BNB Formula Review 2023: Is Brian Page’s Airbnb Program Legit?

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Course Modules
Ease of learning


  • Minimum Cost Required
  • Amazing profit calculator
  • Tip of the day Series
  • BNB Empire checklists
  • Pre made tools and templates
  • Deep dive video series
  • Lifetime membership Upgrades
  • A deep dive video series
  • Access to each coaching call


  • The course is expensive
  • Tenants Can Wreck You Place Or Your Clients

BNB Formula provides you with essential skills that you can benefit from for a lifetime. And the best part is that this course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and thus if you don’t like it, you can request a full refund.

Price:$ 1497

Looking for BNB Formula Review, you are at the right place.

There is a lot of information out there on how to invest in the market of short-term rentals, but it can be difficult to know where to start or who to trust.

Many people want to get into the business of short-term rentals, but don’t have the first clue about where to start. And even if they do, it can be hard to know which information is trustworthy and which isn’t.

BnB Formula is the answer. This virtual training program was created by Brian Page, an experienced investor, and entrepreneur who has been successful in the field of short-term rentals. Through this program, students will learn everything they need to know about how to advertise their rental properties and attract potential renters.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

However, BNB Formula takes this a step further. This is about demonstrating how you can profit handsomely from this 335 billion dollar industry and build a fortune for yourself — WITHOUT incurring high overhead costs. Indeed, it seems that you do not even need to own any real estate.

If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking – yep, that’s correct! However, I must admit that BNB Formula piqued our attention. It is unquestionably a commercial opportunity that would not have existed in the past. And if it might work. That is an intriguing idea.

As a result, I was forced to get down and dirty with BNB Formula to ascertain its true nature. And here are my results. I believe you’ll find them very fascinating.

BNB Formula Review (What Is BNB Formula?)

BNB Formula Review- Overview


BNB Formula may be thought of as a virtual training program that educates those interested in investing in the short-term rental business, particularly those interested in pursuing a career in advertising. You’ll learn how to create stunning, eye-catching graphics that will help you attract tenants to the rentals you’re advertising.

Brian, who has been doing this effectively for many years, will show you how to invest in the BNB company using step-by-step instructions. You will learn everything from locating property owners and creating listings to creating beautiful films that highlight the rentals you are advertising.

With BNB Formula, you may purchase and manage many listings without making large expenditures in real estate or money. Brian’s method walks you through the process of locating property owners and creating appealing listings so that you can quickly begin accumulating money. Once you understand how it is done, you may repeat the procedure indefinitely to continue earning more.

The BNB Formula is a combination of online instructional video training and one-on-one mentoring with Brian. Once you’ve purchased this program, you’ll be required to view videos weekly and also perform real-world activities to determine whether or not you’ve retained what you’ve learned.

With this course, you’ll learn how to manage numerous properties like a pro and begin earning substantial money. Within the course’s eight-week length, you will have advanced from novice to expert.

Among The Subjects Covered by BNB Formula Are The Following –

Authorities Opinion - BNB Formula Review

  • How to Use the Calculator for BNB Property Profits
  • Three distinct kinds of lucrative real estate that you may convert into BNB listings
  • How to create a portfolio of properties that will increase your bookings
  • How to advertise listings internationally to broaden your reach
  • Calendar tricks that allow you to fill 90-95 percent of available leases at any moment
  • How to arrange a property to increase bookings
  • You may utilize third-party services to outsource almost all of your visitor communications.
  • Comprehensive lectures and training on the many BNB talents you should possess
  • The listing techniques and ideas that can help you promote your short-term rentals stand out
  • How to connect with a worldwide online network of more BNB company owners to get access to more knowledge and exposure to emerging trends (I specifically loved this one).

Additionally, you will learn how to develop templates, fillable forms, and automation tools to assist in the growth of your company.

How to outsource effectively. As previously said, Brian is an expert at delegating and outsourcing chores, which enables him to concentrate on his BNB company for just a few hours each week. This program will teach you how to delegate the majority of your duties to free up more of your time.

