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BloggersIdeas provides a very elaborate coaching service, for an important and essential aspect of earning profits online: Blogging!!! Are you struggling to make money  online, learn  how you can make money online with BloggersIdeas.

Blogging, SEO, Make Money Online Coaching (Learn How to Make Money Online)

As a myth, a good writer with interesting ideas is the only combination of spices that one needs to posses in order to excel in this world of blogging. One buys his way very easily into this, believing it to be the true path to glory for becoming a blog master.

However, the truth is a totally different and perhaps a little harsh as well at times. The Internet is flooded with the remains of hundreds of such blogs that failed to make an impact and got abandoned mid-way.

Even more depressing is the jeopardy of these fellow bloggers, our compatriots who have struggled to make a name for themselves in the blogging circuit. Thousands of these aspiring bloggers pour hours every week into this crafty world and receive unfortunate news every time, Not a single specific successful story!!!

Eventually, these stranded bloggers get frustrated, tired up, and eventually give up on their dreams.

Blogging is an increasingly rewarding career path for both individuals and groups when it comes to flexibility, monetary growth, fiscal benefits, travel and leisure, satisfaction and knowledge etc. A lot of us initially dream of and aspire to a blogging career due to its seeming perks and benefits that allows relative leisure and freedom of responsibilities.

The knowledge that BloggersIdeas has received through in this it’s talented and hardworking team of blogging experts is tantamount and is something that is hard come by in any book or a reference guide. All of this knowledge for the greater good would be simultaneously transmitted into your ‘blogging brains’ as it is of the essence and has been accumulated by the highly trained staff of BloggersIdeas over years of analysis and research. It includes blog marketing, blog optimization, keyword research, SEO, and blog monetization methods etc.

Now Question is Who is Jitendra Vaswani ? Lets learn something about me


My name is Jitendra Vaswani aka Jitu .  I am founder of Digiexe Complete Digital Marketing Services, Internet Marketing Blog Bloggersideas & also founder of Having experience of 9 + yrs in SEO & Digital Marketing field. Strong knowledge of Internet Marketing terms like Social Media Optimization (SMO),Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blogging, Local Search Optimization, Mobile SEO, Ecommerce SEO & WordPress.

I have been into blogging stream from past 3+ years and had made good income through various money making resources. Now my aim is to teach all newbie  bloggers and budding internet marketers who wants to make money online and want  to be their own boss in their life.

Some of the brands I had worked  with : 

Clients 2

Some of the more direct aims that one wishes to get out of blogging are –

  • Making profits from blogs, Facebook pages and Youtube.
  • Making profits from the sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.
  • Building a team and community. Enlarging the circuit.
  • Making profits through niche blogs in a very short span of time.
  • Improving the blog/website in its every aspects: Alexa rank, Google pagerank, traffic and most the most important return on investment ratio.

BloggersIdeas has in-depth analysis on the very frail notion of blog coaching. A lot people, especially the struggling bloggers believe that any complicated coaching or assistance is not necessary for the blog to be a success. However, the truth is that building a successful blog isn’t actually complicated – but there are a hundred little details to manage at once, and that’s what makes it difficult and confusing. Secondly, the coaching or training is although very simple but not something that anybody can master on it’s own terms.

Illustrating some of the difficulties faced by many of these bloggers are – 

  • Lack of ability to fetch subscribers or project a continuous growth in the numbers!
  • Effective management of time and adequate juggling between blogging hours and other work of importance!
  • Earn more money through the blog!
  • A certain threshold limit of page views has been reached and any further growth is not taking place!
  • Attracting bigger companies for sponsoring the blog. Increasing the client list, if any!

Do you really truly need this Blog Coaching? Reasons for Bloggersideas!!!

When you initially start blogging, you tend to make a lot mistakes knowing and/or unknowingly due to the inexperience. You won’t perform any Search Engine Optimization as you’re unaware about it and also don’t know much about keyword research and it’s optimization.

In addition to this, blog marketing and blog consulting and also social media optimization are the latest SEO trends that might get left out due your inexperience in blogging. Our role as a blog coach, as a blog mentor would be to walk you through each and every step, one step at a time.

My income screenshots from various resources:

Client names hidden due to confidentiality. 

Paypal Earning screenshot 1

Paypal Earning screenshot Shareasale payment

Some of the attractions and salient features that one may learn from BloggersIdeas’s blog coaching are –

  • Create, Customize and Develop blogs; Drive and increase traffic to the existing blogs.
  • On-page optimization such as keyword research, improving the page load time and many more.
  • Off-page optimization such as the advanced link building, social bookmarking, web2 submission etc.
  • Achieve top rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing through the powerful and advanced SEO tactics.
  • Build engaging and efficient social media such Facebook pages, drive traffic via these very facebook pages, Reddit, Stumbleupon etc.

