9 Best Voluum Alternatives: Affiliate Ad Tracking Software 2023

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Jot URL comes with a great interface is a shorter tool for all the needs in the growing digitalization world in marketing. There are a many unique features that are not available on any other similar tool. It has all minor and major features.

Are you looking for the best Voluum Alternatives 2023? For online marketers and individual advertisers, digital and offline businesses, it is hard to choose software for tracking and processing campaigns.

Even after doing so, it becomes hard to increase the reach of customers. There are various such apps and software available online which vary in terms of features and pricing that can be used to grow your businesses and boost your sales thereby increasing your chances of profit maximization.

Voluum is an app that is leading all around the globe. It is designed by codewise. Any marketer that has several ads running must use Voluum to keep track of them.

Although recently I came to know about much new software that is being introduced with the same or better features and is quickly replacing Voluum. 

Let’s have a look at the features and specific information about the Voluum

🚀Bottom Line Upfront: If you are on the go and looking for the best alternative to Voluum then FunnelFlux Pro is the best choice for you because this platform is capable of tracking your marketing campaigns on big platforms like Facebook, Google AdWords, and many more. It doesn’t hurt to give FunnelFlux Pro a try over Voluum. It provides an all-inclusive view of the campaign activity that you can use for actionable insights into what works best in future engagements with customers.

What is Voluum?

Voluum is an innovative, real-time app available for tracking online advertising campaigns. It is prevalent among performance marketers and individuals seeking advertising platforms to evaluate their hard work and marketing strategies. 

Voluum-Ad-Tracker - Overview

It provides an excellent way of analyzing data and giving useful information to its users. With its availability on the cloud and accessibility on any device, I can pretty much use it anytime and in any corner of the world, which makes it my first choice. As it handles the sensitive data of its users, it provides high-security encryption and authentication, which are similar to any finance-related website or app. 

10 Voluum alternatives that are a better value for money

These various options were the best that I found while exploring alternatives. These helped me in making my choices and selections easier by creating a list of features, pricing, pros, and Cons of different options and comparing them with each other. 

Alternatives always help to choose between the different options and make choices more easy and simple whereas when we are left with only one option, the availability of features and choices decreases.

1) FunnelFlux Pro

Basically, it is a platform or software that tracks markets of campaigning from Facebook, taboola, and other social sites you could ever think of. The creation of simple and complex journeys that are visual can be done.


Page visits, clicks, and conversions can be tracked. With its help, we can keep an eye on the campaigns of advertising of real and lifetime value. 

Who Should use FunnelFlux Pro?

  • Performance marketers use it for creating simple yet complex visual journeys thereby getting a reported depth. More functions available include a blazing fast, tracking of industry-leading javascript, unlimited reporting, and an exclusive combo package with the optimizer. 
  • Advertising agencies can track journeys of any scope thereby allowing FunnelFlux Pro to be their data hub. Other functions include tracking of industry-leading javascript, access to multi-users that will be available soon, and lifetime value tracking.
  • Product users use it to track their product sale journey from start to end. Special attention is also given to ROI. Integrating custom webhook with cart systems is in development and will be awesome.


Let’s glance through the amazing features with some additive quality functions of FunnelFlux Pro. They are:

  • Creating visual funnels that are not restricted to any specific sizes.
  • Flexible and powerful reports that are updated from time to time
  • Rapid pace stats
  • Every metric available and needed by the customer
  • javascript or redirection
  • Tracking is made simple without interruption of cookies
  • Fast global redirects are provided 
  • Device data with high accuracy 
  • Limitless no of custom domains
  • An organized and well-handleable user interface.
  • Trials that are risk-free 
  • Analysis with powerful reports
  • Integration with no of platforms 
  • It also has an optimizer for running native or pop traffic and also which automates 90% of the optimization
  • The geodata provided is precise.
  • Logic nodes are also going to be launched soon.


