15+ Best Shopify Themes For Large Inventory 2024 (Verified & Conversion Focused)

Trying your luck for the best shopify theme for large inventory in 2024 ? Here, we are with the list of best ones which will suit every kind of store.

Nowadays, you cannot gain customers by just sitting and doing nothing. You have to reach them, and if you already have some, you have to maintain them too. This leads or traffic generation process has made the eCommerce market more competitive hence leading to more innovations. So, today, you can find many themes available for e-commerce stores to support large inventories as business needs grow tremendously.

However, it’s not always an easy task to find a theme to accommodate your growing needs or large inventory because there are so many options in the market. Whether you’re searching for a theme that features multi-level menus, pre-built content, or parallax scrolling effect, these Shopify themes for large inventories will just achieve that.

Therefore, if you have a large catalog, then you can find your best Shopify theme for large inventory in our list.


15+ Best Shopify Themes For Large Inventory 2024 (Verified & Conversion Focused)

1. Booster Theme  #1 Rated Shopify Theme For Large Inventory

This Shopify theme is greatly benefiting the needs of large inventory businesses and allows you to examine different page elements so that you can match your taste. Booster comes in a variety of styles you can pick from to accommodate your large catalog. This theme has a large banner picture that is accompanied by a portion of small explanations of the items in question.

In short, this is one of the best themes for a large inventory that incorporates many products with descriptions at a go.

With the Booster theme, you can also share links of your social media accounts to extend your market reach. Moreover, this theme is mobile-friendly, therefore, your customers can shop from a variety of devices without the site’s responsiveness problems.Booster theme

Furthermore, this comes with a menu promotion feature. Just like the name suggests, this feature helps you to promote and showcase your brand or products. With that in mind, you can use that to promote your large inventory to lots of avenues at a go. Besides that, there are color palettes that you can use to select the best color for your store and give your products a unique taste.

Isn’t that awesome? Booster also gives your site a multi-lingual taste, therefore, customers can shop from different countries.

Additionally, Booster contains custom promotion files that allow you to mark specific goods, sales, and announcements important for the business. Lastly, this theme displays live search results and can predict what your customers need while keying in the product or link name. This provides an easy way for them to access what they want hence saving them time.

2) Debutify

best shopify theme high converting

If you’re looking to integrate advanced add-ons and premium features to your Shopify store with large inventory, then you may want to give Debutify a try. The basic plan is available for free, which we believe is sufficient if you’re a newbie. You may, however, need to invest in the other premium versions (Starter, Hustler, or Master) if you want to benefit from advanced Shopify features. 

The good thing about Debutify is that it comes with a basic layout that is tailored to suit every store owner’s needs. 

You can also integrate several add-ons to enhance the operational efficiency of your Shopify store. These add-ons include:

  • Add to cart button
  • Up-sell pop-ups
  • Live sales alerts
  • Coupon/newsletter pop-ups
  • Store FAQ
  • Chatbox for support


3. Retina Theme

If you are searching for a theme that uses pictures more than texts to tell your story, then you won’t go wrong with Retina. The retina provides you with a large platform to publish or share several high-definition pictures or images to showcase your products in style. This theme also comes with four different styles to avail of a wide range of options for you.

The theme is also mobile responsive hence accommodating users shopping across various phone devices such as tablets, and smartphones.Retina Theme

Besides that, Retina allows you to use a sidebar menu to display multiple menus as well as content in one place for easy access. The theme gives your products a bold character as it loads and displays the store’s content vertically without skipping anything. You can also add videos to showcase your products, testimonials, and other business information in style. These videos will play on the full width on the homepage to enhance your visitors’ shopping experience.

And if you are looking for numbers, then Retina makes that a breeze as it allows you to add live feeds from your Instagram account to attract customers.

Apart from that, the theme is SEO friendly and one of the most rated Shopify themes. Furthermore, Retina has a great support team that works tirelessly to deliver a recommendable customer support experience. Last but not least, Retina allows you to integrate your account, blog comments, and feature reviews from direct consumers of the products so that shoppers can have all the information they need before making a purchase.

