BlogEngage Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype??

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Ease Of Use


  • Enjoy a good exposure among the bloggers of the world
  • Creats a group of like minded people


  • It has a price tag attached to it

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the field of blogging or is an experienced one BlogEngage is surely the place for everyone with great content to get their fair bit of recognition and appreciation from peer bloggers.

Price:$ 19

Blogging has become a serious affair now and every blogger is seeking a path for exposure. When you are publishing something online, then it definitely means that you want people to go through your blogs and let you know how they liked it. But in reality, it is hard to get through all the traffic and come across to the viewers even when you have good content and this is where BlogEngage steps in as rescuer.

It is one place where you will be appreciated if your content is good by your fellow bloggers.

They will be voting for you and if your content is really good, then you will most definitely reach the number of votes that is required to get your post featured. Though it has a price tag attached to it, now you can also avail of it for free of cost.

This social community which was brought into the forefront by Brian Belfitt aimed at bringing up even the unknown blogs into the limelight. As I have already said that there are so many blogs that get updated every day that it becomes very difficult for every blogger to get the breakthrough but with BlogEngage the visibility chances have increased manifolds.

As a new blogger, it is a great opportunity and a huge opening because he will be getting a big chance of posting his article on a big platform like BlogEngage. Read Blog Engage Review & learn why it is awesome for blogging

Blog Engage community

Blog Engage means exposure

Here in this community you are not only sharing your blogs but also enjoying a good exposure among the bloggers of the world. Serious bloggers and like-minded people interact to communicate what they feel about a particular topic, make sure that it is a healthy conversation which do involve criticism only when it is truly required.

People here appreciate each other’s work and apart from that, they also garner backlinks and traffic too.

Apart from that you have the option of marketing your blogs or promote it if you feel so and the lucrative one is the revenue sharing through Adsense. When you are trying to get your blogs published on BlogEngage then you will have to get the votes from the members who are more than 2800 in number.

Not a tough competition

If you want your post to get published then you can submit your post there and the members will vote for your post or simply bury them. If you get the desired number of vote, which is currently standing at 8 your post will get the opportunity to appear on the home page of Blog Engage. Once you have submitted the post, it will appear in the upcoming blog portion of the members to notice and vote for it. You can check our detailed Thrivecart review to get an insider’s view into this robust shopping cart platform.

Connecting bloggers all across

If you are trying to get a foothold in the blogging arena, then this is the right platform for you because apart from just publishing your latest blogs you can also enjoy several other features which will help you to grow in this field.

Making friends with other bloggers all across the globe just like you do on other social networking sites.

Creating a group of like minded people and exchanging thoughts with them will help you enrich yourself with valuable information about the blogging world. You can also indulge in sharing each other’s articles to garner more traffic for each other in the group.

If you are working on something with another blogger and don’t want that to be public then you can easily exchange private message.

Blog Engage community Increase Traffic

Even the chat option is there so that you can connect with anybody you want without any hitches.
In order to add SEO value to your blog you can easily get the backlinks from Blog Engage because here only quality posts are published and that too is selected by your fellow bloggers.

If you are looking for traffic, then also this is the best platform as people who are visiting your blog in here is sure to visit your blog too for more and more content from you.

Plans that are available

Blog Engage Sales Page

Finally, here we are getting right to the point about how you can join this big world of blogging called the BlogEngage. They have several plans and depending on your budget, you can go ahead with any one of them. There are several plans like:

  • Standard Account
  • Platinum
  • Business
  • Business Plus
  • Direct to Front Page

The lowest being the Standard account where you have to pay £ 19.99 only once, then in the Platinum Account you have to dish out £ 9.99 per month and if you choose a business account then you will have to pay monthly £ 19.99.

Apart from these plans you will also get Business Plus Account where the payment is £ 29.99 per month and the Direct to the front page will cost you £ 99.99 per month. Depending on the subscription plan you will be awarded features that you will be able to enjoy smoothly.

Final Words: BlogEngage Review 2023

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the field of blogging or is an experienced one BlogEngage is surely the place for everyone with great content to get their fair bit of recognition and appreciation from peer bloggers.

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3 thoughts on “BlogEngage Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype??”

  1. I would take off this advertisement if I were you… blogengage is just as bad as using scrapebox to spam other blogs. I tried registering and the owner is the one processing the requests – takes 24 hours to actually give you password – is rude and there’s no customer service if you run into trouble.

    When I needed help I got a response from the owner saying he was in bed and couldn’t help me… gave me an ultimatum “you either cancel the paypal dispute or get a refund” no solution what so ever.

    Those using engage should really think about switching… you’re better of using stumbleupon.

    • Hi Abdiel my apologies for your experience. With everyday that passes we learn from our mistakes and this is a perfect example. I am not perfect, I wish I handled the situation different but sadly it seems I did not. I encourage you to reach out to me so I can fix the situation 100% so you are no longer feeling left out in the dark.

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