Top 5+ Best Alternatives In 2023 (Top Pick)

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Automation can save time. It will help reduce the hours that you spend on Social Media to help build your brand and boost your fanbase. A tool that is normally used for such a thing is, but in this article, we will be talking more about Alternatives.

Don’t know what this is? But intrigued about the whole idea? Then read on! 

A new technology stack,, was built to overcome challenges faced by the people in tech. Not being able to run the ads and the campaigns, people faced many difficulties in advertising their brands and products. Individually, not being able to travel and publicize, the task was becoming quite difficult and tedious too. So, came up with a solution!, an automation software built to help the companies and brands launch and optimize their ads and campaigns on Facebook and then later on expanded to various other platforms. Seeing the different challenges faced by the individuals, the team brainstormed ideas and came up with the conclusion to build this platform. From optimization to launching and also making eye-catchy ads, the team succeeded and now helps over 600 companies and brands to monetize from Pinterest to Facebook and Instagram.

List of Top 5 Alternatives In 2023

1) Madgicx 

Madgicx, being an AI operated omnichannel platform for marketing, has creative intelligence as well as independent ad purchasing capabilities which optimizes ads all across Instagram, Facebook, and Google. It provides an advertising platform for all in one, which strategically optimizes and manages the campaigns related to ads.

Madgicx Overview


  1. A/B Testing – The A/B Testing feature of Madgicx is distinct from the others. It helps users compare the features and also test different variations of just one variable.
  2. Activity Dashboard – The strategic activity dashboard provides the user with unprecedented details and also helps them to know the hidden features that help them increase their income.
  3. Ad hoc Analysis – The Ad hoc Analysis feature of Madgicx helps the user to drop any query to the team at any point in time.
  4. Ad hoc Reporting – Ad hoc reporting are those reports which are generated as per the requirement, in a format which is easy for the user to handle.
  5. Advertising Management – The advertising Management feature helps the user to find out the reach and the extent of the product they are advertising.
  6. Analytics – The different analytics provided by Madgicx is user friendly and helps to grasp easily just by a glimpse.
  7. Bid Management – The bid management in Madgicx is simply mind-blowing. With the help of complex algorithms, it controls the advertisements which are generally used in large campaigns.
  8. Campaign Analysis – The data for the responsiveness of the page is available all at a glance.
  9. Campaign Management – The campaign management in Madgicx helps the user to take leads from the customers.
  10. Campaign Segmentation – It helps ease the filtration of the data given by the audience.
  11. Commenting – The commenting features help the potential clients make proper decisions and take leads.

Pros and Cons


  1. Madgicx is a tool that is unique in every way possible. Having 30+ features, Madgicx stands out in comparison to other apps. They have the best bots and AI, along with many digital tools that help the user in every way. The team experts and the ads specialists work with one sole purpose which is customer satisfaction.
  2. User Experience – The experience of the existing users is very impressive. The use of Madgicx is very fast and user friendly, which helps them work single-handedly and effortlessly in many aspects.
  3. The driving of the audience towards the platform – Madgicx hits all the areas, covering the sales funnel of the user.
  4. Automation – Not having the stress of the budget being blown off, the user can stay relaxed and the autopilot feature helps controlling and automation of various things.
  5. Cluster Creation – This is a brand-new feature that helps the user to view the creativity that they have put in the formation of the page and also provide a copy of an ad.
  6. Mass Creation – The mass creation feature helps the user in the creation of bulk campaigns in a very short period. The great and easy to use themes make the creation faster as well as better for the user which makes it beneficial to them.
  7. The best possible team – The expert panel present is very supportive and understanding. Their quick responses help the users in a very personalized way.
  8. Time and cost savior – While using Madgicx, due to a variety of options and the fastest customer care, this platform saves a lot of time for the user. Being cost-effective, money can be invested in various places by the user.
  9. The needs and wants of the clients are understood and they try their level best in solving their problems as soon as possible.
  10. The interface being very easy to use, the users who have never created ads before can also easily access Madgicx and grow individually. Or for an instance, if a user is already creating ads but wants to excel in it, this is the best possible platform.
  11. The use of Madgicx increases the sales of the customers and helps them expand and grow their business in whatever way they wish to.
  12. The trial pack is also very satisfying that customers are happy to be on the platform. Even during the trial pack, the user gets immediate results and the generated sales usually improve overnight.


