

Asus shocked everybody when they reported their lead gaming mouse known as theSpatha, in the event that you think the name sounds forceful, investigate the mouse itself. The Spatha, obviously, has a place with Asus’ first class Republic of Gamers line up, so you ought to realize that you’d be getting a gigantic gaming mouse that would be loaded with highlight of various kinds, extra catches, RGB impacts that even adjust to your other ROG marked items, for example, motherboards, realistic cards, and even the console by Asus.

Presently before we begin examining the inside and out subtle elements, you ought to realize that Spatha is something beyond a gaming mouse, from the development point of view, it really is a wonder, and keeping in mind that Asus’ decision of utilizing magnesium combination rather than the conventional materials that are utilized as a part of the gaming mouse.

This mouse can be considered very overwhelming instead of the opposition it has, and the cost is something just for the no-nonsense gamers. With stated, on the off chance that you are pondering about the specialized subtle elements, you ought to realize that the ROG Spatha accompanies a terrible parcel of programmable catches, and that is not all, you additionally get a charging awful that looks sharp as damnation.

Presently now, you may have speculated that the mouse is remote, well, here’s a catch, you can utilize it remotely with no information slack, and you can utilize it with the wire too. You get the RGB lights, and essentially every other element you’d anticipate from a leader mouse.

The mouse accompanies 12 programmable catches that can be modified according to your requirements utilizing the Asus Armory programming, you additionally get 8,200 max DPI, stunning ergonomics and solace for long gaming sessions, the primary catches utilize Omron switches that are appraised for a truly high snap cycle, and regardless of the possibility that they destroy, you can simply supplant them.

We won’t state that the ROG Spatha is the ideal gaming mouse, it has a few imperfections like the catches as an afterthought feeling a bit excessively feeble, yet that doesn’t imply that it’s any less able. Along these lines, right away, we should simply ahead and read a portion of the advantages and disadvantages of this mouse.


  • Excellent, strong outline that is suited for gamers.
  • A great deal of adaptability, and convenience.
  • RGB lighting that looks staggering no matter how you look at it.
  • A standout amongst the most agreeable mice to utilize.
  • Stacked with components equipment and programming shrewd.

Cons: –

  • One of the most elevated estimated gaming mice in the market.
  • The side catches feel soft, and solid to press.
  • Can be a bit too overwhelming, and enormous for clients with little hands.


3. Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse (RZ01-00770100-R3U1)

Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

The following up on our rundown is the Razer Ouroboros, and on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea, Razer is maybe one of the best fringe organization out in the market, that shouldn’t come as an astonishment to anybody since it’s just too great. This mouse can be known as the immediate contender of Asus Spatha yet has been around for a long while.

It is once more, a remote/wired blend, and dissimilar to Spatha, it offers an able to use both hands configuration making it a top pick for some clients. One ought to remember that the Ouroboros is entirely made for the aficionados, and it doesn’t offer components, for example, the RGB lighting, however considering how it’s a really old mouse, Razer may discharge a refreshed adaptation with the Chroma lighting in not so distant future.

The mouse we are investigating today can be known as the immediate contender of “Asus Spatha” yet has been around for a long while. It is once more, a remote/wired mix, and not at all like Spatha, it offers an able to use both hands configuration making it a top pick for some clients.

In view of that stated, one ought to keep that the Ouroboros is entirely made for the devotees, and it doesn’t offer components, for example, the RGB lighting, however considering how it’s a really old mouse, Razer may discharge a refreshed adaptation with the Chroma lighting in not so distant future.

So, in the event that you are pondering about the well done that goes into this mouse, well, there is a considerable amount. Razer has composed this mouse and remembered adjustment, the greater part of the parts on the mouse can be expelled and moved around, and yes, you do get weight tuning, something the vast majority adore. A portion of the modifications incorporate the capacity to tune weight, and additionally the palm rest keeping in mind the end goal to get the ideal holding knowledge.

The mouse accompanies 11 programmable catches, and in addition exceedingly exact double sensors to continue everything all together. Its absolutely impossible that this mouse is impeccable as there are some undeniable imperfections, for one thing, the mouse is expensive considering how all things considered, it’s a gaming mouse.

