BetterCommerce Review 2023: Does BetterCommerce Offer An API? Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

BetterCommerce Review

Overall Verdict

BetterCommerce is one of the most popular and leading headless and modular commerce platforms with a wide range of capabilities that provide a complete company solution.

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  • There are several currency options available.
  • Data synchronization between many devices
  • Customizable, scalable, and flexible
  • Useful for starting and growing an online store.
  • Use the same platform to manage several stores.


  • If a brand prefers a fixed pricing structure, flexible pricing may not be right for them.


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Welcome to our ultimate BetterCommerce review 2023, eCommerce sector is fiercely competitive, with small and medium businesses vying for exposure and market share with huge corporations.

To streamline operations and enhance sales, there’s no choice but to leverage third-party support services and platforms. A mid-sized business’s financial constraints also limit its ability to grow quickly. 

Today, we’re highlighting BetterCommerce, a one-stop shop for eCommerce operations, multi-channel shipping, inventory, and order management.

Continue reading to learn more about this flexible platform and how it can help you engage customers, ship, track, and automate your fulfillment needs.

About BetterCommerce

BetterCommerce is one of the most popular and leading headless and modular commerce platforms with a wide range of capabilities that provide a complete company solution.

It provides a comprehensive solution for mid-sized eCommerce businesses to quadruple their power and compete directly with major businesses.

What Can You Do With BetterCommerce?

Most businesses struggle to provide a seamless shopping experience to their customers because data is trapped in silos due to disconnected systems and a lack of resources.

An integrated eCommerce order management system that can connect all aspects of inventory, shipping, orders, warehousing, product administration, and merchandising together is urgently needed. 

BetterCommerce Review

BetterCommerce, a cloud-based suite of packaged business features, is currently the greatest one-stop solution on the market.

It contains a number of useful apps or modules, including eCommerce, PIM, Analytics, OMS, and Engage, that work together to give clients an outstanding end-to-end experience.

Key Features of BetterCommerce:

BetterCommerce is one of the most versatile eCommerce tools in the market right now, thanks to its wide plethora of features and functions that enable businesses to rapidly grow in the competitive market. 

1. Omnichannel:

This feature allows you to integrate all of your sales channels to create a unified customer experience, enhance your customer service center, and offer modern shopping choices like ordering online and picking up in-store, all while keeping your data in sync across all channels.

This is highly useful because it allows you to manage and control various aspects of internet business from a single spot.

BetterCommerce Review Key Feature of BetterCommerce

So, for example, your support team will be able to have access to critical data and collaborate with marketing and other departments. This aids in the development of customer experience and service.

2. SEO Functionality:

With features like enhanced page ranking, URL rewrites, site map, shopping feeds, and customized meta-rules, BetterCommerce gives you everything you need to optimize your store’s search engine performance.

These services may not be important to advanced SEO users, but they can help beginners and middle-level users manage and organize their search engine optimization activities.

3. Security:

When customers are making purchases at your store, security is critical, and BetterCommerce excels in this area. For security, BetterCommerce uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Aside from that, the platform makes use of the Azure hosting service’s built-in security capabilities.

The hosting business is well-known for running regular scans to look for new and known dangers. The solution’s security measures are likewise built-in, and it doesn’t rely on third-party plugins for protection.

4. Flexible Multi-Store:

BetterCommerce allows you to manage numerous stores from a single interface, share content across different stores, and create a global catalog that can be used across various businesses.

Furthermore, BetterCommerce enables you to expand your business internationally by allowing you to manage many domains for different locales from a single centralized hub.

Key Features of BetterCommerce

It also allows brands to go multi-currency and multilingual, maximizing and improving the quality of their reach.

You can also include location-specific pricing and use the centralized hub to control and construct additional stores, brands, and country-specific stores.

5. API-First Philosophy:

BetterCommerce has one of the most powerful features available. In an ever-changing digital and eCommerce market, the API-first concept allows your company to remain nimble.

This feature opens up a world of options in terms of how you may manage and administer your store. Because of this functionality, you won’t be limited in your ability to use BetterCommerce owing to technological or development constraints.

6. B2B Commerce Functions:

If you are running a wholesale business, BetterCommerce has a number of features that can help you grow your business, like custom price quote management, corporate account management, and the ability to accept a variety of payment methods, including offline payments and credit checks.

BetterCommerce Review Features of BetterCommerce

7. AI Capability

BetterCommerce’s artificial intelligence is a key element that sets it apart from its competitors.

You’ll be able to provide a more personalized client experience with their AI functions, and you’ll be able to save money on personnel because these functions can make predictions, computations, and judgments based on artificial intelligence in order to help your business flourish.

8. Analytics and Marketing

The system includes business analytics tailored exclusively for eCommerce, such as scheduled reports, alerts, and real-time performance metrics. It will also help you with your marketing efforts.

BetterCommerce is a comprehensive toolkit that excels in increasing site traffic and sales.

