How To Find The Best Products To Sell On Amazon 2019 {100% Working}

E-Commerce has been one of the best platforms to make money in this digital era. The online business of the E-commerce and affiliate marketing is the best online businesses according to me. Even in this competitive period, the winner emerges out to be Amazon in the E-commerce industry.

Amazon accounts for nearly 45% of the total E-commerce products sold only in the US. It sells nearly 398 million individual products presently.

Also, with the ease of ordering and buying anything online, it gives you the opportunity to make money by selling or promoting their products. A number of people are making averagely $1500 to 2000 per month merely by associating with the Amazon in one or other services. In this post, we have a featured a post- “How To Find The Best Products To Sell On Amazon In 2019“. Let’s get started here. Amazon’s Money Making Opportunities

I’m sure that after hearing the amount of sum that you can make solely from Amazon, you might be curious to know about the ways that can help you make money using the Amazon.

There are scads of tools to look for those keywords in Amazon:

  • JunglescoutJunglescout is a multi-task research tool for the Amazon. You have seen that how you can find the products of your niche. Similarly, it can be used to find the keywords using the keyword features.
  • Helium10 Helium10 is rated the best keyword research tool for the Amazon sellers. It has multiple features but the best one is getting the optimized and traffic pulling keywords. Like the Junglescout, you can also use this tool to find the winning products of your industry.
  • LongTail ProLongtail pro works well for all kinds of keywords research. It sorts the keywords by using the Amazon reviews by the customers. Thus, find the keywords that are neither highly competitive nor low in competition. This way you can find the better keywords.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA lets the third party sell their products on their behalf using their storage and packing as well as the shipping. All you need is to register with Amazon FBA and the Amazon will assign a warehouse for your products.


These products will be packed and shipped by some Logistics company such as FedEx whenever the customer orders your product.  In this way, you don’t need a warehouse to store your products.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon associates or affiliate is another great way to make money by promoting someone else’s product and earn the referral fees when those products are sold.  All you need is to place the affiliate link of the product that you have chosen on your reputed site or write a blog about that product with an affiliate link to purchase it.

Amazon gives you 10% referral fee for the products sold and if they are the gadgets, then you can get up to 15% of the fees.

 How To Find The Best Products To Sell On Amazon- Amazon Associates

I have a detailed guide on How To Make Money Using the Amazon Affiliate Program….

I will discuss in detail in this article on how can you sell and choose the winning products for selling on the Amazon. Selling doesn’t merely mean to choose any of the products and start selling. It must be well-researched products which attract the customer well.

How To Find The Best Products To Sell On Amazon In 2019

In this detailed guide, I have explained the ways to choose the winning products in 11 simple steps. Let’s discuss this in detail.

1. Follow the Top Amazon Sellers and look what they are selling

Starting anything is definitely followed by following and looking for the big names in the industry. I will suggest the same in this case too. Follow the best Amazon affiliates and sellers and check out their traffic.

You can make use of the Ahrefs toolbar to look for the best selling products. Just type the domain of those big selling sites on your Ahrefs search box and look for the outgoing links to it.

How To Find Products To Sell On Amazon- Best Seller Category

When you choose the outgoing link, click on linked domains and finally you will get the pages that are linked to those domains.

Focus on the keywords and use such keywords to reach the best products. Make sure that you are looking for the recent links and data as different products may sell at different seasons.

2. Use Amazon search box

Find the best selling products using the Amazon search box. In the search box, look for the products of your niche and you will find the scads of products there. A filter in using the best selling products.

How To Find Products To Sell On Amazon- Use Amazon Search Box

Through this, search for your category and the best selling products in your category. This way, you will be able to see the best top 100 products that can be sold on Amazon.

3. Product Specifications

It is not just important that you look or choose for the products that are just the bestseller. It is also important that you consider the shipping factors and other charges.

How To Find Products To Sell On Amazon- Product Specification

The three factors that I keep in mind while choosing the best seller products are the wholesale price, Amazon seller fees and the shipping costs. Also, you must look for the following specs in your product.

  • Unbreakable items that are easy to ship and not delicate
  • Better quality as compares to the competitors.
  • Try to choose the products that are not seasonal.
  • The target selling price should be from $10 to $50 and the cost price is just 25% to 40% of the selling price. That would make better profits for you.
  • Products that have some upselling products to sell

How To Find Products To Sell On Amazon- Product Specification Details

You can also use the tool for making your shipping process a robust task. I would recommend the for this. It integrates with your Amazon selling account and helps you choose the best shipping methods of the products on the basis of delivery and speed.

4.  Find the profitable criteria for the product

Now, The most profitable criteria to find the amazing products is by looking the private label potential of that product. If you have got the private label potential for the product that you have chosen, then you are certainly leading the race.

Private label potential is the way of selling the existing products on Amazon by using the label and logo of your own by directly asking it from the manufacturers.

You can directly contact the supplier delivering it directly to your warehouse and you can put your own brand and logo to it. Look for the better features for those products. But, private label potential is worth only for some niches, not all.

