Top 6+ Best Madgicx Alternatives & Competitors In 2023 (Handpicked) Top Alternatives to Madgicx

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Looking for Top Alternatives to Madgicx? This post will help you.

Ads everywhere!

You open Facebook or Instagram, I think you will find a heck lot of advertisements surfacing through the posts. 

But have you ever wondered how this advertising campaign goes on?

Which are the major software that helps in creating these ads?

Well! You are in the right place as I will be explaining how these ads are run and which tools are the best for your business. This article is the right place to land upon. 

Madgicx Alternatives are some of the best advertising tools which are suitable for your business.

The moment you see or hear about the ads on Facebook, chances are that the majority of them would be operated using a tool called Madgicx. Not just this, there are several other tools that run the ads smoothly thus elevating the businesses. 

Using these tools, platforms such as Facebook drive immense profits. These tools are all packed with outstanding features that automatically tracks down all the required data for the platform. To be precise most of these tools use AI i.e Artificial intelligence which is unarguably the best in its work. 

Machines will take over and most of the Media buying will be done by systems only!

Overview about Madgicx

Madgicx is a tool that helps you understand the world through the system’s intelligence point of view. An all in one tool that scales up the advertising revenues powered by AI-driven technology is Madgicx. In short, this is a platform where marketers can rely on optimizing their sales through systemized and organized ad campaigns. 

This tool is profoundly used by big companies such as Facebook and Instagram that drive tons of profits. These numbers in marketing are calculated using ROAS( Return on Advertising Spend) which basically determines the revenue generated on every dollar you spend on advertising. 

A great set of audiences, including AI audiences, that help you find the best options for your Ads and get the highest ROAS possible. 

With madgicx everything takes a few clicks and boom – it’s ready. The automation features are great for controlling bug budgets – and the visual data it gives you on your creatives is superb. It’s like a BI tool AND an execution tool for Facebook all in one.

But the point to be noted here is, Madgicx is not the only tool for executing and performing all such tasks. There are a number of other platforms that can equally compete with Magdicx. Let’s take a deeper look at Madgicx Alternatives one by one. 

List of Top 6+ Best Madgicx Alternatives In 2023

1) AdZooma

AdZooma is undoubtedly a strong advertising platform that has even acclaimed many awards for its AI and machine learning innovations.  Unlike Madgicx, the result is not confined to only Facebook, rather AdZooma can be used with Google and Microsoft advertisements too. This tool appeals to the marketers for the simplicity that it offers and also the agencies for the time management provided by AdZooma. 

Adzooma Overview

AdZooma has the product knowledge, technical expertise to drive their customers to online success. 

Features of AdZooma:

  • Intelligent software

There is an Opportunity Engine provided in the tool that intelligently performs custom-made tracks in providing suggestions for your business. These data will be based on the campaigns you conduct or check out for. The sole purpose of this feature is to boost your ROAS and ROI by providing relevant suggestions. 

Adzooma - Opportunities

The best part about these suggestions is that they are all automated and run by Machine Learning. You hence have opportunities that suit your interests thus promoting your business. 

  • Performance boosting suggestions

AdZooma offers a wide variety of options to increase the number of times your adverts are shown and how many clicks are received. These are all the suggestions to either add new keywords or increase the keyword bids.

Adzooma -Performance Boosting

It also suggests to add location targeting or to increase the budget of your campaigns. The tool performs strategic analysis to boost your ROI and ROAS. Such suggestions are aimed to fix the issues and reduce your unnecessary spending. 

  • Efficient UX

You no need to worry about fetching the right data for your sales because AdZooma does all the work which is needed for the optimization of your accounts. In fact, you will be surprised to find that the opportunities will be brought to you by this tool itself which can be lined and set according to the time you wish along with the mention of a number of impressions and clicks.

Adzooma -Efficiant UX

Since these are the suggestions provided by the tool, you can also ignore if you do not wish to proceed further. 

Pricing plan

Go ahead without any worries because AdZooma is completely free of cost. Use it for a single ad or multiple ads, you do not need to pay any penny. So all these excellent benefits are present without having to spend your money. 

Adzooma - Pricing Plan


The bottom line has unlimited ad accounts, unlimited ad spends, unlimited users, and powerful opportunities with this tool.

2) HubSpot Marketing Hub 

Hubspot is one of the all-rounder platforms for marketing purposes. With this, you can not only gain traffic but also launch several campaigns to increase your ROI and ROAS.


