16+ Best Shopify Clothing & Fashion Themes 2023 (UPDATED) To Boost Sales

Looking for the best Shopify themes for clothing? I give you a detailed list of the best Shopify themes most suited for your clothing e-business. Gone are the days when building a business in the fashion industry felt like a far stretched dream. With the diversification of the internet, owning a physical store is no more mandatory.

Shopify provides its customers with a platform where they can build their store online without crushing under the weight of funds and physical labor.

Using Shopify, we can make themselves a unique store using customizable templates. The process is straightforward and quick, with definite and errorless results.

You can be a rising entrepreneur or an accomplished designer, It has really helped me to boost up my sales with its amazing features and themes. Shopify is well equipped to cater to all your needs. With Shopify, you buy no boundaries, but the freedom to accomplish the unthinkable. In case you hold any apprehensions or lack any skill sets, you get a chance to conceal it with perfection.

Shopify comes with all the necessary tools to facilitate a smoothly running online store. With their theme, you can untangle all your complexities and run a user-friendly store for your potential customers.

Operating the Shopify theme feels like a yearning desire, which is too good to have come true. All the themes have been curated painstakingly with all the essential optimizations, and cross-browser compatibility that ensures the most exquisite user-friendly experience. Now you won’t have to let challenges curb your dreams and rather prosperously over them.

List of 16+ Best Shopify Clothing & Fashion Themes 2023

1. Booster Theme (#1 Best Shopify Clothing & Fashion Themes)

When we think of the most remarkable themes, the Booster theme tops our list. The booster theme has proved to have the highest percentage of conversion rate. The theme has a close affinity with the amazon’s online store. Most of the Shopify stores nowadays are operating with this particular theme.

Optimized Product Page-

The new theme called The Booster 3.0 is an attempt to take the user experience one notch higher. They have come with two layouts called The market space, and Standard respectively. The marketspace layout is inspired from amazon’s 3 column layout and gives the website a polished look. And the standard design provides a better viewing experience than before.

These new layouts improve the browsing experience by manifold, thereby gaining the trust of the user. This ultimately helps in driving more traffic to the website, which consequently improves the overall conversion rate.

booster theme

Upsell And Cross-Sell Pop-up-

They are pop up, faculties, and their central role is to improve your quantity of sale per purchase.

Whenever a customer adds an item to his cart, the page presents a new list of recommendations that are related to their recent choice of interest. And at times highly discounted products also make it to this list.

If you wish, you can also add this feature to your e-commerce website using -The booster theme. If you want, you can purchase it separately from the AppStore at around $590 per month.

Geo IP Currency Convertor-

With most of the business now being online, they attract customers from all around the globe. That is how the currency converter comes into play. While accessing an international website often, you must have faced an issue with changing the currency according to your geographical location.

With the Booster theme, all you need to do is, turn this feature on and rest everything is taken care of, as it automatically converts the currency by detecting the user’s location. Many applications promise a similar function, but they charge a lot, and most of the time, they deliver an unsatisfactory result.

If you have a fashion or clothing store on Shopify, then you should invest in a theme that is exciting and catchy. 

2) Vendy  : Multipurpose Shopify Theme for Fashion

Vendy is one of best multipurpose fashion themes for Shopify that are best for professional users and newbies. For example, if you want to check how to create an online clothing store without special knowledge, choose Vendy. This all-in-one layout is based on one of the best eCommerce platforms. Without doubts, relying on it, you will not only establish a place to buy, sell but power your brand awareness. Plus, all this is available not touching a code line..

Vendy Shopify fashion themes can be easily integrated with:

  • popular payment systems;
  • latest SEO requirements;
  • all modern browsers;
  • social networks;
  • Amazon, eBay, Houzz, etc.

Working with Vendy, you’ll also like:

  • a rich bundle of pre-designed web forms (contact, search, subscription, etc);
  • banners to boost your marketing campaign;
  • product listing and grid mockups;
  • adjustable headers and footers;
  • shopping carts and wishlists;
  • fashion blog templetes;
  • catchy action buttons;
  • varied gallery styles;
  • image generator;
  • Lightbox.

3) Debutify (#2 Best Shopify Clothing & Fashion Themes)

Best shopify theme for clothing

Debutify is a feature-rich Shopify theme that includes a vast array of basic and premium features for online fashion stores. 

Apart from the basic features, such as currency converter, product sliders, and customizable headers and footers, Debutify also offers a range of exclusive premium features that will breathe new life into your Shopify store. 

Some of Debutify’s premium features include:

  • Add to cart animation
  • Store FAQ
  • Chatbox
  • Cookies box
  • Mega menu
  • Newsletter pop-ups
  • Mega menu
  • Pricing table

4. Mobilia

mobilia theme

With the features that carefully perceive the demand of its audience, Mobilia is an excellent option. It comes with a  promise of search engine optimization and mobile optimization.