Additionally, as you can see, this is a very thorough course that you should consider purchasing if you’re interested in learning more about investing in the BNB industry.

What Exactly Is Airbnb?

Students Opinion - BNB Formula Review

Airbnb is the market leader in the business of home-sharing, short-term rentals, and home-sharing. According to the Wall Street Journal, Airbnb’s income is expected to double to $ 10 billion by 2022, from $ 1.5 billion now.

At the moment, Airbnb accounts for less than 1 % of the hospitality sector, but exponential growth is anticipated shortly as customers become aware of and choose “shared hospitality” and short-term stays over conventional hotels.

According to a recent Forbes story, 75 individuals earn more than $ 1 million each year on the site. Additionally, it is believed that many make well over six figures each year just via Airbnb.

Making money using Airbnb has evolved into a viable business model for anyone looking to start one. I would recommend you go it a little more detail regarding Airbnb.

Who Is The Intended Audience For BNB Formula?

The wonderful thing about BNB Formula is that it is self-contained and self-managed. All you need is a little patience to go through the eight-week course (at your own pace and convenience, of course), and a desire to build a consistent income that will enable you to become your boss.

Of course, you could just stay in your present job and live your life precisely as you are now for the next 30 years.

Alternatively, you may free yourself from the constraints of full-time work and operate your company from your laptop or mobile phone — from anywhere in the world! If you are intended, I strongly recommend you read this article to the end.

Brian Page’s Bio: Who Is Brian Page? 

Brian Page - BNB Formula

Brian Page has been cited many times as the creator of BNB Formula, and you may be asking who on earth is Brian Page.

Brian Page is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and company owner. He began investing in real estate in 2001, flipping over 100 homes. At the time, property flipping was not a popular idea. He invested in a variety of various kinds of real estate and built residential houses and condominiums.

He started working with Airbnb in 2014 as a side project. He used his real estate and property management expertise in his new venture. He eventually achieved great success in this position.

After seeing a lack of thorough training on how to invest in the BNB industry, Brian started compiling what he had learned into a course he dubbed BNB Formula. In other words, this program is a collection of his proven methods for investing in the BNB Company. I simply have started admiring Brian.

What Exactly Is The BNB Formula?

Features -BNB Formula Review

According to the BNB Formula, after eight weeks of weekly instruction, the student has the potential to earn six figures in six months. It claims to include everything a student could need and is a strong formula for teaching the student all he needs to know about leveraging the Airbnb company, putting it all into action over eight weeks of instruction, and earning SIX figures in the first SIX months.

In any case, the BNB Formula is comprised of eight weekly video training courses. It includes nine business-to-business (B2B) toolkits, including a deal analyzer, forms, templates, and contracts.

It includes additional advice in the form of 15 pre-recorded videos and one audio. It has 23 recordings (which they refer to as Vault) of previous and current training webinars.

  • Module 1 has six videos and discusses preparation and the nine key items needed to start a BNB company.
  • Module 2 has five films that explain how the student should approach homeowners, apartment managers, and landlords about converting homes to short-term rental units. Additionally, it discusses collaborating with cleaners and lock installation.
  • Module 3 has six videos that discuss how to choose the ideal BNB listing, the kinds of homes that generate revenue, and which properties to avoid.
  • Module 4 has seven movies that demonstrate how to stage the property after it has been secured. It discusses how to furnish the property on a shoestring budget and how to prepare it for visitors.
  • Module 5 has seven films that demonstrate how to correctly advertise your home on Airbnb, as well as calendar hacks for both maximum occupancy and high occupancy rates. Additionally, the lesson teaches how to create title and description tags that attract more clicks.
  • Module 6 has seven videos and discusses the need to thoroughly inspect details before accepting visitors. Additionally, it includes additional suggestions on pricing methods and how to fill more days. More significantly, it teaches the learner how to get 5-star reviews from visitors regardless of the pricing.
  • Module 7 has seven videos and teaches students how to outsource and automate 95 percent of their daily activities to list more properties. It asserts that if the student masters this, he is likely prepared to go to the last training module.
  • Module 8 has seven movies that demonstrate how to rinse and repeat. It discusses troubleshooting issues and how to resolve them. This also teaches the learner how to expand the company.