  1.     The first and foremost issue that the user might face is the FAQ section. Since the FAQs section isn’t up to the mark, the newbies might find it difficult to self – troubleshoot the issues faced and there isn’t any other help that will help to clear the misunderstandings.
  2.     For the newbies, in the beginning, the user needs time to get acquainted with the insights, the dashboard, the techniques used for automation, the Ad Launcher, and the proper functioning of madgicx. The product takes time to get familiarized with.
  3.     The tool is a bit sophisticated due to the complex capabilities of the product. This mainly focuses on budget management and plays a small role in the understanding of the software.


Initially, when the user is new to the platform, they can opt for the trial plan which means that there is no need to pay for the program for that duration.


On the later stage, there are three pricing plans. Depending upon the pricing plan selected by the user, the number of ads is also provided per plan.

  1. Monthly Plan – For the monthly plan, the initial pricing range starts from $49 in which 1 ad account comes included in the monthly plan and the pricing range varies till $11000 in which 50 ad accounts come included in the monthly plan.
  1. Quarterly Plan – Taking into consideration the quarterly plan, the plan variation ranges from an approximate monthly fee is $44 which includes 1 ad already included in the pack till $9900 per month, which includes 50 ads already in the pack.
  1. Annual Plan – Talking about the annual plan, the pricing of the plan ranges from $39 with the prerequisites of 1 ad inclusive in the pack and the plan ranges till $8800, with a prerequisite of 50 ads in the plan.

2) Kenshoo


Founded in 2006 with a bare minimum of 600 employees, Kenshoo is a leading global platform for marketing solutions with the prime motive of developing and assisting social media and eCommerce business marketers to meet their potential customers.


Creation and administration of social media campaigns and data-driven insights, alongside analyzing and amalgamation of data from multiple sources through this medium has been made widespread during recent times because of the altering preferences among clients. 


  • Social media integration:

A trouble-free interface for managing social media advertising journey that ensures an easy to navigate experience.  Non-reliability on major platforms like google especially when it comes to providing services like auto bidding makes it one of the most preferable solutions.

  • Strategy management:

Kenshoo has leading management resources that help every beginner in carrying out the work as per initial plans without having to involve in too many setbacks.  

  • Marketing automation:

On-demand by clients for tools that could help them in avoiding the glitch occurred during the repetition of actions, Kenshoo has introduced this feature of automation, where the clients could easily manage to apply measures of executing activities that also help in making rapid alterations and to keep a check on performance accordingly.

  • Customizable Dashboard:

The marketing analytics proposes dashboard customizations alongside performance and social media metrics and Any platform that offers you the option of customizing your own dashboard gets the higher levels of attention. This feature allows you to completely control your strategy in a smart way that helps in providing an outstanding overview of advertisements.  

  • Audience targeting:

               Kenshoo has greatly helped in targeting its audiences based on their geographic variables as well as leaving impressions on marketable areas where there are chances of gaining a profitable trade of commodities in demand offered by them.

  • Keyword tracking:

Management of keywords to engage and draw as much traffic to your website can be swiftly attained by Kenshoo. This also helps in making bulk editing via your desktop editor and uploads on multiple social media platforms. Keyboard filtering also helps in setting up options beyond keywords, say location, date, week, time, or the likes of it.

Pros and Cons


  • It is a very user-friendly platform that offers a time-efficient and easily navigable layout.
  • Developed rigid algorithms to reach simplified goals and enhanced ways of setting campaigns.
  • 24/7 customer support along with monthly training that helps in addressing issues and clears out the glitches.
  • If you are looking for options like bidding management, portfolio management, or anything similar to location targeting then Kenshoo is the best platform in this campaign management.
  • Majorly saves time in avoiding engaging in repetitive works through their editor feature. It is also a very preferable option in comparing with the rival platforms and keeping a track of multiple such channels.
  • Autonomous bidding and adjustment have made campaigning multiple times easier in its own way allowing the company to have the error-free running of different objectives.


  • Tools offered by Kenshoo are not suitable for higher bidding. Bulk changes are difficult to make if the bidding is higher than that of your regular budget, hence making it complicated to set up.
  • The support system gets extremely slow if you are working with outsized accounts, which ends up malfunctioning during product events. Getting technical support at such times turns out to leave a negative impact on your customer engagement.
  • Few features of Kenshoo like the editor and desktop application need to undergo a lengthy repairing phase in order to smoothly sync up with search engines.
  • No library that offers targeting settings making it complicated and time-consuming to access into new campaigns.
  • Lack of strategic guidance when it comes to specific reporting. Since it requires covering up a larger bandwidth, data analysis often needs to be put to rest as a result of a lack of availability.
  • Kenshoo’s major con has been their terminology and system hierarchy issue that was found to be very confusing by trusted vendors.


