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      In this post, we are going to explore the Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe In 2020. But before going further, let me give you a brief insight about web hosting and the factors that determine who your web host is going to be.

      Web Hosting services provide the platform for developing any of your business online. Whether you have a startup business or an established large scale business, hosting services provide you with the best multi-functional features and latest technology to host your website online. Your website is held or stored on specialized processors called servers. When anyone wants to view your webpage, after typing your website name, the servers will connect them to your webpage through the browser.

      The Website Name is the domain name which is also purchased from either domain registering companies or web hosting companies.

      How To Decide Which Web Hosting Plan Is Suitable For You?

      Before going for any web hosting plan, make sure that you have an in-depth knowledge about all the type of hustings’ conducted through these service providers. It entirely depends on what kind of scaling your business needs and what all elements must be added at the initial stage.

      The type of servers required to run your website also plays a major role. The last but not the least part is your budget because at times you have to compromise on few points due to the affordability concerns.

      For newbies, budget is the first thing which they think about before buying any services. For large enterprises, the budget is not so important as they first focus on safety features and other multimedia operations.

      So, keeping in mind all these aspects, web hosting service providers design their plans as per the need of the clients. You can start with the budgeted plan and slowly move on to the higher plans with more exclusive features. There are many hosting options accessible to you from which I will talk about the basic ones:

      Other factors which determine the cost of the plan are the web servers- Linux or Windows. Windows is little costly whereas Linux is affordable. Both are used for different purposes:

      Linux is for processing scripts created in PHP, Perl, Python and other Unix-devised languages. It commonly backs MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

      Windows is for handling ASP scripts and applying .NET and other Microsoft expertise. It assists Microsoft SQL Server and Access database.

      Also know the essential features of every web hosting service which it offers with a particular plan like- FTTP access, Email accounts, disk space, bandwidth, and uptime.

      Which Factors Help You In Choosing A Hosting Provider?

      In the competitive world, it becomes tough to choose the best hosting service for any of your business. There are few very important elements on which you should decide on your host provider. Whenever someone visits your website, the most important thing is the time which server takes to load the pages.

      The more the downtime of the server, the quick change of mind of the user. The visitor will switch to another website if your web pages don’t give the best uptime in loading pages.

      Another aspect is the server space provided to the data of your website. If you choose an economic package, then make sure that you get hands on unlimited space and bandwidth. In every package, you will be allowed either limited or unlimited space so that visitor can easily either transfer the files or use the website.

      Bandwidth is an essential factor as it helps in increasing traffic and needed updates.

      Other additional factors which can be provided as an add-on are- CGI access, MySQL, Real Video and Audio, Cold Fusion, etc. SSL is very crucial for e-commerce sites as it encodes all the transaction report till it comes to you.

      The service provider can purchase SSL and displayed on your webpage to ensure that all transactions will be secure.

      Some hosting firms also offer website designing so that you get help in getting stunning website designs with high-tech multimedia features. It is also an excellent feature you can look for while deciding on your host provider as you get many options from a single vendor.

      After all the above-mentioned factors, let’s choose the Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe.


      [Updated Reviews 2020 September] Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe


              Web Host


                              Discount Offer

      #1   Webhosting.UK

      £ 2.49

      #2  HeartInternet

      £ 2.49

      #3 HostEurope

      € 3.99

      #4 123-reg web hosting

      £ 2.49


      $ 2.45

      #6  UK2NET

      £ 1

      #7  1&1

      $ 0.99

      #8  Site5

      $ 4.95

      #9 TMD Hosting

      $ 2.85

      #10 FastComet

      $ 2.95

      1) Webhosting.UK

      web hosting uk- Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe

      It is the most trusted web hosting service, and more than 35000 clients rely on for fulfilling their web requirements. It is rated as a 5-star hosting service by WHUK. It was established in 2001 and is among the best hosting providers in the UK with over 1000000 website hosting. It is a privately owned firm which focuses only on customer satisfaction.

      The special SSD VPS offer provided double disk space at the same price. It deals in both servers (Linus and Windows). It provides cPanel control which is an essential feature for creating and maintaining web pages. It is in the top list of the Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe.


      • affordable hosting plans
      • add-ons include –anti-spam malware, SSL certificates, and site scanner
      • 24/7 technical support
      • Full assistance during migration from another host
      • Updated technology and applications
      • 30-day money back guarantee
      • Web hosting at various levels
      • Unlimited domains and emails accounts
      • MySQL and PhpMyAdmin database support
      • Softaclous integration for accessing open source scripts

      Products offered:

      • Web Hosting
      • Reseller Hosting
      • VPS Hosting
      • Dedicated Servers
      • Cloud Hosting

      web hosting uk- Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe

      2) HeartInternet

      Heartinternet - Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe

      Established in 2004, HeartInternet is the UKs leading hosting firm which suits the needs of every organization. It provides all the web developers with the latest technology at best price. HeartInternet is an award-winning firm owned by a technically sound team of professionals and trusted by many known brands.

