Betrand Yella From IBEE Hosting: How He Built His Hosting Company

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Today I have someone who is very much experienced in hosting industry and running his core hosting business very gently. His Journey from a passionate college guy to a successful Entrepreneur is very Encouraging for many dreamers hoping to start their new ventures. Let’s check out what more he showed us. He started from scratch and built this company, talented and skilled employees having expertise in the technology. He works on an approach to divide and conquer for problem-solving. He has trained his support staff and sales representatives. Let’s meet Betrand Yella from IBEE hosting.

Q1) Please introduce yourself and share your experience in hosting industry?

Betrand Yella From IBEE Hosting

Hi, Betrand Yella, 38-year-old, a passionate entrepreneur, investor, and a philanthropist. [The conglomerate comprises a diverse portfolio of businesses from a wide array of business industries that includes many startups as well.]

I work with a vision to provide solution based product or services to the people that are needful to them. I am a very passionate tech guy so started my wings to fly at the age of nineteen with my first joint business venture as Infowave Technologies. In 2003, this Company gained heights and was among leading web hosting Company. Later in 2006 I started my own Web Hosting Company – IBEE Hosting with its first office in Hyderabad, India.

Q2) Give me 3 solid reasons why you started a hosting brand IBEE Hosting?

I was passionate about technology and specifically in the backbone of technology that supports it. My experience with Infowave technology was to learn and get the glimpse of what I can do to change the whole business concept.

I realized that already there are many major players in this business like GoDaddy, Hostgator, BlueHost and much more but still, customers in the market are unheard and compromising for support services. Thus with the experience and zeal to start something extraordinary and solve the real problem for people was my main reason to start my venture- IBEE Hosting.


Q3) How you bear the competition in the market as hosting market is crowded, and a lot of competition is there?

Me and my team find ourselves as unique from the rest of the flock; We have expertise in the latest technology and core concepts. We have a specialized team for Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting, E-commerce Hosting, media Hosting, gaming and much more. Our best in class Support team who work proactively round the clock and in IV tiers level assistance. We have rounds of meeting with our customer before finalizing the server architecture, which our customers have experienced with us which they have never been before with their previous Hosting Provider.

We work collaboratively with our upstream and downstream providers and provide a comprehensive addon package in one go. Many time we bear competition regarding prices and the outreach in the market. As of now, we have little visibility in the market as we have worked on building the firm foundation for our business and now we are ready to fly and conquer the market and give a competitive edge to our customers.


Q4) Why bloggers should use IBEE Hosting as compared to other hosting services?

We have customizable plans for the bloggers to support and encourage them to enjoy their writing and review capabilities. As one of the famous bloggers says “Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” We want them to blog and share useful information with all, and thus we take care of their IT structure and setup. As you have a compelling content to show and you might be expecting concurrent reader and visitors to support your blog.

So your server architecture should be efficient and scalable to serve this rising traffic/visitors for the viral posts. The second most important thing to consider is that the content/videos/images should load faster to your visitors. For meeting this need, we provide CDN solutions to aspiring blogger through which and various setup zones across the world the content/videos/images can load faster and efficiently. With CDN your content will be delivered faster.


Q5) What kind of brand promotion activities you are doing for IBEE Hosting?

We usually provide discount coupons at regular intervals to help our customers gain an advantage on the pricing. We usually have partnerships directly with our license vendors like cPanel so as to facilitate our customers with the cost to cost license prices.

We participate in the various industry forums like HostingCon, WHD, and many industry conferences. We are active on social media like Facebook and blog where we keep sharing the educational and informational Tips, tricks, facts, infographics and guidebooks for them.


Q6) How your life changed as an entrepreneur’s. How many hours your work daily or weekly?

Life has been more thriving and adventurous having an investment in the companies where people see very less scope, I took them as challenges and made them ever flourishing profitable unit. Being an entrepreneur people perceives you as a problem solver to tackle all the problems and strode towards the achievement of goals.

Thus fulfilling this expectation requires heavy work hours. I invest my considerable amount of time with my developers, sales and marketing team and support team to understand our customer’s needs and provide the best solutions. I also make sure my employees work with the healthy environment and thus ensures my company policies and HR policies are employee friendly rather than management friendly.


Q7) How you try to balance between personal life and work life, as it is very difficult to do business while maintaining a personal life?

I can say I am a hard worker, I like accepting challenging tasks and at the same time invest my time and money in the technologies that solve human problems. I like spending time with nature so prefer staying at the exotic wildlife places with my family rejuvenating myself and play with my kids. I work with a balanced and healthy life with my family and my profession.

I am also a fitness freak guy, hitting odd gym timings whenever I feel low and odd. Being an entrepreneur usually requires focus on your business and network, I spend a lot of time traveling and meeting new people.

My family has always been very supportive on my decisions in life and always encourages me in to accepting challenges and proves myself in all the roles in my life.

Some office pictures: 

Ibee hosting team members Ibee hosting team members Ibee hosting team members Ibee hosting team members Ibee hosting team members

Q8) Which is your favorite social media channel for generating leads for IBEE Hosting?

I am very active on the social front be it with my customers, investors, network, employees. Social media isn’t a fad. It’s not going away, and it is completely changing the way the human race communicates on a daily basis. It is a great platform for understanding people’s opinions, feeling, anger, rage and need in a better way.

As it is an expression outburst. It helps me in learning their problems and understanding the need of solutions for their problem. Facebook, Twitter are the strongest channels for interaction with my perspective and targets customers. I also keep myself connected with the many entrepreneurs and like-minded people through LinkedIn, and it is a great lead generation channel for us. Also, I make sure to wish birthdays and life events of my employess on Facebook as well.


Q9) Why you think bloggers are best for brands to promote their services & products. And how bloggers can make money from IBEE Hosting?

I do think people always take opinions from their friends, network and with the individuals who are specialized in the field or have an opinion about a particular Product/ Service. This is the place where bloggers play an essential role for the brands with their experience and review, people learn more about the brand. With their vocalness, they influence readers mind. We welcome and provide most special plans and pricing for the bloggers for enticing their readers and delivering them the quality visiting experience on their blogs.


Q10) What do you want to say about my blog. How do you feel about my blog Bloggers Ideas. What is best & worst in my blog?

BloggersIdeas is a great platform for people to be updated on the recent trends in the market. Appreciate your enthusiasm for your reader. I am a regular follower of your blog and always take the time to read your blogs and reviews and enjoy them a lot. They are very informative. I wish you and your blog- Bloggers Ideas, a great success ahead.


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