It’s one of the few eCommerce platforms that includes superior marketing and conversion capabilities for accelerating business growth.

With the support of their merchandising capabilities, the tool supercharges your marketing efforts by seamlessly aligning ads, content, and commodities.

BetterCommerce PIM:

BetterCommerce is a user-friendly headless product information management system that allows customers to launch catalogs across numerous sales channels throughout the world.

It allows customers to see all of the products in one window, including new products, in-stock items, published products, and out-of-stock things. The following are some of these characteristics:

1. Enhanced Product Data Organization and Enrichment:

This allows you to import data from an Excel CSV file and connect it to your ERP to build a central product repository.

You can also use this functionality to add rich content video links and infinite photos to your product info.

bettercommerce Enhanced Product Data

2. Product Data Unification:

You may have unified data for all of your teams and sell your offers from anywhere with real-time accurate information across all channels with this functionality.

Your product portfolio can even be shared with upstream and downstream partners.

3. Integrated Visual Merchandising Tool:

This feature allows you to change the look of your product display for aesthetic reasons or to align it with your company’s KPI.

All of this may be accomplished with the help of a simple drag-and-drop capability.

BetterCommerce Review better commerce Integrated Visual Merchandising Tool

4. Central Product Repository:

Because you have a single source of truth for everything and all data kinds, the central product repository feature ensures that you can effortlessly translate and adapt your product information to multiple international standards as well as marketplace requirements.

5. Extendable Custom Attributes:

With this PIM feature, you can extend the attributes of your products based on their categories, providing shoppers with relevant product data and allowing your merchandising staff to successfully regulate product information.

6. Multilingual Content Management:

This allows you to manage multilingual rich material, metadata, product reviews, YouTube videos, and various photos all from within the PIM.

BetterCommerce OMS (Order Management System)

BetterCommerce offers a headless OMS app for multi-channel shipping, stock, and order management that ensures you don’t miss out on any revenue opportunities by unifying the whole order lifecycle.

The OMS function has the following features:

1. Multichannel Shipping Order and Inventory:

This enables you to streamline and automate your order fulfillment inventory, warehousing, and everything in between.

You may also integrate over 20 other carriers, such as FedEx, Royal Mail, DP Hermes, and others.

Multichannel Shipping bettercommerce

2. Accurate Inventory on All Channels:

You can also have real-time inventory sync across all of your sales channels with this. Furthermore, you will have total visibility of your stock across all of your locations.

3. Paperless Warehouse:

The OMS feature includes a mobile app that allows you to keep track of things received, pick-pack-ship, put away, and returns.

You’ll be able to automate and improve the efficiency of your warehouse operations.

BetterCommerce Review Paperless Warehouse bettercommerce

4. Smart Routing:

Your orders will be sent to the most efficient delivery location based on the destination postcode, reducing overall shipping time and costs.

5. Stock Valuation:

The present value of your stock is one of the most difficult values to obtain in the company.

BetterCommerce, on the other hand, allows you to compare the worth of your stock to the cost of goods sold.

Access To Analytics:

You can simply view key performance indicators and business KPIs with BetterCommerce to help you enhance eCommerce growth across numerous sales channels.

Customers’ activity and transaction details are captured throughout the Web, mobile app, and store using BetterCommerce.

Drilling down deep and gathering relevant insights to make the best data-driven decisions is simple with visual dashboards.

  • eCommerce Business Metrics: Keep an eye on metrics like conversion rate, average order value, and lifetime value.
  • User Analysis and Segmentation: Explore user segmentation in greater depth to better understand your client profiles and establish effective marketing strategies.
  • Real-Time Business Intelligence: To view performance, gain access to real-time data via consolidated dashboards across departments.
  • Search Analytics: Set automated merchandising rules to better understand search performance and optimize your catalog.
  • Customer Analytics: By combining data from all interactions to create a holistic view, you may gain in-depth insights into client lifetime value.

BetterCommerce User Experience:

BetterCommerce’s major goal is to provide clients with a tailored buying experience! As a marketer, you may connect to any eCommerce platform using this composable headless CMS.

The Digital Experience Manager is a clever tool that enables you to create rich experiences without the need for IT assistance.

Developers can use BetterCommerce to create multiple versions of a page for different countries. You may also choose which version of the page to display and localize the information.

The library contains a large number of pre-built widgets that may be used to create better experiences.

BetterCommerce Review BetterCommerce User Experience

The data accessible by the headless APIs – product, category, brands, and product collections – can be simply connected to custom widgets.

A customizable page builder, image resizing, and a responsive preview are just a few of the features available in the content management system.

You can provide a true omnichannel experience with BetterCommerce by guaranteeing that each user receives the same high-quality content on your store, mobile site, or any other device.

5 Reasons why we recommend BetterCommerce

The next phase in multi-channel eCommerce is BetterCommerce. It entails combining several media so that sales and marketing teams may gain a better understanding of their clients and have more influence over their promotional activities.

