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In this post, we have shared the List of Best PMP Training Courses 2024 which will help you gain more skills and knowledge about the Project Management Courses. Read our best and top-rated PMP Training courses available online!! 

Humans have always been living with the craze of increasing their knowledge with time to time schedules and new innovations.

Though discoveries of scientists and scholarly individuals have always been fascinating mankind new inventions are necessary to add some changes to the world for which apart from theoretical knowledge practical knowledge plays a very crucial role.

Project management is such a field where instead of depending upon ready-made things we try to build our knowledge through the field of projects and become professional in by learning how to manage.

About PMP:

Project Management Professional(PMP) is an internationally recognized professional designation offered by the Project Management Institute

As of March 2018, there are 833,025 active PMP certified individuals and 286 chartered chapters across 210 countries and territories worldwide.

PMP Courses Online
Source: PM Study Circle


The exam is based on the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge. The PMP exam is based on the PMP Examination Specification, tasks that are described out of five performance domains:

  1. Initiating the project (13%)
  2. Planning the project (24%)
  3. Executing the project (31%)
  4. Monitoring and controlling the project (25%)
  5. Closing the project (7%)

PMP Exam –

  1. 200 multiple choice questions written against the PMBOK specification and the PMP code of ethics.
  2. Closed book exam with no allowance of reference material.
  3. 25 of 200 on the exam are sample questions to find the level of difficulty and precision of the exam and as such are not counted for or against a test taker.
  4. Questions are placed randomly throughout the exam.
  5. The test taker is only assessed on their skills on 175 questions.
  6. The numbers in parentheses describe the percentage of questions for each domain.

Popular Top project management Certifications and Courses 

  • PMP: Project Management Professional
  • CAPM: Certified Associate in Project Management
  • CSM: Certified ScrumMaster
  • CompTIA Project+ certification
  • PRINCE2 Foundation/PRINCE2 Practitioner
  • CPMP: Certified Project Management Practitioner
  • Associate in Project Management
  • MPM: Master Project Manager
  • PPM: Professional in Project Management
  • PMITS: Project Management in IT Security
  • Certified Project Director
  • CPM: Certified Project Manager (IAPM)

 [Updated] List of Best PMP Training Courses Online 2024



Brainsensei PMP courses

BrainSensei is based in Toronto, Canada and founded in 2013 by John Estrella, CMC, PMP, and Chris Stafford, MBA, PMP. Efforts to do something have always been effective and useful in your professional life but you need to implement your skills to hold a better position among everyone.

Brain Sensei is a privately held e-learning company that basically focusses on the fellow members to help them advance in the field of Project Management, so help the learners with PMP training.

Project Management Courses and Modules:

BrainSensei give offers from various courses have always given you variations and from there you can choose your own kind. It offers six online project management modules that cover all the phases to show your path.

Project Management Overview is in given in Module1 where it discusses the fundamentals of projects from start to end, roles and responsibilities of the project manager, and more. For a limited time, this module is offered for free, accessible for 3 days.

Initiation of a project has always been costly which is not new.

Here the 2nd module is accessible for 180 days and has an equivalent 4 PDUs/contact hours. It is for the initiation of a project costing $99.99 that teaches students the processes for defining a new project.


Other modules:

  • Planning a Project
  • Executing a Project
  • Monitoring and Controlling a Project
  • Closing a Project.

Like the other modules, it is an online and self-paced course. It is accessible for 180 days and has an equivalent of 35 PDUs/contact hours /100% pass guarantee.

The complete course is a summarised key of knowledge points for each process group, multiple assessments in each of the modules, and over 900 practice exam questions are there to help you with your doubts and uncertainty.

Want to know all the insights about Brain Sensei? Check out this detailed review of the Brain Sensei PMP Course and know if it is the right course for you.

Best PMP Online courses and certfications


Topics that are provided by BrainSensei for PMP:

  • Eight Learning Modules
  • Exciting storyline challenges
  • Summary of key knowledge points for each process group.
  • Multiple self-assessments in each module.
  • Four practice exams with over 900 practice questions


Cons:  Since the rank of highest amongst all, so the price is also high but you never regret it when you have full use of your money. 