4. Pacific Theme

This theme is specifically made for businesses that have large inventories. This theme features a design that positions content elements in blocks. Additionally, this theme makes it easy for you to remove or add content from or to a palette. With the Pacific at your disposal, you not only get to feature products with big images but also giving your large store the deserved justice.

It is also callable hence allowing you to use content blocks of different natures without compromising on the page layout.

As if that is not enough, Retina also comes in different styles you can choose from. And if numbers matter, then you can pick your best style in the four options available.

Pacific theme

Moreover, this Pacific theme allows you to link with your live feeds on Instagram to bring more customers on board. Besides that, you can find social media icons to link with many social media accounts to increase your market outreach. Ultimately, this theme is very responsive to cater to shoppers using small-screen devices.

Also, if you’re just starting with a large inventory, then you will find prebuilt content to give you a quick start.

Pacific allows you to choose from a prebuilt home page to make the whole process a breeze. Apart from that, it also comes with prebuilt styles and templates specifically made for large inventories. Interestingly, you can use the Pacific to make several yet unique modular blocks that you can use for Blogs, testimonials, and recommended products as well. Furthermore, you can showcase your best products on the home page at the central position using a full-width video.

Finally, with the Pacific, your customers will have an easy way to navigate throughout the store using the Side-bar menu and multi-columns.

5. Kagami Theme

Kagami contains a large layout that can be used for editing large images. What better way to an editorial block at your disposal, this makes you alter any mistake that may come by. Human is to error however, Kagami doesn’t recognize that phrase since it has your back at all cost. This theme creates a one on one kind of interaction with your customers, with its ability to integrate perfectly with the feedback section.

Therefore, you can note what exactly you’re doing wrong or right with your products. In other words, regardless of the comments in the feedback section, it’s a win for you. Apart from that, you can access your social media accounts from Kagami and link them to increase your market and probably your sales.

Imagine those live Instagram feeds and the followers on your store. Isn’t that a great way to attract more sales?Kagami Theme

In addition to all that, this theme has two-menu options that equip you to see your products on one side, and also you can scroll down to explore other features or your other collections without actually leaving the previous one. Moreover, this theme enables you to have very high definition pictures at your disposal, this on the other hand is catchy to the eyes of the customer. In this layout, you can edit your images in a more fashionable grid, and up to date, with this, you post your collections more profoundly.

Lastly, the most intriguing aspect of Kagami is that has post interactive slideshows and video content that you can share with your followers or clients, what better way to sell your collections!

6. Showtime

Next, is a Shopify theme known as Showtime? Showtime is the best theme for a variety of large inventory. It is mobile-friendly so that you don’t have to depend on customers with laptops only. Apart from that, this theme comes with different three styles to provide you with a variety of options you can go for when your taste changes. Additionally, Showtime is easy to use, and the best part is that you don’t have to edit or write any code to promote your products in the best way possible.

Show time

Besides all that, showtime has a multi-level menu to display your various collections. In addition to that, it has a home page grid that enables you to publish your large inventory in style. Apart from all that, this theme allows you to publish video content on product pages so that your customers can get an insight into what you are selling to them.

Also, this theme has a product quick view, this grid offers a popup that makes it easy for the customer to get detailed information without leaving the current page. Lastly, Showtime has an advanced filtering grid that allows you, customers, to choose products from the collection using filtering criteria such as choosing from the collection by type and price as well.

7. Empire Theme

Empir since many online shops is based on this design. Empire has a simple menu design that gives your customers an easy time as they can move throughout the store with ease when looking for products of their choice. This theme allows customers to navigate easily with its menu style since information can be accessed with ease when looking for links and products. In other words, it’s customer-friendly. Besides this theme enables quick buying of products making the product go to the cart just by a flicker.