5. Use Best Tools to Find the Winning Products

There are a number of tools to find the winning products on Amazon.

For this research, Junglescout is certainly the best product to get the best sales on Amazon.

How To Find The Best Products To Sell On Amazon- Junglescout

Junglescout can be helpful to filter the products and choose the best one:

  • Top selling items for the keywords that you have chosen.
  • Average price for that category
  • Average reviews on that item
  • Estimated sales and revenue with the sales metrics
  • Average rating for that product

JungleScout Review 2019: Best Amazon Keyword Research Tool? Legit?

How to use Junglescout?

Junglescout is the amazing product research tool and it will surely give the best selling products. There are few other tools to research the best products but I would recommend the Junglescout because it is easy to understand and can be sorted easily.

How To Find The Best Products To Sell On Amazon- Junglescout Product Tracker


After login, you will need to install the chrome extension. In the web app, there are tabs to track the product and look for the product databases. Similarly, you can look your niche in the niche hunter tab.

How To Find The Best Products To Sell On Amazon- Junglescout Niche Hunter

Click on the product databases to find the best products. Firstly, choose the marketplace where you want to sell your niche. Choose the categories that you want to sell.

How To Find The Best Products To Sell On Amazon- Junglescout Product Database

On the right-hand side, apply the filters to get the best products:

  • Keep the pricing between $15 to $50
  • For example, keep the minimum estimated sales at 300 and maximum at max
  • Also, look for the reviews in the filter and keep the maximum reviews up to 50.
  • If you have a low budget and also don’t want to create a havoc of lifting and shipping heavy products, set the weight of max 3 to 4 lbs.
  • Also, keep the number of sellers to some minimal.
  • Click on search and all of your products will be listed on the basis of the search criteria.

The most important thing is to find the Amazon bestseller ranking. A product with the bestseller ranking of 8,000 would be better to choose. Even the product ranking of up to 25,000 would be well. But to make even the better conversions, look for the products that are ranked somewhere between 500 to 5000.

Similarly, AMZScout is also as efficient as the Junglescout for researching the products to sell on Amazon.

6. Take care of the Reviews

Whenever you are deciding on the product, always look for the reviews for those products. Search the products in the search box.

The first page of the search will display some products. Check if those products have reviews less than 50.

Having 50 or more reviews for most of the products in a category would be competitive for you. No newbies would like to have a competitive market when they have invested in a business.

How To Find Products To Sell On Amazon- Check Reviews

More the number of reviews, more popular those products are. Thus the category in which most of the products have low reviews would be a better choice.

Besides this, if you choose the products with less than 10 reviews or even lesser reviews, it would certainly help you t get to the first page of the search if you even manage to get 2 reviews. Amazon’s search box lists products on the basis of the reviews it gets.

7. Check for the Private Label Potential of the product

As I had mentioned earlier about choosing the products with private label potential for selling it better on Amazon.

For checking out the best products to sell on Amazon and to check it has a private label potential, explore the sites like Alibaba and AliExpress.

In the Alibaba, you can search using the keywords of your product and look for the direct manufacturers or the suppliers for those products. Check out the maximum selling products and the cost of the products.

You can use those products as your own logo and brand.

Similarly, AliExpress has a number of suppliers and the manufacturers associated with it. The suppliers and manufacturers must be verified.

Read out my blog on How to Start Dropshipping with Aliexpress where I have mentioned how to choose the right supplier for you.

8. Avoid the Returns

Returns and the negative reviews will impact your seller’s profile and ultimately the sales. Amazon has a full track record of how many products have been returned by the users and it will definitely impact your business sales.

Also, the returned products are difficult t sell again and that would a burden for you too.

Thus, make sure that you avoid the returns as much as you can.

  • Use the proper description and the exact images for those products. I have often seen the sellers using better images in comparison with the real product. That certainly hurts the reviews.
  • Try to keep your packing safe and handy. If you have some delicate product to ship or anything that could get damaged due to careless shipping, the consequence would ultimately be faced by you.
  • Check if the people like those products or not. Do not add the products in your Amazon listing with the negative feedback.

How to get high sales on these products?

After you have successfully researched the products and chosen them, the next step is to market your product.

It works much like the SEO the keyword. Find the best keywords with high search volume. Users can only see your products if you use the keywords that are most searched for in your category.

Besides the Junglescout and the ways that I have listed above, you can use some amazing tools to find the best products.

Thus, to increase the visibility of your products, use the keywords that are searched most.

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  Final Words: How To Find The Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon?

Amazon is a giant in the E-commerce industry which accounts for 44% of the E-commerce industry. In the ocean of opportunity, you can surely make 5 or 6 figure money by this online business. December 2019

Just be a little aware and make sure that you are doing it right and taking a step at a time. Do not rush. Do a detailed and proper research on each item.

Read the guides and eBook son How to start a business with Amazon and it will surely give you a lot of assistance in kicking off your business.

I hope you have liked my guide on How to Find the best selling products on Amazon. If you have got some more suggestions, please drop and share with us in the comments box.


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