 From your childhood only you have been living under the guidance of somebody whether it is parents, teachers but it sounds so good when you are independent on anyone and owns a designation to showcase yourself.

PM pre Cast PMP training


But proofs are always a matter of concern for your skills and talent.

PrepCast aims you help you with the projects of your interests from where you can get certified for a better record.

A guide for the Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOK Guide is used to aid you with the best needs. It gives you the 35 Approved Contact Hours you need to sit to pass the PMP Exam, without high cost of in-person training.

Here the PM Exam Simulator gives you an “insider’s view” of the actual Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam. Practice on 1,600+ highly realistic PMP Exam sample questions that were developed based on the current exam specifications.


Sharpen your skills of PMP with the world’s most popular video training course.

Online PMP PM Pre Cast



  • Trust: Trusted by 51,034+ project managers in 56+ Countries.
  • Design Basis: Designed to complement the PMBOK Guide.
  • Places to study: Study anywhere, anytime on your Phone, Tablet or PC Study anywhere, anytime on your Phone, Tablet or PC.
  • Video-based: Images have always proven to get fitted in the mind of humans quicker than text formats but videos have even shown better results, get video-based training for your PMP course.
  • Mobile-friendly: As technology has been playing the role of mother for the advanced generation so all are addicted to mobiles, here the courses provided are mobile-friendly which is helpful for you to access and download the materials from your mobile.
  • 35 contact hours: Course includes a certificate for 35 pre-approved contact hours from the registered instructors.




Traditional methods and original ways of studying method had been followed from the earlier days of humankind.

Brainbok PMP Courses


Brainbok is a complete self-study guide for PMP and CAMP exam preparation based on PMBOK Guide,6 edition bundled with a unique ITTO Tool which is a fully-featured Exam Simulator consisting of 1000+ sample questions, 2000 flashcards that double up as study notes, quizzes of varying topics, performance report ,Project Management formula guide and a certificate for the completion of course for Contact Hours.

Brainbok plans for PMOP



  • ITTO explorer: People have changed their habit so the world is changing with a technical basis of time, no one wants to waste time reading lots pages, but want to get engaged with the learning field instead. ITTO Explorer is a powerful tool that saves your time and saves your weeks of preparation.
  • Exam simulator: A good never teacher appreciates his or her students instead he or she gives the tries to give the optimistic pressure that suits his or her students best for their future like this Brainbok PMP exams are realistic and challenging to students.
  • Flashcards: The flashcards here cover every term that you can expect to see on the day of the exam. These are the finest sets of flashcards which also doubles up as study notes.
  • Quiz: Get the best weapon to conquer the PMBOK Guide and crack the exam with flying colors by combining the power of ITTO Explorer with multi-dimensional ITTO.
  • Save time and effort: Do smart work rather than hard work, since it is more effective if you are performing multiple tasks at the same time than just devoting time to the same task with the help of ITTO explorer.


Why Brainbok PMP?

  • Pass in 1st attempt
  • One-stop-shop: The best thing about learning is when you can do it yourself. Here best DIY toolkit is provided to ace yourself for PMP.
  • Save money: Instead of wasting your time on several hours of training a few bucks spent on Brainbok can really save your time and money.
  • Unique interactive experience: Make your interactive experience unique instead of creating a serious flow. Enjoy your learning with a unique interactive experience.
  • Quality content: Quality always matter more than the quantity. Here the content is checked out by professionals to guide you along the best path.

Best Online Courses PMP certifications



Cons: This is only for PMP and CAMP, since it has performed so well so other courses must be included.



 Edureka aims to create a platform with varying upgraded requirements for students who wish to continue and complete courses by attending live online courses, getting help from the group of devoted instructors who are very devoted to their work to help their pupils by a 24 x 7 support system.



