Abine Blur Review 2021 Best Password Manager Online ( Is It Legit ?) Abine Blur Reviews

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Ease of Use
Robust System
Value for money


  • Multiplatform support
  • 30-day free trial of premium features
  • Website tracking prevention
  • Masking of highly sensitive personal data
  • Easily generate a unique strong password for every account
  • Block hidden trackers
  • Sync securely across all of your devices
  • Auto-fill forms in a snap
  • Stops telemarketers
  • Blocks tracking of your browsing activities
  • Masked credit cards protect real card details
  • Masked phone number blocks unwanted calls.


  • Expensive annual subscription
  • Manual importing of credentials
  • Requires giving a lot of private data to Abine
  • Local-only password storage can be lost if you don't back it up

With smart tools and a fast, minimal interface, Blur and DeleteMe help you remain anonymous, and let you decide who gets your private information, and who doesn’t.

Price:$ 14.49

We all know that we should be careful about the kinds of information we post online. Most people are quite aware of phishing scams and avoid sharing their Credit Card details on online retail websites, they also ensure that personal addresses are not updated on any of their social media profiles. Yet, this is exactly the information we share when we shop and browse online, and it can come back to haunt you. Let us take you closer to the facts with this Abine Blur Review.

Bottom Line Upfront :

This is our Abine Blur review and we will try to understand why big magazines like TechCrunch, CNET, National Public Radio, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes are crazy about this app, Blur secures ALL the personal information you put online – making it safe, fast, and easy to login and checkout from your browser, phone, or tablet. Everyone’s after your personal data. One of the best feature of Abine Blur is that it doesn’t require users to download a separate desktop application because it’s fully browser-based – a feature that only a few of its competitors share. So get Blur Premium, the #1 choice for online privacy.

When you give your information to an online retailer, you can’t be certain that it won’t end up in the wrong hands. The retailer could sell your information, leak it in a data breach, get hacked, or they could be simply tracking your activity and purchases in ways you didn’t realize.

When you think about all of the personal information you’ve given out while shopping online, it can make you step back and think: your phone number, email, home address, and credit card number are all pieces of highly sensitive information that you want to protect.

Abine Blur Reviews

 Abine Blur Review 2021: Password Manager Online ( Is It Legit ?)

How to Stay Private with Abine Blur

Luckily, it’s easy to keep your personal information private with Blur by Abine. Abine is the online privacy company: for years, they have been building and perfecting tools to keep your personal information safe from hackers, thieves, stalkers, and fraudsters. With Blur, it’s easy to protect yourself without compromising the conveniences of using all of the online services that you love.

Bloggersideas Review- Abine Blur

The free version of Blur allows you to block trackers while you browse the web, create disposable email addresses, generate super-strong passwords, plus, it even manages your login information. This way, you won’t have to worry about giving away your personal email address or reusing passwords while creating accounts online.

However, once you gain a deeper understanding of how your personal information could get stolen or sold, it may make you want to throw away your computer or smartphone and move off the grid for good.

Abine Blur Password protection

That’s where Blur’s Premium service comes in. For just $39 a year, you can also create “Masked” phone numbers and “Masked” credit card numbers, so you will never have to give away your real information while using the internet. Let’s proceed ahead with knowing more about this password manager in our Blur Review.

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What is Blur?

Master card protection by blur Abine

Blur Review will now share that this is the only password manager and digital wallet that protects your passwords, payments, and privacy when you’re browsing online. It is a browser extension, web app, and mobile app that allows you to generate disposable “Masked” information that you can use when creating online accounts or shopping online, instead of using your real, actual personal information.

Blur Review- Privacy Manager

Masked information works just like real information: any calls or texts to a Masked Phone will be forwarded to your cell phone. Emails to your Masked Email accounts will be forwarded to your regular email inbox. If you are getting spam emails or telemarketing calls, you can simply turn off forwarding for your Masked Phone or Masked Email with just one click. Blur allows you to safely browse the internet without having to change your regular behavior, or give out your personal information.

The Blur browser extension is available for the major desktop web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Plus, Blur even has mobile apps for your iOS or Android mobile devices.

How Does Blur Work?

Abine Blur Password Manager Review

Using Blur is easy: whenever you need to login to an account, Blur will auto-fill your information into a login form in just one click. Even better, when you’re creating a new online account, Blur will automatically generate a unique Masked Email address along with an extremely strong password directly into the registration form, so you don’t need to go through any extra (cumbersome) steps.

