7 Best Twitter Tools For Quickly Unfollowing Your Unfollowers In 2023

Are you searching for the top Twitter unfollow tools to help you unfollow followers who do not follow you back?

We all know that Twitter is a fantastic traffic creation tool that, when used correctly, can generate massive amounts of traffic in a short period of time. The only issue with Twitter is that it is quite busy.

It’s nearly hard to increase your interaction and followers unless you use a few fantastic Twitter tools.

If you’ve ever wondered how to unfollow individuals that don’t follow you back on Twitter, this post is for you. It will show you the top ten methods for unfollowing your non-followers.

Without further ado, let’s get into the details.

List of Best Twitter Tools For Quickly Unfollowing Your Unfollowers

1)  Circleboom

Circleboom Review

Circleboom presents itself as a platform that “assists users, brands, and small and medium-sized organizations in growing and strengthening their Twitter account(s).” Despite the fact that that isn’t very understandable, we are here to elaborate more.

Circleboom provides its customers with a collection of user-friendly tools for managing their Twitter accounts, which enables them to make the most of their tweets, interactions, and overall Twitter audience.

These tools focus on various aspects of a successful Twitter profile, such as the number of followers, tweets, and scheduling, among other things.

Circleboom was initially launched in 2017, and ever since then, the platform has been continuously evolving and gaining new features. It is particularly well-known for its capability of erasing all tweets as well as retweets.

When they were originally introduced, they became famous for their capacity to follow and unfollow a variety of accounts on Twitter.

Circleboom Features

  • Follower insights
  • Tools to find fakes, spammers, and inactive accounts (called the Circle)
  • Smart search tools to find new followers
  • Delete likes, tweets, retweets, or your archive,
  • Browse archive to find relevant content
  • RSS module to send smart tweets and updates
  • Tweet scheduler
  • Twitter analytics and reporting

2) ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter Dashboard

It is a really effective Twitter tool. It offers a thorough search function to help you figure out who is following you and who is unfollowing you. This is for you if you want to prioritize more significant news on your Twitter stream. It provides both free and paid options.

Unique Features:

  • Allows you to submit tweets at the ideal moment for your followers to see them.
  • You can quickly locate and follow the appropriate accounts.
  • You can control your unfollowers and find out who is unfollowing you.
  • It aids in keyword tracking.
  • It is capable of detecting fake profiles and scammers.
  • Allows you to batch choose unfollow options for up to 5000 persons at a time.
  • You can unfollow those who tweet too frequently or who are inactive.

How does ManageFlitter work?

  • When you connect your Twitter account, you will be taken on a virtual tour on how to use it.
  • When you hover your cursor over a certain person in the list, it automatically displays their biographies and tweets each day, the date they founded their account, and their activity.
  • So, you may unfollow your unfollowers with a single checkbox.

3. Unfollower Stats

Unfollower Stats - Best Twitter Tools

With one of the most effective social account management solutions available, you can track your followers, unfollowers, and a huge number of Twitter account information.

Unfollower Stats is a third-party Twitter mobile app that will help you keep track of your unfollowers and follow/unfollow statistics.

It offers a simple dashboard with a bunch of metrics for your account as well as other features such as inactive accounts, list management tools, and more.

They provide a free tier option that allows you to manage up to 30,000 followers and includes advertisements.

There are two premium tiers, Premium ($4.99/month) and Pro ($7.99/month).

Both will provide extra account administration options, with Pro allowing you to manage an infinite number of followers.

How should it be used?

  • Go to your Twitter account and link it.
  • It synchronizes and retrieves all information.
  • In the dashboard, you can view all of your unfollowers, blocked info, and so on.

4. Tweepi

Tweepi - Dashboard

When you’re seeking for who unfollowed you on Twitter, this platform takes a new approach by using an AI-powered unfollow tool.

Tweepi is a Twitter unfollow and cleaning application that lets you filter out persons that don’t follow or connect with your account.

The AI categorizes accounts based on their activity and sociability, allowing you to make informed decisions about each account based on more detailed account data.

This Twitter management tool will also assist you in optimizing your tweets by offering targeted data and determining the ideal hashtags to use based on your account.

How to you use Tweepi?

  • Sign up for one of the two plans because this is not a free tool.
  • Authorize your Twitter account by clicking the “start using” tweepi button.
  • You will be brought to a dashboard with a comprehensive range of tools that is extremely easy to manage.

5. UnTweeps


This Twitter unfollow tool offers a simple user interface with a few key functions. UnTweeps is an excellent tool for unfollowing non-followers and inactive individuals based on a date range and whether or not they’ve tweeted.

