Which Is The Top Best WordPress Popup Plugin? Try These

Bloggers often earn a lot of profits by advertising. With WordPress popup plugins, they are able to do this more efficiently by gaining access to users’ mailing records, offering exclusive add-ons, and providing clean and noticeable pop-up ad. These plugins make it easier to convert visitors better.

There are several types of plugins that could fit on any blogger’s preferences and purpose of advertisement. To choose one, you must first be able to identify who your target viewers are and what’s your ad’s purpose. If you want to know which is the best for you and your blog site, then take a look at the list below.


1) OptinMonster Plugin


With so many lead generation tools having been surfaced in the market, people are already going bonkers. Now there is another tool that happens to have joined the bandwagon and it is a plugin introduced by the founders of WordPress. This is called the OptinMonster which is a gift from Syed Balkhi and Thomas Griffin. If you have a have a question like what does it do? Read detailed review here

2) Being Creative with Lightbox Pop

Lightbox Pop

For bloggers who want custom contents, Lightbox popup plugin would be the best choice. Bloggers could adjust certain measurements like positions, height, length, and width in the settings. This will create the popups’ display. A professional website development company could also take advantage of Lightbox Pop because he can easily adjust logic settings, stylist settings with color and borders, and delaying time for reloading processes. It also offers social media icons, promotions, and registration forms.

Download here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/lightbox-pop/

3) Having Great Opportunities Equates to Option Revolution

Optin Revolution

There are several option revolution popup plugins bloggers would fall in love with, like Option Revolution Lite and OR Pro. They stay true with the slogan, We Make Websites ConvertBetter. Option Revolution Lite can make Word Press popups supercharged and could not be closed immediately by the blog’s readers. This way, you have better chance to gain more subscribers to your business. It also gives an appealing opportunity to offer unlimited service by customizing option plugins. What’s more is that it works wonders even when you have limited knowledge of the code.

Download here: http://www.optinrevolution.com/

4) Updating with an Improved WP Popup Plugin

WP Popup

A lot of bloggers have been frustrated with many current plugins. However, the new version of WP Popup Plugin has made blogging experience for businesses easier and a lot more unstressful. The WP Popup Plugin is now available for free or fore premium bloggers. The premium version provides you better investments because it offers unlimited popup creation opportunities. It goes with “We Make Websites Convert Betterspirit. Gaining lots of business profits would no longer be a dream as much as it is an expected scenario that would come in a near future.

Attention :Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Live Chat

Download here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/m-wp-popup/

5) Modelling Benefits through WP Super Popup

WP Super Popup

If a blogger wants his popup to feature a model and to be graphically appealing, WP Super Popup is a great one to start. Good visuals increase the chance to convert better.  With the WP Super Popup, it’s easy for a blogger to manage the pop ups’ visuals and models. It promotes products and makes them viral all over online communities. Morevoer, you can use it to make some registration forms. To recover the popup content, you can use the WYSIWYG editor, external URLs, or direct inline edits.

Download here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-super-popup/

6) Enjoying the Potentials of Yith Newsletter Popup

Yith Newsletter Popup

You would see that a blog’s viewer count could easily leveled with the Yith Newsletter Popup. This Word Press popup plugin works easy magic with your configuration problems. Bloggers use it to make their advertisements clean looking. They can insert images effortlessly. They can also include newspaper forums and/or messages. The Yith Newsletter Popup supports WooCommerce. Blogger business tycoons can just pick one or a few of the products and add information instantly. Thus, they can help the site convert better with few simple steps. After all, it will not take too long to know the ins and outs of this popup. Beginner bloggers usually pick this one in promoting their services.

Download here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/yith-newsletter-popup/

7) Finding an Easy Solution with ITRO Popup Plugin

Itro Popup

For popups that are centered and customizable, ITRO Popup Plugin is the go to. It is a lightweight plugin to use. Word Press bloggers can now modify default settings without any frustrations because of this plugin. It lives by the words of “We Make Websites Convert Betterwithout asking much technological skills from the blogger. It can also be used to write adult content. It would be not only good for businesses but also for hobby sites.

