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Bill4Time is a billing and time tracking solution that is suitable for many types of professional service providers but tailored to the needs of lawyers and accountants Bill4Time. The software helps users increase productivity and value their customers. It is a comprehensive management suite that addresses aspects of a company’s clients, projects, accounts, and reports Bill4Time Review.

Bill4Time was developed for lawyers and offers very robust timekeeping and billing software. Although planning and billing are still the main functions, Bill4Time also works with the functions of comprehensive case management software.

With its powerful and widely used software, users can not only track time tracking and generate invoices for customers, but also set schedules, organize documents, conduct accounting processes, and more.

Bill4Time Review 2023 | Get Upto 50% Off On Bill4Time Now

Bill4Time Discount Coupon


In-Depth Bill4Time Review

Bill4Time is a very robust time recording software that meets the needs and requirements of professional service providers. It can be tailored to the needs of accountants and lawyers. The solution simplifies the assignment of hours worked to a specific project or customer and the import of hours worked from an Excel spreadsheet.

It’s also easy to bill customers based on their preferred billing structure. Bill4Time is compatible with hourly, quota or flat rate billing and complies with the standards of legal data exchange (LEDES), making it a very popular option among lawyers.

Bill4Time Features

With Bill4Time, users can integrate their logos and text into their invoices so that they can insert those documents with their brand for a more personalized look.

Users can also allow their customers to view their billing charges and bills. In addition, the software allows users to adjust their billing fees from a lawyer or cancel fees to create a new billing plan for specific issues.

The software seamlessly integrates with multiple payment channels and gateways, including Quickbooks, PayPal, and other credit card processors. This gives your customers many payment options and gives users the opportunity to accept a payment.

Another advantage of Bill4Time is the storage capacity for documents. With this feature, Bill4Time can act as a Dropbox, allowing users to save documents in the cloud and synchronize with specific cases.

Bill4Time Features & Benefits List:

  • Time Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Invoice Templates
  • Online Payments
  • Client Management
  • Project Management
  • Accounting
  • Reporting

Bill4Time Features: Detailed

Bill4Time Time Tracking

The Bill4Time software solution is extremely robust, cost-effective, and intuitive. Key features include time tracking, billing, mobile app, expense tracking, online access, personalization, desktop widget, project management tool, business administration customer, access and user security, accounting, and reporting.

Time recording:

For some companies, more than 30% of the billable time is lost due to poor time control. With Bill4Time it’s now easy to capture your time accurately and quickly. No more spreadsheets, sticky notes, and paper tablets to keep track of. Easily capture your time in real-time. Start a timer on your phone, tablet, or desktop. Enter the time anytime – in your office or on your mobile device. With Bill4Time you can capture every minute and check your value.

Invoice and billing:

Bill4Time Invoicing

Create, print or send business invoices by e-mail in minutes. Create past invoices, detailed invoices, and bank statements. Define the terms of payment, the currency, and the late fees. Offer flat rate or percentage discounts. Know the status of each bill with one click. Link your bills to online payment options and pay faster.

Project Management:

Bill4Time is used by professionals from many industries. In these industries, terminology differs in defining a project. If you are an accountant or consultant, you can call it a project, a commitment or a mission. If you are a lawyer, you are likely to call a problem or case. With Bill4time you can call up a “project” at will, simply by adapting the standard label to your profession.
With the project management function, you can better organize, plan, track and manage your business. Your customers and your project receive the same attention.

  • Stay Organized: Plan your time and money, add files and notes, and keep track of all your tasks in one central location.
  • Detailed billing: Customers often delay the payment process if they do not understand the bill. Specify details by creating and assigning an activity to a project. Customers receive the requested information and are paid on time.
  • Collaborate: Eliminate time lost by double effort. The Project window displays the time and cost entries for each team member, and the shared program shares the future activity of all members assigned to that project.
  • Email Notifications: Each project has a customizable Notification Center. Each member of the team can learn about the activities that are most important to them when they occur.


The system is very customizable. Bill4Time’s Fast Creation feature allows users to create industry-specific terminology projects. For example, an accounting firm may create projects and assign tasks specifically related to the accounting cycle, bank reconciliation or profit and loss account.

In this, types of lawyer projects include examinations, interviews with witnesses, customer meetings, selection of the jury and preparation of documents. Users can easily create important categories for daily operations that require time tracking.

Bill4Time Tools

The Bill4Time project management tool is easy to configure. Project managers can assign projects to specific customers on an hourly, fixed or emergency basis. The project manager may also include certain persons, e.g. For example, invite other project managers, accountants, or customers to consult the project.

To help organize your projects, Bill4Time project management tools allow users to import files, track time and costs, schedule meetings, manage payments, and adjust fees and billing by the project.

Access your data anytime, anywhere:

With the increasing use of mobile devices, managing a business through a mobile device is not only commonplace but also a necessity. According to a people-per-hour survey, 73% of business owners use apps every day to conduct their business.
Bill4Time covers both you and your business online and offline. Bill4Time Mobile works even when you’re offline and syncs automatically when the internet connection is available. Enjoy your iPad, iPhone, Android, and ios device anytime. Whether in the office or on the road, Bill4Time keeps you connected.

Bill4Time Review Pricing:

Bill4Time offers three individual, small, and small business packages to meet the needs of different users. Take a look at the details and choose the plan that works best for your business:

Bill4Time Pricing

Legal Solo – $30/month (Comes with 1 User, $20 for the second User)

  • Unlimited Matters
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Software Support
  • 2GB Cloud Storage
  • Reporting
  • Accounting
  • Mobile Apps
  • Client Portal
  • Automatic Updates
  • Invoicing
  • ABA Activity, Expense, and Task Codes
  • LEDES and Litigation Advisor Exports
  • Encrypted Daily Backup
  • IOLTA Trust Accounting
  • Trust Accounting with Summaries and Reports
  • Easily Check for Conflicts of Interest

Legal Pro – $50/month (Comes with 1 User, $20 for additional User)

  • All Legal Solo features
  • Basic Data Import
  • Invoice Cover Sheet Integration

Legal Enterprise – $100/month (Comes with 1 User, $25 for additional User)

  • All Legal Pro features
  • Customizable Data Fields
  • Unlimited Data Import
  • Premium Support
  • Custom Reports

Bill4Time Review & Testimonials

Bill4Time - Testimonials

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Conclusion: Bill4Time Review 2023: Should You Go For It?

It’s no wonder why so many professionals have relied on the Bill4Time system. From my personal experience, we are pleased to announce that Bill4Time is an easy-to-use, reliable, and cost-effective option for professional service companies to track and bill their time and cost for customers and projects.

In particular, we believe that lawyers and accountants will appreciate this product. Let me know in the comments section below what’s your review and experience with the product.


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