11 Best VPNs For Small Businesses 2024: 🔥 #1 Pick

As a small business owner, I know how crucial it is to keep our online data safe. That’s why finding the right VPN (Virtual Private Network) is so important.

It’s like having a secret tunnel for your internet data, keeping it away from prying eyes. I’ve looked into a bunch of VPNs to see which ones are the best fit for small businesses like ours.

They need to be easy to use, affordable, and really good at protecting our information.

In this article, I’m going to share Best VPNs For Small Businesses 2024.

Whether you’re sending important emails or handling customer data, these VPNs have got your back!

Best VPNs For Small Businesses

Why Is a VPN necessary for a Small Business?

Cybercrime is a threat to every firm that sends data through the Internet. It is no longer limited to government bodies and e-commerce businesses.

Regrettably, even essential email communication may expose a firm to possible risks.

VPNs remove this possibility. However, the advantages do not end there. They can assist firms in scaling safely and securely.

As organizations expand, they must develop their network of servers, computers, and devices, the majority (if not all) of which are connected to the Internet.

 Best VPNs For Small Businesses

These connections are safe while using a VPN. VPNs may help firms that use teleworkers and sales representatives protect connectivity to data and accounts.

Public Wi-Fi networks, particularly those that do not need a password and allow auto-connect, are breeding grounds for hackers looking to compromise computers.

Many individuals are ignorant of these hidden dangers and routinely utilize public Wi-Fi. When using public Wi-Fi, a VPN protects the connection between a device and business information, preventing data leakage.

Additionally, a VPN is a valuable tool for circumventing some regional limitations.

For instance, if you work in China, a VPN is virtually mandatory to connect to the global network since the Chinese Great Firewall prohibits access to many websites, including Google, Facebook, and, most recently, GitHub.

The majority of VPNs include several server locations. These geographic limitations may be circumvented by connecting to a server in a different country.

Numerous VPN providers additionally provide their users an extra layer of safety by integrating anti-malware and anti-spyware programs into their basic VPN package.

11 Best VPNs For Small Businesses 2024

Here are the 11 best VPNs for small businesses:

1. NordLayer:

NordSec, which created the massively successful NordVPN service, has many services for small and medium-sized organizations.

Under the NordLayer brand, Nord provides commercial VPN services and multi-layer network security, and all are managed via a single dashboard.

nordlayer- Best VPNs For Small Businesses

It  ticks all the boxes, enabling remote workers to access the corporate on-site network through an encrypted tunnel while offering site-to-site and dedicated IP connectivity.

Additionally, it provides administrative services at the corporate level, such as interaction with single sign-on systems, authorization management for teams, and centralized invoicing.

NordLayer Pros:

  • Comprehensive security features.
  • Compatibility with popular IAM providers.
  • Extensive server pool with global reach.
  • 24/7 live chat support.
  • No minimum number of users.
  • Unblocks Netflix.

NordLayer Cons:

  • Lacking features and customization.
  • Customer support can be slow.

2. Norton Secure VPN:

Norton’s VPN is accessible on Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android and includes round-the-clock customer assistance.

The firm operates 1,500 servers across 73 cities and 29 countries from 200 sites.

For the first year, the cost is roughly $40.

Although the organization is well-known as a heritage cybersecurity supplier, it lacks many advanced capabilities other VPN providers offer.


With various subscription options, the firm provides other security solutions besides its VPN, making it a feasible alternative for enterprises seeking an all-in-one service.

What the VPN lacks in complexity, it more than compensates with tried and reliable capabilities that cover the essentials.

Norton Secure VPN Pros:

  • Fast Speeds.
  • Split Tunneling Feature.
  • Ad Tracker Blocking.
  • Simple User Interface.
  • Good Global Server Coverage.
  • Flexible Pricing Options.

Norton Secure VPN Cons:

  • Limited Advanced Features.
  • Small Server Network.
  • No Independent Testing.
  • Data Logging Concerns.

3. Private Internet Access:

Private Internet Access does not disclose the number of accessible IP addresses, but the US-based VPN does boast 3,252 servers spread over 37 regions.

It supports five concurrent connections and is available in two-year plans for $83.87 and one-year programs for roughly $71.

pia- Best VPNs For Small Businesses

There are Firefox and Chrome extensions available and support for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

One of its distinguishing qualities is its capacity to support ten concurrent connections, which makes it suitable for enterprises.

Private Internet Access Pros:

  • Outstanding streaming performance.
  • Excellent for torrenting.
  • PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec procedures.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and multiple VPN gateways.
  • Secure VPN and instantly setup.
  • No logging policy and easy to use interface.

Private Internet Access Cons:

  • Apps are a bit tricky.
  • Having trouble with some streaming services.

4. IPVanish:

IPVanish is noteworthy since it allows customers to have ten simultaneous connections and is reasonably priced at $3.99 monthly for an annual subscription.

The service, based in the United States, has more than 40,000 IP addresses and 1,300 servers in more than 60 locations.

