Bold Commerce Review 2023: Is It The Best Shopify Apps For Sales?

“I think money is used to make the tools, they say that during the gold rush, the people who made the most money sold the blades.”

Jay Myers, the co-founder of Winnipeg-based application developer Bold Commerce, told me this in February 2014. He had just hired his fifteenth employee which is not bad for a newly formed company with four guys working at night. Create an application in a cellar for a platform on which they took a risk.

Bold Commerce Review - Introduction

Today, they’ve hired more than 80 people and expanded their service offering to include custom applications, store compilations, webmaster service, and more. But how did you get there?

What mistakes did you learn? And what can we learn from them to start an independent business, finish their daily work and develop a business from one to many?

Jay shared his thoughts in a detailed interview for a series of three-part blogs about Bold’s beginnings, growth, and future. Here’s how they did it.

Bold Commerce Review

Bold Commerce Review 2023 | Is It The Best Tool For Your Sales??

Let’s start at the beginning: Bold Apps For Shopify 

Jay has been selling his products online since 1999 when everyone rushed to eBay. Act? Heartland Archery, Winnipegs family business selling archery products.

In the online eBay market, Jay realized that he did not really build a brand when selling.

“No one knew who we were,” he said. “You just bought the item at the lowest price.” In the end, the company I founded was worthless. Basically, it was only worth the last product you listed.

To solve this problem, he decided in 2005 to set up an online store.

After seeing some success and repeating the design several times, he closed the deal in 2010. The profit margins were too low and dropshipping was not a big deal in the archery world at that time.

He paid for shipping products to Canada and then to the states where most customers lived.

The next step was joining a software company as an SEO specialist.


“At the time, SEO was not something you took at school, you’ve just discovered it,” he says, “he’s learned to organize organically since he ran the family’s online store, and even though he dropped out of archery he never gave up on having an online store.

One month after he was hired by the software company, he did it again and opened another online store (, he does not own it anymore).

Jay received an e-mail from his email marketing tool announcing his new Shopify app. This is the first time he has heard of Shopify.

He liked the idea of ​​a web-based e-commerce tool with its own app store and visited it. Jay was looking for a product comparison app that compared but not found products based on features such as size, color, and weight. He thought, “Maybe I could build one.”

Of course, he could not find a way without experience in the development of apps and gave up the idea for the time being.

A month later, Jay met one of his best friends, Stefan Maynard, in a pub.

“I have a very good idea,” Jay told Stef. It was Friday night and they drank beer, but after sharing the concept of creating a Shopify app, Stef was instantly moved.

The two men considered until 2 o’clock in the morning. When they returned home, they had a list of about 10 apps they wanted to create.

“Stef had two friends, brothers, and developers,” Jay recalls. “We think,” Let’s try. It will put beer money aside. ”

They asked Eric and Yvan Boisjoli to complete the group of four founders who later became Bold Apps.

More About Bold Commerce

Another year ended in bold, which means it’s time to think. This year we have much to remember and thank.

Only in 2018 did almost as many people join the team that we have hired in the past five years! This means we hire more than 150 people who share our vision of enabling entrepreneurs to succeed.

We broke records, achieved goals, launched new products, made friends for life, and enjoyed doing everything.

That is, if we look back in 2018 and think of a word that summarizes it, it would be the focus.

At this point in our journey, we really believe we understand why. With this new approach, we eliminate products that do not fit, we’ve added them, we’ve changed the way we do things, and we’ve even realigned our message and brand.

Last year, it was about creating a base for the next five years at Bold that really fits our vision.

We are firmly convinced that a company is a product of its employees. We would like to sincerely thank each of our 262 builders who have helped make our business so great, and the tens of thousands of traders who trust us to help them manage their e-commerce businesses.

Bold Commerce Key Features

  • Fraud security
  • Customer experience management
  • Currency conversion
  • Promotions
  • Loyalty program
  • Cart checkout
  • Product builder

Detailed Explanation: Bold Commerce Features

Fully customizable
Your payment page must match the brand and style of your store. Colors, text, and design can be customized to give your buyers a unified experience.

Billing in multiple currencies
With the Bold multi-currency app, you can view the products in the currency chosen by your customer and then bill them in the currency at checkout.

Bold Commerce Review - Features

Offer payment in multiple languages so that the purchase process can be done on-site regardless of the customer

Want to get the most out of your conversion opportunities?

There is no problem.

Bold Commerce offers a wide range of tools that can help you increase your sales through post-sale sales, machine learning, and more. The suite of applications that focus on converting to bold is one of the most impressive aspects of the portfolio.

So what can you do with Bold conversion?

Generate sales after the purchase with automatic proposals sent to your customers. Your customers do not even have to enter their billing information a second time to buy something new.

Bold Brain for AI: The integrated Bold Brain analysis software analyzes important data points in your business and offers personalized product suggestions.

Easy Sales Management: Create one-click sales across the business, ideal for Black Friday and vacation deals.
Particularly convincing is the use of artificial intelligence by Bold Brain.

Avoid trying out by creating attractive offers for your business and automatically generating cross-selling referrals and additional sales for your account.

With a little help with AI, you can encourage your customers to spend more on each solution. There is even the “Bold Motivator” app, which automatically puts presents in baskets when your customer pays a certain amount. Or why not create product packages to sell related items?

