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Looking for best online logo design services in 2024. Everyone in this digital era wants to promote their products and services to gain more profit in the market. Hence, everyone wants to create their logo for their brand, and for that, there are many online logo design services available in the market. But how to choose the best online service to create the best logo?

 For that, we need to analyze the market for the best online services which will be much more profitable for us. Many online services claim to provide the best logo and demand for a larger payment. However, they end up giving you a logo that doesn’t suit your company or brand.

Therefore, I’d like to suggest the best and authentic logo design services that I’ve tried, tested, and guarantee you that it would perfectly meet your requirements as a brand or company. One of the top services I’d like to mention is the Tailor brand which can be helpful for beginners who are new to the market. Nextly, you could go for Fiverr logo designers. They are also in the perfect designer’s list in the market who can provide you with the best logo.

In addition to this, there are many other options like Tailor Brands and Looka. So, here we are trying to explain all the services that I mentioned so you can choose it for yourself.

The best and reputed companies would eventually look over some of the spectacular online logo maker services, offering them the best designs to be suited to their branding. Any brand would want to adopt astounding and exquisite logos along with the best informative and resourceful taglines attracting the required target audience. Having amazing designs and the best services will automatically make you shine within the domains and spheres of your competitor companies.

We need to have a quick sneak peek into the following article, which will help and allow you to avail of the best features and qualities as needed for one’s own branding companies.

Here are some wonderful logo designer services which will make you feel thunderstruck and astonish with its absolutely remarkable services.

Unveil the best services for logo design services online!

5+Best Online Logo Design Services To Try 2024

1. Tailor Brands

I have almost tried more than 10 logo makers personally and tailor brands come out to be the best among all and one of my favorite logo makers. It is a very simple and well-organized platform for beginners as well as professionals. The ease of use is convenient and the process of generating a logo is convenient and easy.

Tailor Brands-Overview

Tailor Brands is one such platform that does not contain all the advanced personalization features as such as their competitor’s offers. However, Tailor Brands stands out and does not seem to require such extensive features as it has tons of icons from which we can have a choice of our personalized logos. The letters, fonts, colors, and contrast matters the most for logos and that’s what this platform provides us easily. The new member will find this website completely useful for them as it has simple steps, to begin with. One of the superb features of tailor brands is that it is free for trials and you can create your logo designs. That too as many as you want to and then pay the respective price only if you are satisfied with your design. Isn’t this feature worth trying?

In case, if you want a sample you can simply download a free sample from Tailor Brands but it will not be in the high-quality image as it’s just a sample. Despite this, Tailor Brands not only helps us to create a logo but also provides launching tips and solutions from printed commodities to professional business demonstrations. It is everything that you might have possibly dreamed of.

Pros and Cons:


  • Easy and simple steps used for beginners.
  • Personalization features are pretty good for designing logos. 
  • Good customer support for increasing business growth.
  • Cheap price logos available.


  • Unadvanced Customization features compared to competitor logo makers. 
  • Limited designs are available.


Tailor Brands has been quite extraordinary and spectacular, the pricing structure is offered by the most exquisite logo design is as follows-

  • The basic plan includes pricing of about $9.99/month, if one is willing to pay and opt for this plan for a year beforehand or in advance.
  • The standard plan charges the cost of about $19.99/month or $5.99/month if one is willing to pay and opt for the plan for a year in advance.
  • Premium plans to charge about $49.99/month or $12.99/month if one is willing to pay and opt for this plan for a year in advance.
  • There is an exceptional offer where it gives you a wholehearted discount on a 2-year subscription on your plan charging you about $2.50/month only if the user pays in advance for a 2year subscription.
  • We can even restore our 25% on the premium plans it offers, only if we avail of the code WBE25.

2. Fiverr Logo Designers

After trying out various designers on this fiverr to watch out the quality of the images at a different level of price rates or plans, I love the working of this platform and even their functions. In this platform, we get a convenient and well-designed logo search wizard that gives me the helping hand to search the suitable designers according to the needs and requirements of my project. I’ve also gone through these designer’s profiles to know about their past projects, their experience, feedback from their clients, and their capacity to work. The texting function on this website is quick and very simple.


I am impressed with the quality and dedication towards the work I get from this website. At less price, I get my work done in a limited time with better quality and that too by experts. There’s a similar alternative called “Fiverr pro” which is cheap and budget-friendly and is very inexpensive. You can easily hire as many designers as you want at a cheap price and get your work done without worrying about the quality and at the same time, there would be no compromise upon the outlook of the logos.

