10+ Best Grammar Checker Tools 2023 (The Extensive List) Best Grammar Checker Software

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Are you Looking for the Best Grammar Checker Tool in 2023?

If you are not, then you should!

After all the hard work that you put into your blogs, articles, one simple error – can ruin it all. This is the reason top digital marketers, small freelance writers, and students all use grammar editing tools that help to keep their writing SEO-friendly, professional, and free from errors.

Which Grammar Tool will be the best for you? Here, in my article, I am going to help you with that. Let’s jump in.

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List of 10+ Best Grammar Checker Tools Aka Professional Grammar Check 2023(FREE & PAID)

Here are our top Grammar Checkers that have gained their top spot due to easy accessibility, cost, smartness, uniqueness, capability, and precision.  Let us know more about them below:

1) Grammarly : #1 Best Grammar Checker Software & App  (FREE & PAID)

Grammarly was formed in 2009; it has been one of the most prominent editing and grammar software solutions. This app hosts 20 million-plus active users every day and is counting.

Also, there is no accidental level in prominence. This app is loved by numerous of them as it has unique pricing and functionality balanced between the two.

Grammarly Overview - Best Grammar Checker Tools

Also with the concerns of it’s former, Grammarly has a pretty remarkable collection of smart tools for assisting every form of error which includes extensive usage of words, passive phrases, typos, and false words.

Grammarly rather has an AI engine that explores every minute mistake and gives proper explanations as well as suggestions as to how you can correct these mistakes.

This app so puts light as a plagiarism tool to assist you by keeping your scripts unique. It flags up the sentences that seem to be copied from different web sources.

What Makes You Love Grammarly?

Universal Compatibility: Grammarly being cloud service it is very essential everywhere. One can either use the application on their windows or Mac Os on laptops or it’s the main website to evaluate texts. This also applies to the people who use this on phones as Grammarly provides keyboards for both IOS and Androids.

  1. Grammarly is also available as expansions for Firefox, safari, edge, and crime additionally MS office.
  2. It is free to use but  Grammarly emits its enormous capacity by its premium packages, also it still delivers a reasonable amount of spotlights on its eternally free strategy. Also if pretty enough to review and rectify mistakes like typos and embarrassing phrases.
  3. If you encounter any difficulty, Grammarly has a fine responsive and attentive assistance team. Besides, you shall get a complete permit to its substantial user society, which presently hosts 10 million-plus functional members.
  4. You can believe Grammarly to review each and everything, also determine each mistake in all your scripts. The analytical engine is one of the most extensively accurate software in the industry.

Moreover, this software doesn’t leave you clueless. It moves further and produces helpful recommendations for rectifying your mistakes. Additionally, Grammarly rates your script between a score of 0-100 on the basis of your content’s all-around readability,  looking over the grammar mistake rate.


If you wish to raise up from the Free pack,  premium option costs are here:

Subscription for a month will cost you a billing amount of $29.95 every month.

Subscription for a quarterly basis will cost you a billing amount of $59.95 for 3 months, which comes up to $19.98 for each month.

A yearly subscription will cost you a billing amount of $139.95 at the initial of 12 months which comes up to $11.66 each month

Who Can Opt Grammarly?

Grammarly is perfectly made for business experts, bloggers, scholars, authors, and researchers. They can utilize this tool to rectify 250 and plus kinds of mistakes in wordage, terminology, paragraphs, layout, pattern, and spelling.

2) Ginger

Ginger software was formed in 2007 and has been using it’s patent tech to rectify false words, errors, typos accurately. Being more precise it keeps a detailed look on your paragraph layout, verbs used, phrasing your texts, punctuation, and spellings.

Unlike Grammarly, this software doesn’t modify your mistakes and gives you explanations. Rather it opts to help you shine your language skills by customized training practices that testified your chief weaknesses.

Ginger Overview - Best Grammar Checker Tools


We do not say Ginger is not the right software for modifying your errors. But as a fact it is more likely as a proofreader. Just that one thing is that it doesn’t generate plenty of insights like Grammarly does.

Yet, when the talk comes about compatibility. This software can be put together with social media, additionally, it has an enormous range of virtual business tools, comprising a word, Slack, Gmail, and Zapier.

Why Do You Love Ginger?

  1. Ginger has demonstrated to be the outstanding solution not just for noticing and rectifying grammatical mistakes, but also by improving terminology skills depending on your scripts.
  2. Its grammar rectifying is competent to highlight all kinds of misspells and generally neglected errors, it further continues to deliver detailed modifications and alternative paragraph structures.
  3. Additionally to their grammar checker which is web-based, Ginger gives its terminology tools through apps for Windows, IOS, Mac, and android also extended to the browser extensions. You can use it on social media platforms too and apps like outlook and words.
  4. Among all its tools, the  Ginger Translating tool is absolutely competent in translating into different 60 languages. All you have to do is enter your script, select a language, and boom!
  5. Enhancing your language does not just come to an end with Grammar Checker. Ginger additionally adds Trainer tool, which examines your scripts, recognizes the ineffective points,  later prepares well-customized lessons for your language.
  6. Ginger is accessible at extremely satisfactory rates despite its amazing uses. You can also settle with it’s a free version, that comprises Translations, definition, and ginger for browsers. You can opt for the premium version with $6.66 each month and take benefit of its error analysis, customized training,  paraphrasing, and endless grammar checks.