IPVanish VPN

Due to many concurrent connections, it is great for small organizations that need access to several workers, and it is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

IPVanish Pros:

  • Fast speed.
  • Large server network.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • Strong security features.
  • No logs policy.

IPVanish Cons:

  • Expensive.
  • Inconsistent customer support.

5. CyberGhost:

CyberGhost’s service enables customers to connect up to seven devices simultaneously and provides price options ranging from $3.69 per month for a two-year plan to $2.75 per month for a three-year program.

The firm operates 6,100 servers in 112 sites across more than 90 countries.

CyberGhost- Best VPNs For Small Businesses

No matter where you are, it enables you to access Hulu and Netflix while supporting BitTorrent and P2P.

The VPN, based in Germany and Romania, has over 10 million users worldwide and is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

CyberGhost Pros:

  • Affordable pricing.
  • Large server network.
  • Offers fast speeds for streaming, gaming, and torrenting.
  • Strong security and privacy.
  • User-friendly app.
  • Long money-back guarantee.

CyberGhost Cons:

  • Inconsistent speeds.
  • Occasional connection issues.
  • Lacks some advanced features.

6. SurfShark:

While SurfShark lacks the functionality of the first two VPNs on our list, it may be a better alternative for small companies and enterprises due to its unlimited device support, which lets customers connect as many devices as necessary.

The 24-month agreement offers the most outstanding value, totaling roughly $2 per month and requiring a $48 upfront payment.

Other price choices include one-year contracts starting at $72 per month or month-to-month subscriptions starting at $12.

Surfshark-Best VPNs For Small Businesses

The VPN has 1,000 servers in 60 countries, and its software includes anti-malware, ad-blocking, tracker-blocking capabilities, and app compatibility for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and routers.

It is straightforward and contains specialized help to address any problems.

SurfShark also includes industry-leading security measures in a user-friendly package.

Surfshark Pros:

  • Incredible value.
  • Apps and clients that are spotless.
  • Deletes any obstacle standing in your way.
  • Fast speed.
  • Prioritizes your security and privacy.
  • Some cryptocurrencies are accepted.
  • Large global server presence.

Surfshark Cons:

  • Limited server customization options.
  • Some features need a paid version.
  • Split tunneling not available on iOS.
  • Social media presence is weak.

7. NordVPN:

NordVPN offers more affordable price alternatives than ExpressVPN but has had to recover from some security concerns.

In late 2019, the service made headlines when it admitted to being hacked over a year after the original incident.

While the breach was minor, the time between when it occurred and when they informed the public was alarming.


Despite this, the company’s three-year subscription costs roughly $125 overall, which equates to little under $3.50 per month for the service, including six concurrent connections and 5,000 servers in over 60 countries.

Additionally, the service accepts Bitcoin payments and has a high-quality 2048-bit encryption key, an automated kill switch, and proxy plugins for popular browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

NordVPN Pros:

  • Fantastic new features.
  • Authenticated no-logging.
  • Lightning-fast connections.
  • Superfast servers.
  • Simple interface with secure servers.
  • Unrestricted access to 6 devices at the time.
  • Welcomes P2P traffic for fast uploads and downloads.

NordVPN Cons:

  • The unusual interface quibble.
  • It does not have the capability to prevent ad trackers.
  • There is no unlimited free plan.
  • Torrenting only supported on some servers.

8. ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN is primarily recognized as one of the most okay VPNs accessible for its speed and high-quality privacy features.

According to the company’s statistics, it has over 30,000 IP addresses, over 3,000 servers, and 160 server locations worldwide.

Users may connect up to five devices, and the firm offers monthly subscriptions for less than $7.


They also accept Bitcoin for payment if that’s more your pace.

Additionally, they provide 24-hour customer care and several videos to assist you with any issues. VPN software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and various routers.

ExpressVPN Pros:

  • Reliable in every region of the world.
  • Excellent apps for all devices.
  • Quick connections to the US.
  • Stellar support.
  • It is slightly more pricey but well worth the additional cost.

ExpressVPN Cons:

  • More expensive than some other VPNs.
  • There are no advanced setup options.

9. SaferVPN

SaferVPN, founded in Israel, provides excellent customer care, an easy and attractive desktop client, and mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry.

Although the service has a no-logging policy, it logs sufficient session data. SaferVPN has above-average speeds and supports the security protocols OpenVPN, L2TP, IKEv2, and PPTP.

safervpn-Best VPNs For Small Businesses

SaferVPN may be a good alternative to ensure your workers have a seamless experience while working across numerous devices (desktop and mobile).

It provides a one-day free trial and a 14-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to make an educated choice before committing to a long-term membership.

SaferVPN Pros:

  • Unblocks Netflix US and UK​​.
  • Good Customer Support.
  • Decent Speeds.
  • Automatic Wi-Fi Protection.
  • Versatile Device Support.
  • Good Long-Term Pricing.

SaferVPN Cons:

  • Below Average Speeds in Some Instances.
  • Limited Torrenting Support.
  • Privacy Concerns Due to Location.
  • Issues with the Kill Switch.