Bloggersideas Review- Blur work

Plus, when you use Blur to create a separate Masked Email and strong password for each account, it makes it more difficult for hackers, thieves, and fraudsters to use your “online profile” to find and steal your information. Hackers rely on victims reusing passwords in “credential stuffing attacks.”


Blur Review- Features

Once they know that a password that is linked to a particular email address, they can use that login combination to attack any account using the same combination of email and password. Having a different combination of email and password to login to each site means that your information is less valuable to hackers. When you only give away Masked Info, your real information can’t be sold or stolen, because you never shared it in the first place.

Abine Blur Password Manager Reviews

Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

In this Blur review we want to also share one of the most innovative features that Blur  offers is the ability to keep your credit card information safe with Masked Cards. Masked Cards work just like a gift card: you choose how much money to put on the card, and then use it when you shop online instead of giving out your real credit card information. The Masked Card uses Abine’s address as the billing address and auto-fills your address for shipping.

Save Your Cards


It works just like a regular credit card, except you don’t have to give away your real credit card information. If the retailer sells your information, or it gets leaked in a hack or data breach, your real information will stay safe because they never had it to begin with. Easy!

You can create a new Masked Card for each of your online purchases with the exact amount you need for the transaction. If you end up not using it, you can request a refund with just one click.

Blur Blocks Trackers and Protects You

Using the same email address for all of your online activities is simply a bad idea because it’s easy for criminals and marketing companies to track your behavior and build a (scarily accurate) online profile of you.

Blur Review- Features Masked Cards

These profiles include your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like your location, your job, your home address, the places you visit, the people you spend time with, your interests, likes, and dislikes. By blocking trackers, Blur makes it more difficult for your information to be collected, stolen, shared, or sold.

Stronger, Safer Passwords

Abine Blur Password Manager

You probably already know that you shouldn’t use the same password for all of your accounts. And yet, you probably re-use passwords over and over, or only change them slightly from one account to the next. This makes it much easier for hackers and criminals to figure out and use your personal information against you. To keep you safe, Blur will generate a strong password for each of your accounts using a random string of numbers, letters, and special characters.

Stronger & Safe Password

You can customize the password based on the website’s requirements or your own preferences, such as removing special characters, adding capital letters, or changing the length of your password. You don’t have to worry about remembering each one, because Blur automatically saves them in your Blur account, and auto-fills them in your browser every time you log in to that account online.

So, all you have to do is remember one strong password for your Blur account. And, just in case you forget it, Blur creates a “backup passphrase” that will allow you to regain access to your account. It’s a randomly generated phrase, about 10-15 words long, that will let you log in to your Blur account in case you’ve lost your password.

Blur Keeps Your Information Safe

Blur Abine top features

To safely store all of your personal information, Blur uses “host-proof hosting”, an extremely secure method of protecting customer data from any sort of outside attack. When you use Blur to create a new username and password, that data is immediately encrypted on the user’s end before it’s sent to Abine’s servers. That means that the information is encrypted before it ever goes out over the Internet.

Furthermore, the information can’t be decrypted (and read) without your “encryption key”, your Blur Master Password that you create while registering for a Blur account. And since that is never stored on Blur’s servers, your information stays safe, because you are the only one with the “key”.

Blur is Easy to Use

Blur Abine password protection online

Blur installs as a browser extension, so you can access it through a simple button on your toolbar. It will show you how many trackers it is blocking as you browse the web, and when you click on the button (or go to the website), you can log in to and manage your Blur account.

In your Blur dashboard, you can easily access all of your Masked Info: login information, Masked emails, strong passwords, Masked phones, and Masked Cards. And, as mentioned, Blur seamlessly integrates into your browser by filling out forms, so creating new accounts or logging in to old ones won’t require any extra steps.

Use Blur on Your Phone

Abine Blur Password protection

Blur has a mobile app for iOS and Android so you can use Blur on-the-go on your phone or tablet. The app also comes with a few additional features. The first is that you can make calls directly from the app using your Masked Phone Number.

Abine Blur Password Reviews

Get Your Maskedphones


This allows you to keep your real phone number private, and block spam calls and texts by turning off forwarding from a shady source. The app also allows you to use fingerprint authentication to log in to accounts and authorize purchases.

