6+ Best OptinMonster Alternatives With (Reviews) 2023 (Handpicked)

Do you want to know what are the best Optinmonster plugin alternatives?

If you are looking for great leads this article will help you get them. Email leads can be a great booster to your business.

An Optinmonster plugin is an amazing option as it is a WordPress plugin everything about it becomes great automatically.

There are various alternatives for the Optinmonster plugin which are amazing too and in many aspects better than the Optinmonster plugin. For example, many people can’t afford the price of the Optinmonster plugin even though the price range starts from 9 dollars per month that are 667.24 Indian rupees which are quite affordable rates but as the billing is done annually it piles up and costs a lot more than just 9 dollars and the available features in the cheapest pack can not really be compared to the next level features available in the most expensive paid plan. 

There are many available options that will help you get the features that you need to excel in your businesses and many of those options are available free of cost and some might get you similar benefits and help you reach great lengths without spending or worrying about expenditure in getting leads.

What Does OptinMonster Lacks?

Even though Optinmonster is a great plugin it has a few cons which are available and solved in other alternatives of the Optinmonster plugin.

OptinMonster doesn’t offer analytics with the internet if you need the performance reports you require a connection with GA, without it, you will not be able to get any data.

The Optinmonster plugin has various themes but yet it does not provide us with great customization features and it lacks in certain aspects. For some people, it might not be a problem but for many, it may create further issues. 

To get the perfect leads every business has different requirements and every requirement can’t be fulfilled with the Optinmonster plugin, each platform has its own uniqueness which will complete your requirements and will help you get your desired reach and get great leads. 

List of 6+ Best OptinMonster Alternative In 2023 (Our Picks)

1) Thrive Leads (Best OptinMonster Alternative You Will Absolutely Love)

Thrive Leads is an amazing platform that will give you more results than you expect. This is an excellent application that will impress you to the core and help you get amazing results.  

Thrive Leads Overview

Features of thrive leads

  • It has very simple forms and great themes. 
  • You can also use the drop and drag feature it offers in creating a wonderful interface for your platform.
  • This platform also offers a service using which the pop up will only show up when your customer will click on it and I feel like it is just amazing and a very remarkable feature it is called thrive lightboxes.
  • It has a test engine called the A/B testing engine, it is great and it will boost your conversion rates by a good percentage.
  • It will provide you with an exceptional analysis of all your traffic and provide you with every detail you require. 

Pros of thrive leads:

  • A vast span of features of opt-in form types.
  • A very simple option of drag and drop building.
  • Many amazing templates which are already prepared for your ease.
  • It has a great feature using which you can provide offers to your subscribers using smart links.
  • An exceptional test engine using which one can easily have the best results.
  • This application is really simple and easy to use.
  • It provides excellent overall quality.

Cons of thrive leads:

  • Many users have reported it to be a bit slow and some have said that it lags which causes frustration between users
  • There is a possibility that users feel troubled and confused between it’s three amazing features that are lead groups, thrive boxes, and lead shortcuts.

Pricing of thrive leads:

There are two options/ plans available at Thrive Leads, you can either buy with the thrive themes membership or buy without it.

Thrive-Leads Pricing

There are different options available according to the number of sites that you need:

  • $67 for a single site license or 4,971.21 Indian rupees for one single site.
  • for five licenses $97 or 7,197.13 Indian rupees for 5 site licenses
  • 15 licenses $147 10,906.99 Indian rupees for 15 site licenses 

If you select the option that will allow you to join the thrive themes community you will have to pay 19 dollars or  1,409.70 Indian rupees extra per month and the payment will be done yearly. If you take up this option you have access to each and every feature offered by thriving leads.

2) Optimonk (Cheap OptinMonster Alternative You Will Absolutely Love)

Just like thrive leads Optimonk also offers features like the A/B search engine. It is another amazing tool to get great leads for yourself. 


The Optimonk is compatible with all types of platforms and every e-commerce platform like WordPress and even Shopify and many more than just these two. 

Features of Optimonk

  • The available pop-ups will ensure more than 25 percent of traffic converting into amazing leads for you.
  • It provides, with great features for the cart as if someone is leaving the cart or deleting without buying it will help you detect it, and then you can easily prevent that from happening.
  • Using this platform you can offer you, customers, great special offers or you can also provide them to new customers which will lead to them being permanent customers for your product.
  • It offers more than just two hundred beautiful templates that will help you get great outcomes.
  • It offers its customers with the drop and drag editor.
  • It has an amazing multi-step campaign which is automatically made for your comfort.

Pros of Optimonk

  • It is very easy to use and it provides a very good interface to its users. 
  • They have very effective and efficient customer service and they are very supportive.
  • Many many free templates are accessible and they have exceptional designs. 
  • They provide perfect pop-ups and tools which will lead to your success.
  • Available free trial.