Notwithstanding the cost, for individuals who are searching for a straightforward ordeal, it can be a bit excessively confounding. Notwithstanding, don’t let that prevent you from purchasing this generally astonishing gaming mouse.

In this way, we should not squander any longer time, and get directly into the geniuses and the cons.

Pros :-

  • To a great degree adjustable; running from catches to palm-rest
  • Can be utilized remotely, and wired; utilizing it with the provided wire will keep the mouse on charge
  • Able to use both hands configuration is ideal for both left, and right-gave clients
  • Double sensors give you incomparable precision in most exceptional gaming sessions
  • Looks super reasonable, and certainly figures out how to emerge
  • Long battery life guarantees continuous gaming knowledge
  • Positively no information slack when utilized without a wire
  • Razer Synapse 2.0 gives a pleasant programming background


Cons :-

  • Costs a considerable amount for a gaming mouse.
  • Can be somewhat convoluted to learn.



4. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum : Best wireless mouse for gaming

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum : Best wireless mouse for gaming

It shouldn’t come as an astonishment to anybody however there is no fringe list that would be finished without the consideration of a fringe from Logitech. Regardless of whether you are discussing consoles, speakers, or earphones, Logitech must be on the rundown essentially on the grounds that they are that great, and no, we aren’t simply discussing the gaming peripherals from Logitech.

We are discussing practically each and every kind of peripherals that the organization has discharged in its long remain in the business. Likewise, a gaming mice rundown would have been fragmented without the incorporation of the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum; now before we start, you ought to remember that this mouse can really be viewed as an immediate opponent of greatly worshipped Asus Spatha, and the Razer Ouroboros essentially due to the cost and also the measure of elements you get, and that is no place almost a terrible thing.

All in all, what’s great about the Chaos Spectrum? Indeed, there are a great deal of things, for one thing, you can go from 200 to 12,000 DPI on the fly, and that is truly amazing, do remember this isn’t simply programming increment, and the DPI is successfully changed no matter how you look at it, you get the Spectrum lighting, something that is Logitech’s own form of RGB lighting, and you get the incredible programming suite that Logitech is known and adored for.

The Chaos Spectrum can be utilized remotely and wired, and simply like the Ouroborus, comes with an able to use both hands plan. Remember this is a lead mouse from Logitech, so in the event that you are worried about paying a high value, you are likewise getting a portion of the finest elements, paying little mind to you requiring them or not.

All things considered, in the event that you are pondering about us experiencing any drawbacks, there aren’t any major issues here. Indeed, the mouse conveys a robust sticker price, and the general feel of the able to use both hands configuration may put off some plan cognizant individuals, yet in the engine, the Chaos Spectrum happens to be a standout amongst the MOST capable, and over the top splendid gaming mice we have utilized. So, with that off the beaten path, upsides and downsides, might we?


  • Lovely Spectrum RGB lighting.
  • Astonishing Logitech Gaming suite that is rich and simple to utilize.
  • Adjustable and completely programmable catches.
  • Best in class execution because of the splendid switches and sensor.
  • Astonishing able to use both hands plan for each grasp style.



  • To some degree expensive for the monetary allowance situated clients.
  • Doesn’t accompany a charging dock.



5. Corsair M65 Pro RGB – Best for FPS Games (12000 Max DPI)

Corsair M65 Pro RGB – Best for FPS Games (12000 Max DPI)

Corsair’s raid into the gaming fringe industry figured out how to turn a considerable amount of heads; primarily in light of the fact that everybody got energized that their most loved case, RAM, and power supply maker is at last acquiring something other than what’s expected on the table, and trust it or not, the attack was a win.

Corsair didn’t simply discharge an item go suited for each financial plan situated, and also well top of the line gamers, however they ensured that every one of the items don’t share an intense contrast between the value they have and the components they give. That implies that whether you are purchasing their mid-high range K70, or their devotee extend K95, you won’t give up on the components a considerable measure. That is something okay, and something a great deal of different organizations doesn’t take after.

