7+ Best Revealbot Competitors & Alternatives 2023 (Our Top Pick)

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Are you in search of finding the best RevealBot Alternatives? Well, your search has finally come to an end! As in this article you are going to find out about RevealBot and why I’m talking about RevealBot Alternatives.

Revealbot is the robot assistant that you have been searching for all along. What?! Why would I need a robot assistant? That’s a silly question. In a world that is turning digital at the rate of knots, who wouldn’t want a robot assistant? Robots will take over the world sooner or later. It is better to have a robot assistant rather than a robot master. There’s a scary thought. 

What will the robot assistant do? It will not cook for you or walk your dog. Not yet, anyway. Revealbot is a robot that specializes in handling advertising on Facebook & Instagram. Navigating the puzzling world of Facebooks Ads may be outside the scope of us normal humans. This is where Revealbot comes into play.

Revealbot will manage all your social media advertising needs. That includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or pretty much anywhere you can post ads. Revealbot will optimize your ad campaign and keep you updated with all the info you need. 

However, Revealbot is not perfect and there are some better options available. Here, I will impart my wisdom on Revealbot alternatives that you can choose from. But first, let us take a closer look at Revealbot. 

Revealbot Overview

Revealbot was founded in 2016 in the USA. Revealbot garnered a reputation as one of the most effective ad optimization solutions. Today, Revealbot boasts of serving more than 12,000 clients all over the world. They manage an ad budget of more than $40 million with 5 million automated actions per month. 

Revealbot is focused on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Snapchat Ads. They offer analytics, automated publishing, conversion tracking & customer targeting. Their prices start at a whopping $99 per month which is quite expensive for an ad optimization tool. They do offer a 14 day free trial period. 

List of 7+ Best Revealbot Alternatives In 2023

1) Madgicx  


Madgicx is an ad optimization tool that will enable you to build an extremely optimized AI marketing strategy. Founded quite recently in 2018, Madgicx is the rage among ad optimization tools today.

Just a year after being launched, Madgicx won 2 awards!! That is no mean feat. Winning both the Rising Star and the Premium Usability award by FinancesOnline in 2019 is not for everyone.  

Madgicx Overview

Known as the Robin Hood of online advertising, Madgicx is very budget-friendly & beginner-friendly. Madgicx promises instant results and they have strong customer reviews to back up their claim. 

Key features & benefits

  • Harness the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Madgicx will create a fully-fledged funnel strategy using AI capabilities. This means that the robot in Madgicx can create better strategies than you.

  • Creative intelligence

Madgicx will automatically filter out and choose the strongest ads from a selection. It will also suggest new ideas for ads.

  • Advertising automation

Do not even think about fiddling with your Adoptions. A mistake can cost you a lot of money. Leave it to the Madgicx AI to do this work for you.

  • Strategic dashboard

Sitting in front of a Madgicx dashboard will make you feel like a Boeing pilot. You will receive all the reports from your faithful assistant and allow you to make any changes if necessary. 

Madgicx pricing

Madgicx has 17 different pricing plans for you to choose from. The plans differ per the number of ad accounts and the monthly ad spent. 

Pricing starts at $49 per month for a solitary ad account and up to $1000 monthly ad spent. 


The final pricing plan is priced at $11000 per month. This plan includes 50 ad accounts and a monthly ad spent up to $3,000,000. 

Bills can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. There are discounts available if you opt for quarterly or annual payments. 

Madgicx offers a 7 day free trial period that can be extended.

Pros & Cons

Madgicx pros

  • Fantastic user experience – The best of the lot. You can never grow tired of browsing through the dashboard or testing out advanced AI features.
  • Mass campaign creation – Easily create tons of campaigns in very less time. Madgicx literally makes campaign creation feel like child’s play with their advanced tools and ease of use.
  • Value for money – Madgicx gives you excellent value for money by providing their services at affordable rates.
  • Exemplary customer service – Madgicx provides quick responsive and helpful customer service. Help won’t take long to arrive with Madgicx. 
  • Packed full of features – Madgicx contains AI features like creative insights, AI audiences, and budget optimization to ensure that you are never short of options. 

Madgicx cons

  • Buggy beginnings – Since this is new software, some bugs are to be expected initially. Not a lot to worry about here as the support team is always available at your call. 
  •  Steep learning curve – Madgicx can take a little time to master as it is packed with advanced features.


Madgicx is the best bang for your buck with its highly advanced AI features. They have received raving reviews from their users. Winning 2 awards in a short span is a testament to their brilliance. Madgicx is certainly worthy to take the baton from Revealbot.  