The prospective student is urged to enroll in this course for the following reasons –

  • It’s a road map that instructs the learner on how to complete weekly attainable objectives.
  • No technical expertise or experience is required, since this is not a technological company, and all essential information is given.
  • The opportunity to communicate with members of the BNB Formula from all around the globe.
  • The student may already make money while he or she is studying.

Three Secrets of The BNB Formula –

It states that this course reveals three secrets that make it an appealing investment, namely leverage, outsourcing, and automation.

  • Automation – the student will be able to automate all routine tasks, eliminating the need to recruit workers. He collaborates with the landlord, the home cleaners, the locksmith firm, and Airbnb itself to automate the 40 to 50 hours required to manage his AirBNB business, reducing it to a few hours each week.
  • Outsourcing – the learner will discover how outsourcing 95% of his daily activities may help him optimize and grow his company.
  • Leverage — an individual may leverage his homes by renting them out on a nightly basis and via the renowned Airbnb website. The student is not required to invest in real estate and may still earn money from properties he does not own. It asserts that a $ 3000-4000 monthly income is entirely feasible.

I specifically admire these three secrets of the BNB formula.

What All Is Included In The BNB Formula?

Get the new book - BNB Formula Review

BNB Formula is an eight-week master class that teaches you how to start your own company renting out real estate on Airbnb. And, once again, you do not have to own a single brick of real estate to do so.

The whole course is the product of one Brian Page — a man who has done precisely what he is now training others to do: earn uber-profits utilizing Airbnb’s marvels.

The course is structured as follows –

  • Week 1: Preparation — Because every successful company is built on preparation. Here, you may figure out and accomplish all of your business’s ‘to-dos.’ Utilize some excellent productivity tools and some time-saving techniques that will offer you a significant advantage on the road.
  • Week 2: Partner – Because you need partners to whom you will eventually delegate many of your business’s day-to-day responsibilities. Because, after all, you didn’t expect you’d be tethered to your laptop, did you? BNB Formula is all about configuration – and then automating the process so that you don’t have to…
  • Week 3: Identity – Now comes the enjoyable part. You’re about to explore your new residences. Oh, and the incredible part is that you’ll be able to rent out other people’s homes for them, earning a tidy profit in the process. Yes, this is true – and in fact, these property owners will be overjoyed if you take care of it for them.
  • Week 4: Stage – I use the term staging to refer to how your properties appear to visitors. To maximize revenues, you must over-deliver — in other words, offer visitors something unexpected. You’ll learn precisely how to accomplish this in this lesson – and it won’t cost you a dime!
  • Week 5: List — That’s right, this is the week in which you create your very own property listings. You’ll be led through the process, learn how to effectively organize your schedule, and, most importantly, you’ll begin receiving bookings for your brand-new Airbnb home.
  • Week 6: Official Launch – Any new business’s first 30 days are crucial. And throughout this week, you’re going to discover some incredible killer ideas for increasing income and streamlining every aspect of your fresh new company.
  • Week 7: Automate – As the term implies, this is the point at which you begin to make the company work for you, rather than the other way around. This is a critical component, as it will help you comprehend how to work part-time while earning a full-time salary.
  • Week 8: Rinse & Repeat – Not only will you begin to notice the benefits here, but it is also time to begin growing. After all, the more Airbnb listings you have, the more profit you may make.

I enjoyed all the 8 weeks and hence I recommend It to all my viewers.

What All Is Included In The BNB Formula?

