Bouncer Review 2023 : Is It The Most Powerful Email List Management Tool?

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Email Verification


  • Thousands of bonus credits
  • Auto Refill
  • Free Email Verification Sampling
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Authentic GDPR Compliance
  • Stellar Support
  • Various Products To Try
  • Free Trial


  • No Live chat
  • Lacks advanced functionalities

The Bouncer is a powerful email list management tool that allows you to clean up your email lists with this extremely user-friendly email verification tool.


It’s not a small task to create a project, because the best email subject matter requires more effort and time. If you don’t approach your receivers’ boxes, this would be a complete waste of your skill!

Do not send it to a list that is not checked! Let your project deliver excellent outcomes and check your email list with Bouncer. You can increase your productivity, delivery, commitment, and Return on investment with this mail checker!

But first let us know what do we mean by bounce, bounce rate, and Email List Verification?

It is important to check your email list! 

Provides safe delivery

The low quality of the mailing list would perhaps destroy your reputation as a sender. Your delivery will hit each time your email bounces back. You could eventually wind up as a spammer! 

Boost Your Engagement Rates 

Incorrect emails will never interact with your content! Unmonitored addresses will reduce your mailbox rates and cut the volume of page views! Quality matters more than quantity!!

Saves your energy and time 

Do NOT waste your money on undesirable recipients! It ends up costing you not only to send a campaign but also to blacklist which consumes much of your time!

So now that you know why you should check your email list, we will discuss an application here which will solve all your problems that you can face regarding this matter.

So let’s get started!

Bouncer Review: What Is It?

Bouncer email verification software review

The Bouncer is a powerful email list management tool that allows you to clean up your email lists with this extremely user-friendly email verification tool.

This Email verification API is super fast and easy to configure, allowing businesses and companies to verify emails in a variety of ways. With Bouncer, you can secure your recipient’s credibility, low failure rates, and boost performance and reliability.

Bouncer is an interesting application and technology that aims to allow their customers to retain uninterrupted contact with their customers.

It was established in Poland by Radek Kaczynski (Chief executive) in 2017. They are experts when it comes to resolving email validation problems.

Bouncer Features

Bouncer features- email verification review

  • Domain Check
  • Syntax Check
  • Bulk Email Verification
  • Disposable Email Detection
  • Catch all Server Detection
  • Single Email Verification

What do you get with Bouncer?

With Bouncer, you will get the best email validation and also get your emails checked with a 99.5 percent success rate.

Bouncer benefits- bouncer email verification review

  • Thousand Free Credits

Demonstrate the actual strength of Bouncer with 1000 free email validation points!

  • Excellent Assistance

Do you have a query? If you want, you may contact them by email, chat or even in person! Bouncer’s assistance is available to you. Plus, there are some options you didn’t even notice you wanted!

  • Global Adaptability

By comparing them to the huge database, it recognizes temporary email accounts. Their checker will not only recognize and accept all emails on your server but will also predict how many of them will bounce.

  • Best Accuracy

They verify all forms of email accounts from all across the globe.

  • Role Email Detection

After you have finished the verification, you will be able to fully customize and refine the data. They will tell you which emails seem to be from free domains such as and

Monitors role-based email accounts, such as [email protected] and [email protected], which were not associated with a particular individual.

  • Detecting MX files

We will recognize all email addresses that have syntax errors for you, saving your time and effort. All emails with expired or incorrect domains will be flagged by the application. Bouncer verifies that each domain has MX records and only holds real information.

Why should you try Bouncer?

Is there another business that offers you the chance to be covered by a silverback gorilla that wears a tie? Isn’t that correct? Yes, I agree!

Bouncer customer reviews and testimonials

Nevertheless, they recognize that you may require additional information as to why you can trust them with your information, so they have produced this page and have also listed everything they are particularly proud of!

  • Results accuracy

They would also make every attempt to provide you with some of the most reliable results possible. Verify your emails with Bouncer as well as benefit from their superior, best-in-class quality of the results.