If you think that the free version of this software isn’t serving you sufficiently, you can always switch to  the premium edition from the various packages:

Subscription for a month will cost a billing amount of $20.97 each month.

Subscription for a year will cost a billing amount of $89.88 at the initial of 12 months and comes up to $7.49 each month.

A subscription of two years will cost a billing amount of $150.84 at the initial of 2 years and comes up to $6.66 each month.

Who Can Opt Ginger?

Ginger software can be utilized by anyone who wants technical proofreading, it’s flawlessly excellent for people who are striving to understand and enhance English language abilities. The software is composed of perfect tools for reviewing your grammar, interpreting the text, paraphrasing your scripts, reading texts, and customized training.

3) ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is an exceptional language software that specializes in rectifying ambiguity, repeated words, extremely complex sentences, submissive voice, and typos. Keeping it short, it promotes itself as an all-rounder as a smart writer, which includes grammar checker, paragraph style editor, and mentor that helps you to write brilliantly.

ProWritingAid Overview- Best Grammar Checker Tools


Just not this, this software also assists you by finding suitable words from it’s in word explorer and absolutely contextual thesaurus.

Summing it all together, ProWritingAid is a perfect solution for finding out your grammar mistakes, rectifying them, correcting your embarrassing sentences, optimizing your word choices, and verifying your punctuations. This software can be integrated with MS WORD, outlook, Google docs, browser, and Scrivener.

Why do You love ProWritingAid?

  1.  ProWritingAid does not just stop at checking grammar. Preferably, it enhances standard grammar inspection with sensible context editing. It’s extremely reliable when you have fixing problems like false adverbs, inactive voice, overused words, complicated sentence patterns, long sentences, repetitive words, and uncertain wording. You also have an option to generate complete reports for your errors, handily when you’re working in lower network areas.
  1. It’s a free version, to commence with. This software is absolutely web-based. It cannot cover 500 plus words at one time. Talking about its a bright side, it comprises reports with detailed writings capped 19. On the other side, the premium edition starts at a cost of $6.58 each month with addition for lifetime subscribers with the option of paying it one time.
  1. This software is accessible in the structure of integrations to Microsoft Outlook, MS Word, Safari, Ms. Edge, Chrome, open office, Firefox, Google docs, and Scrivener. Excluding its web-based checker.
  1. This software Word Explorer definitely is a strong tool for producing relevant word choices. More precisely, it produces terminologies from usage instances, verses, cliché dictionary, collocation, reserve, alliteration and reverse dictionaries, thesaurus, and yes, the definitive dictionary.


In addition, to the limited features of its free version. If you wish to raise up from the Free pack,  premium option costs are here:

Subscription for a month will cost a billing amount of $20.00 every month.

A yearly subscription will cost a billing amount of $79.88 at the initial of 12 months which comes up to $6.85 each month

You can also choose the membership for a lifetime after paying the billing amount costing up to $299

Who can Opt ProWritingAid?

This tool is absolutely a great choice for bloggers, business writers, and novelists seeking to rectify their punctuation, make grammar edits, optimize word selection, and improve their sentence patterns.

4) WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is undoubtedly one of the promising editing and grammar software solutions for people who are striving for a holistic blend of tools.

The expected user types here include corporate professionals, students, and English learners. They can use WhiteSmoke for rectifying their punctuation mistakes, style errors, typos, sentence patterns, and a lot more.

WhiteSmoke Overview - Best Grammar Checker Tools


This software compromise of 5 different tools – a spelling checker, pattern checker, Grammar Checker, a translator, and  Punctuation Checker. With the capabilities for performing both the entire script and each word translations among 55 different languages.

Using this software definitely shouldn’t be difficult at all, as it is cordial with almost all the central PC and browsers in phones, which includes Opera, Safari, Firefox plus Chrome.

Not just this. You can also continue with a completely integrated edition for Mac PC and Windows. It all depends on how much you can spend on this software.

White Smoke Pricing & White Smoke Discount Coupon 50% Off

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Why Do You Love White Smoke?