BNB Formula Review- Financially Independent

  1. Students get ONE YEAR of LIVE Group Coaching Calls – which are very beneficial. Throughout their first year in business, students may ask any questions they have on these calls. Additionally, they may listen to conversations with industry experts and hear LIVE from top Airbnb earners every month.
  2. Membership & Updates for Lifetime Courses — New content is updated nearly regularly. Students get lifelong access to the training program and are entitled to receive FREE updates to any future content and materials published in the course.
  3. Coaching Call Vault — 12 months of recorded conversations from every live training, guest interview, and successful six-figure Airbnb student interview, in addition to all of Brian’s monthly coaching sessions. Students may see or listen to these materials at any time.
  4. Property Profits Calculator – This is a free tool that can quickly evaluate any property and estimate the monthly and annual cash-flow possibilities of an Airbnb listing.
  5. Checklists for the BNB Empire- Students may use checklists for each key stage of the company to ensure they are constantly progressing on the correct path and never getting lost
  6. Daily Tip Video Series – This is a behind-the-scenes look at Brian’s Airbnb rentals. Students may have a peek inside their homes, see how they appear, and learn how to create lucrative listings. (I specifically loved these).
  7. Deep Dive Video Series – This is a distinct training series that focuses on innovative methods to grow your Airbnb company.
  8. Tools and Templates Prepared for You — These are fast and easy-to-use fill-in-the-blank forms that students may use on-demand to help them develop their Airbnb company.

The BNB Formula program is designed for both new and seasoned Airbnb hosts. Hosts who currently have one or two properties on Airbnb but wish to build a SIGNIFICANT business on the platform.

Online training for eight weeks. These eight masterclasses, comprised of over 80 step-by-step video lessons, guide students through the process of locating and listing their first property within 30 days. After 60 days, pupils will have discovered their second or third listing.

The emphasis is entirely on automation and outsourcing to the maximum extent feasible. This is a critical element. As a result, BNB company owners may devote more time to listing acquisition.

Brian also demonstrates how this may be accomplished without owning a single piece of land. He demonstrates how to convince landlords (property owners) to enable you to advertise their homes on Airbnb.

Brian has put in a great deal of effort to provide students with all of the resources required to launch a successful Airbnb company. That is why I was impressed by the course.

As with any real estate transaction, location is critical. Rent and occupancy rates will increase in direct proportion to the location of the property. Bear in mind that if you are leasing this property from someone, you must ensure that your costs are covered.

Brian offers a tool that can assist you in analyzing the rentals and vacancy rates in your neighborhood. Alternatively, you may do your study.

How many other Airbnbs are located in your neighborhood? What are their fees? What is the circumstance?

Visit the Airbnb website. Proceed to your neighborhood and search for available accommodations. You now have an idea of how your competition is and how much you may charge.

Bnb Formula freedom program review

Following my study of the BNB Formula, I believe it is not for everyone. While the information is not new, Brian has done an excellent job arranging it to educate ANYONE on how to start an Airbnb company from scratch or how to grow an existing BNB business efficiently.

Yes, if you’re the kind that enjoys extensive study and spending considerable time on real estate forums, you may discover this information there.

However, when I start a new company, I prefer to approach things differently. This is how I see things.

How Much Money Do I Lose each day that my company is dormant?

It makes no difference what kind of company it is.

If I can pay to learn from someone else in half the time, I’m certain that I’ll end out ahead in the long term, not to mention the expensive errors and hassles I’d incur if I tried to figure it out on my own.

Now, if you’re on a tight budget and have plenty of time on your hands, you may visit some of the more famous real estate forums and begin asking many questions.

For those of you who want to shorten your learning curve, I strongly suggest Brian’s BNB Formula. In general, he’s done an excellent job collecting all the knowledge necessary to create a successful company. He even includes all of the paperwork you’ll need and provides examples.

Another advantageous aspect of the training is the opportunity to learn from people who are already successful in the industry. You may get a great deal of knowledge from them and their experiences.

The best course of action at this point is to visit Brian’s website and view the whole presentation for yourself.

How Much Does BNB Formula Cost?

BNB Formula is a program with both advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages of the BNB Formula are much greater than the disadvantages. The biggest issue people have with it is the cost- it costs more than $2,000. But this is a relatively modest price to pay to create a long-term income stream. Plus, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with it.

Can You Make Money With BNB Formula?

Yes, you can make money and be your own boss by renting out a room through Airbnb.

However, there are some things you need to know before you get started.

Renting out a room through Airbnb can be profitable, but it’s not easy. If you’re willing to put in the hard work, you can make a lot of money.