However, the funnelflux pro contains three different plans. Whereas a 14+ day free trial program is available on a prior basis.  The plans are : 

FunnelFlux-Pro- Pricing

  • The core plan: $99/month

       Benefits available under this plan are :

  1. 1,000,000 visitors per month
  2. $ 0.20 per extra 1000 visitors 
  3. The building of visual funnels
  4. Reports that are powerful, flexible, and accurate.
  5. Device data with high accuracy
  6. Retention of data for 12 months
  7. Limitless custom domains
  • The growth plan: $299/ month

  Benefits available under this plan are : 

  1. 5,000,000 visitors per month 
  2. $ 0.10 per extra 1000 visitors 
  3. The building of visual funnel
  4. Specified standard Reports 
  5. IP with high accuracy
  6. Retention of data for 12 months
  7. Unlimited custom domains
  • The scale plan: $499/month

Benefits available under this plan are :

  1. 20,000,000 visitors per month
  2. $0.05 visitors per Extra 1000 visitors 
  3. The building of visual funnels 
  4. Organized reports
  5. Unlimited custom domains
  6. Retention of data for 12 months
  7. IP with high security.

As you see, all the benefits available in the three plans are almost the same by nature, the only things that vary are the number of visitors, and the commission on extra customers. However FunnelFlux Pro turns out to be the best alternative for Voluum. It has the best features at affordable prices. So I’ll personally suggest you use FunnelFlux Pro as it is available with the best features. 

Pros & Cons

Pros :

  • Funnel sizes are not restricted 
  • Great support
  • Reports are very accurate
  • It is integrated with multiple platforms 


  • The cost per extra visitor is a bit higher, but it’s per visitor not event (like click, conversion)
  • Its packages are costly but without features disabled 

2) Jot URL

It is a one-time shorter tool for all the needs of growing digitalization in marketing. There are a variety of features that won’t be available on any other similar platform. It has approximately more than 125 parts.

JotUrl- Overview


  • It allows shortening links from our domains.
  • There are landing pages that are responsive and are available with open graph parameters that can be customized. 
  • It has four different types of link rotators.
  • A/B testing is available for CTAs.
  • Timely targeting. 
  • It comes with limited events.
  • Cost updating can be done manually.
  • It provides dynamic QR codes.
  • It has retargeting pixels.



  • They do not have a free version.
  • They offer free trials.
  • The pricing starts at  $7.85 per month individually.

Pros & Cons


  • The short URLs make the hyperlink look more attractive.
  • No fear of losing SEO benefits.
  • Audience Tracking  
  • It also provides custom link writing.


  • More likely, there’s a chance of short links being fake and therefore being viewed less.
  • If services go down, links can die.

3) Improvely

Improvely is an app that performs the conversion of tracks and does click fraud monitoring. It also works with Twitter and Facebook ads. Along with this, it serves many tasks.

 improvely Overview

Bottom Line Upfront: Improvely most prominent feature is building the user profile feature, which makes it different and premium from other tools but lacks some features in comparison to Funnel Fux pro, Click Magic and Jot URL.


  • Conversion of tracks takes place.
  • Click fraud monitoring is performed
  • Affiliate marketing is done.
  • It has a metrics dashboard.
  • The repeated customers and tracked and targeted.
  • The model’s contributions are advanced.
  • It provides custom domains.
  • IP address blocking takes place.
  • It also provides excel CSV support.
  • Manages to track links.
  • Provides a suspicious click warning of pages for security and privacy.


Well, the pricing is different for different agencies. They are : 

 Improvely -Pricing

  • small agency: $149/month
  • Large agency : $299/month
  • Large agency 500: $599/month
  • Large agency 1M: $899/month


  • It is accessible to almost all devices.
  • It helps us to analyze where I need to put effort.
  • It lets me compare the effectiveness of various campaigns of ads.
  • When I click fraud monitoring services,  we know the scammers or competitors clicking on our ads.
  • It also provides a 14-day free trial.
  • They also provide funnel reports.
  • Split testing is done.
  • Automation of various tasks.
  • Report data is also exported to documents of excel.