Cons of Optimonk

  • Because of various available options, users usually waste a lot of time selecting one which leads to overwhelming and tiredness.
  • It gets really difficult to use fonts as they have really bad compatibility with them.
  • Optimonk gets very tough to use with the languages that go from right to left. 

Pricing of Optimonk


It has different types of plans available :

  • Totally free of cost plan available
  • The Essential Plan: it costs 29 dollars per month or 2,151.65 India rupees per month.
  • The Growth plan: it costs 79 dollars per month or 5,861.38 Indian rupees per month.
  • The premium plan: it costs 199 dollars per month or 14,764.75 Indian rupees per month. 

Customer service of Optimonk

According to various reviews, it is said that the customer service of Optimonk is exceptional and very fast and anybody can contact them with queries easily.

They have a help center available online using which people can come in contact with the team of Optimonk.

3) GetSiteControl

GetSiteControl is a platform using which you can generate leads and also create engagement on the site. It has a great free plan which gives amazing and mind-blowing outcomes. 


Features of GetSiteControl

  • This platform will help you in getting to know your audience better and it might help in creating a feeling of closeness with your audience. This will help you understand the needs of your audience and even take their suggestions to improve.
  • Using this platform you create posts, you can provide your audience with offers and even spread information or make announcements.
  • They have great widgets that will get attention from many new customers and convert them into regular audiences.
  • They have many communication options that can be used for various purposes such as taking feedback from your audience, and place orders easily online, etc.
  • They provide you with more than amazing pop-ups available and help you in achieving an enormous reach.
  • It has outstanding email marketing available.
  • It can connect with more than a thousand applications.
  • GetSiteControl furthermore provides analytics and insights.

Pros of GetSiteControl

  • Great research and tools for feedback.
  • More than enough features which include polls for users and even survey options.
  • Many targeting functions that work on timings, actions taken by the customers, exhibitions, etc. 
  • Very simple to use.
  • Extremely manageable and effortless to set up and manage.

Cons of GetSiteControl

  • With updates, the efficiency of this platform is decreased and that is extremely negative.
  • Before the updates, it used to get a good number of audiences but now it is lacking in that.

Pricing of GetSiteControl

It offers a free trial using which you can judge the features and further decide if you want to continue or change the platform you are using. 


It has two plans

  • First is the Plus pack which costs 19 dollars per month or 1,409.37 Indian rupees per month.
  • Second is the pro pack which costs 29 dollars per month or 2,151.14 Indian rupees per month.

The first plan gives access to only one site while the pro plan gives you the option to manage multiple sites. 

4) Picreel

This is another great platform using which you can generate a good amount of leads for your business. It offers an incredible tool which can boost the conversion percentage by 25 percent, this tool is known as Exit Intended offers and it is the reason why the Picreel is famous. 


Features of Picreel

  • It offers very simple to use editors.
  • It provides users with amazing analytics using which you can learn and understand the areas in which you are doing good and can use the same methods to grow more.
  • Similar to the alternatives that are mentioned above, even Picreel offers the A/B search engine which is great.
  • You can personalize your own pop-ups and create attractive and attention-grabbing designs.
  • It provides users with tracking which can be done in real-time so you will know when your customer clicks, enters, or leaves the page.
  • Very easy and various templates available, you can even add your own templates which shows the flexibility of this platform.
  • It is compatible with mobile phone devices and one can comfortably enjoy the features on various devices like Apple iPads or iPhones and Android devices.
  • It offers various features using which you can contact you, customers, easily and effortlessly. 

Pros of Picreel

  • This platform is trusted by various good brands that are successfully blooming in their businesses and you can trust it too.
  • It allows you to offer special promotions to your customers and get a better reach.
  • It will help you build a list with great leads.
  • It has an amazing feature using which you can conduct surveys.
  • This platform will make sure all your sales are increased and you are on the right path to success.
  • You can also offer events and registration and much much more than all this.
  • It has a record of thousands of satisfied users.

Cons of Picreel

  • There are glitches and many errors often which causes trouble in the usage of the platform.
  • According to customer reviews, people say that the interface is not as good as it is expected which is a big disappointment.

Pricing of Picreel

It offers a great free trial that doesn’t even require a credit card and I personally think that it is an exceptional option as putting up cards for free trials is kind of unnecessary and it can be a time waste. 

Picreel - Pricing

The pricing starts at 14 dollars per month or 1,038.34 Indian rupees per month which is quite reasonable after a free trial as you will know all the features and how you can use them to get the best results. 

5) Yeloni Exit popup

Yeloni is another great alternative for the Optinmonster plugin, this plugin has various available free tools which is just great. It is a very lightweight plugin and provides a great interface and amazing functioning.