The appropriate content required for your page can be easily curated without having to depend on external sources. This tool guides you in every manner to result in your leads into profitable customers. Hubspot is an easy-to-use software that features a blogging platform, email marketing, and many more. 

Features of HubSpot

  • Blogging

A good marketing strategy not only involves gaining enough traffic but also on the creation of engaging content. Hubspot gives the opportunity to curate powerful content using several options available. You can publish blogs that define your sales and thus allow for more optimization in searches and sales. 

Hubspot Features

  • Landing pages

Customers are your main target and hence your content should be according to the viewers viewing the page. You can implement Landing pages in Hubspot where you can include forms optimized that can be done with a few clicks. Also, you have the wish to control your content depending on the customers. 

HubSpot - Landing Page

  • Email

Emails are a great way to reach out to customers. The presentation of your mail matters while sending out a mail. Using Hubspot you can create fine content that is automated by even providing templates. In case you feel the need to have an idea about your creations, you can also perform an A/B test. 

  • Automated marketing

Leads turning to conversions is one of the major targets in marketing automation. This automated feature identifies the path pursued by your customers so that they engage them with similar optimized content in your pages, emails, blogs, etc. 

  • Social media marketing

Attention from social media for your marketing is equally important for growth. Set your posts so as to gain maximum and relevant exposure on various platforms. Even the mentions and engagements of various brands will be tracked automatically so that you have the activity of all of them in your hands. 

Pricing plan

There are three models provided for the users to choose a pricing plan. You also have a free trial available to test the features for which no details of credit card are required. 


The basic plan starts with $50 per month which can be opted by beginners. 

There is a professional plan that begins with $800 per month which will be billed annually. 

The last is the enterprise plan that starts at $3200 per month with advanced features for advanced marketing. 


This is a great tool for email marketing, and building launching pages. Though UX is sometimes messy HubSpot serves great marketing ideas and supportive customer service. 


WASK - Madgicx

WASK is a one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs. It tracks and manages Facebook ads, Instagram ads as well as Google Ads through an easy-to-use interface with customizable reporting options that allow you to see exactly where the most engagement occurs on any given campaign or advertisement – it’s like having a personalized map of success!

Features of WASK

Features of WASK

  • Create Smart Audience

WASK has a smart target audience tool, which will help you create the most accurate and profitable advertising campaign for your business.

WASK Facebook Pixel integration allows us to build upon this matching knowledge base of customers by including other segments based on their browsing history giving them more opportunities than ever before.

  • Optimization

If you are not satisfied with the results of your ads, click the “Optimize” button. WASK will start the intelligent optimization process with a few pieces of information from you and you will see the effects quickly.

  • Design Your ads

WASK’s free designer tool offers a range of beautiful and customizable themes that will help you design ads like professionals.

You can choose from hundreds of emojis, background colors, or stock images to make your ad stand out in this competitive market!

WASK’s media library lets you store and organize all of your Google, Facebook, Instagram Ads images in one place.

WASK Pricing Plans

There are three different pricing plans. The Basic plan is $14/month, the Premium plan is $29/month, and the Professional plan is $49 per month.

WASK Pricing

4) RevealBot

Revealbot Review- Powerful ads automation tool

Revealbot is a reliable, AI-powered Facebook and Instagram Ad optimization, automation, and management tool that helps marketers. The tools allow them to automate their Facebook Ads. It also notifies them when they have wasted funds on ineffective campaigns. They can then fix the campaigns with insights from the tool’s machine learning capabilities.

Features :

Madgicx vs Revealbot

The Revealbot has three modules. These include automation, auto-boosting, and bulk creation. Automation lets you set up rules for how you want your ads to work, and alerts tell you how they are doing! The auto-boosting module helps marketers promote their content and control their audiences. Lastly, the bulk creation module is designed to make it easier to create a lot of Facebook Ads in one go.

Every brand and agency knows how important social media is. Social media is a key part of marketing that can help your business be successful. Revealbot has these benefits:

Simplified Ads management

Revealbot is a tool you can use to make rules for Facebook Ads, Ad sets, and campaigns. These rules are simple actions that your marketing team does often. With Revealbot, they don’t have to worry about all the details of managing ads. The application also has a log interface that lets you optimize the rules and analyze results. Plus, it provides metrics such as ROAS, custom conversions, time metrics which can be compared to improve performance in future ad management.

