List Of Top 7 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins 2023

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The podcast is an episodic series of many multimedia things like digital audio and video things.  You can download and listen to them whenever you want. The podcast is mainly available for subscription basis in which the new episodes are downloaded automatically to the user’s phone or the local computer.

The criteria of Americans who listen to Podcast are nearly 67 million on monthly basis. They are growing day by day and through the increase in the number of the subscriber and company was growing exponentially. Podcast revenue has an exponential growth in 2015 and 2018 by 70%. Now you can have an idea that Podcast is growing massively in the industry.

If you are willing to create the podcast then you will need a website to promote it successfully. WordPress will be the great choice for making a podcast website. But while choosing the plugins you will have to be careful while choosing it. Some of the recommended plugins are as follows:

  • Publishing your podcast feeds
  • Creating a user-friendly player
  • Viewing the downloads statistics

The Best WordPress Podcast Plugins:

 1)Blubrry PowerPress:

Blubrry is the most popular WordPress podcast plugin in the Users have given a great review to this plugin and also given a 5-star review.

Blueberry PowerPress is having many dynamic and helpful functions present.

BluBrry Powerpress - Best WordPress Podcast Plugin

Some of the most important and useful features are as follows:

  • It will automatically import podcast feed from SoundCloud, LibSyn, PodBean and some other services
  • Also creates iTunes complaint podcast feeds
  • It will generate shortcode which helps in getting more subscribers
  • It has built-in social share buttons
  • Show notes” link is provided with more users information
  • Visitors will get the option to change the actual playback speed

The best part of this plugin is, absolutely free. They make money. by giving access to the advanced statistics and dedicated podcast hosting when you will pay them.

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2) Smart Podcast player:

This podcast is the creation of Pat’s Flynn’s. He used to manage the actual Smart Passive Income podcast. You have the option to pay and get this for your own podcast.

Smart Podcast player - Best WordPress Podcast Plugin

Some of the extraordinary features are listed below:

  • This podcast has email capture feature built into the player
  • Visitors have the choice to skip forward or backward just like on most Smartphone players.
  • It gives freedom to user to change the speed of podcast
  • You have the choice to list the unlimited podcast episodes including the pagination and search
  • It also has built-in social sharing buttons so that you can share it easily
  • You will have great experience when you will be using this product on mobile

 It will also provide you the out-of-the-box design of any options got on the list. You will be irritated because they have the policy of SaaS-style monthly billing. If you want to use the plugin regularly then you will have to pay for the regular interval of time.

Smart Podcast Player will cost you $96/year and $12/month. If you want to save your money then you should go with the yearly plan.

3) Seriously Simple Podcast:

 This is the plugin which is the second most popular after Blubrry PowerPress at  Its users have given 5 stars review of 130 reviews.

You will have really simple ways to share the podcast you want. It’s will features will attract you toward it.

Best WordPress Podcast Plugin - Beautifully Simple Podcasting

Few features:

  • It will give you integrated podcast hosting via Seriously Simple Hosting
  • You will get basic stats add-on
  • It is available on all platforms like iTunes, Google play and Stitcher.
  • You will have the Shortcode and widgets for the display of episode list and the single episodes
  • It will support both audio and video podcasts.

 The drawback of this Podcasting is it uses the native WordPress media player on your website. This will not be good experience for the visitors.

Overall if you want to syndicate your podcast, it will be the best option you have got. But if you want traffic and more people then you should go for the Blubrry PowerPress.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

4) Simple Podcast Press:

This is the only plugins in which you can either use it by itself or in combination with other podcast plugins. You can also use it as standalone plugin and simultaneously it also integrates with:

Simple Podcast Press - WordPress Podcast Plugin

  • Blubrry PowerPress
  • Smart Podcast Player

When you will be using this Simple Podcast Press it will give you a stylish and functional podcast user experience.

Some of the inbuilt functions are:

  • It will automatically publish from your podcast feed
  • Included iTunes review showcase
  • It also integrates with Smart podcast player and Blubrry Powerpress.
  • You can have “click-to-tweet” function
  • It will provide you Podcast playlist
  • It has also Collapsible transcripts

Simple Podcast Press will cost you $67 for one year of subscription and it will also provide you support and updates.

Simple Podcast Press – Get The Podcast Player Designed To Grow Your Audience

 5) Podlove Podcast Publisher:

Podlove Podcast Publisher plugin will help you with following:

  • It will manage your podcast feeds
  • It will showcase your podcast episodes with a web player

Podlove Podcast - WordPress Plugin

You may not find it as stylish as Smart Podcast Player or Blubrry PowerPress. But it consists of more function than Seriously Simple Podcasting. It will provide you chapter support which ensures distinct sections of your podcast.

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It comes with magnificent features as you can view the download statistics inside the WordPress dashboard.  It will also provide you some helpful template systems that will help you in customizing the display of your plugins.

Podlove Podcast Publisher

6) Libsyn Podcasting Plugin:

Libsyn creates Libsyn Podcasting Plugin to make user of their platform type. Libsyn is the best known podcasting hosting services. Users have provided it good reviews; technically the plugin is in beta.

Libsyn Podcast - WordPress Plugin

With this plugin you will have the option to upload files directly to it using WordPress. Even you can generate episodes drafts and some schedule posts.


While you will be using this plugin you have the option to connect this podcast to your WordPress site. This plugins is in public beta so there will equal chance of having some bugs.

Libsyn Publisher Hub

7) Buzzsprout Podcasting:

Buzzprot is the type of standalone podcast hosting services. In this the Buzzprout team has created the Buzzsprout Podcasting plugin. It will be beneficial for the WordPress users to integrate podcast episode directly into your sites.

Best WordPress Podcast Plugin - Buzzsprout Podcasting

It will help you in:

  • It will upload and optimize your all podcast episodes.
  • It will publish complaint RSS feeds
  • Creates web players
  • It will have an eye on all your podcast episodes

You can directly and easily embed your podcast episodes into the WordPress posts or pages’

Buzzprout will offer a limited free plan but if you want it to access for a year the you will have to pay $12/month.


Final thought:  List Of Top 7 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins

If you are looking for free solution then you should go with the Blubrry Powerpress or with Seriously Simple podcast. But the Blubrry is the most popular and reliable among all and will give you fantastic player and it has more functions.

But if you want something which is light weighted then you can go with ‘Seriously Simple plugin’. If you are using SoundCloud for managing your podcast then you can have the option to use the built-in WordPress embeds functionality and you can easily embed the SoundCloud player into your post without any use of plugin.

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