      They offer speed, reliability, and security to your website through its fully-equipped multimedia features. These attributes make it second on the list of Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe.

      HeartInterent is different from other due to its custom-built platforms which ensure optimized use of high-quality resources. This firm evolves as per the need of an hour by providing pioneering features.

      • Use of innovative technology
      • UK based expert support staff
      • Rock solid connectivity
      • Up-to-the-minute Data Centres
      • Use of Dell servers with latest Intel processors
      • Solutions provided by an in-house group of experts
      • Word-class data security
      • 24/7 customer support

      Products offered:

      • Domain Names
      • Web Hosting
      • Premium Hosting
      • Reseller Hosting
      • Virtual Private Servers
      • Dedicated Servers

      Hartinternet solutions plans- Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe


      3) HostEurope

      host europe-

      HostEuprope is again an award-winning hosting firm which was set up in 1997, with its headquarters in Germany. It offers a wide range of hosting as well as professional solutions. With the help of dedicated team of experts and updated technology, HostEurope’s performance is outstanding. The redundant infrastructure offers the best of everything which other competitors fail to serve.

      It has got fully secure servers which are monitored under strict supervision. Many other features like backup, certifications, uptime depend on your hosting plan which you choose. It stands out from the crowd because of its scope and size of the services provided.


      • Best uptime guaranteed
      • Include SSL certificates
      • 24/7 customer support
      • Use of latest technology and reliable servers


      Products offered:

      • WebServer
      • WebServer Dedicated
      • WordPress Hosting
      • Virtual Server
      • Root server
      • Private Cloud Server
      • SSL & Security
      • SSL Certificates
      • Sitelock

      host europe

      4) 123-reg web hosting

      123-reg web hosting- Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe is the UK’s largest hosting service provider, domain registrar, and email provider. They have registered more than 3.5 million domains and 1 million websites hosted under their name. They provide fully supported web hosting to make your online journey easy and reliable. They have easy-to-use technology offered at affordable pricing.

      Their in-house team of experts always believe in providing on-the-go solutions through chats, emails, and calls. From domain name registration to web designing, web hosting to email hosting, every service is up to the mark with brilliant features.


      • Full 24/7 support from team of experts
      • UK’s no. 1 hosting and domain registrar
      • Great products at affordable pricing
      • Intuitive control panel
      • Multi-lingual support
      • All-inclusive services like email marketing, SSL, SEO, PPC management and more
      • Fast, protected, trustworthy and performance-based web hosting
      • Great uptime for page uploads
      • You can choose either Linux or Windows server for hosting

      Products offered:

      • Domain registrar
      • Email hosting
      • Web hosting
      • WP hosting
      • Cloud hosting
      • Website creation

      123-reg pricing- Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe


      5) Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe provides multiple services at exorbitant prices along with high-tech features.  When you sign up for their web hosting plans, you get €50 Google Adwords coupon included in the package. It is a pioneering supplier of web hosting services along with unique hosting solutions. All the services and product offered are secure, reliable and flexible. The easy-to-understand user interface id technically advanced and fully fitted out to the user’s demand. was founded in 2002 and has more than one million customers who trust on their high-quality performance-based services.  The complete web hosting assures regular backups, email with webmail, antivirus, spam filter, DNS managing and free traffic to the domain.


      • Risk-free 15 days’ money back guarantee
      • Hosting at competitive prices
      • Exclusive solutions through state-of-the-art server set up
      • User-friendly interface with an advance mechanism
      • clienteles are free to use website program, a blog system with design originals and a photo gallery for online photo and video sharing
      • trustworthy and reliable services at affordable prices
      • great customer support
      • PHP & MariaDB database
      • 1-click WP installs
      • SSL, SSH, and FTP

      Products offered:

      • Domain registrar
      • Web hosting
      • Email hosting
      • Web designing pricing


      6) UK2NET

      UK2 Hosting- Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe

      UK2NET is a brand name when it comes to choosing the Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe. Their services are well- recognized by the top firms in Europe as they provide multiple options to choose from. The remarkable services Include- Domain Names, Web Hosting, E-Commerce, Dedicated Servers, and E-mail. UK2 is built in start-up region of Shoreditch, London. It is Britain’s home-grown web hosting company.

      They are an experienced team of experts who are hosting more than thousands of websites and millions of domain names are registered under their name. With more than 200 locations around the world, they are fully-equipped with all latest technologies to outgrow their business. UK2 provides reliable and secure servers for storing your data within the high-tech environment.