Increasing your following with ease

You can use the Revealbot to help you promote your content. It has a module that does this for you. You just tell it what conditions to boost your content and then it takes care of the rest. You can also get notifications about new posts on your account or in slack so that you know when they are ready.

Improved marketing performance

Revealbot tells you how people are responding to your marketing. It gives you a complete report that you can share with your team or inbox from Twitter, Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, YouTube and MailChimp. You can customize the reports so that they focus on the most important things like what people are saying about your company on Facebook or the number of views on YouTube.

Pricing :


5) Wordstream

Wordstream is an industry-leading product in the search advertising sector. Connected to some of the largest companies in the world, Wordstream is partnered with Google, Bing, and Facebook to help the customers market their business.


Be it a naive business or professionally established, this tool will help in extracting maximum profits through your sales. The tools of Wordstream are built in such a way that the optimization process helps in managing and improving your client’s campaigns without the need to slog for hours. 

Features of Wordstream

  • Week optimization

Wordstream has come up with an idea of 20 minutes of work in a week. This idea helps in the ease of optimization of time-consuming data thus enhancing the business levels. This feature thus allows the inflow of various opportunities for your sales. 

WordStream - Week Optimization

  • Performance dashboard 

Just building and optimizing the sales is not enough for success. You also need to have a system that tracks your efforts thus leading you ahead.  Thus Wordstream provides you with a dashboard that displays all your campaign directions and factors from all your accounts. Additionally, you also get to see performance reports which can further be shared with other stakeholders. 

WordStream - Performance Dashboard

  • Conversion factors 

If you think gaining enough traffic through advertisements is your only job, then you are just half done. Attractive pop-ups and many such factors help in converting your clicks into conversions thus benefiting your sales and marketing. 

Pricing plan


The basic plan starts at $49 per month. 

This includes the 20 minute work week which proves highly beneficial. 

This plan also offers cross-platform reporting along with several tools. 


Overall this tool can be considered for a good optimization of your ads and thus earning you profits. 

6) Smartsheet 

Smartsheet is a cloud-based SaaS(Software as a Service) that promotes organization based planning and management run through collaborations. The planning includes capturing, managing, automating, and reporting of your business.


This is one such tool that will help the customers and technology to move with the same frequency considering the advancements.

Features of Smartsheet

  • Campaign management

Using Smartsheet, you can manage your campaigns well through consistent maintenance of channels. Do not let anything hamper your business especially with this tool, you can ensure speedy reach to markets thus saving your precious time. 

  • Initiative tracking 

Integrate your marketing procedures with ROI using Smartsheet. Increase the pace with which your marketing campaigns get started once they are initiated. This also helps in strengthening the relationship between internal and external stakeholders. 

  • Website management

Your website can be very well managed by seamlessly connecting your project planning and the intake of requests that you get. With this tool, you can ensure and assure transparency which will help in the long term sustainability of your market. 

  • Dashboard

Having an updated track record of your KPI’s, your reports is an important factor in marketing. The dashboard allows you to view your roll-up reports and can also update the same to your stakeholders and other project managers. 

Smartsheet - Dashboard

Pricing plan


The standard pricing plan of Smartsheet consists of two modes: Individual and Business. 

The individual plan starts with $14 per month which comes with several features helping you in seamless collaborations.

The business plan starts with $25 per month per user. Unlike the individual plan, where every user will be costed. But the perks include greater visibility into the workflow. 


Smartsheet offers extensible and professional features for collaborations and partnerships with big firms. 

7) Omnisend 

As powerful as the name suggests, Omnisend is an omnichannel that stands as an email and an SMS marketing system. Trusted by over 50,000+ ECommerce businesses, Omnisend is a sure shot to the marketing automation system.


Increase the penetration of various channels into your workflow system and can send hundreds of personalized messages. 

Features of Omnisend 

  • Automated marketing

Omnisend has a built-in marketing manager that functions automatically regarding product abandonment, transactional emails. With this, you can drive your sales higher with several optimization features included. Omnisend offers you to perform A/B testing or can also add workflow testers. 

Omnisend - Features

  • Robust segmentation

As reaching out to the audience is the main target, Omnisend provides you features to improve the targeting system. With this, you will nor be confined to segmenting just the names or the shipping address but also the behavioral and shopping data of the customers can help drive and elevate more results. 

