Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Pigeon Update 2014

Google pigeon Update 2014

Google’s Pigeon update is being heralded as a fairly significant local search algorithm update, despite Google having gone into relatively little detail about the changes. Indeed, the name of this update was given by the folks over at Search Engine Land after the significance of the algorithm change became clear and Google informed them that … Read more

BreathTaking Tips To Increase Your Work Productivity from Home

Tips To Increase Your Work Productivity from Home

Whether freelancing or telecommuting, numbers of professionals are swapping from office to home office. We have all heard about the advantages of working from home – more time with family, no long commutes, calls in your comfortable pajamas and etc. but they do not think about the challenge they have to face! It is not … Read more

5 Best WordPress Plugin for Affiliate Tracking & Management

affiliatewp plugin for tracking

Let me just introduce ‘affiliate marketing’ and how it will work before I go ahead and write about the free affiliate plugins available. In plain words, you promote and advertise a service or product on your website or a blog, with every guest that you carry to them, and who is active in buying the … Read more

How to Speed up WordPress Without Caching

Speed up WordPress Without Caching

Have you ever given a thought on speeding up your WordPress without Caching? There is a possible as well as working solution for it, which you’ll be learning about a little later in this article. After tons of experiments and making use of limited no. of WordPress plugins, I made it possible! For the home … Read more

Interview with Florin Birgu: Sharing Online Marketing Strategies for 2014

Interview with Florin Birgu

Hey you bloggers we are back again with another stunning interview session! As part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today we have Freelancer & Professional online marketer Florin Birgu, he is skilled  in programming and technology, who would be sharing his experience in online marketing. He is currently working at eggmetrics.com & always keen to learn new stuff … Read more

10 Common WordPress Theme Issues & How to Fix Them

Common WordPress Theme Issues & How to Fix Them

There are number of forum posts clicked every day, not only on WordPress.org but on many other forums and obviously almost every theme developer’s support page concerning the most common issues that can be answered out very easily and quickly. You spend money on these themes and when they don’t seem to work as they … Read more

5 Enticing Perks Of Working As a Full Time Blogger

Full Time Blogger

With time the blogging world has changed its trend and people are pursuing this even as Full-time profession. There are many advantages of blogging and that is why it has become my professional career. You can start blogging in many different ways; you can join a blogging company or start with your own blog. Read: Breathtaking … Read more

10 Outstanding Car WordPress Templates

Car Club Responsive WordPress Theme

What is the most fascinating thing that charms the minds of thousands of men? The passion, that begins in their early boyhood, and continues through mature adulthood? Definitely, no man has ever been so excited about anything more than cars. Beginning from little car toys, a lot of men developed a strong affection toward such … Read more