Honestly, there are literally thousands of great bloggers out there and a big fraction of them never makes it to the top. The trick to this is simple indeed: an appropriate and over-worked efficient coaching mechanism that’ll teach each and every single trick of the trade. BloggersIdeas has been training and coaching enthused bloggers in bringing the best out of them through its curriculum. The curriculum is truly very large in terms of blog coaching and is based on the in-depth understanding of ‘blogging’.

Topics I covered

The Curriculum for blog coaching cover’s the following topics in detailed scrutiny:

  1. Monetizing the blog
  2. Growth: The Blogging brand
  3. SEO: Basics
  4. SEO: Advanced
  5. Google Panda Recovery (highly advanced topic)
  6. Keyword research
  7. Keyword competition: Analysis
  8. Keyword optimization
  9. Backlink generation
  10. Social media marketing
  11. Blog business model
  12. WordPress training

The Benefits of Blogging are many and the interactive coaching sessions creates an atmosphere of cooperation and learning, both at the same time. This enables us both to achieve many of the desired results that includes but is not limited to –

  • Developing a lead acquisition strategy that fits the target group.
  • Connecting with the readers that creates further engagement.
  • Discovering the keys of creating and developing viral enough content for the blog.
  • Maximizing your existing return on investment.
  • Implementing effective income strategies that are passive(background).
  • Transform the blog site into a marketing machine. One that easily sells products and/or services for profits.

BloggersIdeas excellent blog coaching is conducted round the clock throughout the calendar year. Openings for coaching lessons for both individuals as well as in group batches is available. By learning from the best, you can only succeed and never fail as long as blogging is concerned.

Success is yours. Just believe in yourself and your blogging skills. Leave out the rest for BloggersIdeas and it’s team of expert bloggers to handle.
We are more than aware of our capabilities and restrictions. We can offer a fresh perspective and an experienced set of blogging eyes that can accelerate your blogging success and take it to a whole new level.

We are sure that you would atleast love to do some of the following activities with your blogging career:

  • Increase the blogging income
  • Increase the blog traffic
  • Increase the subscriber count
  • Increase the social proof
  • Increase the brand awareness and also the blog’s brand retention.
  • Gain the all-important trust of the target audience. Build up a loyal consumer base.

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Some Testimonials from clients:

Honza Dudek

Honza Dudek

You are a First Class man, Jitendra.  Very honest, very open and very helpful. I am pleased to see you are really branching out and capitalising on what you know. You have teach me how to make $$$$ online through blogs. You have a lot of useful information to share and sell and I know you will treat people fairly. Thank you for helping me out to make money out of your blogging knowldege.


Yotam Mordo 

Yotam Mordo 

Jitendra , All I can say is there nobody, and I mean NOBODY on the internet, and in Internet marketing, that cares and gives training, and quality education materials and value, than you do, I truly appreciate you and the job that you are doing. I would recommend this coaching to very budding Internet marketers & bloggers. I made several dollars while learning blogging from Jitendra. Must recommended coaching for making money online.

Thank you! Keep up the good work


Rahul Rakesh
Rahul rakesh

I have been actively involved in internet marketing since 2011 and I can tell you that I’ve seen all of the top network marketers develop their businesses. Every now and then a particular leader grabs my attention as someone worth listening to.

Jitendra you made possible by training me on right marketing skillsets. Blogging  is not one easy for all who wants to be bloggers. Blogging need patience & needs lot of dedication. I absolutely loved your training. With all the hype out there it is really refreshing to find someone who has taken the time to explain the complete tried and tested system in a way that network marketing newbies can not only understand but follow and make step by step progress.

Having attended many of the trainings created by top leaders  I know that they work. But as you explain in your Modules , success in marketing takes more than just a good product. It takes the right frame of mind, commitment and persistence. With all this in place, there is nothing to stop you.

Thanks for making this accessible and I look forward to the for working with you  in future.

Surendra Soni

Surendra soni

Hi This Is Surendra Soni From, India and I wanted to give my honest review on Jitendra  Blog  coaching services!!

He is the most genuine person I have ever met and has helped me a lot to go from broke to making money finally
in my Blogging and internet marketing business !!

I was feeling hopeless, was facing some problems while making money online  and had no one to help me ! But since the time I found him , my life has changed !! He has helped me to make money online and always guide me through his  right amount of  knowledge.

Folks get in touch with him ,do whatever it takes and your life will change too !!


Sonam Chawla

Sonam Chawla

“Hi Jitendra This is the first time I have sent anyone a testimonial I just feel that I have to say a big thank you to you and your team for the immense amount of knowledge and information that I have gained from using your site. Jitendra you made me learn what blogging is and how to mint more money out of it.

It is an invaluable tool in my quest to earn a few $$$$ on line and I am forever grateful”

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