  1. With WhiteSmoke’s vibrant collection tools for the language, it is also a free writing helper for people undergoing dyslexia. WhiteSmoke comprises a translator, also with numerous manuals that give beneficial writing advice to its English learners.
  1. This software arrives with two central packages, that gives several packs of tools for languages and can be integrated at differing price points. Additionally, you get an option to select between yearly and billing for 3-year schedules.
  1. This software has one or other things for every individual. People who want to write online get a website based network that’s cordial with any of the browsers. The PC writers can continue to completely incorporate software solutions through their Mac-based system or Windows. There’s also something for the Mobile users, as this software is cordial with both IOS devices and Android.
  1. Just in case you’re not sure about the pattern you have to follow while putting the thing down a business document, this software has got you coated. This software gives a variety of helpful templates for every standard document for business, legal options, comprising letters and write-ups in the medical field.
  1. When we talk about analyzing scripts and rewarding the applicable language totals, this software governs to jump in the depths. than that of Grammarly. It examines your execution based on parameters of numerous languages, further it clarifies your all-around text using simple words such as “amazing”, “justified”, and “Poor”.


The essential pack gives you a tool for the grammatical check, translator, and plagiarism checking tool at $9.95 for each month. With an alternative, you can also choose a yearly pack option costing $79.95, or a 3-year plan that rates $159.95.

Premium pack blends everything that is in the Essential package consisting of complete integration of scripting solutions for computers, detailed with instant proofreading in one click. The cost of the same is either $15.95 per month, 119.95 annually, or $299.95 for a pack of 3 years subscription.

Who Can Opt WhiteSmoke?

This software is specially optimized for English learners, business professionals, and students and anyone who desires to have a precise solution for interpreting scripts, also check with punctuation, structures, grammar, and spelling.

5) Hemingway Editor

Keeping aside many tools for this segment, the Hemingway Editor is precisely formed for optimizing reading ability.

This means it drives beyond the standard mistakes in grammar and wrong spellings to evaluate even inactive voice terms, excessively used adverbs, complicated sentences, lengthy paragraphs, and paragraph patterns.

Hemingway Editor- Best Grammar Checker Tools


Summing up the chief objective of this device is to assist you by facilitating your paragraphs and make it all extremely simple to read. Which tells readers not to spend more time understanding your content.

The tool can be used from any kind of browser for zero charges. But, for a complete analysis of every readability parameters, the user has to opt for the premium edition – with the one-time cost up to $19.99.

Why You Love Hemingway Editor?

  1. Hemingway Editor does not wrap you up with payments for its subscription over the long pull. You can either use this software free as an online tool or pay the one-time charges of up to $19.99 for downloading and installing the complete version on your computers. This software is also accessible to enterprises at custom rates. All you have to do is get connected to the sales division and they shall quote you a favorable rate.
  1. This is absolutely a good software solution to turn a complicated jargon into easily understandable sentences. Additionally, You can figure the flag up on your punctuation mistakes, repetitious words, long sentences, irrelevant adverbs, inactive voice, and more. It also rewards you with scores established by your scripts for overall readability.


The software is fundamentally free of cost for the systems which are web-based. Also gives you what you want to chop the lifeless burden from your script.

The premium pack gives extra flexibility and a deep analysis for its one-time subscription fee which is $19.99. The software is also available in the form installable app, with no subscription payment deficits.

Who Can Opt Hemingway Editor?

Since it has an unparalleled capacity to formulate content which is additionally extraordinary to readers, the software is mainly reasonable for PR Professional, journalists, bloggers,  marketers, and novelists.

6) After the Deadline

This software is a web-based application to discover your writing mistakes and get clever guidance.

After The Deadline Overview - Best Grammar Checker Tools

I’ve personally utilized After The Deadline past years together as a grammar checking tool for reviewing my blogs.

Why Do You Love After The Deadline?

  1. This browser plugin can be installed for chrome and firefox and is free of cost.
  2. This software reviews the words misused or in red color, the green color highlighted words are the ones with grammar mistakes, and the blue colored words give you style suggestions.
  3. This tool is absolutely for personal use too.
  4. Simple and easy to use


This grammar checking software is absolutely free of cost.

Who Can Opt After The Deadline?

This software is pretty simple to be used and is excellent for anybody publishing articles on websites and bloggers as well. It detects more mistakes than MS Word. This software also helps you determine repetitive words, cliches, and so on. This software is our must recommendation to all the bloggers before you click the publish button on WordPress.

Yet, I had difficulties obtaining the Chrome plugin to function appropriately while I was inscribing this review and chose the Grammarly software for reviewing my script out from WordPress.

7) Google Documents and Microsoft Word

Both of the software has the features of grammar checking inbuilt in them.

Both of these work perfectly fine with its punctuation checking tool too. Being a writer you don’t have stress over the budget and think about the premium version.

Google Docs Overview - Best Grammar Checker Tools

Why Do You Love This?