  • If you run a large-scale business, It will become quite costly to avail of the services provided by improvements.

4) ClickMagick

 Like any other software, It helps us to track ads. It also pings up on profitable clicks. It is web-based and optimizes our marketing efforts.

ClickMagick - Track And Optimize All Your Marketing


  • It easily tracks conversions like other software.
  • It has link rotates for different modes 
  • A/B split testing is also performed to compare performances.
  • It analyses the quality of traffic. 
  • It adds pixels that are retargeting to any link.
  • Bot filtering to control the quality of traffic.
  • Integrates custom domain 


Clickmagick Pricing

It has three pricing plans that are as follows:

  • Starter plan: $27 per month
  • Standard plan: $67 per month
  • Pro plan: $97 per month

Among these, the standard plan is the plan that is mostly used.

Pros & Cons


  • The tracking software is fantastic and is much organized.
  • It has no tools for various tasks.
  • I get all updates and notifications from time to time.
  • It is highly compatible with Google Analytics and other SEO tools.
  • A full tutorial is made available for the user to learn the operating of click magick.
  • The metrics are highly accurate and correct.


  • Clickmagick is not for small websites and small-scale businesses.
  • Using click magick may become challenging for a beginner without any knowledge of operating it.
  • Customer support and service are not so updated and available 24/7.
  • You need to have prior knowledge of tools like CPanel, Google analytics, and other devices that manage ads.
  • You also need to be a little tech-savvy.

5) LinkTrackr 

With the help of a link tracker, I came to know about track ads and campaigns that are profitable or not. It is easy to create tracking links through a link tracker.

LinkTrackr Overview


  • The tracking conversion is advanced 
  • Basic cloaking is done 
  • The optimization of links can be performed 
  • It performs advanced conversion tracking
  • It also cloaks a viral bar and is tracking in real-time.
  • Custom domain URL is provided.


Its pricing is according to the needs and criteria of businesses. It has no fixed-price plans.

LickTrackr pricing


  • You can directly upload your sales commissions on  LinkTrackr 
  • It is user friendly and affordable 
  • Most helpful for distinguishing between profitable and non-profitable businesses.


  • It has not so many features.
  • Mostly for small scale businesses.

6) AdsBridge

 Ads bridges are famous among large corporations with a vast number of campaigns. These kinds of companies are too busy and acquire the software to manage 

AdsBridge - landing page builder

everything for them. 


adsbridge pricing plans

Starter- $29/month

Professional- $89/month

Advanced- $199/month

Business- $379/month


  • It provides Split Testing
  • It has a landing page builder
  • It delivers conversion tracking
  • It delivers PPC tracking
  • It delivers pixel tracking
  • It has a link tracker
  • It has an ad tracking feature
  • It has a feature for hiding reference and funnel

Pros & Cons


  • Correctly deals with tracking of direct traffic.
  • Quick integration with marketing and paid traffic sources. 
  • Impressive data granularity


  • The Mobile version lacks detailed analysis.
  • Load speed suffers a lot.

7) PartnerStack

PartnerStack is a platform that aids in partner management. It is structured to increase recurring revenue for business firms and their partners. PartnerStack tracks links and leads for business partners too. 

 PartnerStack Overview- Build Distribution Channels That Work


Pricing is done differently for every business according to their needs. 

PartnerStack - Pricing


  • Provides email updates to businesses
  • Generates custom links for every individual
  • Provides referral link generator
  • Aids in campaign tracking
  • Provides opportunity management
  • Does action tracking
  • It possesses broad workflows
  • Aids in the management of commissions and payouts. 


  • Structured dashboard and efficient work tools
  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Friendly support team


  • No explicit integrations 
  • It is not mobile-friendly
  • Unavailability of notification setting 

8) ThriveTracker

ThriveTracker provides its registered users with an email with detailed instructions on how to proceed forward. It is suitable for creative bulk campaigns. It also provides you with accessibility to granular data trackings like targets or browsers. 