Free trial: There is no free trial.

However, there are three common pricing plans namely minimal standard and fully customized systems.

Minimal- approximately $2500

Standard- Approximately $10,000

Fully customized- $25,000

In-person training sessions that include video/group training, department training, etc. to charge an extra fee from the software buyer.

Estimates of training sessions:

  • 1-2: $500
  • 3-4: $1,500
  • 5-7: $2,500
  • 8-10: $5,000

Note: Kenshoo is based on quote pricing which means plans will be allotted according to your requirements.

3) Wordstream


Founded in 2008, Wordstream is online advertising software that is helpful in creating, organizing, and controlling social campaigns. It assists advertisers in the administration of their google or Facebook or bing ads campaign giving them a simplified experience in online marketing campaigns.


It’s a time-efficient way of enabling users to alter their ads with relevant data on their accounts. With a number of free tools for agents, Wordstream is one of those simplest solutions that give you a dynamic ad experience.


  • Keyword generation and analysis tools are best for top-notch sales funnels with custom landing pages and customizable branding and reporting.
  • Pay-per-click management is very impactful. With sub-features like A/B  testing, bid and budget management, URL builders, the user experience has been made trouble-free through PPC strategies.
  • 20- minute work week is designed to make the digital marketing experience way simpler by better interface and processing and makes streamlining of optimization effortless.
  • The call tracking feature of Wordstream helps in recording, reporting, tracking calls alongside performance, and scheduled reporting.
  • Automatic notifications option to help the user in being updated with every modification. 

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with a profound interface that helps in making reports that can be shared with your clients straightforwardly.
  • Refines ads as per the user’s plan and generates better and complaint-free ads to reach the target.
  • It makes controlling PPC marketing channels efficient in large platforms like Google Ads and Facebook advertising, resulting in the depletion of multiple tools in ad operations.
  • Small budget businesses and agents can get well-optimized facilities that are proven to be extremely useful thereby.


  • The biggest disadvantage of Wordstream is that it is very expensive, way out of the league for small businesses especially not for beginners. 
  • It is a little confusing to understand the details and areas of usage.
  • The users are required to do all the manually from syncing up to optimizing tasks, and if they forgot to make it live all the data will be erased and the user is mostly asked to do it again.
  • Time-consuming when it comes to comprehending keywords that the user’s company is operated with.
  • Duplication of ads while editing any original ad on Wordstream rather than making changes in the primary ad. 



  • Offers free trial

Wordstream advisor’s online advertising software- $49/month

  • 20-minute work week 
  • Case-sensitive and cross-platform outlining
  • Innovative tools

Wordstream advisor plus assist – $299/month

  • Customizable onboarding
  • Twice a month confidential calls
  • 90- day action plan

Wordstream advisor plus offline assist- $649/month

  • Interactive help on selective pieces of work
  • Well organized and systemic Goal-setting forums 
  • Time efficiency to lighten the load

4) Google Marketing Platform


When we talk about Google, we immediately associate it with innovation and customer satisfaction, isn’t it? Well, today we talk about google marketing platform. Google marketing platform is an advertising tool that provides different services all of which can be used easily and without wracking your brain. To name a few, it provides ad management and ad serving solutions to companies that buy, formulate, or sell digital advertising.


Google Marketing Platform combines Google Double Click ™ and Analytics 360 products, encouraging companies to manage their customers’ journey from start to finish. With a little previous understanding of simple marketing tools, you can master using this tool! So great.

Pros and cons


As mentioned above, Google always brings us the best! To be clear on that matter, here are some features to guide you:

(a) Simplicity – If an amateur like me can use it, hey, you can too! The point being, it is easy to operate and gives the best results.

(b) A combination of different tools – Google Marketing Platform combines analytics and reporting, advertising, tagging, and SEO all in one. Who would’ve thought technology would bring us to this?

(c) Assembles various data from various sources – the Google marketing platform assembles various data from various sources in just mere moments. 

(d) Online tutorials – The tool provides online tutorials for anyone who finds it difficult to operate.


(a) Economical feasibility – Even though google aims at providing the best to us, some people find it expensive and not affordable.

(b) Flexibility – Survey has shown that it is less flexible than other ad servers they work with.

