(100% Working Updated) List Of Top 6 Best GMAT Prep Courses 2019

Choosing a GMAT Prep Course isn’t that easy nowadays. As in the online market, you can find hundreds of course providers who claim to be the best. Really, in this oblivion how you gonna choose a reliable as well as affordable GMAT Prep course that can help you in scoring good marks in your examination.

Wait, don’t worry here in this post I have listed the best GMAT Prep Courses that you should check out right away. Also I have gone through all of these courses and find out that these platforms are flexible and affordable as well.

In this post, we have compiled a list of the best GMAT Prep Courses that you should check out. So let’s get started here.

(Updated) List Of Top 6 Best GMAT Prep Courses In 2019

1) Magoosh GMAT Prep

Just improve your GMAT® score with Magoosh GMAT Prep by at least 50 points.

Magoosh helps you improve as quickly as possible. With Magoosh you will always learn the most recent and best-tested materials, based on a careful analysis of the responses of millions of students. Also, they don’t charge you any questions and every question counts!

Even if you can, you can also take notes, book favorites, read transcripts and share your comments. They give you everything you need to learn very easily.


The best part is that your practical experience of the actual exam is as close as possible. They respect the highest standards and have developed an adaptive technology that simulates the official GMAT.

Magoosh GMAT Prep

You can even create custom workouts to train specific topics and difficulty levels. If you get stuck on something, read the detailed explanations of Magoosh in the text or watch the tutorial videos that follow each question, and that distinguishes it from its competitors.

Only 10% of GMAT participants get more than 700 points, but 30% of Magoosh students get more points. In addition, the average value of Magoosh students is 90 points higher than that of all GMAT students. Start your preparation with Magoosh and gather them in a great business school.

Students Review Magoosh GMAT

With Magoosh, you can easily learn from anywhere, at any time from your computer or mobile phone. Email support every time you get caught up in a kind of problem, because here you also get full support for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Pricing Plans:


Tutoring + Premium ($799)

Discount Offer-$639.20 with promo code MAGOOSH20SALE


  • 6 hours of tutoring ($660 value)
  • 1-on-1 guidance
  • Video chat (Skype) sessions
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Start within a week or less
  • Learn more here


  • Access to Math, Verbal, IR, and AWA
  • Over 340 video lessons
  • Over 1,300 practice questions
  • At least 2 practice tests
  • Study schedules


  • 1 year of access
  • +50 total score guarantee
  • Score predictor

2) SELF STUDY ($249)

Discount Offer- $199.20 with promo code MAGOOSH20SALE


  • Access to Math, Verbal, IR, and AWA
  • Over 340 video lessons
  • Over 1,300 practice questions
  • At least 2 practice tests
  • Study schedules


  • 1 year of access
  • +50 total score guarantee
  • Email assistance
  • Score predictor


Math + IR ($219)

Discount Offer- $175.20 with promo code MAGOOSH20SALE


  • Access to Math and IR content
  • Over 175 video lessons
  • Over 720 practice questions
  • Practice tests (N/A)
  • Study schedules


  • 1 year of access
  • +3 math score guarantee
  • Email assistant

2) The Princeton Review GMAT

The Princeton Review The GMAT Prep is an excellent choice for students preparing for GMAT. Among the best GMAT preparatory courses, The Princeton Review offers students the most adaptive exercise tests for the computer (10) and a range of exclusive features – Adaptive DrillBuilder, GMAT explanation sessions – which are added to study benefits without increasing costs! And this is what makes this platform one of the reliable online prep providers.

Here you will have a higher score guarantee, multiple course packages and many live performances at very competitive prices, we recommend The Princeton Review GMAT Prep for those looking for a high-quality, first-class preparatory course. Price!

GMAT Test Prep- The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review paves the way for this category by offering its students 10 practical computer tests with all of their on-demand and live course packages. The GMAT responds to its performance by adjusting the level of difficulty (and score) and answering questions based on its correct answer.

There is a strategy to address a structured exam like this. The more exposed you are to the feeling of the evidence, the safer you will feel with your nuances. Fortunately, the 10 training tests respond the same as the real GMAT.

