BotSailor Review 2023: Is BotSailor Legit? (Pros & Cons)

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Ease of Use
Customer Support
Speed & Performance
Email Integration


  • Easy to use
  • Great customer support
  • Visually appealing dashboard
  • Good Analytics
  • Detailed information
  • Free plan available
  • No coding skills required


  • New in the market

BotSailor is a Whatsapp and Telegram chatbot builder that requires no coding. Instead of depending just on email marketing, consider bot broadcasting to increase the open rate.


Are you looking for an Unbiased BotSailor Review? Great! You have come to the right post.

Knowing who to trust when marketing your business with chatbots is hard. 

With so many chatbot marketing services, it can be hard to know who to trust. How do you know if the service will help you reach your goals?

BotSailor can help. BotSailor is a Telegram & Whatsapp Chatbot Marketing Service that has helped businesses of all sizes increase their sales and conversions. 

Their team of experts has years of experience in online marketing and will work tirelessly to ensure your chatbot marketing campaign is successful.

Let us check out BotSailor in a little more detail.

What Is BotSailor?

BotSailor is a Whatsapp and Telegram  Chatbot Marketing service that allows businesses to reach their target audience through chatbots.

BotSailor Review

BotSailor offers a wide range of features allowing businesses to create and manage chatbots for marketing purposes. With BotSailor, businesses can interact with their target audience more personally and engagingly. BotSailor also allows businesses to track and analyze the performance of their chatbots.

How Does BotSailor Work?

  • Connect to BotSailor: You can instantly have a fully functional chatbot that works on all major messaging apps. BotFather is the easiest way to get started with creating your very own business account and connecting it in just four easy steps!
  • Share Chatbot Link and Make a List: Ensure customers know your chatbot’s existence, including a link on their website and social media pages. If they enter any tags or custom fields while entering information about themselves to start an interaction with you, then use those criteria when segmenting the list so that only those whose needs match up will see it!
  • Broadcast Message Anytime: With the ability to send promotional messages, notifications, and updates at any time – even after hours- you can rely on telegram for your 24/7 communication needs. A recent survey showed that open rates exceeded 80%.
  • Automated Drip Messaging: You can set up automated sequence messages after a specified time interval, such as minutes or hours. The message will continue until you decide to stop it!
  • eCommerce Inside Telegram: With a simple checkout system within Telegram, you can now set up an eCommerce store that offers both physical and digital items and as food ordering.
  • SMS & Email Integration: Create a way to send text messages and emails by using the phone number or email address that has been shared with you.
  • Autoresponder Integration: Autoresponders are a great way to increase your email list and engage with potential customers. Some popular autoresponder services include MailChimp, Sendinblue, ActiveCampaign, and Mautic.

BotSailor: Best Features

Develop a Comprehensive eCommerce Platform:

They have an effective eCommerce shop for the Telegram chatbot. A well-designed eCommerce shop might be shown to Telegram bot subscribers. Yes, everything will be performed automatically.

The Chatbot may offer the eCommerce shop to the user depending on a keyword or a button click. Users can peruse categories, add items to their baskets, pay for them, and get home delivery. BotSailor may serve as a dedicated salesman for your company’s Telegram bot.

Manage & Segment Subscriber List:

Label your unique subscribers to distinguish or categorize them. By segmenting your subscribers into separate labels, you can deliver a variety of sequence and broadcast messages.

Use labels to classify your chatbot’s users. In the flow of your chatbot, labels are allocated to buttons. When subscribers click the button, labels are applied to them. Consequently, you may categorize your subscribers and send them a message using a label.

Configure Drip Campaigner for Email Marketing Automation:

After a messaging session with a user has concluded, a planned sequence or drip of messages may be delivered. Depending on the user’s actions or answers, different message sequences might be configured.

Depending on the user’s reaction, they may offer alternate drip message sequences to various users. Both hourly and daily sequences are examples of sequences. They may build a campaign in which the sequence campaigner distributes messages hourly/minutely or daily.

Transmission to Subscribers:

Broadcasting is an excellent BotSailor feature that enables you to interact with your contact list while contributing to your company’s expansion. A segmented audience may be reactivated, reengaged, or delivered messages, reminders, or follow-ups based on various characteristics.

The WhatsApp Business Platform charges businesses per chat. Per month, each WhatsApp Business account will get 1,000 free conversations. Learn about price information here. Unlike Whatsapp, Telegram has no restrictions on its broadcasting. The Telegram Chatbot is not subject to the 24-hour limit. Thus there are no time constraints.

Get a short link to use on your website, in emails, or on social media:

A simple connection to your Telegram Chatbot or WhatsApp company may result in a significant increase in subscribers. BotSailor may generate short links that can be posted on websites, social media platforms, and emails. A bot will respond quickly when a subscriber clicks on a Short link. In addition, BotSailor provides Telegram and WhatsApp chat widgets that can be added to any website.

Begin Chatbot Construction Using Visual Drag-and-Drop Editor:

The BotSailor Visual Drag and Drop Flow Builder facilitates the visual construction of a bot. It offers a bird’s-eye view of your complete bot, which facilitates the creation of a highly engaging bot. You may develop, test, and build chatbots using a graphical interface that requires no coding.

Connect to BotSailor by using:

The Telegram Chatbot BotFather will aid you in creating a bot account. They need just provide the bot’s name and login. BotFather will reply with the URL and access token for the Chatbot. To establish a connection between the bot account and BotSailor, utilize the Access token.

As soon as you connect the bot to BotSailor, you may configure auto-replies as you see fit. Set up a WhatsApp business account and cloud API, then connect them to BotSailor using the business account’s access token and ID.

BotSailor Whitelabel Reseller

In addition to free and premium individual subscriptions, BotSailor also provides a white-label chatbot reseller subscription bundle. The BotSailor White Label Chatbot Reseller package enables you to resell BotSailor’s services under your brand name.

In this case, all that is required is acquiring a domain name. Additionally, the software is installed on their server and not yours. Their web server will point to your domain. Your end users may access their server by going straight to your domain. In other words, your end user may access BotSailor’s service, which is housed on their server, through your domain.

They will handle all server and software management themselves. You need not be concerned about server or software maintenance.

BotSailor Pricing & How To Use?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of BotSailor from here and click on ‘Pricing.’

BotSailor Pricing & How To Use step1

Step – 2: Check out their pricing plans, set the parameters, and click on ‘Purchase’ below the plan of your choice. 

BotSailor Pricing & How To Use step2

Step – 3: Click on ‘Do not have an account?’.

BotSailor Pricing & How To Use step3

Step – 4: Fill up the details asked for, agree to the terms, and click on ‘Sign up.

BotSailor Pricing & How To Use step4

That’s it. Verify your email and start using BotSailor. 

Here is what the BotSailor dashboard looks like – 

BotSailor dashboard

On scrolling down, you can see all your earnings graphically. 

Want to connect to Telegram Bot?

Just click on ‘Connect Bot’ below Telegram, then fill up the ‘Telegram Bot Token’, and then click on ‘Connect’. That’s how easy it is. The same goes for Whatsapp. 

BotSailor dashboard connect telegram bot

Surf through the dashboard, and you will find many exciting and helpful features for your business. 

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Conclusion: BotSailor Review 2023

BotSailor is a platform I recommend for businesses. It is pretty easy to use, and they also have incredible customer support. It has everything I needed and a free plan, so you can try it out yourself before spending any money.

I sincerely hope this article helps. Please let me know in the comment section what feature of BotSailor you liked the most and why. 

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