Top 10 Bloggers Who Make Money From Online Courses 2023

In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Bloggers Who Make Money From Online Courses 2023

If you already own a blog with some traffic, one of the most important questions that systematically come to your mind is: how do I monetize my blog?

One thing is to get a certain amount of traffic, but another completely different skill is to know how to turn that traffic into actual revenue.

You might have heard of bloggers monetizing their blogs via ads and affiliate marketing, and you tried all of that already.

But your revenue is just not enough to make a full-time living from it yet.

You are at a point as a blogger where getting a lot more traffic than what you already have seems unrealistic to you. 

So how do you increase your blogging revenue then?

One way is to change your blog monetization strategy completely and make a lot more from the traffic that you already have.

Instead of trying to make money by selling other people’s products and taking a cut from it, you are going to use your traffic to sell your own digital products directly.

And the best digital product you can sell via a blog by far is an online course. 

An online course of say 5 to 10 hours can be easily sold for anywhere between $40 and $99, or even going well into the 3 figures. 

This is way over what you normally can charge for an ebook, for example. 

Some online courses can even go for $500 or more, depending on the topic and on the value that people place on the benefit that they will reap from the course.

How Do I know That Online Courses Really Work For Blog Monetization?

I know that, because I have been creating and selling online courses since 2016, on programming-related topics, and I’ve been making a full living from it since then.

If you want to know more about my personal story, and about the methods that I used throughout the years, I will mention it in the conclusion of this post.

Many other bloggers have managed to monetize their blogs successfully over the years.

Let me give you in the rest of this post a few examples of people who have successfully monetized their blogs through online courses. 

While you go through the list, try to find something that they all have in common. 

If you can’t guess it, I will tell you about it in the conclusion.

Top 10 Bloggers Who Make Money From Selling Online Courses

Here is a list of well-known bloggers that have learned how to use online courses to monetize their blogs.

The list is not in any particular order, it’s not sorted by revenue or anything, so I recommend that you read all of them.

1. Anik Singal

Anik Singal

Anik Singal is the founder of Digital Marketing Institute, a blog that covers many digital marketing topics. This includes everything from Google Adwords and SEO to Facebook ads and email marketing. 

He also hosts The Anik Singal Show podcast where he interviews other experts in the field.

Anik Singal is frequently mentioned and praised, including by Bloomberg, Inc. 500, and other reputable business journals.

He makes the majority of his money through his courses and coaching, sharing his advice with people who want to start or improve their online businesses.

He also owns the online course platform Lurn, which is a membership site with a collection of entrepreneurship and marketing courses.

Lurn currently has a library of over 100 online courses, with almost 400,000 students. 

Anik Singal’s net worth is estimated at approximately $23 million.

2. Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler – Income School (Project 24)

Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler

Rickey Kesler and Jim Harmer are bloggers who started Project 24, a suite of online courses that can assist you in finding financial independence and making money online.

The courses are primarily video courses and other tools that you will need to start your blog business. 

Both have made more than 7 figures from their online courses.

3. Derek Halpern from Social Triggers

Derek Halpern from Social Triggers

Another very well-known name in the blogging industry, Derek Halpern started his blogging business in 2011.

But it wasn’t until 2013 that he really got serious about it. He had been teaching online courses for several years. 

He came up with an idea to help other people get their businesses started through training programs instead of just offering one on one coaching.

He made money from selling online courses on one of his websites, Blogthatconverts and Social Triggers.

4. James Altucher –

James Altucher

James Altucher is a blogger, entrepreneur, and best-selling author who has been a contributor to The New York Observers and TechCrunch. 

He has created several online courses that teach people how to start their own businesses online using affiliate marketing strategies such as Amazon Associates, ClickBank or Wealthy Affiliate.

James has made seven figures from selling his online courses.

5. Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker, an entrepreneur, and best-selling author has created a number of successful online courses. 

His most popular course is “Absolut Millionaire,” which teaches you how to create an income from home through affiliate marketing, blogging, and other activities.

Walker has a large following on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook where he shares his experience with others who want to learn more about building their own businesses.

You can visit his Youtube channel to learn more about him.

6. Robbie Richards

Robbie Richards

Robbie Richards is a blogger and entrepreneur who has created a number of online courses. He has created courses on SEO, Facebook ads, and other topics.

Robbie spent years working for big companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple before starting his blogging business at the age of 32.

Richard has earned more than 7 figures selling courses on SEO, website development, and Social Media marketing.

7. Amy Porterfield


Amy Porterfield is a digital marketing expert who has sold over 100,000 copies of her online courses. 

She teaches business owners, educators, and entrepreneurs the profitable action steps for building a highly engaged email list, creating online training courses, and using online marketing strategies to sell with ease.

On average, her course costs only $97 and takes less than an hour to complete.

8. Neil Patel

Neil Patel- affiliate-marketer

Neil Patel is a blogger, digital marketer, entrepreneur, and a reference in the digital marketing space. 

He has built multiple businesses, including QuickSprout and KISSmetrics, both well-known blogs in their own right.

In addition to writing his own blog posts more than, he has several online courses where he teaches other people how to make money from blogging.

One of his courses on the Digital Marketing Institute website costs more than $1,300.

9. Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi is an entrepreneur and owner of two popular websites, GrowthLab and I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

He is a personal finance expert and the founder of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, a blog that teaches people how to earn more money and grow their wealth.

He is estimated at over $25 million dollars as of 2022. Most of his income comes from his online courses and finance blog IWillTeachYouToBeRich. 

10. Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is an entrepreneur, blogger, and podcaster. He runs the popular blog Smart Passive Income and has a podcast called The Smart Passive Income Podcast.

In addition to his blogging career, Pat also teaches other bloggers how to make money.

He has 21 courses on Smart Passive Income, and the least cost is $99.

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Conclusion: Bloggers Who Make Money From Online Courses

As you can see from this list, these are some of the most well-known bloggers who have managed to monetize their blogs well into the 7 figures.

If you noticed, one thing that all these bloggers have in common is that even though some might accept sponsors, most of them managed to make the most out of their blogs by using them to sell their own digital products.

And if you noticed, many have online courses as part of their main offering. 

Some like Neil Patel even use video courses as a way to reach a paying audience on other platforms, to promote their other products and services.

So sometimes, a premium online course does not have to always be the main product. 

It could instead be used mainly for lead generation to attract new customers to your company.

Either way that you use them, online courses are for sure one of the most effective and reliable ways to monetize a blog, and these bloggers are some of the best examples that show that.

If you want to learn more about my personal story as a blogger and course creator and learn about all the concrete methods that I’ve used to sell courses throughout the years, check out this post that I wrote on how to sell online courses.

I hope that you found this post useful. I want to thank Jitendra Vaswani for the opportunity to share this here in his blog.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

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