The Princeton Review also dedicates a series of introductory video lessons to explain how GMAT is judged and how to develop a strategy to crush it. So you should definitely give this platform a try as it is one of the reliable options present here.

One of the unique features of The Princeton Review’s The GMT Prep is the adaptive tool DrillBuilder, which uses the journal’s algorithm to assess its strengths and weaknesses (based on practical tests and completed exercises). Then, DrillBuilder will ask a series of questions with some of your information that will meet your specifications and maximize your benefits.

Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans- Princeton GMAT

  • Slef-Made ($149)

Prepare yourself with a personalized online course and a private tutor.

The Princeton Review’s complete online course at your own pace includes adaptive video lessons and one-hour private lessons with your own private teacher. Individual modules are now available.

  • Ultimate ($1124)

Classroom course with customized online tools. It’s their comprehensive classroom course includes 27 hours of instruction from a GMAT certified expert.

  • Private-Tutoring ($1800)

The Princeton Review’s most personal approach. Their experienced tutors work with you, in person or online, to develop a plan, set goals and overcome them.

3) Kaplan GMAT Prep

Kaplan is one of the most famous names in exam preparation. With Kaplan GMAT Prep, you can have a truly dynamic learning experience. Now you score better in your upcoming GMAT exam.

The GMAT channel is another exclusive feature of Kaplan that mainly offers a collection of online instructional videos delivered by highly qualified instructors. The most teacher-led curriculum mainly provides access to more than 30 hours of live sessions and recorded by teacher, difficulty level and subject. Personalize your GMAT channel experience further by selecting options for your learning style, strengths, and weaknesses too with Kaplan.

Kaplan GMAT

This is one of the most intense features of Kaplan and, as such, one of the reasons for Kaplan’s high prices. With the official test day experience (Kaplan Exclusivity), students can take a full GMAT test at an exam center. And that is what going to give you the real exam feel.

Whether on the way home; get used to the seats, equipment or the environment; Or just think about what it means to do a standardized test. The test day experience can help you neutralize all the variables of the test day. Sometimes, the stress of a big test is based on both the experience of running a test and the content covered.

Pricing Plans

  • Live Online

Livestream a class with our top teachers

From $1249 Save $225, use code: AUG225

2) In-Person

Prep in a teacher-led class near you

From $1599

3) Online Tutoring

Get 1-on-1 help from a personal tutor

From $2499 Save $225, use code: AUG225

4) examPAL GMAT

examPAL has identified three main ways of answering GMAT questions: Exactly (being able to answer directly without considering the answer options); Alternatively (using the elimination process by inserting the answer option); and logical (able to use external information to evaluate a statement).  Here with this platform, each student is more inclined to choose a different approach, and the examPAL system recognizes their preferences and adjusts the lesson accordingly.

ExamPAL courses generally use interactive video lessons linked to their unique PAL algorithm to ensure students learn from mistakes and find the best methods for them. Each lesson contains a series of practical questions with explanations of the correct (and incorrect) integrated decisions.

examPAL Test Prep —

The 6 month and 1-year plans include access to personal advice by an admissions advisor. The road to the school of your dreams does not end with the end of your exam, and it is great that examPAL includes tips to guide you through the next steps in your trip.

Each plan will receive credits that will be used for practice questions and exams that can be redirected to pay for bonus services. These options include additional tests, tutoring and expert evaluation of your progress or of the entire curriculum. This is a great option for students who do not wish to buy a more expensive plan but still benefit from personal training.

Actually, this course is created by experts with 20 years of experience. Simply practice questions adapted to your level. Also her you will get recommendations that best fit your solving tendencies. The best part is that it has improved of up to 70 points, guaranteed.

Pricing Plans:

GMAT Course Pricing — examPAL

  • Genius ($599)
  • Premium ($366)
  • Quant ($276)

So these are the pricing plans that are being offered by examPAL for the GMAT prep. Just get started with one as per your budget and requirements too.

5) The Economist GMAT

Your success is serious and that’s why The Economist GMAT Tutor provides everything you need to get your GMAT score in a complete and customizable tutoring package, with no hidden fees. And that is what makes this platform one of the reliable GMAT Prep platforms.