Abine Blur Backup Solution


Blur Pricing Plans

Blur Premium Plans

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Abine Blur Customer Reviews & Testimonials

I used masked cards and watched as thieves tried to use the card again but got denied because the funds were all used. That incident alone saved my credit card and a whole lot of hassle cleaning up that sort of mess.

Sara L

We hand-out our Masked phone as our Home Phone and anyone who abuses the privilege can be Turned Off so we are never bothered again.

Todd & Sandra W

The thing that I like the most about this app is having the ability to log into my accounts without having to remember multiple passwords.

Raylene A

I love that I can give spoof email addresses for newsletters etc. and not my real address but the email is delivered into my regular email.

Gerald G


Frequently Asked Questions About Abine Blur Reviews

Is Abine Blur Safe?

The data with Blur cannot be stolen in any way and neither the passwords of the users are lost. This is because Blu allows a user to create unique passwords and usernames for every website and all these are encrypted once created with Blur. And this encryption takes place right in your device and not with Blur. So, even before any data is sent to Blur systems, it is well encrypted right from your device. So, the chance of theft of passwords or usernames becomes zero.

How do I delete my Blur account?

It is simple. Go to Accounts section in your Privacy Dashboard. Search for the website you want to delete and click on Trashcan.

Is Blur Free?

Blur offers free as well as paid plan. Free plan allows you to store unlimited storage for passwords but only for one device. However, if you work on multiple devices and want to keep your passwords protected on all of them, you need paid plan worth $14.99 and you will get additional features to access.

Do I get my refund for an unused masked card?

Yes, you get your refund for a masked card that has not been used by you. Use your Dashboard to get to Masked Cards where you get an option for submitting for a refund. The refund process takes 2 to 5 working days.

What if all my accounts, passwords, and saved data go missing from Blur?

If you are somehow unable to access your accounts and passwords then from the dashboard you can manually access the setting page and restore the data from the automated backup file.

What are Masked emails?

Masked emails are fake disposable email addresses that are shared with the websites that you access. Can I turn off Masked Emails, Cards, and Phones for individual websites? In the user settings, you get options to use your original Emails and Cards for the websites you select to reveal them to.

How do I access my accounts and passwords across multiple devices?

Once you sign up for Blur, you will be able to seamlessly access your account information across multiple devices, through Abine servers. While Backup & Sync is normally a premium feature, all users will receive free premium for 30 days once they sign up. After the 30 days, You will need to upgrade to premium in order to access Backup & Sync. We encrypt all of your information directly with your password, before it is sent to the cloud, so at no point will Abine store your plain text account information on our servers.

Why am I being charged for Masked Cards?

Unfortunately, VISA / MasterCard / AMEX and other credit card companies have raised our fees. These are fees which we incur each time we charge your credit card to make a Masked Card. For this reason, we need to cover more of our costs when you use your credit card to buy Masked Cards. If you use a credit card to buy Masked Cards, there will now be a fee of $2 per card for all cards under $100 (the majority of cards made today). In addition, we’ll pass on a charge 1.5% of the card value for cards above $100. Abine Blur states that, if possible, they would not charge their users this additional amount but for now as the situation persists, they have to. But they are always looking out for more ways to make these situations

Best Alternatives to Abine Blur

  • LastPass
  • Sticky Password
  • DashLane
  • 1Password
  • Kaspersky Password Manager

1) LastPass

Lastpass fpr family

Lastpass is a good platform offering decent security policies and features.  To prevent yourself from setting up various passwords on multiple platforms, LastPass works well in securing your passwords and generating them in random to keep you safe. This furthermore helps in keeping your data protected. What you expect from a Password Manager tool is exactly what you get from LastPass. Check out Lastpass Review.

LastPass Offers

  • Biometric Login (Where applicable)
  • Dedicated Password Manager
  • Password Sharing with multiple websites
  • Emergency access to websites where one could have forgotten their password
  • Syncing and storing data for user protection

However, LastPass is a great product but it does not store or manage passwords directly. The features of LastPass range from storing and securing credit card information to make online shopping and managing subscriptions easier. You may store your Wifi Passwords or personal notes and even other important data for your convenience.

Their 1-month plan starts from $3 per month.

2) Sticky Password

Sticky Password is unique in a way that the users have options to either save their passwords on the cloud or select the option to only save them on your main WIFI which works out perfect for people who want to stay confined to their personal space while purchasing online or using other subscriptions. In the WIFI option your passwords never leave your main WIFI zone whether be it your home or your personal office. Only the devices that have access to your main WIFI are the trusted devices for you to use.