  1. To make use of the word,  after buying Microsoft 365 suite you need to install it in OS X computers and windows.
  2. You just have to log in to your account to use Google docs through the browser by visiting docs.google.com.  This software can be used in any of the browsers and computers inclusive of Linux, Chrome OS, Windows, and Mac OS X
  3. Both the tools can be used to detect the mistakes and other typos prior to you send your content or publish it somewhere. While typing you shall find a red-colored line under the errors on which you can tap and rectify it quickly
  4. The word software offers you great advice for words with similar meaning and readability.
  5. The Google docs give you suggestions for words too.
  6. Google Docs software is absolutely free, and MS Word shows up with the prominent MS Office suite, which you may utilize for various other needs for yours anyway.
  7. Having an input spelling checker and Grammar checking tool so you don’t have to duplicate and pass it on to other tools.
  8. You get 100 free languages on Google docs where you can translate your scripts.


The Microsoft 365 pack comprises Ms. Word (office 365) it’s price begins from $6.99 per month. Which includes PowerPoint presentation, outlook, MS Excel, access, and publisher.

Google Doc is absolutely free of cost and there’s always an option to purchase G Suits which is a version for business the pricing for this begins from $5 each user.

Who Can Opt This?

Anyone who is using Microsoft Word or Google doc to create any document, be it personal or professional, make use of the inbuilt grammar checking tools in both this software. The spell-checker works perfectly and to great advantage to both naive and pro writers. Thus, these are most widely used as most of the people use these tools to rough draft their articles, blog, or any write-up.

8) SpellCheckPlus

SpellCheckPlus is greatly helpful and also affordable grammar checking software just if your first language isn’t English. Just like Ginger this software also helps you gain knowledge on writing in your second language with also the fineness of grammar in English.

SpellcheckPlus Overview - Best Grammar Checker Tools

Why Do You Love SpellCheckPlus?

  1. This software is a grammar checking and also an online writing mentor. It enables you to copy-paste content from your scripts –with the character limit of 2000 each time.
  2. This software scans your scripts for complex terminology, repetitive words, and much more.


SpellCheckPlus is absolutely free of cost. However, If you want to check extracts longer than 2,000 characters, it costs $14.99 for a year. That’s an affordable price for most new writers.

Who Can Opt SpellcheckPlus?

I love the way SpellCheckPlus briefs every mistake and also delivers context. Being not like the other software mentioned in this post, this one finds and fixes the errors as it is a barebone. Yet adding words in the dictionary is not possible. This software throws light specifically on the styles of writing. This isn’t greatly useful for the writers who script fiction and also this can be only used on web browsers.

I usually prefer apps delicate in verifying huge scripts because I easily get distracted.

Anyway, this software is effective if you have to scan scripts with small or less content and if you wish to check lengthy scripts with the limits above 2000 characters.

9) GrammarChecker

GrammarChecker is a tool to check to spell online and also that briefly scans your script for grammatical mistakes, writing styles, and punctuation.

Grammar Checker Overview - Best Grammar Checker Tools

Why Do You Love GrammarChecker?

  1. This tool revises and edits smaller content scripts automatically.
  2. This tool also discovers satisfactory words to switch with the written ones,  synonyms, and more. The outcome is presumed to be completely free from plagiarism and also SEO-friendly content.
  3. The tool also assists in various languages which include German, Spanish, French, and Arabic.
  4. Has a Natural interface.


This tool is absolutely free of cost.

Who Can Use GrammarChecker?

This tool is most useful for instructors and teachers who wish their lectures or exams to be free from all errors. Even naive writers and bloggers can make their write-up better with the help of this tool.

The ‘Deep Check’ feature of the tool helps you to spot even the difficult errors thus, make your article grammatically correct with the grammar check tool.

10) Reverso

Reverso is a translator, grammatical, and spelling checker tool which was created by Reverso-Softissimo.

Reverso Overview- Best Grammar Checker Tools

Why Do You Love Reverso?

  1.  This tool has translators including various languages like Arabic, Italian, Hebrew, Spanish, German, and more.
  2. This tool is accessible through Google chrome, Google plugin, iPhone applications, and web browser. It also works offline and has an add on where if you don’t feel like typing you can speak and type words.
  3. This tool corrects, gives advice and additional information through its dictionary which is inbuilt.
  4. Much likely the ginger software
  5. Easily accessible through its mobile application
  6. Helpful for the writers who write in different languages apart from English.


It’s absolutely free of cost

Who Can Opt Reverso?

It’s a virtual tutor that helps in writing is only useful to translate or check small scripts as it has a word limit with characters of 600.  For instance content for posting on social media or detailed emails.

I love that it gives amazing definitions for a few words and also words similar to it by just a click or two. This is pretty useful for a person who solely edits scripts.

This tool also delivers context that assists you to learn the English language. After researching a lot I acknowledged that this tool is associated with the ginger software. Which means it also supports various other languages. It’s pretty similar to the ginger software.

Free Grammar Checking Tools

Many of the mentioned tools have versions that are free of cost. However, they don’t have complete access to the best features. They just correct your common grammatical errors. I’d like to advise you to opt for the premium versions of these tools to make sure you get access to advanced features like inactive voice, verb and subject agreement, and various complicated typos.

A free edition may definitely skip these highlight points where the mistakes cannot be found manually.

