Blogvault Black Friday Cyber Monday 2019 Discount Upto 50% Off

BlogVault is the most reliable WordPress backup, staging & migration solution trusted by over 300,000+ websites. It is the fastest website recovery tool with an average time of less than 5 mins. Its intelligent incremental backup methodology will never slow down your website and can backup or migrate even a 300 GB site with ease. Moreover, BlogVault is the only backup service providing real-time backups for WooCommerce websites.

Get Blogvault Black Friday Cyber Monday 2019 Discount Upto 50% Off

Blogvault Black Friday DISCOUNT


Blogvault Black Friday /Cyber Monday Discount 2019 Upto 50% Off Special Hurry

The security plugin offers an array of features. Its most notable features include:

  • Website Backups
  • Website Restore and Recovery
  • Staging and Merging
  • Migration
  • Real-Time Backups Tailored for WooCommerce
  • Website Management
  • White-Labeling and Reporting
  • Uptime Monitoring & Performance Check


Website Backups


BlogVault is more than just a backup service. It runs on its own servers and hence the backup process does not affect your website.  BlogVault offers complete backup of the entire website including files and tables. It uses incremental backup technology to backup large websites. The backups are stored off-site and off-host which means you won’t lose your backups if your web host or website goes down. You can store multiple encrypted backups on a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive, or simply download it to your computer. There are also options to custom schedule backups as per your convenience.


Website Restore and Recovery


BlogVault lets you automatically restore a backup of your WordPress website. In case your website suddenly crashes, and you need to get it back online, all you need to do is click the Auto-Restore button. There is a list of the backup version in the Backup History where you can select the exact backup that you want to restore.


Staging and Merging


With BlogVault, users can test-restore the backup versions before actually restoring them. BlogVault backups are stored securely and offsite making sure the backups are always available to its user. Also, BlogVault comes with an independent dashboard so that you have access to the backups even when your website is down.




With a single click, BlogVault enables you to effectively move your entire WordPress website from its existing domain to another domain or host. The migration process works on BlogVault’s servers, not yours, hence you experience Zero Downtime. BlogVault is officially powering the Website Migrations for popular web hosts including WPEngine, Savvii, FlyWheel, Pantheon, LiquidWeb, Cloudways and many more.


Real-Time Backups Tailored for WooCommerce


Your WooCommerce site needs more than regular daily backups. For WooCommerce sites, BlogVault offers Real-Time Backups that store the most up-to-date backups so that you don’t lose a single order when something happens to your website. It’s worth noting that BlogVault is the only backup service providing real-time backups for WooCommerce websites.


Website Management


MalCare comes integrated with a complete website management module that ensures better security to your website from a single dashboard. You can Update Outdated Plugins, Theme, and WordPress Core, and even Activate or Delete plugins and themes from the MalCare dashboard itself. Moreover, you can Add, Delete or Change User Roles of the Users of your WordPress website.


Uptime Monitoring & Performance Check


BlogVault’s Uptime Monitoring feature notifies you if a website goes down so that you can handle the situation before you start losing visitors. And Performance Check enables users to view the time your website takes to load fully.


White Labeling and Client Reporting


MalCare offers a premium White-Label solution along with an ability to generate beautiful and detailed Client Reports for Developers and Agencies.


Conclusion : Blogvault Black Friday Cyber Monday Discount

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