Besides, it saves your customer a lot of time when they want to add to me is one of the best Shopify themes for a large inventory. Empire is leading by example any products into the cart for later purchase and that is a good thing for the seller.

Customers always want something that they can easily understand and navigate through without much trouble, and Empire is the key to that. Besides that, Empire has a predictive feature that displays live search results when keying in data to search for products and links hence making it easy to access them wherever they are in the store.

empire theme

Furthermore, this theme has an advanced product filtering section, with this the customer can choose a product considering their pocket depth. This theme has custom promotion tiles that provide you with the forefront of promoting your sales on the theme that helps you as far as promotion fees are concerned. Lastly, this theme also supports drop-down navigation, therefore, you can use this for easy product promotion.

8. Expression Theme

This is another major Shopify theme that can accommodate a large inventory. The Expression theme is here to minimize or resolve the challenges that you may face while publishing large inventory. In other words, this is the bid. This theme brings about a clean template that mainly focuses on product cataloging. It allows you to promote your products cleanly and more smartly. Expression comes with an array of colors, this aids you to choose any shade that you see fit for your product promotion.

This theme is highly editable to your liking, you can add or remove features that you see fit or unfit for your liking. And also you can load it on your mobile phone, this is good even for those people who do not own computers or even laptops can still access it. With all that you don’t limit yourself to the number of consumers.

expression theme

This theme has a layout style feature that enables you to have all your different products on one single page. This saves a lot of time as you will be placing different categories of products on one page. Moreover, it makes the work of the consumer even easier as the consumer will get everything they need on the same page.

Apart from that, it allows you to add a high-resolution video to tell your story more appealingly. Expression theme is very swift to navigate through, with the help of the multi menu tile, it makes the navigation very quick, you can cover a lot or view lots of products in a short period.

Furthermore, it has an image rollover, with this your customers can have lots of information about the product based on the image itself, how cool is that! Apart from that, it has a sidebar tub that you can post your blogs, forms, and ads all on one side.

9. Fashionopolism Theme

Fashionopolism is another Shopify theme, known for translating sites from normal to professional designs. This theme is very rich in color palettes and has lots of prebuilt themes. Also, it allows you to add high-resolution picture content, which is a plus for a large inventory that needs to promote Products visually. Also, this theme is mobile-friendly to cater to small-screen devices too.


That aside, you can use the slideshow to showcase your product portfolio and product sales. Apart from that, you can upload videos on your home page and also play your ad content therein. The theme allows your customer to zoom in and out of the images because of their high resolution and can see deeper content of the picture.

This will save the customer lots of time while surfing to the next item. This theme pops up a description of the product without having to leave that page, it pops up on the same page. Moreover, it has two menu bars that you use to browse for even more products of your liking.

10. Symmetry Theme

Symmetry is a theme that perfectly suits a large inventory. This theme is popular due to its very many yet great features that satisfy many large inventory needs. That aside, this theme has image layouts, customization options, and slides with full width. This theme offers four style choices as opposed to the usual three styles.

Furthermore, this theme features a home page that can hold products from different lines of production hence is suitable for your large inventory needs. In other words, this theme can help you publish and promote many products as per your wish.

The space available in this theme only helps you to show off your products. Additionally, this theme allows you to create slideshows that feature the products you want to promote and eventually sell. So, if you are thinking about a theme for visuals, then you should not ignore this theme.


The multi-level menu makes navigation a bliss, you will browse easily in the symmetry theme, that’s how cool it is. Can you imagine your customers getting to buy your products straight from the home page and to make matters even better it is a very quick and straightforward process. What a better way to keep customers happy with your store’s design and on the other end, business is booming.

Furthermore, this theme has a built-in Instagram feed, you can link it with your store and market your products in your Instagram account where your followers can easily see what products you have. Additionally, it integrates with google location maps to promote your physical stores or even highlight the area your store serves. Lastly, it has a customizable slide that gives you an easy way to feature your products and even your blogs.

