Boost Your Content With Google+ Post Ads [Infographic]

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Have you been looking for a new way to promote your content? Google might have your solution.

Earlier in 2014, Google launched a social media advertising product called +Post ads. This product enables brands to turn organic Google+ content into paid social advertisements. Not only that, but it also encourages more brand to use Google+ has an important tool for content marketing and advertising campaigns.

Google +Post Ads are designed to boost engagement and promote content. By using +Post content, advertisements become interactive, which allows consumers to comment and share content, watch videos, and join Google Hangouts.

How to create a Google+ Post Ad

Creating a +Post ad is quite simple. The first step is to create a new AdWords campaign for your brand. Next, you’ll create your ad group and design an advertisement. Finally, you’ll save your advertisement and prepare for engagement with customers.

As you design your +Post Ad campaign, there are a view things to keep in mind. It’s important to use engaging photos and videos in your campaign because this type of visual content will boost engagement. Additionally, every +Post Ad should include a creative call-to-action statement.

Google is changing the way brands promote their content and the way consumers interact with brands online. To learn more about the process of creating a +Post Ad, check out the step-by-step process in the infographic below:

Boost Your Content With Google+ Post Ads



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