2) Adzooma


Adzooma is a free automated PPC management and ad optimization platform. Yes, you read it right. Adzooma is free for all. 

Adzooma was born in the UK over 7 years ago. They were a relatively unknown service provider until 2015. But all that changed when they got into a partnership with Google. Google rewarded them in their pursuit of a noble cause for providing free PPC services. 


Later in 2019, they partnered with Facebook & Microsoft and became a million-dollar corporation. Today they have over 200,000 customers and boasts of having achieved over 100 million conversions. 

Key Features and benefits

  • Intelligent Engine

Adzooma consists of a powerful Opportunity Engine that will make multiple calculations a second. This in turn will give you a range of suitable options for you to choose from.

  • Multiple account management

Adzooma will provide you with a single-screen overview of all your accounts. You can easily control your accounts and choose the account that you want to focus on. 

  • Automation all the way

No boring tasks or time-consuming efforts are required. Just set some rules and Adzooma will take care of the rest.

  • Convenient opportunity selector

Adzooma will track down list all the campaign opportunities in front of you. All you need to do is to select whatever suits you better.

Adzooma Pricing

Absolutely free! Unlimited Ad accounts, Ads spent, and users!!

Adzooma Pricing Plan

Adzooma provides a platform for you to enlist your business and get more exposure. It is named Adzooma Marketplace and it is not free. The Marketplace will set you back $499 per month.

Pros & Cons

Adzooma pros

  • Free of cost – The best thing about Adzooma. Free of charge
  • Powerful optimization – Adzooma will save you a lot of time with its fast optimization techniques.
  • Easy to use – Adzooma UI is lean and easy to understand and use.

Adzooma cons

  • Limited features – They don’t offer a lot of features compared to their competitors. That is to be expected as Adzooma is for free. 
  • Subpar mobile version – Their mobile dashboard does not offer a lot and it is full of bugs. 
  • Lack of helpful resources – There are no self-help resources to be found. You may have to spend a lot of time talking to a customer executive instead. 
  • Cluttered accounts – Adding and removing ad accounts is a pain. 


Adzooma is the perfect option for beginners. You can use this to test out the difference an ad optimization tool would make. However, it lacks a lot of features and won’t be of much help to you if you want a solid solution. 


WASK - Revealbot Alternative

WASK is a one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs. It tracks and manages Facebook ads, Instagram ads as well as Google Ads through an easy-to-use interface with customizable reporting options that allow you to see exactly where the most engagement occurs on any given campaign or advertisement – it’s like having a personalized map of success!

Features of WASK

Features of WASK

  • Create Smart Audience

WASK has a smart target audience tool, which will help you create the most accurate and profitable advertising campaign for your business.

WASK Facebook Pixel integration allows us to build upon this matching knowledge base of customers by including other segments based on their browsing history giving them more opportunities than ever before.

  • Optimization

If you are not satisfied with the results of your ads, click the “Optimize” button. WASK will start the intelligent optimization process with a few pieces of information from you and you will see the effects quickly.

  • Design Your ads

WASK’s free designer tool offers a range of beautiful and customizable themes that will help you design ads like professionals.

You can choose from hundreds of emojis, background colors, or stock images to make your ad stand out in this competitive market!

WASK’s media library lets you store and organize all of your Google, Facebook, Instagram Ads images in one place.

WASK Pricing Plans

There are three different pricing plans. The Basic plan is $14/month, the Premium plan is $29/month, and the Professional plan is $49 per month.

WASK Pricing

4) Drip Ecommerce CRM


Founded in 2013 in the USA, Drip Ecommerce CRM or Drip is the world’s first eCommerce CRM. Drip started as a way for the little guys to fight against the big names in the eCommerce world.

Drip will gather and organize customer data for eCommerce users to utilize. Drip promises to provide all the advanced marketing & automation capabilities that the eCommerce giants use. 



The engagement and optimization that Drip offers will make you feel like a pampered child. The possibilities to expand your business are truly limitless with Drip. 

 Key features & benefits

  • Automated social marketing

You will not need to hire staff for social media marketing if you make use of Drip. Their intelligent algorithm will automate this perfectly.

  • Drip campaign 

This is a modern marketing feature that works wonders for getting high conversions. Drip campaigns work by giving a snippet of the benefits for your viewers.

  • Opportunity tracker

Drip will track down list all the campaign opportunities in front of you. All you need to do is to select whatever suits you better.