Pros and Cons:


  • good quality images with no similarity.
  • 24/7 hours customer support available.
  • Quick arrangement of freelancers for your given project. 
  • Fiverr provides you with experts and professionals for your project. 


  • Expensive sometimes 
  • Fiverr pro has fewer service choices and options than expected.


The pricing structure as offered by such a remarkable logo design is as follows-

  • Fiverr establishes a pricing plan, where it exclaims that any operator or a user wishing to experience and experiment with its services he or she has to pay an additional fee of about the US $1, and for the other purchases it incurs about the US $20.
  •  Any User looking for an order more than the US $20, then the same person is charged with only 5% of the total budget.
  • If one is providing productive services, for example- services offered by a freelancer Fiverr takes over about 20% of each job you finish.
  • Fiverr offers us additional benefits by erasing and deleting the unrequired funds specifically from the user’s account.

3. Wix logo maker

Do ever desire to use a DIY tool for creating your logo? Wix logo maker is one such logo maker which is one of my other favorite platforms for DIY tools. This is an easy to use platform. You must expend more of your time designing your logo and there’s no need for the experience in designing here, you just have to answer some of the questions which are basic, and then Wix will automatically create different types of logos according to your answers given and your preferences. 


Wix logo makers come up with lots of designing and creativity options. You can make choices of your logo and their colors, fonts, size, shapes and the elements of your logo can also be positioned according to your wish. This device is free to use by us and it ultimately means that we can design as many as logos we require. You should only pay if you are satisfied with the outcome of your logo. 

One more good feature you get in this device is that you can download your logo as a PNG file free only if you don’t have a desire for the printed logo and want your logo for online use only. The logo which you have downloaded can be used freely on any social media platform.


Pros and Cons:


  • Better built-in templates available. Advance feature for creating a logo
  • High-quality logo 
  • Good customer support 


  • Too many settings messed up the working and freedom of finding layouts.
  • The connection of domain plan and subscription is useless.


  • The pricing plan and the structure as offered by the Wix logo designer is as follows-
  • The first basic plan includes pricing of about $12.99 giving you the required and full detailed advantages including high-quality resolution and utilizing the other commercial-related benefits.
  • Professional logo plan includes pricing of about $49.99 serving you with the high-quality resolution, and other commercial based benefits along with the vector feature, guide, etc.
  • The third plan consists of websites and a professional logo that costs about $99.99 offering you full-fledged features including high-quality resolution, vector feature, social media kit along with a PR without code of about $168 specifically given to your website.



4. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd is one of the extraordinary logo maker devices, it gives valuable ideas to us from choices and inputs of various designers. This platform offers us a huge group of freelancers who are worthwhile and help us in getting excellent and unique logos, and remember these logos will be personalized and budget-friendly too!

Design Crowd-Overview

The platform is very particular in their works, in short, it gives me what I wanted without distorting my ideas and yet has many options. We must describe our work and project in brief and that’s it. We will get tons of designs we wanted to use and some of their designs are in our budget too. We can search for clients on this platform and by step by step process, we can get our work done within a short time. DesignCrowd is designed mainly for entrepreneurs who don’t have any idea where to start and how to do the whole process. 

Pros and Cons:


  • Have access to your project and work
  • Offers the opportunity to the designer to show off their skills and talents. 
  • Good customer support.
  • Rapid feature of refund email available.


  • Too expensive, all the features are available only in a high-rate subscription plan.
  • Interference by users, distractions from the sites.
  • No full money return policy.


The pricing plan and structure as mentioned for the design crowd include discounts and coupon code which offers a discount on every offer it serves.

  • Offers a 27% discount on the site-wide design offer, only after availing the coupon WELCOME10 OFF.
  • Offers a 90% discount on premium designs offered by professionals only by availing to the discount code of CO-90OFF-09R.
  • Offers $40 off on any of the design project ones initiated by availing to the code of 99DSEM.
  • Yet, there are innumerable coupons and codes one can avail to.

5. Looka 

Our last design service is Looka which is also one of the platforms for designing logos like the ones mentioned above. It creates very excellent logos that are not only unique but also look decent and professional. After finalizing your logo, you will realize in the end there are not many changes needed because you will be satisfied with this logo for sure. 