      • Unlimited shared hosting, and e-commerce hosting
      • One-click install software
      • Set up applications fast
      • Unrestricted emails and traffic
      • Robust customer support
      • Get help from Website Builder to design your professional website
      • Optimized WP hosting
      • Free domain name
      • Free SSL and Dedicated IP in advance packages
      • Unlimited web space, bandwidth, and emails

      Products offered:

      • Domain Names
      • Web Hosting
      • Website Builder
      • eCommerce Websites
      • VPS CLOUD
      • SSD VPS
      • Dedicated Servers

      7) 1&1

      1&1 hosting- Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe

      It was established in 1988 with its head office in Germany. 1&1 offers a wide range of services in ten countries including Spain, UK, Germany, and US. 1&1 is known for its all-inclusive and reasonable internet products which range from web hosting to professional site development. The use of innovative technology and other high-quality features make it a one-stop solution for business organizations.

      It has successfully established itself in international markets with its experience of dealing with a variety of product line. It offers 100% fast hosting with the latest hybrid technology and SSDs.


      • SSL certificate includes in plans
      • Optimize performance with PHP7 and OPcache, email accounts, web space and websites
      • Full availability of secure resources- geo-redundancy, CDN, SiteLock and DDoS protection
      • The hosting is flexible as 1&1 offers great customer support, recovery options, SSL certificates and App center
      • Secure Datacenters
      • Quick app installs
      • It offers Windows hosting and WP hosting


      Products offered:

      • Web hosting
      • Webspace
      • Email hosting
      • WordPress themes
      • eCommerce Software

      1&1 Web Hosting price- Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe

      8) Site5

      site5 hosting- Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe

      Site5 is also a trusted name when it comes to picking up the Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe. It has 11 datacentres out of which half are located in Europe. Despite low pricing, Site5 provides exclusive features which add value to your web hosting experience. It is fully loaded with fundamental aspects which make your hosting easy and all-inclusive. They do not charge any money for installations and also a money back if you don’t feel satisfied with the services.

      You will get full assistance from the team of professionals at every step you find it difficult to handle anything. The scalable services offered by Site5 are best for any organization whether it is big or small. You will get best of everything even if you sign up for their 30-day free trial.


      • No hidden cost involved
      • A 30-day free trial along with 45-day money back guarantee
      • No outsourced support
      • High-end servers with no overloading
      • In-house team available 24/7 to assist you
      • Free migration
      • Unmetered bandwidth and disk space
      • Regular backup and storage
      • 9% uptime guaranteed

      Products offered:

      • Web hosting
      • Reseller hosting
      • Virtual servers

      site5 hosting pricing- Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe

      9) TMD Hosting

      TMD hosting- Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe

      TMD is another big name in hosting providers with fully-equipped 7 datacentres. It offers brilliant services in its home-grown network. It is fully concentrated on its services due to limited coverage, and it is the best option for those who would like to expand their business to a native network. It offers a wide range of service at very reasonable prices. The hosting services are fully SSD managed with the trailblazing technology.

      You can go for it without any hesitation as it caters to the need of every small and big organization. They have speedy networks with premium support.


      • All-SSD-based loading with six covers of Cache
      • 7 premium support
      • Unlimited bandwidth and web space
      • Unlimited website in advance packages
      • Free domain
      • 60-days money back guarantee
      • Regular backups and full security against online threats
      • Free websites file transfer
      • 300 plus open source apps installer

      Products offered:

      • Linux Shared Hosting
      • Windows Shared Hosting
      • Windows VPS Hosting
      • Cloud Sites
      • Virtual Private Servers
      • Dedicated Servers
      • WHM Reseller Hosting

      TMD Hosting Pricing- Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe

      10) FastComet

      fastcomet hosting- Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe

      Last but not the least FastComet provided exclusive services that go beyond your imagination. You choose them as you hosting partner if you are looking for hassle-free hosting which has no hidden charges, is mobile-friendly, regular updates the site and protects your data under strict supervision. It provided super-fast browsing speed with its real guaranteed uptime.

      The packages offered are entirely affordable for beginners and include any such features which other competitors charge highly for, like- SSL and SSD and premium support.  FactComet supports different application such as OpenCart, Joomla and Service Engine, to make your hosting experience up to the expectation.


      • List or relocate from a current domain for free.
      • Up to 300% quicker access to your records and databases via SSD
      • Free CloudFlare CDN
      • cPanel Power-driven Hosting
      • Free regular and weekly backups of your files
      • Free 24/7 Premium Support
      • No tricky pricing policies for plans
      • No agreement, you can leave whenever you want
      • 45-day money back policy
      • Unmetered traffic

      Products offered:

      • Shared Hosting
      • Cloud VPS Hosting
      • Dedicated Hosting
      • Compare Services
      • SSL Certificates

      fastcomet pricing- Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe

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      Conclusion: [Updated Reviews 2020 September] Best Web Hosting Providers in Europe

      I have tried to name out the Best Web Hosting Providers In Europe 2020 and in case if you still know better names, please suggest. While picking a hosting service for your website, you need to be very careful in selecting the right partner for your firm. Getting involved the wrong one will waste your time and financial resources too.

      Go through the reviews and check for the features they offer in the inexpensive plans. If it suits your requirement, then only go for it, otherwise going for something without any purpose is a total baseless decision.

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