The Complete Research Procedure: How to Examine Best Grammar Checking Tools

I first began with the most famous tools at present which were Ginger, Grammarly, ProWritingAid, and Whitesmoke.

Then I tested these tools with a tiny experiment where.

  1. First scripted content with 600 words which were a nonfiction article on MS Word. My content had multiple grammatical mistakes and misspells.
  2. The grammar checking tool in MS Word highlighted my mistakes and rectified them but it skipped many words in the phrases of the paragraphs.
  3. So I purchased the premium editions of the tools I mentioned above. I then copy-pasted my content on the app with the relevance of Chrome and Macbook.
  4. I then distinguished how these tools individually reacted to my content.
  5. Further, I experimented the same with the different tools referred to in this review at the end like SpellCheckPlus, Reverso, and more.

Saying again that you can always head back to the traditional way of hiring a tutor who helps you in writing or a proofreader anytime.

Here are a few insights from my side:

Tips for Proofreading

As you know writing and proofreading are completely varied sets of skills.

It’s definitely hard to waste hours together while putting efforts on the drafts, finding and catching mistakes by yourself. Pretty similar like one who hikes in the forest for long hours together yet doesn’t find wood through the trees.

At present, I’ve been using the grammar checking tools mentioned in this article reviews to quickly catch errors. I’ve also appointed an editor to review the chapters of my book and my articles for mistakes.

As you know, proofreading is a different skillset from writing.

Also, you can use the old technique for proofreading your writings

The Old Technique For Proofreading:

  1. You first need to change the writing font to Courier new or Courier.
  2. Next, you need to change the text to double spacing
  3. You then need to get your text/ writing printed.
  4. Now sit down and mark up using a red color pen
  5. Readout your text aloud, hearing for cumbersome language.
  6. Finally, edit the text as per the requirements.

All thanks to the additional white spaces and font named as monospaced. With these, your eyes are going to work as an eagles eye and find all the problems like repetitive words, long sentences, and your ears are going to hear the weird sounding texts.

In case your writing is of a short length you can read it loud through the screen.

You should ideally

  1. Leave your scripts at ease for a couple of hours or days prior to you plan to proofread it. So that you review it with a fresh mind and eyes.
  2. Make sure you proofread your script in a silent place or with less noise. Pretty much away from your digital gadgets.
  3. Highlight your script rather than making direct changes while you read.
  4. Trying reviewing your script from the backward (this helps in spotting multiple mistakes)
  5. Make sure you read the scripts multiple times and every time trying to find various types of mistakes in paragraphs, spellings, weird sentences, and punctuations.
  6. Ask any of your mates to proofread the vital documents
  7. Also, you need to admit the mistakes you commit, we know for a fact that nobody in this world is perfect even the newspapers have typos and errors.

1) Grammarly vs Ginger

Why Do You Ginger:

  • This software provides translators which include 40 different languages.
  • The premium edition gives lessons in English grammar and asks you to take up tests in order to improve your English.
  • This software also has a reader that converts texts with the voice of humans, enabling good proofreading. As you might acknowledge mistakes while listening that you couldn’t see.

Why Do You Grammarly:

  • This software delivers a “one scan” synopsis of mistakes that it identifies, and lists it all in the bar above your keyboard. While Ginger obliges you to tremble with every mistake to understand better about them.
  • This device brings out quick editing. As you can automatically rectify mistakes, through the toggle.
  • It gives Endless plagiarism inspections as a highlight of its premium edition.

Who Can Opt Ginger above Grammarly:

Ginger software might be a good choice for the multilingual. If you consider English as your second preferred language. This tool assists you to learn more and better grammars in English. The rate of this is also pretty lower compared with grammar. So if you keep a budget in mind you might want to have a close watch.

2) Grammarly vs Hemingway Editor

Why Do You Hemingway Editor:

  • This editor is free of cost if used in the online version. But the app for desktop costs $19.99 which isn’t that expensive.
  • It has a lesser vestibule for “complicated sentences” than compared with Grammarly, so if plainness is an essential part for you then this tool is the right choice.
  • It reviews the adverbs which are used numerous times, this is something Grammarly does not deliver.

Why Do You Grammarly:

  • This tool is a complete-featured grammar checking tool.
  • Grammarly gives recommendations on how you can fix problems.
  • You can customize your style of writing. For instance, you can choose a proper writing technique where “complicated phrases” are accepted.

Who can opt Hemingway Editor above Grammarly:

If you manage to write excessively complicated, or sentences which are way confusing potentially, the Hemingway Editor is the outstanding tool. It recognizes difficult to look over sentences which makes it easier for you to rephrase them. Stabilizing those chaotic sentences is left on you, but acknowledging them is necessary.

Might be Rather grabbing Hemingway Editor above Grammarly, you may wish to utilize this with another tool.