Mobilia has a  feature that gives you the option to upload videos of your product on your online store, both on the home page and the product page. Today the customers wish to very carefully examine a product before they decide to go ahead with buying it. While buying apparel, one needs to be sure of its fit from various angles.

And when you post a video of a model walking with your clothes, it’s your extreme customer level of surety and thereby increases the conversion rate in total. With its full-length video facility, you can make your home page look even more attractive and add merit to your brand’s value


And in case you don’t have a video, this theme is optimized with sliders, which enables you to take multiple pictures of the same product in a single screen and help the buyer make a sound decision.


You can take your page’s user compatibility furthermore by placing a drop-down menu, using which the customer can easily browse what they are looking for without getting distracted or confused.

You can avail all these features for $180.

5. Boundless

Boundless is another theme on our list, which will not cost you a penny.boundless

Layout –

It’s two designs are called Vibrant, and Black N white. The main difference between the two models is the layout. With the former, you can display four products in a single row, and with the later, you can show only two.

Slider –

One feature that is common between the two is – The Slider, in which you can use both pictures and videos. Analyzing the Intricate details of an item is vital to a customer.

Gallery View –

Boundless offers you a great way of displaying your products by contributing to upload them in a considerably big size and occupying the entire screen. An effort to reduce the wastage of time a gallery view allows you to view all the products in a single glance.

Sticky Menu –

A distinguishing feature about this theme is the sticky menu, which continually displays at the bottom of each page. It makes it easy for the viewer to browse through various options.

6. Mr. Parker

With this theme’s design, the buyer can reach the product page by just clicking on the desired product name. At the cost of $160, Mr Parker offers you four different designs called – Wardrobe, Desk, Apothecary, and Sunset.

mr. parker


In different themes you get to choose if you want to upload any video or a slider of your products.

Link with Instagram-

Using this theme, you can link your website to Instagram page and display your products in the form of posts.

Dropdown Menu –

When the customer visits the site, he can easily filter his options using a menu that enables him to optimize his search under various categories: price high to low, best selling, color preferences, size. This reduces the user’s time and effort considerably.

Marketing PopUp –

You also get an option to add a marketing pop up to your page, using which you can tell the user about any new promotions or discounts.

Product Zoom –

The product image zoom feature that comes with this theme is optimized to let the user zoom in to understand the product better. This helps in creating a stronger buyer-seller relationship as it forms a sense of trust.


The most attractive point about this time is that it comes for free, so there’s no reason not to give it a try once.

Slider/pictures –

Simple has two amazing designs in store for you called- Beauty and Light. With the former, you can add sliders to the home page, and display multiple pictures simultaneously.

Mobile Optimization –

Mobile optimization is a feature mutual to both the designs. The theme has tools that have the potential to improve your conversion rate.

Related products –

Related products feature forms a list of products of interest for the viewer based on the items he is browsing. One usually has to spend additional bucks to avail of this feature, but Simple offers you this service for free.

Image Transitions –

Another great thing about simple that makes it stand out is the flexibility it provides you with experimenting with your product images. The transition effect helps you display multiple photos on the same screen within a gap of a few seconds.  Even here, you get an option to zoom in into the product of your interest and have a better glance at it. rocket theme review is a great option if you are looking for awesome WordPress themes and Joomla templates.

7. Vantage

With a range of designs that Vantage offers, it has something in store for everyone’s different needs. Vantage comes with four designs called- Mono, Black, Reclaimed and Clean. Each one of them offers a unique quality layout. Priced at the minimum fees of $16, Vantage has a lot in store for you.


Layout –

You have the flexibility to choose to cover the complete screen width or some portion of it.

Color Swatch and Product Filter –

With a feature called the Color Swatch, you can add any color of your choice that showcases all the colors your products are available in. With this, you have an additional product filter, which helps deliver customized search options based on price, size, collection, etc.

Product Image size –

While browsing the website using your laptop when you bring your cursor near a product image, a separate window pops up with the enlarged view of the point of focus.

Email Marketing –

Email marketing places a significant role in improving the conversion rate. A customized pop up is present on your screen, which gives viewers an option to update with the latest information regarding your website by subscribing to the newsletter.

8. Retina

Retina offers four designs called Austin, Montreal, Melbourne, and Amsterdam, priced for $180. All of them are unique in their layouts, as each provides a different product photo size.


Email Marketing –

When it comes to an increase in conversion rate, one can’t lay enough emphasis on the importance of email subscription. With Retina, you can create a customized pop-up window, which asks the user to provide their email ID for subscribing to the newsletter.

This appears when the user opens the website.

