Blogging Success? The Reasons Why You Couldn’t Accomplish It

Blogging is getting constant popularity all around the world. Among all the activities on the web, it is the most trending operation as well. The word ‘Blogging’ is so simple to hark, but the exact value of it is beyond words. Blogging is considered as a versatile function that spontaneously accomplishes several goals at a time.

Some people realize that it is the way of branding, promotion, name, fame and respect. Another group of people considers this as the method of making money, doing business and so on. I think blogging is the for both brand promotion and making money through writings.

As a successful blogger, everyone’s intention will be attaining name and fame as well as doing online businesses for money. But that is not so easy as everyone thinks. Blogging requires qualified skills, hard labor and firm determination. Many of the newbies couldn’t gain the success for the lacks of beginning guides and helps.

On the other hand, many qualified bloggers also fail to present themselves as professional. So, what are the problems of all? Is it the irony of fate? I don’t think so because success in blogging depends on strategies, abilities and also creativity. Even, I faced the same problem for myself. After struggling for two years, finally I have figured out the main reasons why it happens.

Top 10 Behaviors of The Most Ineffectual Bloggers

key to success blogging

#1 Blogging Without Determination

It is the truth that any work without exact destination won’t be successful at all. Many people think that blogging is just writing and writing. There is nothing more than that. But do you know why you are writing and for whom you are writing? If you know, you are well done. But if you not, you are completely missing a major part. Before stepping into blogging, one has to make a firm determination where he is going to focus. And this is one of the main reasons for not being successful.

#2 Selecting Wrong Niche

Niche selection is the toughest work of all time. Do you know what exactly niche means? A niche is a suitable topic or subject that is selected by the influencers. In the previous line I said that niche is suitable. Because there are variations in niches. Someone could like a niche but another one could dislike that.

Niche selection truly depends on the choice of a person. Not only choice, I think, it mainly relies on the ability and the efficiency in the specific niche. It is not necessary to select only popular or specified niche. There are no exact rules of it, but one has to choose one which will be the most preferable topic to himself.

#3 Lacking in Knowledge

Many of the people think, “I can write anything and almost everything because I am good in English”. That is an excellent advantage of them, but without knowledge what you are gonna write? If you don’t have enough knowledge in your niche, what you are going to share all the time? In my opinion blogging without deep knowledge is such a waste of time. No one is gonna successful without their creativity on the selected niches. If anyone think that he will be successful in blogging without any knowledge, he is going to be the most ineffectual blogger for sure.

#4 Producing Obscure Contents

Blogging is mainly the process of content creation. Besides other activities, it is the major part of blogging. But the content should not be just a simple content. It has to be creative, attractive and most informative. A successful blogger always tries to differ himself from others by the help of writing mind blowing contents. Let you know that there could be million million websites in your niche, so how can you grow up between these?

The answer will be trying something different from all. So, producing obscure content is the biggest reason of failure in blogging. Everyone has to prevent this in order to achieve a glorying success.

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#5 Doing SEO in The Wrong Way

SEO is the process of getting your contents to the readers. Unfortunately SEO is becoming more competitive because of the large number of participants. So, Everyone has to comply with the best strategies. Nowadays spam works are found everywhere because of SEO. As SEO is search engine optimization, the search engines are obtaining sensational methods to filter away the spam. That is why SEO is getting very tough. To do SEO now we need more effective strategies.

If you don’t, you will lose readers. Blogging with readers is like playing cricket without a bat. In a view to achieve success in blogging, everyone must do SEO in the most effective and natural ways.

#6 Writing Only For Search Engines

Search engines are the major sources of traffic to a website. And traffics are the fundamental needs of a site. Many of the people think that getting traffic in any way is the success of blogging. So they write optimized contents that will be liked only by the search engines. If you are also among these people, you better measure the search engine crawlers as your reader not any human.

Because there are great differences between crawlers and readers. So, writing only for search engines will be one of the major reasons of your failure. If you really want to attain the true success, you had to think about your readers first and then search engines.

#7 Choosing Inappropriate Blog Structure

Blogs are the platform where the bloggers contribute their writings. These are the places where writers will write and the readers will read. That is the main intention of blogs. But that could be at stake if the blog structure is too poor. A reader will always look for comfort. If he feels uncomfortable on a blog, he would definitely leave the blog forever.

In that situation the bloggers all effort will be wasted without no reason. However the intention to be a professional blogger will remain as a dream to them. So, before any type of negative actions take place, it is recommended to provide an awesome structure for comfortable usability.

#8 Building Poor Relationship

Blogging is such kind of relationship between bloggers and readers. So, all the pro bloggers have to make good relationship between them and the readers. But that is not so easy. It is really hard to take your place in their heart.

I think, in the field of relationship, the bloggers have to care his readers. They can keep them alive with such attractive events, offers, opportunities and so on. Having a poor relationship is the true behavior of ineffectual and unsuccessful bloggers. If someone really wants to be successful, he has to care the readers.

#9 Blogging All On a Sudden

A successful blogger completely involves himself in blogging. It turns into his daily activity in her life. Even the readers like those bloggers who are regular in sharing his contents. If someone makes a content on a day and another after 5 days and again after 7 days there will be no exact sequence. The readers will feel really bored with these activities. In fact, they could lose all of his hopes to get helpful contents from him. So, in order to be a great blogger, everyone has to maintain the regularity of creating content.

#10 Running After Money

One of the best reasons for being unsuccessful in blogging is running after money. Blogging requires investments, but it doesn’t mean to get them back instantly. Many of the people make his site full of ads, promotion and so on from the first day on his site. Sometimes it seems to have more ads than contents.

I think that is enough to completely ruin a site. Even these have negative effects from both search engines and readers. As a result, you will lose both of them. Instead of it, if you keep patience with a very low amount of ads, you could be able to get thousand of dollars one day. So, my advice will be don’t run after money, money will run after you.

Are You Still Going Along These Demerits?

blogging success essential tips

In this post, I have tried to figure out the top reasons why bloggers like myself could struggle. Even these are enough to ruin one’s blogging career. Are you among these people? My advice will be preventing these top demerits of bloggers that are generally seemed. I am sure that if you could come round of these bad qualities, you could be on the way to the biggest blogging success.

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  1. Blogging requires passion, persistence, time and a lot more other qualities to become successful. Some people are just impatient and want to find shortcuts to blogging success. it doesn’t work that way, you have to work hard, doing things the right way and be patient enough to see your rewards.

    Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme as people often think, but with consistency you can grow to become successful. Thanks for sharing such amazing tips why one may not become successful in blogging.

    I found this article on and also left a comment on it.

    • Yes blogging requires passion always. It needs dedication and patience too.

    • Abrar Mohi Shafee

      I agree with you, Nwosu. Blogging is not a short process and their won’t be any achievement within short time. So, the person who is thinking to get succeeded within short time would be a dream.

      Hard working and patient is the key. I think, obtaining the proper strategies, working very hard at a strength will sure to achieve the real triumph.

  2. Kirby Hopper

    You mentioned not being obscure but quite often thought leaders create obscure content because they are innovative. If this obscure content is helpful the few people who do read it can end up being great proponents and thus “get the word out.” I think obscurity is a problem when it’s just a bunch of thoughts that nobody cares about. We all know people who get into great detail about something nobody cares about (at least those of us in church ministry know of many people, and I’ve been one myself), but I would venture to say that if anyone has a passion for anything there are likely millions of others on the world wide web that share the same interest and could use a good blog on the topic.


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