11. Canopy Theme

Canopy is a theme that has lots of designs to handle large inventory. This is another theme for a large inventory. It has lots of configuration to choose from in clean layouts and it has got three styles of choice. Canopy theme has a mega menu that creates full resolution images in an organized manner.

Apart from that, you can also choose from the two menu options to suit your taste. You can either go for a multi-level, slide-out menu or a large horizontal menu. Regardless of the menu, you end up choosing, it still brings out the class Canopy showcases.

Moreover, this theme ensures that your products or collections will be neatly organized, so the organization is at its best with this theme. Furthermore, with its home page gallery, you get to publish a lot of products at a go. This enables you to save lots of time while handling all your products.Canopy

Additionally, this theme has a full-width Instagram feed that showcases your product pictures to your followers. Canopy also features a quick buy option; therefore, customers don’t have to leave their current page to add items on their cart. Lastly, it has a mobile-friendly design, with customizable rows to publish your ads, videos, and products.

12. Providence Theme

This is another Shopify large inventory added to this list. This theme publishes a lot of products in simple ways so that the browsing experience becomes a breeze. In addition to that, it is mobile-friendly, one doesn’t necessarily need to have a laptop to shop in your store since they can use their smartphones and tablets. This theme is an SEO friendly design template and has got free access to, prebuilt content and also free updates.Providence Theme

With this theme, you can add high-resolution videos on your store’s homepage as well as upload for your customers on YouTube or even Vimeo. Moreover, you can use the slideshows to post your products, testimonials, your ads, and even sales alerts in style Furthermore, Providence allows your customers to view and zoom products for detailed information before going through with the purchase.

As if that isn’t enough, Providence allows you to customize your store’s content using the customizable sidebar. In addition to that, this feature allows you to customize specific page details. Lastly, this theme has a quick cart, here your clients can add as many products as they want and the process is very quick, they can do that without leaving the page they are in. Rocket theme is great for joomla templates.

13. Testament Theme

This is a Shopify for a large inventory. This theme ensures that the product images are visible to everyone. This theme is available in four styles, hence providing you more different styles to explore. It is equipped with a variety of color features; this means that you can use the variety of color in your product promotion campaigns.

In addition to that, it has a collection page that enables you to specifically draw out its detailed information from its category. This theme is highly editable hence can bend to your needs and touch.

This theme is mobile-friendly so that you don’t have to depend only on Pc shoppers. It also has prebuilt content in place to give you a quick start. Additionally, this theme has got free updates as well as access to free copyright image stock from Burst.Testament Theme

Moreover, this theme allows you to feature full-width videos that you can publish on your YouTube account or even from the Vimeo account. This theme is detailed with a quick view; your customer can view product description by popup without moving from their current page hence saving your customer some time.

Apart from that, it has a multi-column dropdown menu, this helps your customers to easily navigate through making it straight to the point and easy for the customer to browse through to their desired product. This theme has a controlled scrolling responsive design, as you scroll to the bottom the menu stays fixed at the top.

14. Block shop Theme

Block shop is another great Shopify theme for a large inventory. This theme features all the functionalities that the large inventory needs, as it exhibits the products in bolds. This theme is one of the most preferred Shopify themes for a large inventory. Unlike some of the themes herein, Block shop is available in four styles.

This theme can be used with different industries such as food, home décor, and fashion. This theme has got a tiled arrangement to showcase its content such as videos and pictures. Moreover, it features large banners that are of full width. Therefore, it has a lot of space for publishing multiple slideshows. This theme has got block-like sections that can be used to give detailed information about the products.

Block Shop Theme

Furthermore, you can use a slideshow feature in the form of slideshows to display multiple product catalogs, ads, and testimonials. And also, the slideshow has headers at the top center and you can give the slides headings making them easy to follow through. This theme has a multi-column menu for faster browsing and access to more product catalogs at a go.