It has a wonderful set of exceptional designs which can be very easily customized and used for the best results.

Features of yeloni exit popup

  • It offers you with a wide range of widgets. It has 2 different types of widgets that are popups and an action button widget. 
  • Both the categories of widgets have many features inside of them and they are extraordinary.
  • Huge range of customizations for themes and text messages options which you can design just like you prefer and have attractive looks for your site
  • Outstanding email marketing system which will let you create a unique list of leads for your business.
  • A very good option of the chat can be used to talk to customers and create a sense of belongingness between you and your user family.

Pros of yeloni exit popup

  • It allows you to check the real-time course and see when people leave your site.
  • This platform will help you boost up your conversion rates and build an amazing list of leads using which you can prosper and gain in your business.
  • It will benefit you in preventing the abandonment of the shopping cart.
  • Using this platform you can conduct surveys and understand the reasons why your customers are leaving your site.
  • Very easy to use and access interface which provides more than great functions.
  • Yeloni exit popup doesn’t let your site lag and glitch which makes it better than a few alternatives which glitch and cause issues and troubles.
  • A great option for people with budget issues as it is free of cost.

Cons of yeloni exit popup

  • As yeloni exit pop-up works on the exit system, it only shows pop-ups when your customer is going to leave your website.
  • The sales team might get late in catching the customers who are leaving your site and it will lead to loss of a sale
  • Nobody likes to see advertisements, so the maximum audience uses various types of blockers using which one can block advertisements, and then they won’t be able to see your pop-ups which are a big disadvantage. 

Pricing of yeloni exit popup


This application is totally free of cost which proves to be an amazing and wonderful alternative for people who have less funding to having budgetary issues. 

6) Sleeknote 

Sleeknote is another wonderful tool that will help you in the collection of email leads and it offers various remarkable and great features. This site is slightly expensive so many small business owners will not be able to have the money to spend on plugins. 


Features of Sleeknote:


  •  It has numerous tools for engagement with your customers and builds an audience that will help you reach the sky with your leads


  • Sleeknote provides you with a feature using which you can convert all your visitors who are using a mobile phone device into email subscribers.
  • Without coding, you can build a beautiful website that will help you get more attention and attract the audience.
  • It has Various available options to customize and design your web site.
  • Just like some other alternatives even Sleeknote has the A/B search engine too which will test all the campaigns and post the most promising ones.
  • This platform offers real-time analysis using which you can trace all your goals and make sure your campaigns are working in their best form and you are on the correct track.

Pros of Sleeknote

  • It offers customer support and makes all the users a priority. The services are available to all the users whenever they want even at midnight as it provides 24 by 7 support.
  • Every user has a dedicated manager who will control all the prosperity.
  • It offers a variety of product suggestions.
  • It will help you receive many email leads which will help you grow your business.
  • It has an amazing free trial which is available for seven days.
  • This platform will allow you to connect with your customers and receive suggestions to improve as much as you can.

Cons of Sleeknote

  •  The starter paid plan has various restrictions which make it difficult to function.

Pricing of Sleeknote

Sleeknote Pricing Plans

It has many available plans.

  • A seven-day free trial pack, this will help you understand features before you move to the paid plans.
  • The price ranges between the basic plan and the enterprise plan. Which costs 49 euros and 549 euros per month.
  • Basic plan: 49 euros, 57.80 dollars, or 4,285.68 Indian rupees per month which gives 50,000 sessions.
  • It also offers a plus plan, pro plan, premium plan, and an enterprise plan. 
  • Enterprise plan: 549 euros, 647.51 dollars, 48,011.38 Indian Rupees per month which gives 750,000 sessions.

FAQs Best OptinMonster Alternative

👉Which lead generator tool is best for small businesses with a low budget?

As Yeloni exit pop-up is totally free of cost it will be a great option for start-ups with low funding but it is based on exit so it might not get results like the other tools.

👉Which is the best lead generation plugin for WordPress?

One plugin can’t be labeled as the best but every WordPress plugin does great work and Optinmonster is a great option too if it matches your needs.

👉How accurate is lead generation using tools or plugins?

Lead generator tools and plugins can be very accurate if used correctly and they can help one get a list of leads using which you can make your business grow.

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Conclusion: 6+ Best OptinMonster Alternative In 2023 

Every alternative is wonderful in its own way and has extraordinary benefits and advantages which gives users different types of experiences. WordPress has amazing plugins and everyone can agree to that, as Optinmonster is a word press plugin no doubt it is excellent but it has various disadvantages that the other alternatives don’t. 

You can effortlessly decide the correct plugin by making sure that it fits all the requirements for your business and lead your way to building an empire.

All the above-mentioned lead generators are made to help you grow your business and then the sky will be your limit, it will help you prosper and profit in your business. 

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