There may be accounts you want to keep following even if they are inactive on the site. You may quickly put these accounts to a white list using UnTweeps to avoid unfollowing or blocking them.

It will also detect accounts with no tweets. In certain circumstances, account owners would completely delete their accounts, leaving only a dead account and no content left.

You are never alerted since they no longer display on your timeline. Fortunately, this Twitter account management application can also clear things up for you.

The free edition of this platform enables three usages per month, which should be sufficient for most casual users. If you follow tens of thousands of accounts, they recommend UnTweeps Pro, which costs only $5 per month. The pricing is hard to beat for such a simple service.

Moreover, with premium subscriptions, you may utilize all of UnTweeps Pro’s features on an infinite number of accounts. Using this platform will eliminate the need to manage your following.

How does it work?

When you approve the app, it displays a notification and a list of accounts that have not changed their status in the recent 30 days. Simply click the ‘List Stale Accounts” option to unfollow your inactive tweeters.

6. SocialOomph


You can quickly handle a wide range of Twitter account management and unfollow duties with our Twitter account management and unfollow application (s).

This Twitter unfollow tool is a little more advanced, with capabilities like bulk publishing, automatic posting, and, of course, follow and unfollow control.

SocialOomph has a free version, but they also have a number of premium levels with increasing amounts of functionality.

The free edition includes one Twitter account, unlimited post scheduling, basic posting tools, and other features.

Paid memberships contain an increasing number of features, and the Business Suite subscription includes a 30-day free trial.

After you sign up, you must link your Twitter account and spend some time following the recommendations provided by SocialOomph.

Here’s how you can use Socialoomph.

Create a free account on Socialoomph and begin following people in your business. You may view your Twitter activity (who is following you back and who isn’t) and unfollow those who aren’t.

7. iUnfollow

iUnfollow-Best Twitter Tools

I understand that some of you are looking for a simple Twitter unfollow tool.

You’re not very concerned about post scheduling, content curating, or anything else fancy. And iUnfollow takes the cake in terms of simplicity and convenience of use.

It is a simple and straightforward tool designed to assist you in deciding who to unfollow. There are no analytics tools, post schedulers, content curation tools, or follower management features available here.

I mean truly simple when I say simply.

Simply log in to your account and you’ll have access to the unfollow tool right now.

Simply go to the ‘Non-Follow Back’ page to find Twitter people that do not follow you back.

iUnfollow, like previously, will send you to the unfollow function. Simply click the bright red ‘Unfollow’ icon to the right of the account you wish to unfollow.

Key features of iUnfollow

  • Whitelist – iUnfollow features a whitelist function that might assist you to avoid accidentally unfollowing someone.
  • Follow Back – If you’ve suddenly gained lots of new followers, iUnfollow’s “Follow Back” option can help you answer quickly.

8. Unfollowspy

Unfollowspy- Best Twitter Tools

Not every blogger is eager to invest in a Twitter management tool. As a result, I made certain to add a completely free unfollow option.

Unfollowspy is that tool.

How to Use Unfollowspy to Unfollow Accounts?

Following the creation of your account, you will be sent to your Unfollowspy dashboard.

You may examine basic stats about your Twitter account here, such as new followers, unfollowers, and so on.

To find accounts to unfollow, go to the main menu and choose ‘Manage Users.’

When looking for accounts to unfollow, visit the “Doesn’t Follow Back” and “Unfollowed” tabs.

Unfollowspy will then display a short list of matched accounts to you. More crucially, each account card has a large, visible ‘Unfollow’ button.

Unfollow as much as you want.

Other features of Unfollowspy

  • Whitelist – Fortunately, Unfollowspy has a whitelisting tool to assist you to avoid unfollowing high-priority users.
  • Unfollowspy’s creators managed to integrate a fully functioning tweet scheduler despite the fact that it is a free service.
  • Unfollowspy’s “RSS Feed To Tweet” function may also be used to automate tweets by extracting material from Google Alerts.

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Final Thoughts: Best Twitter Tools For Quickly Unfollowing Your Unfollowers 2023

If you are a blogger, you are probably aware of the significance of website traffic.

Online, website traffic is the money. You can’t rely on Google to grow your traffic or revenue. You never know when Google will punish your website. That is why you must concentrate on social networking platforms.

Nothing rivals the quality of Twitter traffic when it comes to social media traffic. Twitter is used by almost every top influencer to increase engagement, followers, traffic, and purchases.

All of the top 7 Twitter tools discussed on this page are really simple to use, and the majority of them are free (some have free trial versions), so choose one or two and begin unfollowing your unfollowers.

Do you have any other questions? Which Twitter application do you use? Do you have any more suggestions? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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