ThriveTracker Overview- Affiliate Tracker


ThriveTracker prices

Cloud Elite- Custom Pricing

Cloud Lite- $35/month

Cloud Classic- $79/month


  • It includes AI Optimisation
  • It gives access to Bot Filter
  • It is beneficial for Quick Redirects
  • It provides Auto-analysis
  • It helps to acquire control over Domains.
  • It enables Funnel Support
  • It gives Multiple users access

Pros And Cons


  • Fast processing is available 
  • Host servers are not required
  • Easy to understand interface and easy to cope up too.
  • They are simply Integrated and understandable.
  • Various currencies are acceptable 
  • Record keeping is managed wholly.
  • Detailed Reports are provided from time to time.


  • Defect in Tracking results in the creation of bugs

9) LandingTrack

Landing track is a completely automated software used for managing all traffic from one forum. It helps you to relieve all your campaign-related burden on the software and concentrate on more critical aspects of your business. 

LandingTrack- Overview


  • It helps in the management
  • It helps in tracking
  • It aids in banner management
  • It aids in commission management
  • It is suitable for fraud detection 


LandingTrack - Pricing

Starter- $49/Month

Professional- $99/month

Business- $249/month

Master- $449/month

Pros And Cons


  • Easy to use Campaign tracker
  • New concept and technology according to modernized and digitized generation 
  • Helps to control traffic
  • It is intuitive
  • Regular updates are provided.


  • Features that are not live yet but will be coming soon like stats graphics, targeting offers, etc. 


👉What is Voluum used for?

The platform that's been missing from your marketing mix is nowhere. Voluum offers performance analytics, campaign tracking, and management to optimize all paid or organic traffic sources straight from one place!

👉 Is Voluum good?

Voluum is a tool that allows you to keep track of all aspects of your affiliate marketing campaigns in one place. Many top marketers recommend it because they have found its functions smooth and easy to use, making their lives much easier!

👉How much does click magic cost?

There are three pricing options on their website: the Starter Plan for $37 per month, the Standard Plan for $77 per month, and the Pro Plan for $177 per month but there is no yearly pricing option available on their website.

🤔What Is FunnelFlux?

FunnelFlux is a visual tracker that lets you see where people are coming from to your website. It also tells you what they do on your website. If you don't know which traffic sources are making money and which ones aren't, then you need FunnelFlux.

Does Voluum work?

Voluum has the best reputation for dependability. The amount of data passing via trackers as the middle part of an advertising campaign is enormous.

How much does Voluum cost?

Prices for Voluum's three editions range from $89 to $299. View the various pricing editions listed below to determine which edition and features fit your needs and budget. Set up affiliate campaign tracking. Improve your marketing for greater revenue and lower expenses.

What is FunnelFlux used for?

FunnelFlux is a diagramming tool. FunnelFlux includes the following features: Flowchart, Data, Import-Export, Diagram Templates Drag & Drop, Multi-User Collaboration, and more.

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Conclusion: 10 Best Voluum Alternatives 2023

In an era of digitalization and modernization, digital marketing needs many optimized and advanced tools, among which we have mentioned of them.

There are even more alternatives available. It is up to you and your business needs which one you should choose. I found the FunnelFlux Pro was the best choice for me. You can also compare the features available with pricing to get the best possible result and expected outcomes.

Look for unique features and criteria that suit your business well, which is not available in every software, and you can decide upon that too. In the end, whichever is best for you and your business should be your ideal choice, and only you can know what it is according to your self-analysis.

So what are you waiting for? Get started faster and fastest to grow your businesses when there are so many options available. Boost your sales and reach with similar software of digital marketing.

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  1. I had been in the industry for a while now, for me best Alternatives for Voluum include the Impact Partnership Cloud and Tapfiliate. TUNE is another alternative you may consider as well because it has unique features not found in other affiliate marketing platforms.

  2. As a marketer, FunnelFlux is the gamechanger. No more guess work and wasted time – these guys make it easy to see what gets you conversions and what doesn’t!

