Bluehost vs Liquid Web Comparison 2023: Which One Is Better (TRUTH)

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Today I am going to do a comparison between two web hosting providers which are Bluehost and Liquid Web. This comparison is going to happen on the basis of features, customer support pricing and much more so sit back and read the full review them decide which will be the best option for you.

In this post, I have featured a detailed Bluehost vs Liquid Web Comparison 2023 that includes detailed insights of its pricing, up-time, data center and more. Let’s get started here.

Bluehost vs Liquid Web Comparison 2023: Which One Is More Reliable & Affordable?

About Bluehost

BlueHost is a cloud-based web hosting service and the best thing about it that it has affordable pricing plans. It offers many options like shared hosting, virtual private servers and reseller hosting options and apart from all that it also offers domain registration. The interface of Bluehost is very easy-to-use. People who use WordPress, they can install Bluehost with just a click. Checkout our Detailed Bluehost Review now.

BlueHost vs Liquid Web Comparison- BlueHost

The prices are very affordable and along with that it offers advanced features and excellent support to even lower-tier users. You can use the most out of Google and Bing advertising with the help of Bluehost. You can also get in-house services of Bluehost by using its own fiber connections. In terms of bandwidth, the plans of Bluehost are very kind and generous means you can get very high bandwidths and storage space at very low prices.

These web hosting plans are on shared servers and contract length set the price of the plan. PHP applications like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal gets a huge benefit from Bluehost. With the help of Bluehost your website will work all the time and will be protected.

About Liquid Web

 Liquid Web mainly focuses on corporate and enterprise website hosting services. If you wanna have shared hosting with Liquid Web then you have to pay a lot. It is actually dedicated towards hosting, VPS plans and Smart Servers. It uses cloud technology. There are four data centers is available of Liquid Web. Three are in Lansing, Michigan and one in Phoenix, Arizona. BlueHost vs Liquid Web Comparison- VPS Hosting

It fulfills your hosting needs. The purpose of it to provide hosting to web-dependent professionals, online stores, mission-critical websites and applications. The servers of Liquid Web is very flexible and gives solution to every problem and live up to all the expectations. It has a cloud  Virtual Private Server which is fully managed and for virtualization.

It also provides benefits to WordPress users because they don’t need to go through all the process to get started with Liquid Web instead of that in just one click they can start using the services of it. It also offers multi-server hosting solutions for any website, app or platform which is very unique.

Bluehost vs Liquid Web ( Uptime & Reliability)


This is actually quite famous for its pricing plans. The services provided by this is shared hosting, VPS and reseller hosting. If you need services like domain registrations then the good is that it also provides that. The interface is very easy to use and it has one click installation for WordPress.

BlueHost vs Liquid Web Comparison- BlueHost Stats

It offers you a lot features and functionalities which you’ll definitely like. It treats every user equally and it’s services may depend on the pricing plans but the customer support is equal for everyone. You can get extremely high bandwidths and storage space in the packages of Bluehost.

Your website will be running all the time and secure. It is like factories working on their backup generators even after the cut off of the electricity. If you are a regular user of Bluehost then your account will receive backup too means in case of any kind of emergency and you lose all your data then the backup will provide your data back. It has also has money-refund policy in case you do not like the services of Bluehost.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web hosting software provides dedicated and VPS customers with a guarantee that your website will be running all the time. It also gives response to any kind of problem within a 30 minutes and you can also get the hardware replaced within 30 minutes. It gives guarantees for these kind of things.

BlueHost vs Liquid Web Comparison- Stats

The best part about it that Liquid Web offers their clients 10 times more money on their plan if the promises of Liquid Web is not fulfilled by them. Means if you face a downtime of 1 hour on your website then they will give 10 hours of account credit. You can get the compensation manually. You can see all the 4 data centers on the official website.

On the basis of reliability and uptime I think bluehost offers a lot more than Liquid Web.