Download here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/itro-popup/

8) Being Amazed by WPMUdev WordPress PopUp

WPMUdev WordPress PopUp

The WPMUdev WordPress PopUp is an amazing popup plugin because it is can particularly construct special advertisements.  It promotes whatever you want to highlight as a blogger with the Java Script pop over style. It can also display special offers for your blog’s readers. A professional website development company would find the WPMUdev WordPress PopUp easy to use after installation. It is also found trustworthy in getting the desired ad. Most importantly, readers could readily appreciate the link that allows them to dismiss the popup so they will not feel pressured or threatened, and eventually discouraged to visit your site.

Download here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/the-pop-over-plugin/

9) Making Impact with your Blog through Arty Popup

Arty Popup

The overall effect your blog could have can lie in the hands of the very helpful Arty Popup. Your ad will become more compelling to readers with Arty Popup. This Word Press plugin’s specialty is to bring out the designer side of bloggers through optional forms. A professional website development company would have background images to choose from and then have the opportunity to create popup needs according to their taste. It would be best for blogger businesses that want to showcase their creativity and entice viewers with it.

Download here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/arty-popup/

10) Share Blog Easily with Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box

Dreamgrwo Scroll Triggered Box

A professional website development company will see a good option in the Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box because it is a free plugin that can make your boxed popup appear and disappear. There is a lot of customization to be done with it, like the height and width of the box. This customization will be seen on posts. Readers may also view it on pages and/or the home page.

Bloggers use the settings to encode the content. It has a newsletter signup form and a feature where one can create a banner or make a message for readers. Lastly, it’s possible to add social media sharing buttons to make your business more well known.

Download here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/dreamgrow-scroll-triggered-box/

11) Advertising through Gopiplus Popup


Whenever you need to display popup messages to help convert better, you can use Gopiplus Popup to do the job. Gopiplus popup helps advertising gain more profits. This includes special advertising. Popups would not be stopped easily by the readers and would make sites more dynamic. The configuration is also effortless. The messages businesses bloggers want to send to viewers can be made with this useful Word Press popup plugin.

Download here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/popup/

12) Emailing Subscribers with Bloom Plugin

Bloom Plugin

The Bloom popup plugin is used for email options. Business and hobby sites can try this popup plugin and its elegant themes. It is a free plugin that allows you to attract subscribers with your blog updates by email services. It also provides five integration types. You can choose to advertise with fly-ins, opt-in shortcodes, inlineoptins, or sign up requirements for subscribing to newsletters. Readers would be asked to sign up in order to access premium content. Sites have found Bloom plugin easy to read, easy to form, and easy to position.

Download here: http://www.elegantthemes.com/plugins/bloom/

13. MailOptin

MailOptin Review -Engage Your Email

MailOptin is a popular lead generation tool which has been specially designed to help you generate relevant leads and grow your email list by sending attractive emails, prompt messages on your site, automatically trigger events and so on. It is the most popularly downloaded and used WordPress plugin that comes in both Free & Paid versions.

MailOptin today is the most popularly used WordPress plugins of its type. It works smooth and is a delight for newcomers as there is no need for any coding. Its seamless integration with WordPress and other automated features make it the “Go to” lead generation tool for businesses.

Download here:

Popup, Forms, Optin & Email Newsletters for Mailchimp, AWeber, HubSpot – MailOptin


Word Press is a wonderful site for bloggers to create their own voice in the online business industry. With popup plugins, they can feature services, products, and gain more subscribers to make their site more popular and their business closer to success.

If you are a blogger, you can easily decide which popup plugin is the best to serve your purposes. Whether you need to advertise, gain more newsletter subscribers, or email subscribers to pull them into reading your blog and gain more profits, you will find these plugins worth using.


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