BitterStrawberry Review 2023: Should You Join It ? Payment Proofs

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We all venture into the unknown and look for guidance in this big constantly growing Affiliate Marketing Industry.

But for the most part, the biggest set of knowledge, we each gather step by step through networking, testing, experimenting and above all, spending a ton of time & money on it.

For most affiliates & media buyers, the daily routine involves looking up for new opportunities, dealing with 3–5 different A. M’s/Networks, planning the campaigns, setting up the tracking for each new campaigns and A/B testing them using third-party tracking tools, which are an added-cost, money-wise & time-wise.

And with the rise of fake traffic, that also applies for website owners. CPC deals are hard to find, and either harder to keep.

That’s why, in an endeavor to bring on the market an ALL-in-ONE solution for any online entrepreneur, came up with a smart solution we’ve been using for our mobile campaigns that works like a charm!

BitterStrawberry Review 2023: Should You Join It ?

Biiterstrawberry hybridlink profile reviews

It’s called HybridLink® by BitterStrawberry.

Summarized: It’s like your AI assistant working 24/7 for you, you can design/create your very own private “SmartLink” with the offers and rules of your choice. So instead of relying overall in-house smartlink settings, HybridLink®, gives you the options to configure it the way you want it.

THE HybridLink®, that suits all, affiliates, media buyers, publishers and that will make your life easier, while improving the monetization process & your scale overview.

Biiterstrawberry hybridlink profile

The HybridLink® saves you a ton of time and it’s totally free! No fees, no monthly subscriptions! Setting it up once and you get access to thousands of single offers, freedom of choice in selecting what YOU see fit for your audience & more, all in ONE place, with no other tracking tool or platform needed. You have the guarantee that the 12.000 offers available worldwide are run/tested and optimized before you start running them.

After 1 week of getting familiar with the tool, you’ll be able to save more than half a day time, which you’re currently using to research offers, get feedback from different partners, plan & setup your campaigns.

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You get all the tools you need to monetize up to 99,9% of your traffic. The HybridLink® provides different setups which cover all of the needs you might have: site owners, A/B testing, streamline one offer, working with different partners, risk free setup using Google friendly codes which you can easily integrate on your sites, and you get the flexibility you need for each setup: weight, capping, pausing campaigns/rules & more!


Biiterstrawberry hybridlink profile ad network


The stats are updated automatically by the system every 10 minutes, so you will be informed at all times about the status of your account and what you need to scale and when. Be in full control and boost that sweet revenue!

Biiterstrawberry offers

HybridLink® helps you also identify which part of your traffic is out of target. No matter what happens, either if you’re sending traffic to a single offer or 100, but your traffic source ends up giving you also out of target traffic, their system will identify it and send it to a proper offer to meet its criteria, and earnings will be reported on your default backup intuitive AI SmartLink which is detailed bellow.

This way you won’t spare a single user!

The setup is pretty simple and user friendly, but if you just started in affiliate marketing and you need help, they provide 24/7 dedicated support squad that speaks multiple languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Italian) and will be there for you from the setup stage & throughout your planning & testing.


If you ask about payments, I was pretty happy with that also. They pay weekly, bi-Weekly or monthly Net5, in Bitcoins, Wire, WebMoney, Payoneer, Paypal, and the most important is that they always paid on time.

Overall, Bitterstrawberry is a bad ass network with over 12,000 offers worldwide,  they have been around for years and never skipped a payment.  If you do six figures or more, they can pay you whenever you want – I remember we had a campaign doing so well we needed cash flow and they were cool enough to pay us every 3 days.     They do work with you closely which is always awesome in my books.

This is the 3rd concept for monetizing mobile traffic that is bringing on the market, beside the SmartLink® and Direct Offers Marketplace.


This term has become more frequently used during past years, predominantly by networks. A SmartLink® is generally best described as a roundup of campaigns where you can send traffic altogether to and generate revenue. But what makes BitterStrawberry’s SmartLink stand out is the complexity behind it.

It optimizes way faster/better using complex 95% statistical algo calculations which helped us earn 25% more on the exact same campaign sets than when one of our media buyers used to optimize by hand.

Besides day/hour parting, best converting hours & more, its main USP relies in only containing pre-tested campaigns.

Meaning you’ll be sending traffic to offers that have proven performance. Your users won’t be the guinea pigs J

It’s the ideal way to get started, and it’s important crucial you send as much traffic as possible on a wide set of GEOs so that after at least 24h or a decent traffic volume you can single out the best converting campaigns and start building your Hybrid Link* 🙂

Direct Offers Marketplace

Biiterstrawberry hybridlink profile advertising network

There are literally thousands of offers appearing every day, in a ton of verticals, services, products, you name it. But quite often, finding your best offers feels like looking the needle in the haystack.
That’s why we’ve simplified it for you, you can search offers based on a ton of criteria (GEO, Category, OS, Payout Type, Billing Flow) giving you a super breakdown to really target what your users appeal to more.

No matter which is more suited for you, you will have everything in house: performance, highest conversion direct offers, optimization and last, but not least, custom guidance from experienced Affiliate Managers.

To get setup it is pretty simple and user friendly, but if you just started in affiliate marketing and you need help, they provide 24/7 dedicated support via teams that speak multiple languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Italian) and will be there for you from the setup stage & throughout your planning & testing, so really it’s perfect for real nerds like me who hate when people hold their hand and also for newbies who never launched a campaign before.

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Over To You: BitterStrawberry Review 2023: Best Mobile Performance Network

Biiterstrawberry team

If I were you guys I’d sign up and check it out, run some traffic test and see if u can make more money with your traffic.
That’s all folks!

Go have a look and grab this chance of making more money with less hustle!

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