Through their world-class team of experts, Edureka looks for educating their students with the skills they need to advance in their professional life to the fully modified level.

Edureka stands with a top position in the field that is engaged in since Edureka commits to the student when a student commits a course. Edureka does not only help or guides but it makes the students fully prepared for their purpose and in the sections of their interests.

Project are always meant to guide you with knowledge, Edureka is such a manifesto that where you sign up for knowledge and they do their thing to believe in reality. Edureka can do lots of hard work for their students.

Be it constant reminders, relentless masters or 24 x 7 online support –they say that they will absolutely make sure that you run out of excuses to not complete the course.

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TOPICS that are provided by Edureka for the PMP:

  • Projects & importance of Project Management
  • Relationship of Project, Program, Portfolio & Operations Management
  • Key components – Project and Development Lifecycles, Project Phase & Phase Gate, Project Management Processes, Process Groups, Project Management Data & Information
  • Tailoring
  • Project Management Business Documents – Project Business Case, Project Benefits Management Plan, Project Charter & Project Management Plan, Project Success Measures


Features of Edureka:

  • Instructor-led Sessions: Edureka offers Instructor-led sessions with more working hours. You get 35 hours of classes in your course.  Students can join the weekend classes with 8 sessions of 4.5 hours each.
  • PMP Certified Trainer: The trainers have more than 15 years of experience in training “Project Management” professionals.
  • Edureka Lifetime Access: Lifetime access to the learning management system, where it includes recordings.
  • 24 x 7 Expert Support: The support team has given an Online support system to resolve queries, through ticket based on the tracking system, for the lifetime.


Cons: The time taken for preparation is more, but if you want to succeed in your life then you must work hard.



simplilearn homepage


Simplilearn provides you the Professional Training Course to help you succeed your ambitions where you get access to high-quality virtual classes, e-Learning, real-life case studies, chapter-end quizzes, simulation exams, and a community moderated by experts and also.

Features of Simplilearn:

  • 3-year course access: There is access to 250+live instructor-led online classes with Simplilearn.
  • Earn 60+PDU’s: You can renew your PMP credential via role related courses. Simplilearn courses give significant PMP courses with more skills.
  • They teach with their Flexi-Pass system
  • EMI facility is available at Simplilearn
  • Live self-paced classes are available to guide you along the way.
  • Industry Expert Trainers to show your way along the preparation are there on whom you can depend upon for your heavenly future.
  • They Guarantee to give you the money back if you are not able to prove yourself with the desired performance.
  • Since it has proved itself to be very effective so it consists of High Quality e-Learning.


PMP courses review in 2019


Topics that are provided from Simplilearn for PMP

  • Introduction to the course
  • Introduction to PMP certification
  • Professional and social responsibility
  • Project management framework
  • Project management processes
  • Role of the project manager
  • Project integration management
  • Project scope management
  • Project schedule management
  • Project cost management
  • Project quality management

Simplilearn Courses and Classes:

  • Self –Paced Learning: There is lifetime access to highly-quality self-placed e-learning content developed by industry experts. The classes are conducted by trainers with experience of 15+ years.
  • Online Classroom Flexi-Pass: Simplilearn gives 90 days of flexible access to instructor-led online training classes with 24*7 Support. Simplilearn Lifetime access is also available to high-quality self-paced e-learning content and lives class recordings.

Pass your PMP examination with the guidance of Simplilearn’s new course with the help of PMBOK Guide-6th edition.

Simplilearn helps you with the courses of interest and makes you create your own path of success.

[Updated] Simplilearn Courses Review 2024 + Discount Coupon (15% Off )



  1. Udemy

Udemy is known for its best online certifications and courses. The PMP course for Udemy is the most popular one.

Udemy Chakra courses


Courses are taught by devoted teachers expertizing in their fields. It’s okay to work hard and follow a systematic pattern but what if you go simultaneously with the new versions and functions of technology to help you understand the realistic field.

Technology has been helping humankind so much with new trends and tips.