Is BNB Formula A Scam? Is BNB Formula Legit?

So, is BNB Formula a scam? Not technically. You can make money with this program, but it’s definitely not as easy as Brian Page makes it sound.

There’s a ton of work to be done upfront, no real guarantee of success, and – most importantly – the actual profit margins on real estate investments are pretty small.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with front-loading the work and making the money later.

But if you’re grinding it out for 3 months – looking at deals, sending out offers, negotiating with the seller and lender to buy a rental property – and then your reward is like $100 a month in profits, it’s not really worth it.

Is this a course that I would recommend? (Brian Page BNB Formula Review)

Customer Testimonials

To be candid, I rate this course a 9.5 out of 10 and would certainly suggest it to anybody interested in renting out short-term rental homes without having to own real estate. I view this as a genuine business and path for anybody to follow if they live in an area where Airbnb is not prohibited.

Here are some amazing BNB Formula Reviews by customers: 

Bloomington, IL

“We are brothers from a small town who decided to become BNBr’s. We got our first two units in one building right after completing our training.”

Sacramento, California

“After just a few months I was making the same as what I had been making on a full-time job after 20 years of experience…I knew at that moment that this is what I should be doing.”


“We’ve earned our money back tenfold just with our first few listings. So if you’re concerned about doing it just do it, you won’t regret it.”

Morristown, NJ

“That’s been the biggest plus of going through this program…is the amount of time I’m able to spend with my family…”

Pittsburgh, PA

“I have six active units, and I no longer work 9-5. I’m living the life I always dreamed of.”

Pros & Cons of BNB Formula


  • This is a company that you may start with very little money. You do not need credit, you do not require money, and you do not even require an inordinate amount of time. And you do not have to be a technical whiz child.
  • There are many helpful resources included, like an amazing profit calculator, a tip-of-the-day series, BNB Empire checklists, pre-made tools and templates, a deep dive video series, and lifetime membership and upgrades. In other words, everything you need to keep your company thriving and earning those all-important profits.
  • Not only do you get all of the training mentioned above, but you also receive six months of live expert coaching calls. Brian Page will conduct a live coaching session once a month for six months to bring you up to speed on the newest tips and techniques for continuing to grow your Airbnb empire. Additionally, you get access to each coaching call, which you may listen to at your leisure.


  • To be honest, this course is very expensive & there are many upsells too. The course has a no-questions-asked, 100 % money-back guarantee, so this is covered. The only thing I’d add is that you must believe in yourself for this to work. The majority of businesses fail simply due to a lack of conviction. However, the wonderful thing about the BNB Formula is that you are not alone – because Brian Page takes you through every step, from start to finish, using the same method he used to build his own Airbnb fortune. Believe me it was really hard for me to come up with a con.

Top BNB Formula Alternatives  

1) Airbnb Entrepreneur: Become the Best Listing in Town! by Paul N. 

Who is behind the course?

Paul N. | Business | Innovation | Video

Reverse Engineering Successful Business Strategies

  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 23,462 Reviews
  • 86,315 Students
  • 12 Courses

He is an online instructor focused on delivering engaging Business and Innovation courses. He loves to reverse-engineer successful business strategies and structure them into comprehensive and useful online courses. You can also follow him on his YouTube channel “Business Disruptors”.

He built up his expertise thanks to years of experience with startups and investments, and he is using the scientific method in business in order to find innovative approaches and doing a lot of research to uncover winning patterns among the most successful companies in the world.

Course Details :

Does Airbnb sound like a good fit for you? Alternatively, are you presently renting, but believe that your competition is doing better and that you can earn significantly more? If so, then this course is for you. Paul’ll show you how to be the greatest local Airbnb option. In other words, you’ll be able to make the most of the local Airbnb rental market and earn the most money from your place.

You’ll also avoid making mistakes that could result in poor reviews, which could hurt your rental business. Renting out your property on Airbnb is a great way to make money, and this course will teach you how to do it the right way.