Bluehost vs Liquid Web (Features)


1. Optimized WordPress Hosting

There are three main categories of WordPress hosting available of Bluehost. They also provide Ecommerce hosting for WordPress. With E-commerce hosting you can create a store on WooCommerce with the help of a Bluehost account or if you already have one then simply connect Bluehost with it. This shows under the navigation tab of WordPress hosting on Bluehost. The features you’ll get are

BlueHost vs Liquid Web Comparison- Optimized WordPress Hosting

  • Pre-installed WooCommerce store
  • Onboarding call with Bluehost for free
  • A voucher of $50 to $200 for marketing services and it depends on which WordPress plan you have.

2. Manage Your Services

With this feature you can manage your services by doing a unified login which means with one username and password combination you’ll get all the access to your Bluehost accounts. It also gives integration with all the integration services and also provides hotlinks to Bluehost’s help features and support resources. Along with that you can do email management on your website and some upgrades with scalability to back your website.

3. Email Creation

Everyone eventually needs the service of email platform if they are running a blog or business website. To resolve that issue it lets you create up to 100 email accounts with its basic plan and with other plans you can create unlimited emails. You can also add email managing and statistics collecting tools of Bluehost on your website and this will definitely cancel out the need of a CDN provider. You can also just buy some other email marketing tools to manage that.

4. Security And Backups

It uses SiteLock to scan your website for any type of malware and viruses and also monitors the company servers. It also offers backup to their customers accounts but they are complementary. The backup are being created on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. But you shouldn’t trust these complementary backups, you should create and manage your account’s backup on your own. It also gives a suggestion to use a software tool called Site Backup to create backup and it also recommends you to set your backup offline so that it may never face any kind of online crisis.

5. SSL Certificates

The meaning of SSL is Secure Socket Layer which is an encryption protocol. It comes with all the paid plans of  Bluehost but as a small business owner do you really need that. It is like a set of instructions which your website must follow when sending and receiving any type of information so secure the data from outsiders.

Liquid Web

BlueHost vs Liquid Web Comparison- VPS Hosting Managed

1. Reliable Managed Server Options

There are three tiers of support is available on Liquid Web. Which are controlled and managed with cPanel or Plesk included, core-managed and self-managed. The network infrastructure of Liquid Web offers service-level agreement (SLA) which give you 100% guarantee of running your servers all the time. They have a 30-minute hardware replacement policy along with that you can practice monitoring your own website with the help of Liquid Web.

2. Premier Add-ons Boost Speed and Security

With the help of an upgraded Cloudflare or Akami content delivery network or load balancers, you can deliver your content much faster than ever before. They have off-site backups available which protects the data of the site owners along with that it also protects log storage and cloud storage. They have firewalls and advanced DDoS for protection of your servers.

3. HIPAA-Compliant Server

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 says that every business which stores and process health information to comply with strict administrative, physical and technical safeguards in United States. Liquid Web’s solutions are comply with HIPAA/HITECH security and privacy guidelines. It was validated by an independent auditing firm.

BlueHost vs Liquid Web Comparison- Comparison Inforgraphics

4. Hardware Replacement

Liquid Web is famous for its 30 minutes replacement guarantee for hardware. It is more like a business partner instead of a service. The best part about that they deliver everything they say on their website which is why it is one of the best hosting services available on the internet. It provides all the levels of support in which you feel comfortable with.

5. Optimized WordPress and WooCommerce

The servers of Liquid Web are specially designed for WordPress speed. The infrastructure of Liquid Web reduces queries of the customers by 95% and increases the capacity by more than 75%. It also provides a partnership with Jilt which is the best technology in abandoned cart which means with the help of that you can find your lost revenue. The e commerce has become easy with Liquid Web because of its free migrations, a page builder plugin, fast theme and top-tier support.

The features of Blueshost and Liquid Web are  very promising so it benefits you in some certain areas which depends on your need but on the basis of features my opinion is that Liquid Web is far more capable than Bluehost.

Bluehost Vs Liquid Web( Pricing)


There are basically three hosting plans are available on Bluehost.

1. Shared Web Hosting Plans

In this plan there are four packages available and in price and services they differ from one another. The first plan is basic plan which gives a storage of 50 GB, Bandwidth is unlimited and you can register 1 domain with it along with that you’ll get 100 email accounts which costs $2.95/month. In the second plan which is plus plan you’ll get unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains and unlimited email accounts which costs $5.95/month.