3) Grammarly vs After the Deadline

Why we love After the Deadline:

  • The tool is free of cost for anybody’s personal benefit.
  • It is absolutely friendly for blogging— it’s formulated to function nicely with WordPress, a helpful characteristic for anybody who wants to start a blog.
  • It gives translators to check spellings in German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Why we love Grammarly:

  • It is way more influential and has rich features as a grammar checking tool.
  • A mobile app of this is also available.
  • Grammarly gives summaries including feedback on your written content.

Who can opt After the Deadline above Grammarly:

After the Deadline can work for the writers who are money-strapped searching for free options. However it lacks some features which Grammarly has, it can detect common spelling mistakes and provide you with some feedback grammar your grammatical mistakes.

Below are the screenshots of how and where you can make good use of After the Deadline.

4) Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke

Why we love WhiteSmoke:

  • This tool delivers translators which comprise 55  different languages.
  • The annual subscription cost comes with a discount of 50% currently which is definitely lesser than what Grammarly charges for its a yearly subscription.

Why we love Grammarly:

  • There’s a free edition available, so you can first have a trial with it and then decide if you want to purchase it or not.
  • The version which is free works almost everywhere. You may have to purchase the premium edition of WhiteSmoke in order to utilize it beyond the web browsers.
  • This tool has Monthly plans, quarterly plans, and yearly plans.

Who Can Opt WhiteSmoke above Grammarly:

Writers who have a restricted budget and would want to make the best with the discount and are also ready to purchase the annual subscription without having a free trial.

5) Grammarly vs LanguageTool

Why we love LanguageTool:

  • This tool gives you perfect support for multilingual — it discovers mistakes in various languages apart from English.
  • The access for the Developer API is usable for Grammarly grammar checking tools.

Why we love Grammarly:

  • This tool provides you with no restrictions on checking mistakes (no restrictions on characters in each check).
  • You also get a feature where you can fix goals for writing on the basis of content. For instance, writing formally needs formal grammar requirements than that of casual script writing.
  • It comprises tools to enhance the script to be read easily in your scripts.

Who can opt for LanguageTool above Grammarly:

If you are a writer who writes in various languages apart from English this one’s for you as it completely supports you and you might consider this tool. Giving an example the premium edition of this tool shall spot all the salutations that are incorrect in gender in German.

6) Grammarly vs ProWritingAid

Why we love ProWritingAid:

  • This tool gives you substantial writing response — with script reports which are possibly available.
  • It is absolutely Scrivener integrated. Particularly useful for book writers, as you don’t have to copy, paste the content into a different tool to examine your script.
  • An option of lifelong subscription available, which keeps you away from making monthly payments.

Why we love Grammarly:

  • Endless plagiarism checking is accessible with the Grammarly Premium version.
  • There is also a Grammarly Keyboard available for phones, which is adaptable by both Android and iOS. (ProWritingAid  apparently doesn’t provide a grammar checker for phones).
  • The mistake can be detected quickly.

Who can opt for ProWritingAid above Grammarly:

Any writer who is wishing to have precise feedback on their writing styles and patterns. The fictional writers can also opt for this as they might find this tool a great option Because it provides reports on the basis of your stories and also means that it can improve your dialogues.

A writer who uses Scrivener might choose ProWritingAid because of its integration characteristic (versus having to copy, paste the script to a different app).

7) Grammarly vs Word Processors (Google Docs & Microsoft Word)

Why we love Google Docs (or Microsoft Word):

  • This tool is free of cost, with an inbuilt feature of prominent software of word processing.
  • Google docs offer the capability of Google Translator.
  • Accessible for working offline through the desktop version.

Why we love Grammarly:

  • This tool has almost all the features in it. May it be grammar, writing styles, spellings, punctuations, and more.
  • It gives detailed feedback on why some of the mistakes have been marked or which you can extemporize
  • This tool is restricted to the software of word processing. It Is accessible through mobiles as well as the web.

Who Can Opt Google Docs (or Microsoft Word) above Grammarly:

Google docs are inclusive of grammar and spelling checking tools which are free of cost and pretty simple to use. This may help you with avoiding basic mistakes like a normal checker does but this tool is irreplaceable with the various other spell checking or grammar checking tools like Grammarly.

This tool does have a translator including various languages which is not a feature in Grammarly

Best Grammar Tools for Specific Needs

Best Grammar tools to rectify your punctuations

Punctuations if used in an incorrect way can destroy the meaning of your text. Even a comma if misplaced can create a huge difference in a complete sentence. Most of the time many of us unintentionally miss adding punctuations. But with the punctuation checking tools, you can help yourselves by eradicating such errors when you write your scripts.

Below are the best of two tools which give accurate results in correcting the punctuation mistakes:

1) WhiteSmoke:

This tool has a pure punctuation detection feature which assists you to scan and rectify your errors. WhiteSmoke is a brilliant choice to check your punctuation mistakes.

Additionally, it smartly identifies the least common punctuation errors like fragments, commas, wrongly placed colons, and semicolons, hyphens, and so on. This tool acts as a mentor and guides you to verify and rectify your errors and help you with better writing

Why do you love this?