Airbnb Entrepreneur course Airbnb customer review Brian Page SCAMS

What you’ll learn

  • Kick-start renting on Airbnb in the most efficient way
  • Optimize Airbnb business using the best practices
  • Avoid critical mistakes which can be detrimental to Airbnb renting
  • Become the best Airbnb renting option in town
  • Make the most money out of the local Airbnb market
  • Automate Airbnb renting to generate passive income

2) How to Create an Empire on Airbnb without Owning a Home

Who Is The Author?

David VuDavid VU

  • Serial Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Fisherman, Happiness Ambassador
  • 4.3 Instructor Rating
  • 12,910 Reviews
  • 55,318 Students
  • 4 Courses

Growing up in a poor immigrant family, little did he know that was the ultimate recipe for success. He had a burning desire to succeed at an early age and learned about becoming an entrepreneur and hard work through his mother and father.

By 16, he started his first business selling internet services. Through his teen and early adult years, he has had a wealth of expertise in many businesses ranging from endless arbitrage opportunities to direct sales. He hit it big with one of my endeavors that started off as a hobby when he was 25. 5 short years later that little hobby has turned into a 3 million-dollar-a-year business.

Currently, he travels the world and goes fishing in his spare time while exploring new businesses and opportunities for excitement. He is here to build an empire and help as many people along the way as he can while remaining happy and having fun.

How to Create an Empire on Airbnb without Owning a Home

Did you know that Airbnb made about $2.6 billion in sales in 2018? More than 150 million people have signed up with Airbnb so far, with more signing up every day. 640,000 people are hosting. On Airbnb, there are more than 4 million listings. You may stay in over 65,000 cities and 191 countries on a daily basis! There are billions of dollars worth of transactions and millions of dollars in sales taking place every day all over the world! Astonishingly large numbers are seen here!

As a result, what does that mean for you, exactly? It’s a great chance! Please check out the course video (the first lecture is available for free!).

I’ll be honest with you: this training is not a fast track to wealth. This course teaches a proven method for making money on the side or even a full-time salary. In order to make money, you must be able to both LEARN and EXECUTE effectively. You can buy a gym membership, but if you’re just going to sit at home and watch TV, you won’t get in shape, right?

ABSOLUTELY NO FAKE NEWS. There will be no nonsense. There will be no gimmicks or tricks. Even though you’ve heard it before, there’s something new about it this time. This is an A-Z 1 2 3 blueprint with transparent gloves off.

What would an extra $2,000 a month do for you and your family’s financial situation? Let’s go with $14,000. Were those events life-altering? Continue reading! The answer to this question is probably “yeah, right,” but what if it were to happen to me?” Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of students from over the world, and I get messages every day from them telling me about their accomplishments and their sales!

Time freedom is more valuable than money, and this business gives you both! Consider the possibilities if you had it. It’s possible to spend more time with your family and travel, or finally pursue the passion you’ve always wanted.

Become one of the first students to sign up and learn all of my secrets! Are you going to get rich in a day or two? There are no guarantees in life, and we’re all mature enough to understand that. You should not believe whatever they say. In order to make the kind of money you’re hoping for, you’ll have to put in months or perhaps a year of hard effort. Those are the promises I can make to you…

You can make money if you’re coachable, have a positive mindset, and are prepared to put in the effort. Even after the first 90 days, you can still make a lot of money!

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the core concepts of creating a Business on Airbnb
  • Learn exact formulas and techniques to increase profit
  • Create systems for self-sustainability
  • How to turn a property and rent within 48 hours
  • Earn money from your new skills
  • How to effectively build a team/Outsource certain tasks

3) Vacation Rental, Airbnb Management – from Beginner to Pro!

Who Is The Instructor?

Micah Berg

Micah Berg

  • Vacation Rental Master and Educator
  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 324 Reviews
  • 1,555 Students
  • 1 Course

Micah Berg is the “Servant-in-Chief” (CEO) of RealJoy Vacations in Destin, FL that also owns a subsidiary brand called Book Urban in Nashville, Denver, and Austin. Micah brings a mixture of military and financial management industry experience to the RealJoy Vacations executive team. Micah took over a failing vacation management company in early 2009, with only 20 units, and has very quickly transformed it into one of the leading companies in the industry with over 425 units under management as of June 2018 with over $25 million in annual revenue.