Seriously, in fact, they guarantee an improvement of at least 70 points or your money back. With their all-inclusive package, you will receive up to 4 private tutoring sessions from our world-class GMAT tutor and 100 or more questions asked by a tutor through their online support.

They have everything in one place, without the need for additional books or study guides. Available online and through our iOS and Android applications to support online and offline studies. Whichever plan you choose, they can offer you an extension plan of up to 3 months.

Best Online GMAT Prep- The Economist

The Economist GMAT guarantees an improvement of at least 70 points, and our students are currently achieving an average improvement of 102 points. As you can expect from The Economist, there is an easy process to build your benchmark and an easy way to claim your refund.

Their technology reminds you of your progress and integrates your current strengths and weaknesses in each learning session to focus on the specific area in which you need to focus. In other words, their program suits you. With this GRE Prep plan, you’re going to have a FREE digital subscription to The Economist.

The Economist Magazine is simply recommended to improve reading comprehension of GMAT candidates and provides excellent analysis and comments on global issues. Each package includes a free digital subscription for the duration of your program. No other GMAT Tutor product can match it.

Pricing Plans

Here at The Economist GMAT ‘, all-inclusive’ package offers you everything you need. That is priced for transparency, you know the whole cost upfront before you get to start with this platform. And after getting started with this platform you’re not to be charged any extra additional fees.

So let’s check what pricing plan they are actually offering.

  • Complete Prep (35100 INR)
  • Premium Prep (38100 INR)
  • Ultimate Prep (41900 INR)

For all other pricing details, you just move to their website and find out what features they are offering with their plans.

6) TargetTestPrep

TargetTestPrep is a quantitative Study Platform for GMAT.  Preparation for the GMAT Quant test is an innovative, clear and complete GMAT course that is different from everything you’ve used before. This course is taught with clarity and unprecedented details, providing a serious topic to prepare for a serious exam. Reliable media and satisfied users agree on the reliability and effectiveness of Target Test Prep.

Learn all the concepts, strategies, techniques, abbreviations, tips and tricks you need to get an impressive mathematical score from GMAT. Simply improve your skills with clear, easy to learn and well-taught lessons, and sharpen your new knowledge with a customizable practice that simulates real test questions.

GMAT Prep- TargetTestPrep

Learn anytime, anywhere at your own pace with a learning platform that adapts to your specific needs and allows you to quickly improve your score. Smart Learning Analysis tracks your progress and provides you with intelligent and actionable analysis to strategically focus your learning efforts.

A good GMAT exercise makes perfect GMAT score. More than 3,000 realistic quantitative editions on the most important topics offer a wealth and a specific exercise even for the most ambitious students.

Pricing Plan

GMAT Flexible ($99)

  • Guaranteed to increase your score
  • Billing recurs monthly, cancel anytime!
  • 500+ individual lessons
  • 3,000+ realistic GMAT practice problems
  • 800+ HD GMAT Videos
  • OnTarget™ Learning Analytics
  • Custom GMAT practice engine
  • Live Support

GMAT Dedicated Study ($299)

  • Guaranteed to increase your score
  • Easy one-time billing
  • 500+ individual lessons
  • 3,000+ realistic GMAT practice problems
  • 800+ HD GMAT Videos
  • OnTarget™ Learning Analytics
  • Custom GMAT practice engine
  • Live Support

GMAT MAximum Learning ($399)

  • Guaranteed to increase your score
  • Easy one-time billing
  • 500+ individual lessons
  • 3,000+ realistic GMAT practice problems
  • 800+ HD GMAT Videos
  • OnTarget™ Learning Analytics
  • Custom GMAT practice engine
  • Live Support

So these are the pricing plan that is being offered by this platform. Now you can check out these plans and find out which one suits you and then get started.

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Conclusion: List Of Top 6 Best GMAT Prep Courses In 2019

So here I have ended-up listing the best GMAT Prep courses that are worth your try. All these courses that are listed here are reliable and affordable as well and they all are flexible.

From my side, I would like to recommend Magoosh as it is one of the reliable options available in the market also it offers flexible pricing options. Also, you can get your hand on The Princeton GMAT Prep but it’s a Lil bit expensive and if you have the budget then you can definitely try it.

I hope this post serves your purpose well. And if you liked the post then kindly share it on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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