Sticky Password is a really convenient Password management tools as it is one of the best user experiences. All that is needed for the user is to install Sticky Password on their device and the rest is taken care of by Sticky Password. Sticky Keys is compatible with all majorly known browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and more.

A master key needs to be set for Sticky Key which turns out to be the main key used.

One big setback is that Sticky Key does not have an option of password recovery so you better write that master password down somewhere. Sticky key starts at US $29.99 per user for the annual plan and US $159.99 per user for the lifetime plan.

3) Dashlane

Dashlane overview- keeper security vs dashlane

Dashlane is a great cross-platform password manager that is compatible with iOS, Mac, Windows, Android and Linux. One of the most seamless experiences that can be seen is definitely on the Macs and iOS devices although one cannot say that it does not perform well in other platforms. Dashlane has been designed to make the experience for users quite simple and self-explanatory. It is also a budget option considering other competitors in the market.

If there was a setback in using Dashlane as your password manager then that would be the auto logout feature, but if you get a hang of the intuitive dashboard then it is really manageable.

4) 1Password

1password reviews

Offering excellent security 1Password is a good password manager. An important thing to note is that 1Password claims that they never know the master key so that the developers behind the App and ther employees are unable share or leak valuable information of the user. A secret key is generated per user, this 128-bit key is not stored on a cloud and never has to see 1Password’s servers. The authentication of your account is then not public. Two-factor authentication is established by the user to make the passwords even more secure.

1Password Pricing Plans 

  • 1 GB document storage is $2.99 per month.
  • 5 users + five guest users are $4,99 per month.
  • 5 additional guest accounts cost $3.99 per month.
  • For a Business the plan is for $7.99 per month which offers 5 BG of storage per user, 20 guest accounts and free family accounts.
  • For Enterprise Plans 1Password customizes plans as per the requirements.

5) Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager

This is one of the companies that I had heard of and has been in the market for a long time. In the Cybersecurity space Kaspersky has made a name for itself. Since the company is almost 2 decades old, they have a great password manager in their portfolio of many other Cybersecurity Products. Kaspersky has the algorithms to protect their user data and businesses by an ever-evolving digital threats system. Kaspersky Password Manager encrypts the user’s private information and data and stores it in their central database.

This technology assists their users to not let anyone or any computer access their personal information like credit cards, address or passwords without permission. The pricing starts from $14.99.

Conclusion: Abine Blur Reviews 2021 | Is It Worth The Hype??

Blur Abine Reviews online

Credits : Fastcompany.com

Keeping your information private can be difficult–it seems that new online threats are popping up every day. Criminals are constantly doing everything in their power to discover the latest security vulnerabilities, and companies are constantly collecting and storing your personal data. So, it’s critical for every internet to stay ahead of the curb to keep their personal information away from predatory hands.

Luckily with this Blur Review, it is evident that Blur by Abine allows you to stay in control and keep your information private. You no longer have to share information just because a website “requires” it, and you can decide what information to give out. With Blur, you can protect yourself from scams, identity theft, credit card fraud, and other risks, without giving up your regular behavior online. Take back control of your information with Blur.


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  1. I’ve been a pretty content individual of Blur given that 2015. The web/browser expansion is virtually remarkable. Some small renovations would be wonderful, yet absolutely nothing significant. The capability to mask your e-mail (phone number & charge card also if you have premium) are exceptional.

    Blur has 2 type of large issues though. Their mobile app, and the rate of updates for the platform in general.

    Both the internet extension and the mobile app got a rather major update in 2019 that made it a great deal extra usable. Nonetheless, the mobile app gets an upgrade maybe annually. The largest issue I have with it, is you are restricted to utilizing Google Chrome for mobile internet surfing. If you try to utilize any other browser, regardless of what site you go to, the password fill will certainly think the web site you are it is based on what mobile internet browser you use. For example, if I try to login to my e-mail utilizing Firefox, the login autofill will certainly look for an account for firefox.com. This is true with any type of web browser besides Chrome. It does function primarily great with various other apps. Nonetheless if it does identify a field inaccurately for automobile fill, it can be a major pain to fix it, and also it has a tendency to not conserve the adjustment the following time you come back. Autofilling credit cards especially does’ t appear to function quite possibly, it almost never appropriately recognizes the card e.

  2. Abine is a company that offers private browsing software and other security and privacy related services. Abine Blur is their flagship software and is available to download for free.


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