All things considered, we are investigating the Corsair M65 Pro RGB, one of the best gaming mice accessible in the market, and absolutely made for clients who are more disposed towards setting aside some cash, and as yet receiving a great deal consequently. The mouse, as the name propose, comes with the RGB lighting that can be advantageously controlled through the Corsair’s customization programming.

The product itself is anything but difficult to utilize, despite the fact that, it might require some expectation to absorb information, however that is alright. You clearly motivate catches to alter the DPI to your preferring, some adaptable catches, and in addition an, extremely helpful weight tuning framework that permits you evacuate a portion of the weights and put them away to make the mouse lighter.

Presently on the off chance that you are pondering, a lighter mouse implies your hand will have a less demanding time coasting it, something a ton of FPS gamers are searching for.

Presently basically, the M65 Pro is certainly a mouse intended for FPS gamers, in any case, the good thing is that it is appropriate to all the gamers paying little heed to the class they are playing. Along these lines, unquestionably an or more point in that spot. All things considered, we should jump into what’s great, and what’s not about the Corsair M65.


  • Incredible form quality starting from the cable, to the mouse.
  • Astonishing cost to execution proportion.
  • Weight change framework is an invited expansion.
  • Corsair’s CUE programming is adaptable, and an incredible approach to tweak your mouse.
  • The sharpshooter catch modifies the DPI on the fly, making it a better than average expansion.



  • The plan may not please everybody.




6. Logitech G502– Highest Native DPI Mouse

We have another gaming mouse from Logitech, and this time, it’s the G502 Proteus Spectrum; to be genuinely legitimate, it’s one of couple of mice by Logitech that helped the organization set up itself. On the off chance that you are pondering, the Proteus Spectrum is only a refreshed adaptation of the top of the line Logitech Proteus Core, the main contrast is the consideration of Spectrum lighting; Logitech’s rendition of RGB lighting.

Where the G900 Chaos Spectrum is worked for the devotees who jump at the chance to flame on every one of the fours, the Proteus Spectrum is gone for clients who would prefer not to spend a horrendous part of cash yet defeat both universes. The Proteus Spectrum comes at an unobtrusive cost, yet at a humble cost, you get a ton of components including DPI as high as 12,000 DPI.

Discussing the specialized stuff, Logitech didn’t generally transform anything from the first Proteus Spectrum separated from the way that they included the RGB lighting framework that has practically turned into the business standard and everybody is utilizing it in their peripherals, be it a mouse, a console, or a headset.
On the off chance that we are to educate you regarding exactly how great the Proteus Spectrum is, there would be a considerable measure of things to tell; for one thing, the mouse costs half of what a portion of the lead mice cost, aside from that, the mouse has a brilliant incentive for cash, 11 catches that can be customized anyway you need them to be, an agreeable plan that doesn’t timid far from being a la mode, and magnificent following and reaction.

Along these lines, right away, how about we investigate the pros and the cons.



  • Fantastic following and affectability
  • DPI choices running from 200 to 12,000 DPI
  • 11 programmable catches give you the flexibility of modifying
  • Beautiful looking plan that is handy too
  • Splendid cost to execution proportion



  • The mouse is not worked for left-gave utilize.



7. Razer DeathAdder Chroma – Best Budget Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Chroma – Best Budget Gaming Mouse

A while ago when Razer initially discharged the DeathAdder, the mouse took the gaming business by a tempest, it rapidly wound up plainly one of the best gaming mice available, it really didn’t cost a ton, and it was everything a gamer needed. The organization later proceeded onward discharged a couple of various mice too, in any case, individuals still missed the DeathAdder, be that as it may, Razer at long last chosen to tune in to the fans and thought of the Razer DeathAdder Chroma.

Presently in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea, considering how the RGB lighting has turned into an industry standard, Razer has felt free to developed the Chroma lighting framework that can be controlled through their splendid Razer Synapse 2.0; now the Chroma framework is maybe one of the best RGB executions we have found in a long, long time.