Sliders –

With each design, the user gets the option of enabling sliders. Under each slider[except Amsterdam], you get the opportunity to display different collection ranges.

Add to cart –

The buyer can easily add his desired product to the cart without facing an interruption in the browsing experience.

9. Symmetry

Symmetry comes with four awesome designs for $180. This theme suits well to those who have an elaborate business model.


Multi-layered dropdown Menu –

In all the plans, you have an elaborate muti layered drop-down menu, which saves a lot of time and effort and makes the navigation seamless.

Slider –

Like most other themes, here too, you get the offer of using a slider which is functional using the arrows on the left and the right side.

Multiple sections –

The homepage is compatible to support various sections in which you can include all the necessary details of your elaborate range of products.


The user has the choice to integrate any of the designs of the theme with Instagram. All the products on your e-store can be put to display on Instagram by combining the two apps.

Easy browsing –

While browsing through the website, the user can add any product to the cast without interrupting the user’s browsing experience.

10. Brooklyn

At absolutely no cost, Brooklyn offers you two designs called – classical and playful.Brooklyn

Slide show –

On the home page itself you get the offer to set up a big sized slide show, which displays all the product pictures and collections.

Slide card –

To help your customer have a distraction-free browsing experience, slide cart features help add the selected product directly to the cart without leaving the window.

All the customized choices(selecting the color and size) can be made through a window that appears after adding the product to your cart, which can later be closed without any interruption.

Home page video –

If you don’t wish to have a slider for a change, you can use a video instead of your home page.

11. Shella

Priced at $44, this theme’s primary focus is on user compatibility as its target is the conversion rates. A slow online store is the biggest turn off for the costumers as it tests their patience. Shella makes sure this issue is not a concern regardless of the device that your store is used on.Shella

Color patterns –

This theme offers an enormous range of colors for your store.

Product filters –

You can create as many filters as you wish to help the customer with a custom based search.

Product pages –

A unique feature lets you upload your pictures like a grid by splitting them into many pieces in the single display.

Customized edit –

With this unique feature, you can edit any product photo or slide you post on you wish to use. You can add texts and banners with any information you want to put on display.

12. ShowTime


Priced at $180 showtime offers three designs.

Slider –

With each design, you can have big sliders.

Videos –

For each product, you can choose to have either photos or videos. You can even add multiple videos on the home page.

Menu –

To ensure an easy product search, you can create a layered list with the option to place it on the top of the home screen.

Filters –

Filtering acts as a catalyst for reaching the desired product by selecting a few options that match your search criteria. This is a great option to have a user-friendly web store.

Quick view –

This is a great way to provide necessary product details without having to make the customer leave the window, as it reduces the chance of distraction.

13. Narrative

The narrative at absolutely no cost gives you to enjoy Four themes called: Earthy,Warm, Light, and Cold.Narrative

Sliders –

All the designs come with a slider option. And the unique feature about this theme is that it enables you to add a menu on the slider. But this option is only present in the ‘Warm’ design.

Slideshow –

In this feature, the customer gets an option to view all the products on the home page by just scrolling and not changing the window.

14. Focal

A well-suited theme for elaborate businesses, Focal offers you four designs at the price of $170.


Sliders –

With all the designs you get sliders of full width. And like the typical layouts, you get the option to display your collections below each of them.

Email marketing –

This theme enables you to build an email list by using a pop-up window and even provides a separate option which offers membership subscription in return for email.

Endless scrolling –

If you have an elaborate collection, it’s a great option to have an endless scrolling option to enable a smooth browsing experience to the user. He will not have to open separate pages to view the entire collection at once.

Catalogs –

There is no limit to the number of products that the user can add under this theme as it is specially built to support users with large business models.

Multi-column menu –

Elaborate business models work the best with a multi-column menu as it makes the browsing very easy for the user, who otherwise might feel overwhelmed with so many options.

15. Kingdom

Kingdom offers only one design at the price of $180. This theme is based mainly on using pictures on display in various modes and formats.


Email marketing –

You can make a customized pop-up menu for collecting emails for membership subscriptions.

Slider –

Here you get the option of having both videos or pictures on the slider at the same time. You can have more than one video that plays one after the other on the home page.

Product gallery –

If you have an exclusive product you wish to market, then here you get the option of designing a product gallery that can contain various pictures.

Product image zoom –

This feature is present in every product image. It helps the customer to enlarge the product of interest and view it in any dimension from every possible angle to make a better judgment of it.

16. Capital

Priced at $160, Capital offers a set of three designs. Its design is compatible with large scale businesses.


All the designs are different from one another in their layout features and sliders.

Berlin- This comes without a slider but has the feature which enables you to put several photos in one alignment.

Prague- Here you get a slider of comparatively small size, and lets you put multiple product pictures together.