10. PureVPN

If cost is a significant consideration, you may want to check out PureVPN, which offers annual memberships at only $5 per month.

It’s a reputable Hong Kong-based firm that provides various subscription programs, including personalized subscriptions.

As a result, you may benefit from a competitive rate, a specialized administration site, and an account manager.

PureVPN offers many features, including stealth surfing, two-factor authentication, DDoS protection, online banking security, and secure FTP access.


PureVPN supports various protocols, including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, PPTP, and IKEv2, among others.

My beef with them has always been that they do not use Perfect Forward Secrecy, even though their AES-256 encryption, SHA-1 (HMAC) authentication, and RSA-256 handshake seem secure.

Regarding session logs, PureVPN maintains session – not activity – logs for troubleshooting reasons and monitors user clicks on certain software buttons to determine the popularity of particular features.

If you’re cool with that, a three-day free trial will give you a better sense of the user interface, speed, and performance, all of which were rather impressive in our testing.

Additionally, PureVPN offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

PureVPN Pros:

  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Large Server Network.
  • Compatibility and User-Friendly Apps.
  • Split Tunneling Feature.
  • Multiple Device Connections.
  • Streaming and Torrenting Capabilities.

PureVPN Cons:

  • Past Privacy Concerns.
  • Limited Advanced Features in Basic Plan.
  • Inconsistent Speeds on Distant Servers.

11. Perimeter 81

Israel-based Perimeter 81 combines lightning-fast performance, Zero Trust Security as a Service, and unlimited data with live chat support and apps for almost every platform.

Along with dedicated gateways in 35 locations, Perimeter 81 enables quick user onboarding, complete admin and user activities records, and tunneling protocols IKEv2 and OpenVPN.

Additionally, small company owners may host their private VPN gateway with a static IP address on the Perimeter 81 cloud, eliminating the need to maintain and manage it themselves.

perimeter81-Best VPNs For Small Businesses

Users may build several servers in the same place or globally, including the United States, Toronto, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Bangalore, Paris, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Additionally, Perimeter 81 includes features like automatic Wi-Fi security, a VPN kill switch, two-factor authentication, and the option to do a speed test directly from the settings.

The VPN Kill Switch is important for online anonymity since it immediately terminates all Internet traffic if the Perimeter 81 program crashes.

It encrypts data using the OpenVPN protocol, employing the AES-256 cryptography and SHA256 hash authentication.

The control channel is encrypted using the AES-256 cipher with the RSA-2048 TLS handshake encryption and is authenticated using the SHA-256 algorithm.

It also leverages perfect forward secrecy (PFS) provided by DH-4096 Diffie-Hellman key exchange for extra security.

PFS means that the VPN changes its keys to encrypt and decrypt data automatically and frequently, ensuring that only a tiny portion of the user’s sensitive data is exposed if the latest key is compromised.

Perimeter 81 Pros:

  •  It is user-friendly and easy to learn.
  • Integration with Third-party Services.
  • Unified Network Management.
  • Secure Cloud and Network Access.
  • Supports Multiple Operating Systems.

Perimeter 81 Cons:

  • No Free Trial.
  • Advanced Features in Higher Pricing Tiers.
  • Limited Support in Essential Plan.

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FAQs On Best VPNs For Small Businesses 2024

👉How does a VPN enhance the security of a small business?

A VPN enhances security by encrypting data transmission, thereby shielding your business from hackers, cyberattacks, and data breaches. It also helps in securely connecting remote employees to the company's network.

👀Are there affordable VPN options suitable for small businesses?

Absolutely! There are several VPN services that offer affordable plans tailored for small businesses. These plans often include features like multiple user access, advanced encryption, and dedicated customer support.

✔What should I look for when choosing a VPN for my small business?

Key factors to consider include strong encryption standards, reliable performance, ease of use, customer support, and the ability to support multiple users and devices simultaneously.

💁‍♀️Are there any legal considerations for using a VPN in a business environment?

Yes, while using a VPN is legal in most countries, it’s important to comply with local laws and regulations regarding internet usage. Additionally, using a VPN for illegal activities is prohibited.

❓How many devices can be connected to a business VPN?

This varies by provider. Some offer unlimited devices, while others have a limit. It’s important to choose a plan that aligns with your business's needs.

Conclusion: Best VPNs For Small Businesses 2024

Investing in a VPN is an essential step for small businesses aiming to safeguard their digital assets and maintain operational integrity in today’s interconnected world. The right VPN service can provide robust encryption, secure remote access, and protect sensitive data from cyber threats.

Remember, while a VPN is a powerful tool, it’s part of a broader cybersecurity strategy. Regular updates, employee training, and adherence to data protection laws are equally important.

We encourage small business owners to consider the specific needs of their business – number of users, types of devices, and required access levels – when choosing a VPN provider.

Lastly, stay informed about the evolving digital landscape. As technology advances, so do the tools and strategies to protect your business online. Embrace these changes with the right VPN partner by your side.

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