Drip Ecommerce CRM Pricing

Drip has around 40 different pricing plans for you to choose from. The plans differ per the number of users and emails you can send. 

Pricing starts at $19 per month for 100 people in an account. The number of emails is unlimited for low-cost plans.  

Drip- Pricing

The final pricing plan is priced at $1599 per month. This plan includes an account of 140,000 people and a limit of 1,680,000 emails a month. 

Drip offers a 14 day free trial period.

Pros & Cons

Drip Ecommerce CRM pros

  • Intelligent automation – Just set the rules and sit back. Drip will take care of the rest.
  • Personalize everything – Drip offers highly customizable automation. You can personalize these according to match your brand.
  • Marketing benefits – Rather than sending emails willy-nilly, Drip will market your products & services to ensure growth. 

 Drip Ecommerce CRM cons

  • Integration hiccups – Integrating Drip with third-party tools won’t be smooth sailing.
  • Iffy reporting – The reports from Drip don’t reveal anything substantial. This could be optimized further.
  • Automation bugs – There are a lot of flaws to be ironed out in the automation section. Although not that big, these can get pretty frustrating over time. 


Drip is a must-have if you’re running an eCommerce store. They provide solid marketing services at flexible pricing plans. However, Drip leaves a lot to be desired and should improve in the automation and reporting department. 

5) Act! Growth Suite


Act! Growth Suite is one of the OG’s of the marketing world. It was founded way back in 1987 in the United States. They provide solutions for almost all of your marketing needs. 

Act! Growth Suite is a cloud-based CRM that offers unbeatable marketing automation. You will receive all the info you want with their advanced analytics and reporting.


Their robust reporting and intuitive dashboards provide exceptional value for money. Act! Growth Suite will make it easy for you to manage all your contacts from one place. 

Key features & benefits

  • Efficient organizer

Act! Growth Suite has a highly useful tracking tool that will keep tabs on everything you do. Letters, phone calls, or emails are all organized expertly according to their importance.

  • Customize everything

Everything you see on the screen can be customized according to your preference. Any changes made are reflected back instantly. 

  • Drip campaigns

You can nurture your leads efficiently using email drips campaigns from Act! Growth Suite. This is an effective marketing strategy that sends out emails step by step over time. 

Act! Growth Suite Pricing

Act! Growth Suite has a four-tier pricing system. The purchasing plans vary with the number of leads and additional features. The plans start at $25 and include all the basic features. All payments are billed annually. 


  • Starter plan – This package will let you sent a maximum of 10,000 emails for a monthly rate of $25. This includes marketing automation with basic CRM and email marketing.
  • Professional plan – This includes everything from the Starter plan for a maximum email limit of 25,000. This will cost you a monthly rate of $37.50. Additional features include fully-featured CRM and expert technical support.  
  • Premier plan – This plan will give you everything in Professional plan & 50,000 emails at a monthly rate of $67.50. You will also receive priority customer support & fully-featured marketing automation with this plan.
  • Ultimate plan – This will give you all the above features and 100,000 emails per month. On top of that, you’ll receive advanced marketing automation and VIP technical support. 

Pros & Cons

Act! Growth Suite pros

  • Email automation – Boost your business by adding email campaigns to market your products better & increase your revenue. Act! Growth Suite is renowned for their email marketing campaigns. 
  • Vast database – You can import contacts and from anywhere to keep your database updated.
  • Report generator – Act! Growth Suite provides a comprehensive report for every campaign that is also easy to understand. 

Act! Growth Suite cons

  • Expensive – Although Act! Growth Suite is affordable for a lower number of emails, it can get expensive as the number of emails goes higher. 
  • Lack of advanced features – Act! Growth Suite provides pretty decent email automation, but not as much as advanced options you would want. 


Act! Growth Suite is a reliable solution backed up by years of experience in the field of marketing. They provide unparalleled marketing automation services. However, they haven’t progressed with the times. More advanced options are available for modern marketing needs. 

6) Mailchimp


Mailchimp was founded 19 years ago by two web designers in Atlanta, USA. Like Wishpond, Mailchimp is also a marketing tool that is known for its email marketing services. 

MailChimp OverView

It is a cloud-based software that simplifies your marketing needs for a large database. It is done by setting up sequences to target a particular type of audience. Mailchimp helps small to medium businesses in streamlining their marketing needs and overseeing customer satisfaction. 

Apart from email marketing, there are also options for sending, voicemails, faxes, and even postcards. Mailchimp can bring all your marketing needs under one roof by integrating with several services to further aid your business.