Looka provides us with a whole kit of social media which includes 40+ logos files that are designed for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other huge social media platforms, and this logo will also suit it. The best feature of Looka is the Drag and Drop editor option which is a website constructor, can be used in business cards, t-shirts, and many other printed merchandise. 

Looka uses its man-made or artificial intelligence which will make you feel like you are working with an actual designer. It can help us make the logo according to our wish and it’s a good and reliable route to create a well-designed and stylish logo for your brand. You can design your logos for free without worrying about the result until you are satisfied, and you must pay only if you like your finalized logo design. 


Pros and Cons:


  • Saving of logo available is free of cost 
  • Good quality image available 
  • Easy to use for beginners and also SEO friendly.
  • Fast functioning available. 


  • Poor flexibility, and no choices of customization.
  • Poor customer support.
  • So many choices and options which can mess up the users
  • The logo edition is limited.
  • Limited designs are available.


The pricing plan and structure involved and mentioned for Looka is as follows –

  • The basic plan includes pricing of about $20 USD, gives you a slightly lower resolution for its logo.
  • The premium plan serves you with the pricing of about $65 USD, offering you with explicit features like higher resolution for the logo, vector files, giving copyright over your logo, and other important additional features.
  • The enterprise plan includes pricing of about $90 USD offering you a social media kit, business-related cards, and other such exquisite features.      


Customer Reviews Best Online Logo Design Services 


  • Fiverr has been termed as one of the greatest logo designers, acquiring a rating of about 4.1 on a scale of 5. Offering diverse options, easy to operate, serves advantage to the seller, quite professional in its services.
  • Offers a wonderful platform for outsourcing and provides its efficient services.

Tailor Brands

  • Tailor Brands have occupied a rating of 4.6 out of 5 and many customers claimed it an exceptional logo designer with fabulous services, best logos, a highly amazing customer support team, quite efficient and fast.
  • Out of the rest, the Tailor Brands overpowers every logo designer claiming itself as the best.


  • Wix has been rated with the scoring of 2.5 out of 5, customers have registered that Wix doesn’t have a good customer support team, money isn’t worth spending on it and they are finding some of the advertisements by them as a scam.


  • The DesignCrowd has been termed as an excellent logo designer with an overall rating of 4.5 on a scale of 5. Customers are extremely happy with the services offering good communication with users and are quite hospitable.
  • Wonderful customer support team.


  • Customers have awarded this logo designer with about 4.5 stars on a scale of 5, brimmed with full-fledged awesome features and services. They are very pleased with the designs and the logo.
  • Extremely easy in its operation and quite cheap.

FAQs Best Online Logo Design Services 

👉 Is Tailor Brands legit and safe?

Tailor Brands is indeed legit and spectacular as it offers remarkable and productive features, yes it is extremely safe as it serves customers with absolute security as well as privacy. They have even mentioned its security and privacy it offers on their official website under the customer support column.

👉 Is it true that the Tailor Brands is a free online logo maker?

Yes, Tailor Brands is a free online logo maker, but it offers a low-resolution quality without the additional charges, but if any user desires full-fledged qualities and its characteristics like the high-resolution quality, vector features, social media kit, etc. then they have to pay for a particular plan to avail to the wonderful features.

👉 How do I begin with my design of the brand?

To begin with the designing of the brand, we need to keep in mind the following points which are as follows- • Search for your followers and subscribers along with your competitors • Look over a particular focus and objective. • Have an exceptional name for your brand. • Have a unique but informative tagline. • Choose the desired background and colors. • Start designing. • Get started!

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Conclusion: Best Online Logo Design Services To Try 2024

In the end, you’ve to choose the best among all the logo makers. 

There’s a whole lot of tough competition among these all platforms but I’ve chosen the best among all these which I found suitable for myself was Tailor Brands. They possess different designs and extremely beautiful logo designing processes. 

They do have a monthly subscription and are budget-friendly, there’s excellent customer support just like other platforms like Fiverr, Squarespace logo maker, etc. but this helps me to give a perfect text logo, icon-based logos, proper shapes, and clear image. The logo image was high-quality and which was under my budget. 

I was a beginner as a designer and found this tool very easy to set up and the ease of use with not many confusing options attracts me the most. I’ve tried many logos as it is free with their step by step easy instructions and enjoyed Tailor Brands logo maker the most. 

I loved this platform, and I’ve personally experienced different designs and styles of my logos which are extremely unique and impressive. 



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