Bold Commerce Review - Upsell

Unfortunately, Bold Brain has its disadvantages. You can end up with the same products in “related” and “popular”, which reduces your sales opportunities.

There are also functional problems with Bold Motivator. Sometimes it works “sporadically”, and not all orders automatically receive a gift as they should.

Even so, Bold Commerce’s Conversion Package is an excellent e-commerce technology that offers many opportunities that most users like.

What They Can Do?

They create powerful, flexible and customizable e-commerce applications that enhance the performance of your online store.

Whether you’re driving sales, selling subscriptions, adjusting your payment or wanting something else, our apps work together to make the most of your business.

Developed with merchants in mind

Bold applications add value to companies of all sizes and industries. Plugin and play on some e-commerce platforms, or use our APIs to integrate with your custom tools, ERP, 3PL, CRM, or just about anything else.

Bold Commerce Review - Company

Bold Commerce: Personalization

Today, consumers want more control over their purchasing options.

Your customers are looking for self-service options, customized product packages and much more.

So you’re probably wondering

How can I make this adjustment with Bold Commerce?

Through a combination of Product Builder and Product Option applications, Bold Commerce helps customers customize their orders. You can create unique software products from scratch or design your own packages. There is even the possibility to show your customer a 2D or 3D image of your finished product!

What does that mean for you?

Create personalized products from scratch: Give viewers the ability to create their own custom products with the options you offer.

Change personalized products during payment: Give your customers the option to change their product directly on the shopping cart page.

Offer Global Option Rates: Use a one-click tool to apply changes to a wide range of products simultaneously.
Bold Customization is a simple yet effective e-commerce application package for people who want to offer personalized products.

Particularly attractive is the fact that you can change your products during the payment process. This reduces the risk that your audience will lose interest by pressing the back button and having to start over.

Of course, the applications are not perfect.

Bold Commerce Review -

The screen may seem unattractive to some people and may not always fit your theme. Also, if you need conditional logic, you will get limited results. Expect the help of an expert to configure your system. It is not as easy to use as Bold’s sales material suggests.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bold Commerce

How does Bold Commerce help users manage their online stores?
With Bold Commerce, users can customize their online store processes with 20 integrated payment applications to strengthen customer loyalty. In addition, users can sell globally and wholesale. You can also execute jobs from one company to another.

Is the Bold Commerce app ready for use?
Bold Commerce integrated applications can be used with the subscription. It also provides users with a reliable web hosting service that ensures that the site does not fail.

Popular integrations
Here is a list of some of the most popular Bold Commerce integrations:

More Features: Bold Commerce


  • Develop the features of the custom site.
  • Integrate, customize, and configure third-party applications and services.
  • Design and create new complete pages and designs.


  • Direct traffic to the site via multi-click payment methods.
  • Create AdWords campaigns, ad campaigns, remarketing campaigns, product ads, Facebook ads, and redirect campaigns.
  • Set flexible budgets and options that meet your needs.

Bold Commerce Review - Software Developer


  • Implement a proactive, data-driven approach to site optimization and management.
  • Provide detailed UI / UX research and analysis.
  • Create an optimization plan with goals and key results.
  • Develop a process of continuously learning the interests and behaviors of your customers.

Perform site depth analysis
We perform UI / UX analysis, website speed, analytics, website structure, third-party applications, and marketing.

Based on our analysis and understanding of your business needs, we will create a list of prioritized goals with key findings.

We present a strategy that takes into account your goals. Strategies may include tactics such as A / B testing, customization, new services and applications, and development tasks and projects.

After the analysis, we usually create a list of Quick Wins, Arrangements, and Successful Tasks (LHF) to complete. We also take the time to work on the high priority tasks and items that you may have before you perform the optimization.

We take one or two main objectives and start execution. We will monitor our objective progress and update it every month.

Pricing Policy: Bold Commerce Review

The Bold Commerce Award works with a DIY subscription method.

In essence, you buy what you think you are using. If you only need the “essentials” you can pay $ 29.99 per month for a handful of essential features. However, if you need features such as custom portals for consumer and build-a-box subscriptions, you need the Advanced package.

Bold Commerce Review - Pricing Policy

The expanded package costs $ 199 per month and provides priority support for your equipment.

There is also the $ 399 monthly professional package that includes the Advanced Package and more. Get a Dedicated Account Manager E-mail increases the sales of the remaining packages and an ATM application when needed.

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Conclusion: Is Bold Commerce (Bold Apps For Shopify )The Best Tool For Your Sales??

Bold Commerce is an excellent collection of e-commerce applications.

There are many applications that can help you to improve the bottom line in your e-commerce business.

Unfortunately, Bold Commerce also has Few disadvantages. At the moment, most of society’s concepts are brilliant, but their implementation is not always consistent.

You may need a developer’s experience to exploit the potential of your applications. In addition, you can pay extra for the dedicated account manager.

Additional e-commerce and e-mail options are limited. Messaging capabilities are available only for the highest payment stage and are in BETA mode.

On the other hand, the social autopilot tool for social participation focuses only on Twitter, a missed opportunity.

We hope this review has given you a better understanding of who Bold Commerce is and what they have to offer!

Have you ever used Bold Commerce (or one of their competitors) before? If so, we’d love to hear all your opinions, experiences, and comments in the box below.

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