Key features & benefits

  • Activity dashboard 

Track all of your reports and email success rates through a convenient activity dashboard.

  • Multivariate testing 

This is a brand new testing technique that combines multiple variables. This test will automatically find out the best combination for you.

  • RSS feed 

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) will convert website updates & publish them to get a wider reach.   

Mailchimp Pricing

Mailchimp has a four-tier pricing system. But what sets them apart is that they have a free plan available for start-ups that includes all the basics. The plans vary with the number of contacts, user admins & additional features. 




  • Free plan – This package will let you have up to 2000 contacts free of cost. It is for one user admin and will allow you to send 10,000 emails per month. This also provides 7 marketing channels, 1-step automation, custom domains, and basic templates.
  • Essentials plan – This includes everything from the Free package for a maximum of 50,000 contacts. This will cost you a monthly rate of $10. Additional features include custom branding, A/B testing, and 24/7 support. 
  • Standard plan – includes everything from the Essentials package for a maximum of 100,000 contacts at a monthly rate of $15. You will also get advanced audience insights, retargeting ads & behavioral targeting automation series.  
  • Premium plan – This plan will give you all the above features for 200,000 contacts at $309 per month. Additional features include multivariate testing, advanced segmentation & phone support. 

Pros & Cons

Mailchimp pros

  • SEO friendly – The landing pages from Mailchimp are fully customizable and SEO optimized to place your website higher in Google rankings.
  • Email drip campaign – This is a brilliant marketing feature that works wonders for getting high conversions. 
  • A complete marketing tool – From building landing pages, lists & forms to sending automated emails, Mailchimp provides it all.

Mailchimp cons

  • Limited templates – Although they provide a free version, the templates included in it are inadequate. 
  • Lack of ad-friendly features – Mailchimp provides pretty decent email automation, but they are not that great to run ads. 


Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing software you could ask for. But as far as ad optimization is concerned, they fall short of that target. Mailchimp has a long way to go before cementing itself in the ad optimization market. 


7) Kartra


Founded over 4 years ago, Kartra has established itself as a top dog among online marketing platforms. Kartra is a one-stop solution to all your online business needs and boasts of having over 40000 satisfied clients. 

Kartra -

They provide a ton of features like email marketing, online form building, membership portal building, shopping cart services, etc. 

Kartra significantly reduces the number of integrations you would otherwise need & makes everything more convenient.

Key features & benefits

  • Kartra funnels

Build a high-conversion funnel system using Kartra funnels to turn your visitors into clients.

  • Ready to use campaigns

Kartra includes a variety of pre-made marketing campaigns to save your time. These are proven campaigns designed by professional marketers to grow your business with minimal effort.

  • Kartra Checkouts

Trustworthy checkout forms to sell products & services online through several payment methods.  

Kartra Pricing

Kartra has a four-tier pricing system split into annual & monthly payment plans. The purchasing plans vary with the number of leads and custom domains. It commences with a Starter plan at $99 ($79 if billed annually) a month. 

Kartra Plans

  • Starter plan package – Have up to 2,500 leads a month @ a monthly fee of $99 ($79 if billed annually). This plan includes 50GB bandwidth to host 100 pages & 50 videos for 20 products along with 2 membership sites. Additionally, you can connect with one helpdesk. It can be used only for one website. 
  • Silver plan package – This is their most popular plan. Have up to 12,500 leads a month @ a monthly fee of $199 ($149 if billed annually). It includes every feature in the Starter plan without any restriction, i.e., emails, bandwidths, pages, videos, products, etc. are all unlimited. This plan can be used for up to 3 custom domains. 
  • Gold plan package – This allows you to have up to 25,000 leads a month at a monthly fee of $299 ($229 if billed annually). It includes everything in the Silver plan for up to 5 custom domains. 
  • Platinum plan package – This allows you to have up to 50,000 leads a month at a monthly fee of $499 ($379 if billed annually). It includes everything in the Gold plan for up to 10 custom domains. 

Kartra gives a 14 day trial period for $1. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the purchase.


Kartra pros

  • All in one platform – Necessary functions like email marketing, membership portals, and shopping carts are all streamlined to be made available at one spot.
  • Great support team – They provide live chat support to answer all your queries instantly.
  • Ridiculously feature-packed – Kartra will suit any type of online business you can think of, from blogging to eCommerce.