  3. If you’re looking for a Voluum alternative because of its high costs, AnyTrack is your best bet. According to the many PPC marketers who have tried them both out, it has all if not more features than Voluum with competitive rates and plans. Given that top-rated affiliate networks like AdsBridge or FlexOffers use this software as their primary tracking tool says a lot about how good it really is!
    In order to make this passage engaging in terms of dialogue between characters instead just summarizing what’s presented i think any potential consumer would find interesting I’d try portraying two people having an argument over which one they should get but then finding something new/interesting about another option.

  4. FunnelFlux is a genius way to use social media advertising & marketing with just one platform. It’s easy for me because it gives me the power of five apps in just one!

  5. I feel that FunnelFlux is a really cool software because it has all the marketing tools I need at one place. It saves me from having to look for hours on those seperate social media websites and now it’s only an app away from me!

  6. Using complicated software like Voluum can be challenging to use, which most people don’t have the time for. With Binom that’s not the case! I never thought about my traffic data in this way before and it has helped me significantly improve my site.

  7. If you are looking for an alternative to Voluum, consider ClickMagick. They have the best features and they offer a great value for money too. If you want something that is reasonably inexpensive with good quality then JotURL will be ideal- it has all the basic functionalities of high priced alternatives at only half price! However if budget isn’t your concern but rather ease in use instead, go with ClickMeter or LinkTrackr who have intuitive user interfaces and can help capture critical data easily without any fuss or complication involved on your part. On the other hand Improvely offers excellent customer support as well as innovative functions like A/B testing which makes them stand out from their competitors while still providing similar functionality offered by others.

  8. FunnelFlux is the best voluum alternative for all your marketing needs. User-friendly and robust, it streamlines all of your social media efforts with a single dashboard. And automatically updates them in real time to make sure you’re always on top of the latest trends – there’s literally no more guessing whether what you’re doing is going to work or not! Bottom line: FunnelFlux takes care of everything from moderating user content, automating apps like Facebook Ads and Taboola, analyzing surges in traffic… In fact, if it has anything to do with digital marketing automation – FunnelFlux does it better than any other tool out there!

  9. Why Voluum ad tracking tool is better than alternatives such as Binom, AdsBridge, RedTrack, Bemob and Thrive. These are all leading tools but when it comes to the features that they provide along with their affordability I would recommend going for only one of them which in this case has got to be Voluum.

  10. If you’re running out of time and ideas or if you just want to see what’s working, then FunnelFlux is here for you. As a responsible marketer, your satisfaction matters so we are able to provide reliable analytics so that all marketing campaigns can be tracked. With this data, marketers not only save time but also money by being accurate with our ads!

  11. I use FunnelFlux to increase engagement on my Facebook fan page and make it easy to find new customers. I no longer need a distributor rep because the company representatives are great. Plus, they’re never too busy.

  12. Binom is a comprehensive set of tools that can analyze traffic and its distribution, but it does lack some cloud-based solutions. But if you’re willing to overlook the minor technical difficulties, everything else about this program is amazing. The interface is intuitive with an easy-to-use navigation bar at the top of the screen. Opted for, I would recommend using Binom instead of any other plqatform because it doesn’t take as much effort to use many features on this tool than on GA’s complex user admin panel or their UI design which makes it more difficult to find desired data points quickly.

  13. While it has taken a little longer than I anticipated to create, and there are some minor bugs in the system, FunnelFlux is a great tool for all marketers. You can track your marketing campaigns from beginning-to-end, so you always have an idea of what is working and what isn’t.

  14. FunnelFlux is practically the most robust & user-friendly marketing tool out there. The thing about FunnelFlux that really stood out for me was how multifunctional it is – I like brands that are versatile and appreciate flexibility in their day-to-day lives, so FunnelFlux was a joy to work with! I don’t have much time on my hands these days what with being an international yoga teacher and a serial entrepreneur, but the folks at FunnelFlux made it super easy for me to integrate this noiseless new service into my hectic schedule.

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