BlueHost vs Liquid Web Comparison- Shared Web Hosting Plans

The third package which is prime and this package offers the same as the plus plan along with an SSL certificate and the pricing is the same too. The last plan is pro plan same as the plus and pro plan it offers unlimited storage, bandwidth, number of domains and emails along with some additional features and it costs around $13.95/month.

2. VPS Hosting Plans

This plan has three packages in which the first one is standard and it offers 30 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, one domain, one IP address and 2 GB RAM and it costs $19.99/month. The second one is enhanced which offers 60 GB of storage with unlimited bandwidth and 1 domain and 2 IP address.

BlueHost vs Liquid Web Comparison- VPS Hosting Plans

The RAM in this one 4 GB. The cost of this package is $29.99/month. The last one is Ultimate which offers 120 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, one domain, 2 IP addresses along with 8 GB RAM and it costs $59.99/month.

3. Dedicated Server Plans

It also has three packages. The first one is a standard package which provides 500 GB of storage with bandwidth of 5 TB, 4 types of processor, 3 IP addresses along with that the RAM is 4 GB. It costs $79.99/month.

BlueHost vs Liquid Web Comparison- Dedicated Hosting Plans

The second one is enhanced and this offers  1 TB of storage, bandwidth of 10 TB, 4 types of processor , 4 IP addresses and 8 GB RAM and it costs $99.99/month. The third one is premium which offers 1TB of storage, bandwidth of 10 TB, 4 types of processor, 5 IP addresses and 16 GB RAM and it costs $119.99/month.

Liquid Web

It also has three plans for three different areas.

1. Shared Web Hosting Plans

This plan comes with 4 packages. The first package is  standard package which offers 5 GB of storage, 240 GB of Bandwidth, 2 domains and unlimited emails and it costs around $14.95/ month. The second one is Webmaster package which offers 20 GB of storage, bandwidth of 400 GB, 3 domains and unlimited emails and it costs $19.95/month.

BlueHost vs Liquid Web Comparison- VPS Hosting Managed

The third one is professional package and it offers 40 GB of storage, 640 GB of bandwidth with 4 domains and unlimited emails and it costs around $24.95/month. The last one is semi-dedicated which costs around $40/month and it offers the same as professional package but instead of 4 domains this offers 5 domains.

2. VPS Hosting Plans

This plan depends on the RAM and it varies accordingly from one another. For 2 GB RAM you’ll get 40 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, one domain and one IP address and it costs around $59/month. The second plan is also for 2 GB of RAM and it offers 100 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth , 5TB of data transfer with a public IP address and it costs $79/month.

BlueHost vs Liquid Web Comparison- VPS Hosting

The third plan is for 4 GB and it offers 125 GB of storage , unlimited bandwidth and along with that 5 TB of data transfer and one public IP Address and it costs $119/month. The last one is for 8 GB of RAM and it costs around $169/month and offers 200 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth with 5TB of data transfer.

3. Dedicated Server Plans

This plan has 3 packages based on the processor. The first one is on single processor which provides a storage of 211 GB, bandwidth of 5 TB and the type of processor is 4 cores total @ 2.80GHz with a RAM of 4 GB. The second one is on dual processor( Intel Dual Xeon E5-2603v2) which costs around $400/month and provides storage of 1849 GB, bandwidth of 5 TB and the processors are the type of 8 cores Total @1.8 GHz with a RAM of 32 GB.

BlueHost vs Liquid Web Comparison- Dedicated Servers

The third one is also on dual processor ( Intel Dual Xeon E5-2620v2) and it costs around $725/month. The services provided by this package are a storage of 1775 GB, bandwidth of 5 TB, the type of processor is 6 cores total @ 2.1 GHz with a RAM of 64 GB.

According to pricing I think Bluehost will fit into your budget but if you wanna take things to another level for running a huge business then in my opinion you should buy  Liquid Web’s offers.

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Conclusion: Bluehost vs Liquid Web Comparison 2023

Bluehost is certainly has a flexible pricing plans than Liquid Web but they both covers different regions like Bluehost is mostly used by small and medium businesses and Liquid Web is mostly used by large businesses.

That’s why they have a very huge price difference in their plans. But on the basis of features and services they are giving a very hard time to one another. Now it’s up to you to decide which one to buy which one to leave.

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