BetterCommerce assists small and medium-sized enterprises in establishing their brand and expanding into new markets.

  • Customer-Centric Approach 

It makes no difference what gadget a customer uses to reach your company. By gathering consumer data from numerous channels, you can continue to track their progress, purchases, and searches. Even if clients start with a web browser and progress to a mobile app, the platform makes it simple to track their journey with the company.

  • Integrated Analytics 

It makes no difference what gadget a customer uses to reach your company. By gathering consumer data from numerous channels, you can continue to track their progress, purchases, and searches. Even if clients start with a web browser and progress to a mobile app, the platform makes it simple to track their journey with the company.

  • Easy Data Tracking 

You won’t miss a single transaction, regardless of the customer’s preferred channel. Omnichannel eCommerce solutions simplify data tracking from order placement to delivery to detecting when a consumer is likely to shop again. 

  • Streamline Operations 

It is easier to assist clients when multiple departments inside the company are integrated. Day-to-day operations will become smoother and faster, from inventory to sales to supply chain. You’ll be aware of any delays and interruptions ahead of time and will be able to make the required modifications to avoid them.

  • Focus on Targeted Markets 

Developing tailored advertising is critical for attracting and retaining clients. Customers can be segmented depending on a variety of variables, and marketing strategies tailored to each section can be created. 

Is BetterCommerce Easy To Use?

Absolutely! BetterCommerce is designed to integrate with your existing systems quickly and efficiently. When it comes to simplicity of use, this is a critical factor to consider.

It’s highly exhausting to have to redo your entire organization when you want to transfer to a new platform if you’re already using a specific model and system.

This isn’t an issue with BetterCommerce because the setup is lightning fast. Plus, once your store is up, BetterCommerce puts you in control with a slew of self-service features that reduce developer dependency and a robust set of corporate tools available through the platform’s intuitive BusinessHub.

BetterCommerce Mobile App:

In today’s consumer market, mobile phones are the most popular and preferred shopping method. As a result of the lack of easy-to-use mobile applications, customers may abandon a brand or switch to another.

BetterCommerce offers white-labeled iOS apps as well as customizable source code to address this. As a result, you can easily alter the style of the mobile app and add new aspects to the offers.

Plans & Pricing:

BetterCommerce is a one-of-a-kind pricing approach with no set prices. The cost of using the service is entirely up to you.

All you have to do is choose a module that meets your needs, fill out a questionnaire about your company, and they’ll call you to discuss the cost of the solution.

Customer Support

The BetterCommerce solution’s top-notch support from specialists is a big benefit. The brand provides you with help from a team of professionals who provide answers to technical issues, advise on advertising on various platforms, and query resolutions during the project phase (when you start creating your store).

They’ll even help you after your website goes live if you need it.

Beyond that, BetterCommerce offers system integrations and a community of digital agencies to help technology firms develop flexible and powerful eCommerce solutions.

As a result, they provide assistance at every stage of your eCommerce journey: at the outset, during the process, and after the launch.

Why Do Businesses Prefer BetterCommerce?

The out-of-the-box advanced features, capacity to enhance conversion rate (which is really one of their best selling points), and outstanding flexibility of BetterCommerce are the main reasons most brands would choose it.

Self-service capabilities and even built-in tools are included in the solution to let you run and establish your business with little to no workload and few in-person employees.

The solution can effortlessly replace or enhance your current integrations, procedures, plugins, and systems for both B2B and B2C businesses. BetterCommerce also adheres to a strict API-first policy.

This means that the user has control over how the commerce platform is adjusted or integrated with BetterCommerce.

The tool is built on a totally open rest API architecture, allowing for plenty of room for innovation and creativity without being constrained by development or technology.

You may simply extend any feature of the tool, integrate new technologies, and design your online store in any way you want with their API.

Pros & Cons: BetterCommerce Review

BetterCommerce is no doubt a power-packed eCommerce tool, but it still does have its slight share of pros and cons. Here are some of the tidbits you should know about:


  • There are several currency options available.
  • Data synchronization between many devices
  • Use the same platform to manage several stores.
  • Customizable, scalable, and flexible
  • Useful for starting and growing an online store. 


  • For beginners, this is a difficult tool to use.
  • If a brand prefers a fixed pricing structure, flexible pricing may not be right for them.

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Conclusion: BetterCommerce Review 2023

BetterCommerce combines the power and flexibility of large-scale enterprises with a modest budget, while also providing incredible agility to enable your company to create the ideal commerce solution.

The creation of an eCommerce platform from interchangeable building blocks is referred to as composing commerce. Instead of relying on a single technology, it employs whatever best meets the needs. You have complete freedom.

Depending on your requirements, you can select an all-inclusive platform or individual modules. A site map, shopping feeds, and URL redirects boost performance. Meta-rules can also be easily customized.

SSL can be used to secure your entire store and give your customers more confidence. Partner with a provider who is willing to help you grow and select a bespoke pricing option that is appropriate for your company.

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