BlogSpot To WordPress Migration

Basically, a working definition of blogspot to WordPress migration is something similar to a website migration. The latter includes transferring of the website, including the complete database, all the content, graphics, and images, from one web server to another. If this migration is not done correctly, it tends to pose a threat to the performance of the website, thus having a negative effect on the business. This might result the loss of potential as well as the existing customers.

BloggersIdeas with its highly trained professionals can modify, customize and develop this amazing platform in any way that you need with ease. Over the years, WordPress CMS solutions have been put to a great use the team, that too for the widest range of clients.

BloggersIdeas conceptualizes effective migration strategies as per the clients due to the very simple reason of specificity and the attractive customizable services on offer. Our services include:

  • Checking whether the site features are compatible with the new host.
  • Scheduling the migration for the time your website has the lowest traffic so that clientele and the visitors are not affected in any way and hence face no amount of inconveniences. Our technicians will assist you with every aspect of and also in estimating an ideal time for carrying out this migration process.
  • Deciding the timeline for all content updates, ensuring that no changes are made after the deadline until the migration process gets completed.
  • Backing up the website and the database and then transferring back the data is an important step in this entire process. Once this is done, the team would re-upload the content on the website and set up an appropriate control panel with all the configurations.
  • Testing the site for performance through a dedicated IP address after it has been moved to a new server is also another essential aspect of this. BloggersIdeas tests the site for any inconsistencies or errors and also re-checks the functionality features, ensuring that everything is in place and the site is working seamlessly. Our technical experts will ensure the entire procedure doesn’t take too long, making the entire shift easy and painless for our clients.
  • Changing the domain name servers to the new server by substituting the old server addresses and then canceling out the old server account.
  • Making the new site live.

BloggersIdeas with it years of hands on experience ensures that no amount of traffic is lost from the search engine while this migration is being done and after that as well. Guidance on as to very important aspect of monetization out of this newly hosted wordpress blog along with some free SEO optimization tips to increase the ranking in search engine results. This will only and indirectly assist you in fetching more and more traffic from Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

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