Sofia- The slider here comes in a considerable size, but you don’t have the option of posting multiple pictures. This is compensated by providing templates compatible with incorporating your collections.

Elaborate menus-

To provide adequate support to large scale business models, you get the facility to organize your vast collections in an orderly fashion, making it easily accessible for the user to glance at.

Product filtering-

By giving the user broad categories to choose from( color, price, collections), you help them narrow down their search and provide value to their time and efforts.

Instagram compatibility-

This feature links your Instagram page to your web store using the product photo. This way, the product page can display the Instagram response towards any product.

17. Canopy

Canopy has three designs called Elda, Thread, and Kiln, at the price of $180.Canopy

This, too, is an excellent option for big business models, as it helps you display an enormous product collection at the home page itself.


Here you get an option to use both videos and pictures on your sliders. Videos are always a great way to grab the viewer’s interest and positively impact the conversion rate.


For doing justice to the vast collections that the user has, Canopy provides many options to create the list. You can have a full drop-down menu, with multilayers.

Big Gallery-

With Canopy, you can have around 20 pictures on display on your home page. All these pictures have the information regarding your product and the prices, and they can be attached with a link that can take the user to view the entire collection.

18. Fashe

Fashe comes at free of cost and offers a single design. This theme is one of the most popular themes among fashion labels.



It has large sliders, which are compatible with put links which, when clicked, redirect the customer to the product page.

Customer Account-

Proving to be one of the most effective methods of increasing the customer rate, Fashe offers this feature to its users. Every customer can create a personal account on the website. This way, the site becomes customized to serve its user’s needs. Users are easily notified about new offers and launches.

Large collection display-

For every collection your brand runs, you can put a picture on display on the home page with clickable links.

Each time a user shows an interest in the collection and clicks on the picture; a new product page opens with all the contents from the group.


Filtering reduces the wastage of time and increases the efficiency of your website. It provides the customer with a few options to choose from, to reach his desirable product easily.

19. Avenue

The three designs offered by Avenue have different color themes.

The designs are called – Casual, Lively, and Precise. You can grab them at the price of $180.


Advanced search options-

The filters provided in these designs enable the customer to do a customized search based on his needs. Several menus are created for the customer to help the customer filter and reach his desired product.

Product Menu-

All the available products are under this menu. A pop-up feature helps the customer view the price of any product without having to leave the page. This is a great feature to avoid your customer from getting distracted.

20. Annabelle

The first impression is usually the last, and it is the defining moment for whether the viewer will end up buying your services or not.

And by making use of huge banners and sliders with great pictures of your collection and flags displaying amazing offers, you can tempt the user to buy your product.

With Annabelle, you can link your banners and sliders with clickable links that take your customers to your desired product pages.


Personal account-

With Annabelle, you let your customer create a personal account on your store, his email ID and password.

This helps in creating a healthy, customer- buyer bond.

It’s a win-win situation for both as it helps the seller increase the chances of conversion rate and helps the customer have a smooth browsing experience.

Unlimited collections-

Usually, there is a limit to the number of photos or collections one can have on the Web Store display. But Annabelle puts you in no boundaries and gives you the complete freedom to display a desirable number of photos and collections on the home page.16. Flow

In $160, Flow offers three designs named – Cannes, Byron, and Queenstown.

Email marketing-

customized popup notification enabling your viewers to subscribe to your services by providing their email iDs.

Video –

It gives you a choice between using either a photo or a video on your web store’s home screen window.

One gets an option to customize the layout of the video.

Add to cart-

Give your customer an uninterrupted browsing experience by adding the chosen product directly to the cart without having to leave the window.

Collection display –

You can have your various collections on display on the sidebar of the home page, which you can customize by adding all the necessary details about the product in the display box.

FAQs Related to  Shopify Themes for Clothing Store aka Fashion

☞Which is the best shopify theme for clothing?

☞Booster theme is the best shopify theme for clothing. With Booster theme, the site loads very quickly and it’s the best converting theme.

☞Can I change themes on Shopify?

☞Yes, you can easily shopify your theme on shopify. You are allowed to download any theme for future use, update the old version of the theme to the current version and also update the premium theme to use all its features to the advantage of your store.

☞Are Shopify themes a one time purchase?

☞Yes, Shopify themes need to be purchased only once. The manual updates and support is always free for the chosen theme.

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Final thoughts: Best Shopify Themes for Clothing Store In 2023

In case If you are considering investing in a good and reliable Shopify theme, then I suggest The Booster Theme should be on the top of your list. Their theme is by far the best at providing a successful conversion rate.

Once installed, it takes all the necessary care and boosts your sales exponentially.

The booster has an inbuilt mechanism that is suitable to perform all the necessary functions that benefit in bettering the speed of the website by almost 21%. The guarantee this premium Shopify the theme offers and stands.


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