Micah also recently founded and is the CEO of Vacation Rental University which aims to educate the vacation rental and short-term rental space to a high level of competency to solidify Vacation Rentals as an official “industry” by completing the loop by having an end-to-end education platform available to get started in the business or follow through to mastery.  Micah’s co-founders are Jim Olin and Michael Friedman who both have multiple decades of experience in the Vacation Rental industry. The blood sweat and tears of their combined years have gone into over 350 video lessons as well as all of the forms, templates, and tools required to properly manage a vacation rental business.

Micah will be recognized in the 2018 top 100 entrepreneurs in real estate and RealJoy Vacations will be listed on the 2018 Inc. 5000 list.

Being so involved in a rapidly growing and very competitive industry, Micah understands the value of pioneering new ideas and utilizing a mixture of education, data, and technology in order to stay a step ahead of the competition. In addition to VRU, Micah used this experience to develop a vacation rental operational management software which was ultimately sold to the Kigo business unit of RealPage (RP) in 2015 and has become Kigo Operations Management (KOM).

Micah started his professional career as a Financial Advisor for Merrill Lynch in Atlanta, GA, and moved to Destin, FL to assist in opening a new branch. During his years with Merrill, Lynch Micah was recognized multiple times for superior performance and production and was part of a team that was fiduciary managers of over $450 million dollars of investment assets for their clients.

Vacation Rental, AirBNB Management from Beginner to Pro Course

Course details :

You’ll learn everything you need to know about vacation rental management here, including how to get started with your first properties. They’re here to assist you to get a head start on controlling your market so you can start making money right now. Watch the beginning classes to learn the basics, then move on to the more advanced ones to learn how to grow and master the company!

However, once you’ve mastered this material, please join us at Vacation Rental University for an extra 50 hours of in-depth instruction on all aspects of vacation rental management.

Who this course is for:

  • People who are new to managing Vacation Rentals, and short-term rentals, (VRBO, Airbnb) and want to see rapid success!
  • REALTORS who are interested in how Vacation Rentals work so they can sell more properties.
  • People who think they are interested in Vacation Rentals or AirBNB so can decide if the work fits their lifestyle and personality.

Vacation Rental, AirBNB Management from Beginner to Pro

What you’ll learn

  • Operate multiple vacation rental properties at a professional level.
  • Avoid costly mistakes getting started in vacation rentals or on Airbnb
  • Generate profits very quickly
  • Understand how to build on the principles taught here to scale into a larger business.

FAQs on BNB Formula Review

🔥Who is Brian Page?

Brian Page is a serial entrepreneur, worldwide business coach, and creator of the Medici Society. He is also the presenter of the Digital Titans Podcast and the Brian Page LIVE Show.

✔ How do you profit from Airbnb?

Your visitors pay Airbnb's booking charge of 6 % to 12 %. Ascertain that you understand Airbnb's hosting standards including listing accuracy, guest communication, meeting reservation commitments, cleaning your space for each visitor, and offering necessities such as soap and toilet paper.

👓 How is the BNB formula calculated?

Brian's BNB Formula is a progressive training framework that combines online instruction and LIVE group coaching to educate students on how to grow a six- or seven-figure Airbnb company. Therefore, if you haven't seen the webinar, you should.

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Conclusion: Is Brain Page Legit? BNB Formula Review 

To be honest, I don’t frequently use this word – but OMG! I may have come across a business idea that has the potential to create billionaires. If you have the desire, BNB Formula will provide the knowledge.

And the greatest part is that once your company is up and going, you can practically automate it to the point where you don’t have to do anything. Consider working just an hour or two each day and yet earning a legitimate full-time salary. In our humble view, this makes trying the BNB Formula a no-brainer. I already know what I’m going to do!

However, keep in mind that, you will have to work hard. Brian can only guide you through the path and motivate you, you will have to stick to it and work hard. I wish you all the best!

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Andy Thompson

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