Boot Camp Assistant is a multi-boot utility included with Apple Inc ‘s Mac OS X that abets users in installing Microsoft Windows OS on Intel-based Machintos computers, and multi-booting is the act of installing multiple operating systems on a computer and you are being able to choose one boot.

Topics that are provided by Udemy for PMP:

  • Understand the PMP certification requirements.
  • Pass the PMP Certification Exam.
  • Understand the PMP certification process.
  • Claim higher-paying project manager jobs with a PMP certificate.

Requirements for joining Udemy PMP Courses:

Udemy PMP Courses online


An individual opting for Udemy PMP needs to have basic computer skills and some experience in the field of project management.

By joining the PMP course of Udemy, it says that you will not only get a full project management training course but also hundreds of PMP practice exam questions.


Udemy PMP Topics:

  • How to Pass the PMP Certification Exam
  • The PMP 5 Process Groups
  • The PMP Application Process
  • The PMP Certification Exam
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Project Environments
  • The Role of the Project Manager
  • Mastering the Process Chart
  • Project Integration Management – ITTO (Inputs, Tools, Techniques and Outputs)
  • And study 100’S of PMP Exam Sample Questions




 With Sybex, you can start a project from the tip of the needle and end up with great success or you can hire developers according to your needs from their pool to work on your product.

Best PMP Courses and Certificatioms


Sybex not only commits something but they have their proven methodologies where they combine their methodologies along with the best practices with a streamlined cost-efficient delivery to take on the scheduled IT services work required globally.

The mixed efforts and vision had helped them to succeed in the field.

All your web development needs are provided a one stop shop. It maintains highest delivery standards to aid you along the way. In house creative team backing up the developers along with designing web-based applications is exactly performed by them.

Their web design creators are ranked the highest rank industry, professionals.

In many courses services are provided in various always but the fluency matters in each case, it matters whether you can catch up easily along the way.

The services offered include Mobile and IoT application development, enterprise mobility strategizing, mobile testing and cloud services in the BaaS (Business as a Service).


SEO have been running very popular on the technical platform nowadays with the increasing demand of new things, e-commerce solutions and digital marketing are provided by Synbexwhish provides an easy understanding of SEO and are proven to get top Google rankings and increased profits and sales.


Platinum Package works to provide the knowledge you need to pass get ready for the test.


Sybex PMP Courses pricing


Features of Sybex PMP:

  • Compliant with PMP Exam format, Scoring requirements and Exam limits
  • 14+ Hours of Lecture Videos Presented by Cynthia Snyder Dionisio
  • Two Full-Length Mock Exams
  • Online Test Bank with 650+ PMP Practice Questions
  • Partner Until You Pass Guarantee
  • Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.)
  • Companion Mobile App
  • 550+ Electronic Flashcards
  • Print or eBook PMP Review Guide

Cons: The course methodology followed is very lengthy but when you cannot complain when you want to build your future.



Online learning platform have always been the best to deal with, be it a small chapter to learn or working with high-level business professionals.



Coursera is an American online learning platform founded by Stanford professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller which aims to help their students by offering them massive open online courses, specializations, and degrees to make them stand on their feet and live a great life.

Courses include recorded video lectures,auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums to help you with any doubts. After the completion of a course by Coursera, you get rewarded with a sharable electronic course certificate.

Who Is This Course For?

Coursera is a perfect choice for individuals who are looking to gain experience in the field of Project management. You must have excellent computer skills for this course.


Coursera education review - book

What Will You Learn?

  • How to allocate projects
  • Creating the project budget
  • Identifying and managing risks
  • Writing projects layout
  • Build a work schedule
  • Creating Project’s scope


Cons: More information is required for the PMP training here to have deep knowledge.


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Conclusion: {Updated} Best PMP Training Courses in 2024

The way you learn better you understand better, similarly the way you try to practically do the things you implement better. The Project Management Professional (PMP)is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers.

You can find PMPs leading projects in nearly every country and, unlike other certifications that focus on a particular domain.

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