  • Omnichannel marketing 

As Omnisend aims in seamless work with both SMS and emails, you do not need to maintain multiple tabs for separate tasks. The performance can be easily boosted by integrating both of them in a single platform thus giving your customers an enriched experience. 

Pricing plan 

Omnisend pricing

The basic plan is absolutely free of cost which can be used by the ones who are new to the marketing place.

The Standard plan starts with $16 per month which can be availed to automate your emails and SMS. 

The most lucrative plan is the Pro plan that starts with $99 per month which includes several advanced features for the users.


Omnisend can be used without any hesitation when it comes to automatization, pop-ups, email campaigns for your store. As this tool is highly customizable and friendly, one can strongly opt for Omnisend. 

8) Freshmarketer

As a marketer, increasing your sales along with quick conversions is highly essential. For this, Freshmarketer should be on your list. The conversions offered by this tool are highly optimized leading to better leads and sales. Freshmarketer allows better engagement and responsive factors thus reaching the business targets. 

Freshmarketer Overview

Features of Freshmarketer

  • Email campaigns

 Freshmarkerer understands the need for appealing layouts and campaigns. For this purpose, there is a drag and drop option which is extremely easy to use. Using these layouts, you can design attractive emails that can be floated around.


Not just the in-built templates, but you can also upload them from the available HTML templates. 

  • Analytics

The usual analysis factors include open rates, click rates, and so on. But this tool can go the extra mile and provide you with much more information such as providing analytics to your campaigns. This will prove an essential factor in determining your ROI by creating custom reports. 

  • Marketing software

Using the simplified interface of Freshmarkerer, you can boost your marketing communication. The boring repetitive tasks can thus be automated using the marketing software. 

  • Website Tracking 

Tracking your audience and customers ain’t that difficult now. Using the website tracking of this tool, you can actually see what and where your customers are viewing and visiting. This information can be used to enhance the performance of your own page. 

Pricing plan

Freshmarketer - Pricing Plan

The pricing plan offered by Freshmarkerer is quite appealing. 

The Sprout plan is for the newbies who have just entered the market which is absolutely free of cost. 

The Garden plan starts with $999 per month which will be billed annually. 

The Estate plan which is suitable for big companies and teams starts at $1499 per month that can be billed annually. 


Using Freshmarkerer, a powerful platform can be built and driven by an Artificial intelligence system. Automate, customize, and enhance your sales and marketing through this app. 

FAQs Best Madgicx Alternatives

👉Can I alter my plans in Smartsheet?

Yes, absolutely you can change! Smartsheet always believes in customer comfort. So if you wish to change your users or cancel the subscription, you can do so at any point in time.

👉What type of payments are accepted by Freshmarkerer?

For monthly payments, we have several options such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and also PayPal. For annual payments, checks are accepted.

👉In spite of having a website, is it necessary to create a webpage in AdZooma?

Appealing and attractive webpages is the primary focus of AdZooma. In case we feel, there is a need to upgrade your website, Adzooma itself will produce the best results for your website.

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Conclusion: Which Is Best Madgicx Alternatives?   Top Madgicx Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software

Having seen detailed information about the benefits provided by so many platforms, as a customer you might be a little confused and find it hard to select one final tool for your business. So,  To rescue you from this dilemma I will be providing a final verdict that will help you in selecting the best tool.

After taking into Consideration of smart work, time-saving techniques, and many work features and benefits. I believe that Adzooma leads the list. The delivery rate is extremely high in Adzooma compared to many others with the help of several functionalities. Though every tool aims to increase your sales, Adzooma seems to have an upper hand over the others with its outstanding benefits. 

Price:$ 16
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  1. I’ve been using RevealBot for a quite a time and it works good!
    The best thing about RevealBot is that once you identify the patterns you follow to make decisions when managing an account, you can set up rules and have Reveal do everything for you. It frees up a lot of time, gives you more resources (you can’t check an account every 15 minutes 24/7), you don’t have to do the manual stuff yourself, what else would you want?

  2. Adzooma is the future of Marketing Automation!!
    I liked that it was very useful in terms of Marketing Automation. I liked that I am able to talk with my clients directly through the platform and also connect with Google Ads as well.
    The simple nature of the platform and the effective results in a short space of time, saved me some amount of money.

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