(c) Full channel optimization tools – Google marketing platform lacks full channel optimization tools like a CMS and other personalization elements. There are a test and target optimization product, but that’s about it.


(a) Impressive Cross-device capabilities – Google Marketing Platform provides cross-device facilities. In other words, Google allows marketers to get a nicer view of their users’ journeys through different platforms/devices. From smartphones, iPads, tablets to laptops, and PCs. This function enables the digital users to conduct better quality campaigns that lead to more customizable experiences for the users.

Google-Marketing-Platform- Ease To Use

(b) Apt Campaigns provided by Machine learning – With this feature Google attempts to support small businesses and enterprises that have much less capital as compared to the large scale enterprises. It helps small scale enterprises to get the best results via online marketing with the investment of as little time as possible. However, advertisers should still have a knowledge of the fact that if an algorithm commands an attribute of your marketing or advertising attempts, having a human check-in on the campaign regularly to establish its success is a necessity (regardless of how evolved the technology is). 


Even though Google has not officially provided the pricing of this service, the following is based on customer reviews. 

  • For small businesses, it is 40% less expensive than other creative marketing platforms.
  • For mid-market, it is 2% less expensive than other creative marketing platforms.
  • For enterprises, it is 34% less expensive than other creative marketing platforms.

If you wanna know the current prices, you can contact the google marketing platform. 

5) Facebook for Business 

Facebook for business is another marketing tool that you can use to advertise your business and manage their company’s accounts and pages without even needing to share their login details on Facebook! It has various benefits that we’ll discuss further ahead. 


Pros and cons


  1. Easy Management- Facebook for business allows you to manage multiple pages and accounts from one business profile.
  2. Security- Facebook for business lets you securely share other ad pages for business.
  3. Permission levels- Different business objectives call for different permission levels and Facebook for business allows you to do just that.
  4. A great source of information- You can access valuable pixel data just by a few clicks. Isn’t that amazing?


  1. Limited time – Campaigns can be planned for only a short period of 6 months in the future. So there is no possibility to plan an event or campaign for a year ahead.
  2. Difficult Operation – The platform isn’t the most intuitive and support docs are vague and hard to discover at best.
  3. Constantly changing platform – Facebook constantly changes it’s platform and hence metrics sometimes evolve or disappear. 
  4. Long waiting time – There is a long waiting period for ad approval.


  1. Calls to action – Facebook launched calls to action (CTA) for pages in Dec. 2014, allowing administrators to drive business objectives by including a CTA on the cover photo section of their page.


  1. Schedule posts – The users can schedule posts ahead of its time. This allows them to be more efficient and in order. It saves time and allows them to be effective. 
  2. Similar page suggestions – The users can increase their followers, organically by making sure that their ‘similar page suggestion’ option is turned on. It is a great way to be true to yourself and your work. 


The business profile on Facebook can be created for free. It is a free opportunity to increase engagement and brand awareness. However, the price of marketing is measured by 2 parameters.

  1. Cost Per Click ( CPC ) – If you’re taking (CPC), Facebook advertising charges you 27 cents per click.
  2. A thousand impressions Cost – If you’re measuring (CPM), Facebook charges approximately $7.19 for 1000 impressions.

FAQs Best Alternatives

👉Marketing automation for marketing and sales?

Yes, Marketing automation permits companies to urge customers and leads to increase sales with limited resources. From a commercial point of view, automation tools convert potential leads to tangible ones with automated actions that keep you ahead of the rest of the market.

👉Does a user need to be tech-savvy to work on this software?

No, a user certainly does not have to be a software development expert. The software will guide you with videos and FAQs. Also, the interfaces are easy to use.

👉Does one have to fill all the details manually for global level campaigns?

No, this software synchronizes customers’ records promptly from any digital platforms and makes sure they’re always fresh and up to date whether you’re managing campaigns for dozens of millions.

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Conclusion: 5+ Best Alternatives 2023

These were some alternatives you could use to reach out to your potential customers. Engagement with clients should be based on both active and subliminal levels.

The alternatives stated above provide useful web content, attractive features, bulk ads and campaigns, and global reach in an affordable range. 

But the best to be used for marketing is Madgicx as the numerous easy to use features try to fulfill every demand of the client. AI automation helps beginners to promote their market at a global level. Advertisers do not have to waste their time on optimizing their ads manually. It is user friendly and the possibility of automation that makes your ads work better and better while you’re sleeping makes it one of the best software to be used for e-commerce.

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