With this theme, you can publish your product pictures using the live feed on Instagram account allowing you to connect with your followers for business purposes. Lastly, it has a full wide-layouts banner and also video streamers to feature high-resolution content from your side to the customers.

15. Capital Theme

The capital theme comes with three variant styles. This complements the idea of the theme of large-sized pictures with enough space for text content. The capital theme has full-width banner images at the top layout and also many great choices to edit the home page. Not only does the capital theme offer a live Instagram feed but also it takes a step of printing the comments and the number of likes on the post.

That gives you one on one feedback on your product and what people think about them. The capital theme is not only made for the large catalogs but also allows for featuring products with customizable content.

Capital Theme

Furthermore, his theme has live search, here you can search for the name of the product, store pages, and quick links as well. All these help you to get important information at a go, and with live search results, you can view your item with just predictive text. Moreover, it has an advanced filtering slide, this enables the client to filter out whatever they want by categorizing the product into different files such as types, availability, and cost.

The capital theme allows a hovering effect on the product. When you hover over an image on a product on the collection page, you will see information details regarding the item in question.

16. Sunrise Theme

Just like the sun rises in the morning, this theme will raise your store’s design to the sky. This Sunrise theme can work greatly with inventories with up to 10,000. Unlike other themes, Sunrise boasts of its template designs that you can get from the four different styles. What better way to sell colorful products than with Sunrise? Furthermore, this theme is extensively meant for a wide range of businesses such as selling travel-related items and kid’s toys.Sunrise Theme

Moreover, you can customize this theme to suit your taste. Apart from that, this theme is mobile friendly hence you don’t have to depend on only shoppers with PCs only. Interestingly, this theme also offers free updates, therefore you can always improve your store’s functionality without any cost. Additionally, Sunrise is SEO friendly, therefore, boosting your store ranking on Google.

After a successful sunrise theme purchase, you immediately start to enjoy its lovely features. For instance, the theme allows you to use a grid layout to not only post products for sale, but also promotions, blogs, and ad content.

In addition to that, you can use a promotional banner on the homepage to advertise a selection of products, sales and offers as well. Apart from that, this theme allows your stores’ visitors to zoom a product in and out for details before purchasing.

Also, Sunrise offers your stores visitors an easy time when browsing as they can navigate from one point to another exploring their product options using a multi-level menu.

Last but not least, Sunrise allows you to post images and videos with HD clarity in a slideshow design to promote your brand. And the best part is that you can post these videos or images to tell your story from any point in the store.

FAQ’s Related To Best Shopify Themes For Large Inventory in 2024

☞What is the highest converting Shopify theme for large inventory?

☞If you are searching for a theme for a large inventory that offers you great rankings as well as high rankings for better product sales, then you will never go wrong with the Booster theme. However, you may also try Symmetry, which provides you with the same functionality but with four different styles to choose from.

☞Should I pay for a Shopify theme?

☞Shopify has both free and premium themes. And paying for a theme isn’t a bad idea. If you take things serious with your business, then it wouldn’t hurt to make a long-term investment. The best part about these themes is that you only pay once and enjoy the updates for free.

☞What is the maximum number of themes you can add to a Shopify store?

☞The number heavily depends on the plan on, however, the maximum number of themes that you can add to your Shopify account is 20. Also, you should remember that, if your themes plan Limit has been reached, then you will have to remove a theme before you add another new theme.

☞What is the best Shopify theme for mobile?

☞All the themes in our list are mobile-friendly, therefore, regardless of what theme you end up, you only have the best.

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Conclusion: Best Shopify Themes For Large Inventory 2024

The above list consists of the best Shopify themes for large inventory you can find in the market to give you a Shopify store a professional look. You can fine-tune these themes until you achieve the result you want. Apart from that, they come with different styles to provide you with options that you can play with even when your taste changes.

Therefore, if you have a large inventory, any of these themes will help you handle your inventory as well as showcase your products effectively. Regardless of the theme, you will pick for your store, you will never be wrong.


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