  • The punctuation checking feature is AI-integrated
  • Gives prominence to mistakes and provides feasible advice
  • It also gives you tips to write with eradicating punctuation mistakes further.

2) Ginger Online:

Ginger online is one of the best tools to check punctuation mistakes. It is also available on the browser and can be added to MS Word easily. This tool helps you to improvise the way of writing and rectifies all the punctuation mistakes. Ginger has a strong technology base that can fix all the errors with absolute accuracy.

Why do you love this?

  • This tool can analyze your sentence context.
  • Corrects your punctuations in just a single tap
  • Rectifies mistake post scrutiny

The Best Free Grammar Tools In (2023) Best Grammar Checker Online Tools

Many of the online grammar checking tools which are online are doing a great job of finding grammar mistakes and also give you proper advice to correct them. These tools are free of cost and are absolutely helpful for bloggers who want to have a quick grammatical check on their posts or students who want to check their papers, essays, and assignments.

Choosing a grammar tool which is the best completely depends on their features for checking grammar accurately.

Below are my top two picks of grammar checking tools that can assist you to enhance your scripts.

1) Hemingway App:

The Hemingway App Is amazingly easy and simple to use and is a free tool. You just have to visit your website and in the editors, texting box place the copied text and free scan for mistakes.  It just doesn’t check grammar but also highlights the way of your writing style and content tone. This app was created to assist its users with reading the content easily by rating your content with scores and giving you improvement advice.  This app has a pure unmistakable format which assists you to inspect your writing instantly prior to posting it.

Why do you love this?

  • There is no restriction on word count of content
  • Recommendations are shown in 5 different colors for better understanding
  • Finds the extra used adverbs and  inactive phrases

2) After The Deadline

This is another amazing tool for checking grammar free of cost and is easily available in the form of extensions for Google Chrome. After you install this in your browser you will have to tap to view the feature. Post this, the tool will detect all the complicated sentences, repetitive phrases, and passive voice. It will give you a report of all of these mistakes so that you understand them better and rectify it. Also, enhance your writing skills.

Why do you love this?

  • Detects all the verbs which are hidden, double negatives and Jargon
  • Has a Progressive style checker
  • Detects words that are Misused
  • Explains all the mistakes that have been marked

The Best grammar Checkers for  iOS (2023)

Enhancing your grammar has been way easier by using smartphones these days. Numerous grammar tools are available for IOS which assists you to correct your mistakes and write beautifully.

So, just in case you are seeking for apps that rectify your grammar on the way and help you have proper analysis. Here are the top picks of grammar checkers for IOS which are free of cost and can be found easily on the apple store.

1) CorrectMe

The CorrectMe is super fast and friendly to manage apps that enhance your writing skills. It just not corrects your grammar and spellings but also gives suggestions for synonyms through its inbuilt synonym checker for various words. While it is free all for IOS phones it also comes with its premium version which can be purchased. Its premium version offers improved features like explanations for grammar mistakes and recommendations.

CorrectMe Overview -Best Grammar Checker Tool


Why do you love this?

  • With this tool grammatical errors can be detected
  • Observes spelling errors
  • Illustrates suggestions to rectify them
  • Grammatical mistakes are shown with its explanation

2) Speller

Speller is one of the coolest apps for IOS users. This app comprises various sources to check spellings. ItS sources assist you with giving you the proper definition. It provides dictionaries in various languages like American, British, Canadian, and Spanish. Playing the role of a spelling checker application, it detects mistakes as you keep typing. Assists you with maintaining zero errors in the texts. Speller is a fantastic tool to improve your writing skills, mainly for writing formal scripts.

Speller Overview - Best Grammar Checker Tools


Why do you love this?

  • Gives on spot feedback while you draft your content
  • Suggest alternatives for spellings
  • Availability multiple language Dictionaries

Best Grammar Checking Tools for Android (2023)

We all know that Android phones are presently preferred more than desktops because phones are easily accessible. There are various grammar checking apps available at the play store for Android phones. These smart apps not just highlight the spelling or grammar mistakes but also enables you to enhance and improve your abilities.

Below are some of the best spellings and grammatical checking tools which are available on play store and are absolutely free of cost.

1) English Grammar Spell Checker

The English Grammar Spell-checker app is similar to a dictionary that can be ported anywhere anytime with you. It rectifies all the grammatical errors and spelling typos while you’re typing and helps by making sure you make no mistakes. This tool also comes with an option of text to speech which is remarkable for you if you prefer English as a secondary language and wish to enhance your pronunciation skills.

English Grammar Spell Checker Overview-Best Grammar Checker Tools

It corrects all your grammar and spelling mistakes as you type and helps you write error-free sentences. The app also comes with a text-to-speech option, which is perfect if English is your second language, and you want to learn proper pronunciation. The app can read aloud everything you type.