So, everything about the Razer DeathAdder Chroma is new and enhance, making it a standout amongst the most noteworthy gaming mice to venture in the gaming business; on the off chance that you are pondering what your cash gets you essentially get an astounding optical sensor that is equipped for conveying a yield of 10,000 DPI, and yes, you can control the DPI according to your enjoying, so regardless of the possibility that you need to go lower, you can without much of a stretch do as such.

You likewise get Razer’s Synapse 2.0, one of the best customization suites you can discover with regards to the product. The fortunate thing about Razer DeathAdder Chroma Is that the organization took after the “if ain’t broke, don’t settle it” effortlessly, and didn’t bring any progressive changes separated from some equipment changes, and as we would like to think, that is the most ideal approach to do it.

Basically, individuals who discover the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum excessively favor, going for a Razer DeathAdder Chroma is the best decision there is. How about we plunge somewhat more profound into a few upsides and downsides to give you a superior thought.



  • Attempted and genuine outline.
  • Excellent Chroma lighting and impacts.
  • Razer Synapse 2.0 is as yet one of the best programming suites.
  • Quality development.
  • Adaptable catches.
  • Cons Next to zero development as far as outline



8. Corsair Scimitar RGB– Most Programmable Buttons

Corsair Scimitar RGB– Most Programmable Buttons

Corsair chosen to bounce in the gaming market, and keeping in mind that some suspected that it’s only a prevailing fashion, and the organization will proceed onward, the real arranges were somewhat unique. The organization discharged a portion of the best gaming peripherals consecutive and figured out how to awe us with what they have in their weapons store.
All things considered, while the M65 Pro was generally centered around the FPS gamers, the Corsair Scimitar is organization’s endeavor at making an awesome gaming mouse for the MOBA/MMO people group. With that off the beaten path, the mouse accompanies an aggregate of 17 programmable catches, 12 of which are helpfully sitting on a slider on the left half of the mouse, and are mechanical.
When we say slider, Corsair incorporates a hex screwdriver with the mouse that gives you a chance to alter the slider according to your hold and the span of your thumb. It’s pleasant to see Corsair focusing on the detail. The mouse accompanies one of the best sensors in the market, it utilizes a great Pixart ADNS 3988 sensor. The sensor underpins a maximum DPI of 12,000, nonetheless, the DPI can be balanced according to your need.

The mouse is worked for clients on account of huge hands, and every one of the catches are strategically located, are responsive, and don’t feel soft by any stretch of the imagination. The vast majority of the development is made utilizing matte/gleaming plastic, in any case, the center of the mouse is aluminum, giving the mouse a decent heave.

The mouse has 4 zone RGB lighting that can be controlled utilizing the Corsair Utility Engine, a similar programming likewise works for modifying the mouse like programming the keys, allotting macros, and controlling the lighting.

To the extent the execution goes, the Corsair Scimitar is fit for clashing against the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum, both of the gaming mouse offer something remarkable, and are taken into account diverse kind of gamers, yet under the center, they both have extremely indistinguishable execution to the extent the sensor is concerned.

In case you’re a gamer who doesn’t require a ton of large scale keys, then the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is the conspicuous decision, be that as it may, in case you’re somebody with a greater hand, and somebody who needs a considerable measure of full scale keys, then the Corsair Scimitar takes the win. With that off the beaten path, there’s no denying that both mice are extraordinary.


  • The Pixart sensor offers splendid following.
  • 17 completely programmable catches are a treat for MMO/MOBA gamers.
  • 4 zone RGB lighting can be connected with other Corsair peripherals.
  • Top notch manufacture quality.



  • The mouse can be heavy for a few clients.
  • The thumb catches are not perfect for the individuals who would prefer not to utilize them.



9. Razer Naga Hex v2 – Another Mouse for MOBA games

Razer Naga Hex v2 – Another Mouse for MOBA games

The following on our rundown is the Razer Naga Hex V2, and before we start, you ought to realize this is maybe one of the more venerated gaming mice among the MOBA amusements as a result of various catches you get, and how you can modify them totally.

In any case, you ought to remember that while this mouse is outlined particularly for MOBA gamers, you ought to realize that it is highly unlikely you can use in different amusements, notwithstanding, this mouse is useable for diversions in which you have a great deal of console alternate ways, you can helpfully delineate onto the mouse, and utilize them, because of stunning thumb lattice.

