List of Top Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC In 2020


What is an iOS Emulators?

iOS emulators, an electronic program that allows the computer system to install and run any iOS app or game on your personal computer (PC). Users can easily access the iOS apps and games on their PC same as they run on their Apple devices. Using the emulators and simulators, you can easily run the apps or while developing them.

An emulator can be a hardware or software that enables one’s PC to behave like another computer system. Emulation is a process of running any program or application on many different systems for which that program or application was initially created. Here in this post, we have compiled the list of best and reliable iOS Emulators in 2020.

how to run ios on windows(simulator)

Differences between Emulator and Simulator

Having a similar name, both have some variations.

An emulator is used for accessing the software and applications of a device, it’s just a substitution of an original device. Usually, emulators are used for experiencing the iPhone or an iPad interface without the original device.

On the other hand, a simulator creates an environment which is similar to the original device’s operating system. It is quite faster to launch applications. A simulator is unable to access all the applications and features which results in a difference in working with some or many applications.

As per specifications and due to user-friendly features, for testing of applications, developers and users prefer emulator over simulator.


  • To test apps and programs, emulators were initially built for application developers.
  • Multiple system capabilities for running different apps.
  • Best thing is it’s FREE of cost.
  • Easy to install, Use and Upgrade.


List Of Best iOS Emulators In 2020


Smartface - IOS Emulators

Smartface is one of most widely used iPhone emulator for Window PC as well as a tester.

Extensively uses by developers to develop cross-platform native iOS apps. It is capable of full debugging which helps the app developer to easily operate with it and make new apps.

Smartface also provides enterprise services and plugins support so that developer can extend its application contains, javascript library; javaScript codebase.

Simply, Smartface is one of the best emulators for developers as well as for non-developers at low cost which helps in various ways.

On-device iOS Emulator on Windows PC


Ipadian is another highly rated iOS emulator for Window PC. It is best for the user who likes to use iPad as its Graphical User Interface ( GUI ) is same as of iPad so the user will experience the taste of actual iOS on Windows.

It is available in both free and paid version. For apps and games, the free version is most preferred.

It’s simple to use: Download and then install the software and an iPad is ready to use with many pre-installed apps with basic apps. Facebook, Photoshop, Safari, Angry Birds etc.

YouTube and Safari (Browser) can easily access your device’s internet connection using the iOS emulator.

3. is a popular online iPhone emulator for window PC for developers (also for non-developers) as it is compatible to develop, testing applications and run Android and iOS apps both.

Appetize io Run native mobile apps in your browser- iOS Emulators

As it’s an online software you won’t need to download any software, the only thing you have to do is – for login to just create a free and upload your app file and its ready to use on your web browser.

Here, you need a simulator build of your app to upload as it doesn’t provide Integrated development environment (IDE).

Initially its free for 100 minutes (only 2 concurrent users) and then charge $0.05 per minute or plans like:

Basic plan: $40 per month (unlimited concurrent users)

Premium plan: $200 per month (unlimited concurrent users)

Enterprise plan: $1000 per month

4. MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio is a software that emulates iOS apps as well as it is also a visual designer which allows you to develop apps just like Android SDK works.

As being both (emulator + designer) software, it is easy for beginners to develop an iOS app without much fuss.

Compatible with any (almost every) device.

MobiOne Studio Offer you-

Built-in design templates (save time).

Branding apps with self-designed icons.

Customise your workbench.

Smooth rendering and more realistic experience.

Different orientation testing for different screen sizes.

5. AIR iPhone Emulator

AIR iPhone is an iPhone simulator which creates a virtual iPhone on your Windows so that you can run iOS applications on Windows.

It is free for your Windows PC, built using the Adobe – Adobe Integrated Runtime framework.

AIR iPhone Emulator- iPhone Emulators

A cross-platform runtime system for developing desktop and mobile applications using Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, and ActionScript.

On installation you will get pre-installed apps, installed apps may be limited which you can easily get on actual iPhone.

Generally, for testing purpose of apps, AIR iPhone is NOT used but you can get access to applications which gives you the feel of an actual iPhone on your PC.

Please note: Before using AIR iPhone, you must install Adobe AIR on your system.

6. iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator is another popular iOS Emulator for window PC. Its a Google Chrome extension which works as a simulator and it functions as a cloud operating system in the Google Chrome browser.

 iOS Emulators- iPad Emulator

On installation, you will get an iPad on your desktop screen.

The best thing about this emulator is it provides you almost every feature of iPad without an expensive real iPad. Here’s a big list iPad Simulator offers you:

  • Siri – An intelligent personal assistant.
  • iMessage application.
  • HD animated wallpapers.
  • Can access everything on the cloud.
  • Can create unlimited app pages.
  • By using the browse and search page can easily track apps.
  • Drag-and-drop facility for applications.
  • Classy iPad interface.
  • Access to screensavers and multitasking.
  • With your chosen iPad apps can arranging your cloud interface
  • In just one simple click, using the web service, start and sync the simulator.


iPhone Simulator is best for everyone for accessing iPhone applications and games with its features on your window PC.

As iPhones are quite expensive; this emulator can help you creating virtual iPhone on your desktop.

iPhone4 Simulators- iOS Emulators

With high-quality graphics and interface, you will feel a real iPhone in front of you.

A major drawback may disappoint you that you cannot access the App Store in this simulator.

Many of pre-installed apps will be provided you.

For finding out major issues in applications you can test it.

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Conclusion: {Latest} List of Top Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC In 2020

We can conclude that an iOS Emulators is best for experiencing an iPhone/ iPad/ iPod and its native apps on your PC.

Most emulators support all versions of iOS for Window PC (for Windows Vista and later). Do let us know about your views regarding IOS Emulators right in the comment. If you liked this post share in all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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