Kartra cons

  • Learning curve – Although the learning process is fun, it can take forever to get to grips with Kartra.
  • Limited analytics – The analytic information in the dashboard could be made broader.
  • Cap on lead numbers – The maximum number of leads a month you can have with Kartra is 50,000. And that for their most expensive Platinum plan. 


Kartra provides absolutely everything a business needs if you have the patience & the budget to afford it. But it is rather expensive for a beginner who wouldn’t need all the features they offer. You can save your money by opting for products providing the services that you need. 

8) DropFunnels


DropFunnels is the newest kid in the market. Launched in early 2020, DropFunnels has quickly gathered a reputation as a powerful all in one marketing funnel builder. 

DropFunnels will let you do everything from building simple web pages to creating high converting sales funnels. 

DropFunnels Overview

But what sets DropFunnels apart is their lighting fast load time. This is a matter that is constantly overlooked, but DropFunnels have got your back to reduce those bounce rates. 

Key features & benefits

  • Funnel flow technology 

Create unlimited sales funnels from scratch, import funnels, or customize from funnel templates easily with drag and drop function.  

  • Link tracker

Get better analytics of lead generation by utilizing the built-in link tracker system in DropFunnels.

  • Quick load time

 Their powerful WordPress build & lean back-end makes for very quick load times which would significantly decrease your bounce rates.

DropFunnels Pricing

DropFunnels has a three-tier pricing system of monthly payment plans. The purchasing plans vary with the number of visitors & websites. It starts with a basic plan at $49 a month. 

DropFunnels- Pricing Plan

  • Starter plan package – Have up to 10,000 visitors a month @ a monthly fee of $49. This plan includes unlimited funnels, blogs, courses, etc. It can be used only for one website. Recommended for businesses having revenue of less than $5000 per month. 
  • Pro plan package – This allows you to have up to 250,000 visitors a month. It includes every feature in the Starter plan at a rate of $149 a month. Recommended for businesses having a revenue greater than $5000 per month. 
  • Agency plan package – This gives you unlimited features on everything for a maximum of 10 websites. It is priced at $397 a month. However, they are offering a limited time discount of 40% which makes it $297 a month.  

Starter and Pro plans have a 14 day free trial period.


DropFunnels pros

  • Truly limitless – Create an unlimited number of sales funnels & web pages with DropFunnels.
  • SEO friendly – Both your blogs & sales funnel can be SEO optimized with an in-built tool to improve your Google ranking.
  • Very affordable – Their price is truly a game-changer compared to similar products available in the market.
  • Ultra quick – Their WordPress build & lean interface makes for very quick load times which would substantially decrease your bounce rates.

DropFunnels cons

  • Limited templates – You only get to choose from a selection of 9 funnel templates.
  • Can be buggy – Since it is very new to the market, there can be a lot of bugs that will need to be fixed.
  • One website limit – You can use DropFunnels only for one website unless you choose the Agency plan, which is quite expensive. 
  • Inadequate customer support – No live chat support, which is a disappointment. 


DropFunnels is ideal if you only want to focus on building the optimum sales funnels. But they lack in the features department. However, if you are a beginner looking to sell your first product or service, DropFunnels can be a decent option. 

FAQs On Revealbot Alternatives

👉Which is the best Facebook automation tool in 2020?

There are a lot of tools available. However, Madgicx is my choice as it has the most advanced AI in the game. Also, you can get it at a low cost since it is relatively new to the market.

👉Is Madgicx available for free?

Not really. But it does offer a 7 day free trial period. Madgicx has 17 different pricing plans for you to choose from. The plans differ per the number of ad accounts and the monthly ad spend. Pricing starts at $49 per month for a solitary ad account and up to $1000 monthly ad spend.

👉What does Revealbot do?

Revealbot will manage all your social media advertising needs. That includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or pretty much anywhere you can post ads. Revealbot is focused on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Snapchat Ads. They offer analytics, automated publishing, conversion tracking & customer targeting.

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The Final Verdict: Best Revealbot Alternatives With Reviews In 2023

Phew! That was a long article. I sure wish I had a robot assistant to do it for me. After much of testing and customer reviews, I will pick Madgicx as my choice. Madgicx provides everything Revealbot does at essentially half the price. Also, the AI in Madgicx is the next level.

That is no exaggeration. There are cheaper options and more feature-packed options on this list. But Madgicx reigns supreme by providing all necessary features at an affordable rate. 

If you are looking for Revealbolt alternatives Mailchimp is the best option. It is a cloud based email marketing software which bring all your marketing need in one roof by integrating to further aid your business.

Price:$ 10
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