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      Marketing is an essential activity for any business organization. However the scenario in marketing changes very often and in fact is becoming very complicated every day  an so you have to make sure that you are able to keep up or you will fall behind. Keeping up with the changing trends can very tedious at times but thanks to certain marketing tools things have become a lot easier.

      Importance of marketing tools

      The internet has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years and so has the usage. People are paying tremendous importance to internet marketing as it helps a business to reach out to a wider audience. There are new tools that are being released every day and each one is better than the other. Many people find that these tools very effective as they give quick results.

      Put they do not realize people often use the conventional tools but they do not realize that is the unconventional tools that fetch really good results. Marketing tools have become very common these days and people get involved with them without realizing it.

      Here is a list of the 50 Best Internet Marketing Tools 2020

      1) Marketo


      This is a platform that has multiple functions such as marketing calendars, budgeting tools, management functionality and marketing channels all of which can be used well to offer personalized messages.


      • Personalization features for mobile and websites
      • Tracking features to detect number of visitors.
      • Generates leads
      • Manages email marketing

      2) Pardot


      This is a sales force product that is capable of driving sales by using marketing strategies over email.


      • This is a robust social marketing tool with multi channels
      • Has CRM integration and provides Sales alerts too.
      • ROI reporting
      • Segmentation wizard
      • Tools for nurturing, grading and scoring leads
      • Marketing through email by using branded templates

      3) Eloqua


      This helps to manage all the campaigns and also helps to manage aspects like segmentation, targeting and lead management. This tool is just perfect for content writing and blogging.


      • Email marketing campaigns through multiple channels
      • Managing events through automated processes
      • Conducts webinars
      • Nurtures contacts by sending automated emails
      • Personalized templates to suit the objectives of your marketing


      This tool will allow you to send your targeted audiences personal messages based on unique communication with your organization. This matches with your mobile app or website almost effortlessly.


      • Helps to maintain rich profiles and conversations
      • Conversion tracker
      • Alpha and Beta testing
      • Email activity ,events, attributes and Pageviews
      • Send emails to the targeted audience

      5) HubSpot


      This is a very popular marketing platform that offers a plethora of features.


      • This can put leads into categories
      • Can construct automated workflow around the goals that you have set up
      • Uses data in real time
      • Content creation
      • Monitors leads

      6) AdRoll


      This retargeting platform helps you rediscover customers and leads by using various social media sites.


      • Conversion reporting
      • Transparent analytics
      • The segmentation is very flexible

      7) Pica9


      Pica9 is a wonderful automation platform that is very efficient and can yield god results in no time.


      • Platform Reporting
      • Resource library
      • Multi channel functions
      • Streamlined work flow

      8) Canterris


      With this you can instantly increase sales and speed up marketing solutions.


      • Marketing Analytics
      • An exhaustive library of extensions, modules and plugins
      • You can optimize the content of your website
      • Publishing tools for your website

      9) Bremy


      This tool offers multi channel publishing services and offers many modules.


      • You can create and manage email campaigns
      • Digital method for asset management

      10) OutMarket


      This tool combines analytics, CRM, publicity, email and email in one single platform for better marketing. This will enable you o put forward the right kind of content to the right audience.

      11) BuzzBuilder Pro


      This tool makes lead generation and nurturing a lot easier. This particular tool is used by marketers, businessmen and sales teams.

      12) Salesfusion


      This is a multifunctional platform that closes the gap between marketing and sales. This tool is able to generate sales almost 70 percent faster than the others.

      13) Genoo


      This is one of the best marketing tool that comes at a very reasonable price, this is designed to improve the performance of your company by leaps and bounds.

      14) Bizible


      Another fantastic tool that helps to close the gap between sales and marketing that will help you make decisions that can help you earn a lot of profits.

      15) eTrigue


      This will help you track down potential customers and turn them into warm leads.

      16) Allocadia


      This will allow you to have complete control over your marketing plan, performance and budgets.

      17) Sales Engine International

      Sales Engine International

      Campaign execution, creation of content and automation of marketing are elements that are combined in this tool.

      18) ONtraport


      This tool is fantastic and it provides you with everything you need to enhance the performance of your business

      19) LeadSquared


      A tool that is just perfect to generate more leads and convert them into sales. From nurturing leads to creating landing pages you can do it all.

      20) MarcomCentral


      This helps you to streamline your marketing activities without any effort.

      21) Ambassador


      This tool simplifies the process of Referral tracking and management of references. You can actually turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

      22) Integrate


      This tool enables you to integrate all the marketing activities without much effort.  You can expect to see quick results with this tool.

      Some other tools that help to make your marketing activities a lot easier

      1. BrandMaker
      2. BuzzPortal
      3. Active Conversion
      4. CommuniGator
      5. Agillic
      6. Aprix Solutions
      7. Distribion
      8. Salesformics
      9. Elateral
      10. Cascade
      11. Gravity Factor
      12. Bronto
      13. GreenRope
      14. Ifbyphone
      15. NextBee
      16. Zoho
      17. ActiveCampaign
      18. ConstantContact
      19. MailChimp
      20. Asana
      21. Gliffy
      22. Jumplead
      23. SimplyCast
      24. Drip
      25. Kentico
      26. Leadsius
      27. Kahuna
      28. Demandbase

      Conclusion : [Updated] 50 Best Internet Marketing Tools to Use by Marketers 2020

      These are some of the wonderful tools that make your marketing so much easier and you can actually get fast results. Do you share more  Best Internet Marketing Tools with us, do share in the comments.

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