Why do you love this?

  • Gives 600 activities which are absolutely interacting
  • Formulated for both learners and professionals
  • In-app assistance
  • Numerous languages availability

2) Spell Checker

This app is one amongst the other great apps for android phones which assists you with writing perfect sentences without making any errors. It’s a fine tool to get your content to proofread. Be it mails, messages, notes, or anything as such. The spell checker is not inclusive of any grammar checking features but just spelling checking features which are incredibly impressive.

Spell Checker Overview - Best Grammar Checker Tools

Whenever it spots a mistake, it flags them and gives you advice from the dictionary to rectify them. What keeps this app in the limelight is its the option which lets you send direct messages. You can choose to send messages from this app to Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and many other platforms inclusive of mails. This recoups your time. This app also keeps your typed content organized and stored. As an add on it also gives you a feature of speech to text by which you can save more time and draft content instantly.

Why do you love this?

  • Stores are the documents which are rectified.
  • Speech to text intake
  • Revise, rewrites and obtain notes
  • Can be assisted with American, English and Russian language

Round up- Best Grammar Checking tools of 2023 Professional Grammar Check 2023(FREE & PAID)

I’d like to advise you to take assistance from a proofreader for verifying long scripts or any content probably like chapters of your books, long articles, etc.

Having past experience working on translation projects for big companies, I’d also want you to be cautious about not just relying on apps and software to translate your content from any language to English.

An online writing mentor more likely a Book Editing tool is definitely going to be useful. Yet I’d not consider it for being a replacement of human eyes. Rather this software or tool is something that belongs in your toolbox.

These grammar checkers will assist you by getting your jobs done and rectify your problems in writing better.

Tools that would top in my list is Grammarly.

Grammarly has been my top pick as I use it the most compared to any other tool for proofreading. I prefer the app.

Well, numerous fresh writers mail me saying it’s hard for them to afford the Grammarly Premium. It’s difficult to criticize helpful proofreading software, which charges less than $7 per month.

Keeping it short, you can have a trial with any of the 10 tools mentioned for free and decide if that is something you’re in need of which suits your work.

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Who requires a grammar or a spelling checker Tool?

These tools can be used by everyone. At the least they teach more about the grammars and spellings to the fresh writers. Any writer who takes his profession seriously must use the premium version of these grammar checking tools as a life jacket. This helps you find and rectify mistakes quickly. They definitely are good but you should still recruit a proofreader being an author.

Are there any of the English grammar checking tools that ask for no money?

Examine the Ginger and Grammarly tools free versions. For these free versions you don't have to buy the pro version. Also try WhiteSmoke or SpellCheckPlus tools.

Are there any grammar checking tools which can work offline?

Usually these grammar checking tools depend on the software which only works online. If you wish to work offline you can work through Hemingway editor or MS Word. Or else you can script your content offline and switch to online ones done. WhiteSmoke is pretty helpful if you’re an article or an essay writer

Any of the best free grammar checking tools?

Haha we all know nothing in this world comes for free nor does these grammar checking tools. But, all of them give their free versions, yet to unlock the pro features of tools you need to buy the premium version. As far as I know the free versions of Grammarly is a superb tool you can use. Also the Hemingway app which will spot all your errors, writing styles and rectify grammar mistakes in your content.

How do I scan grammar in my content online?

You can check your grammar on various tools I’ve mentioned in this article. You just have to visit their websites. Paste your content in the text editor box and click scan. The tool will automatically flag the mistakes and give you some suggestions to correct it. If you want to scan your content deeply then I advise you to buy a pro version of a tool that’s quite your writing the best.

How can I review or rectify grammars in my content on Google Chrome?

Grammar checker tools like Grammarly and ProWritingAid provide their writers the option to extend Google Chrome. By installing this you can rectify your grammatical errors through the browser whether you’re drafting a post for your social media account or using mail services or commenting on blogs.

How accurate is the grammar checking tool of MS Word?

A lot. If you have a budget for this one, their writing mentor does the job right. I’ve always recommended writers to hire proofreaders of chapters of the books or long write ups.

Is there any great grammar checking tool available on the internet?

If you’re looking for one on the internet then you can try using SpellCheckPlus as a writing mentor who checks your content. Just if you’re a blogger or have been using WordPress, then you can install Jetpack Plugin and switch to After The Deadline.

What are the alternatives for Grammarly?

You can consider Ginger which is pretty similar to Grammarly or WhiteSmoke.

What are the alternative for Grammarly?

Ginger is one amongst them, and next comes Reverso. It provides more assistance for the ones who are in multi languages apart from English writers.

Best English grammar checking tools online for blogging?

If you’re copy-pasting the final content on WordPress, then my recommendation for you will be to install the application of Grammarly or Ginger.

Any grammar checking tools that work the best with Word?

You can consider WhiteSmoke as it works pretty fine with the word. It gives options which are unavailable on Word like the detailed thesaurus and templates.

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