Razer has gone on the record and expressed that the Naga Hex V2 has mechanical switches in the thumb matrix to guarantee that gamers have the most ideal experience, and the switches don’t wind up wearing out. Our testing uncovered a reasonable piece of a material feels in the thumb catches, and it was absolutely an invited expansion.

The Naga Hex V2 accompanies your conventional elements that you can expect in an awesome Razer mouse; you do get a superb optical sensor fit for conveying an astounding 16,000 DPI. You additionally get the greatly worshiped Chroma RGB lighting that can be controlled and changed through the superb Razer Synapse 2.0.

Gracious, yes, there’s additional, you can even change all the present physical catches on the mouse, and tailor them as per your own particular need, remembering that every one of the catches can be completely modified. It’s absolutely a major preferred standpoint for clients who need to ensure they get the most out of this mouse. So, we will investigate a portion of the advantages of the Razer Naga Hex V2, and why is it such a decent gaming mouse for MOBA gamers.

Keeping it short, there are a great deal of good things about the Razer Naga Hex V2, and there are a few awful things, yet considering the business guidelines, it has turned into a standard. With that off the beaten path, we should investigate the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Exceptionally delicate optical sensor conveying a great 16,000 DPI
  • Completely adaptable catches
  • Brilliant Razer Synapse 2.0 programming suite
  • Strong development in all cases
  • The thumb lattice catches utilize particular mechanical switches
  • Razer Chroma lighting is as good as can be expected



  • The plan may appear like an odd decision for a few clients
  • The mouse doesn’t come in able to use both hands plan.



10. Corsair Sabre RGB– Budget FPS Gaming Mouse

Corsair Sabre RGB– Budget FPS Gaming Mouse

Last item on our rundown is coming back again from Corsair, and this time, it’s the Corsair Saber RGB.
Before we start, you ought to realize that the Corsair Saber RGB, from multiple points of view, can be viewed as a more youthful sibling of the Corsair M65 Pro RGB.
While many individuals may be freeloaded out to think about the downsize, you really shouldn’t focus on it.

The reason is straightforward, while the Saber RGB is positively the less expensive alternative, a lower cost, and an alternate plan gives it its very own personality, and that is unquestionably something to be thankful for on the grounds that, at the given value point, you are getting a mouse that can have a noteworthy 10,000 DPI, a great outline that will pull in many gamers, and not say, RGB lighting.

In this way, in straightforward words, gamers are paying less and getting increasingly with regards to the Corsair Saber RGB. While the Saber RGB won’t win any excellence expos as a result of how basic it looks when contrasted with some other mice we have specified in our rundown, it is surely something to be thankful for in light of the fact that the mouse is outlined considering straightforwardness and it makes an awesome showing with regards to with that.

The Saber RGB can basically lay around your work area, and you won’t be annoyed by it. No, we are not saying that the outline is awful, it’s quite recently stealthy, and that is the way most gamers incline toward. You ought to remember that you won’t get any weight tuning framework yet keeping the cost as alongside the heaviness of the mouse makes it clear that you don’t generally require weight tuning.

You get a phenomenal 10,000 DPI sensor and RGB lighting, and that ought to be all that anyone could need.

Without a doubt, as with numerous other gaming mice, and peripherals, there are great things, and after that there are not very great things; same is the situation with the Corsair Saber RGB, and we will list down the experts and the cons underneath.



  • The astounding sensor offers awesome DPI, and simple to utilize floating.
  • Programmable catches let you alter the mouse as indicated by your own particular inclination utilizing CUE.
  • RGB lighting that can likewise be balanced through the CUE (Corsair utility motor)
  • Aggressive estimating gives the Saber RGB a brilliant cost to execution proportion.



  • The plan possibly unbalanced for a few clients to hold.



Over To You : Which is Your favorite Gaming Mouse 2020?

These are the list of the best Gaming Mouse of 2020. Let us know your personal favorite in the comment section below.:) Do you want to add your favorite mouse to out list please comment below we will surely add to this list.


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