With these outcomes, you won’t have to be concerned regarding your sender’s credibility or delivery rates!

  • Authentic GDPR Compliance

As we have mentioned before,  we are extremely grateful that Bouncer is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant by design. Except for the level where you can download your data, all the emails uploaded are anonymized in their scheme.

You do have the option of deleting your results after verification completely on request. Rather than this, after 2 months, they can delete the data from the framework. Furthermore, their storage facilities are situated within the European Union.

  • Excellent Assistance

They are true people who genuinely care. That’s the reason why they are here to help you. Want help importing your lists, getting started with API integration as well as decoding the findings?

Their assistance is available for you! Or maybe you have found a function which would make everything a lot easier – you can let them know! They can be reached via message, email, or video chat, but in case you prefer to write to them, you can do so and they would be delighted to respond to you!

  • Reliability and Security

The GDPR compliance is one key aspect, but also the protection of your information and that of your clients is equally critical! Bouncer is a trustworthy company that will never sell or lend your information to someone else!

They have designed their framework on Amazon AWS’s reputable and stable network, using Netflix’s “battle-tested” stack with no failures.

  • Affordable costs

However all this is not purely a financial consideration, they agree that perhaps the price of the verification should really be reasonable, and must not outweigh the value of delivering an actual email.

As a result, their pricing was created to be reasonable to a variety of clients. You can buy credits whenever you want, and they’ll never get expired.

Bouncer Email Verification Pricing Details

Now let us discuss the pricing of this tool! Bouncer allows you to expand using a Pay As You Go structure, with the first thousand credits provided to you free of cost. Credits never run out. To get started, you don’t even need a credit card.

Bouncer pricing with review

  • Bouncer is free for the first 1,000 credits.
  • After this it will cost you $0.0025 per 1000 credits if bought between 1000 and 9000 credits.
  • $0.0020 per 1000 credits if bought between 10000 and 99,000 credits
  • $0.0015 per 1000 credits if bought between 100,000 and 249,000 credits.
  •  $0.0010 for 1000 credits bought between 250,000 and 1,000,000 credits
  •  $0.00075 for 1000 credits bought over 1,000,000 credits 
  • If you are looking for a price over 250,000 then you have to contact Bouncer for further details.

One very good thing about Bouncer is that 1 credit equals 1 valid email address and your credits will never run out.

Advantages of Bouncer

Ensuring that the bounce rate of your emails during your emails is as less as possible is something you would always want to have during your marketing campaigns.

So, Bouncer has been designed to do exactly that. Let us now discuss some of the key advantages that you will be entitled to while using this tool.

  • Credits that never run out

Verify your email credits which can be bought on request but they never expire, which allows you to use them whenever you wish. 

  • Fair 

Bouncer will never make you pay you for similar email addresses or “unrecognised” entries in your database.

  • Volume Discounts 

There are thousand bonus credits to begin with, as well as volume tiered concessions that enable you to expand at your own rate. 

  • Auto refill

Auto-refills are incredibly simple to install and can ensure that your email verification process helps you maintain your continuity.

5 reasons why we like Bouncer?

Now that we are nearing this review and have discussed so much about Bounce, what it can do and how you can benefit from it, let us take this moment to finally give you the 5 major reasons why we really like Bouncer and recommend you to try this tool for your email list verification needs.

Bouncer reviews

  • Bouncer Email Checker & Verifier 

You need to be absolutely sure that your mailing list is right. Their software is extremely easy to use! You just have to simply drag and drop your mailing list of up to 2,50,000 email accounts into their email verifier, and their email checker will do the rest of the work!

It will let you know which emails are fine to send, and also recognize all disposable emails. Not only will using the Bouncer email verification system assist you in getting your online campaign into the mailbox, but it will also make you save your time and energy.

  • Bounce Estimate

Verifying the email list is just the first step. People know how hard it is to make rational decisions about the emails to hold in your address books, particularly when dealing with “dangerous” addresses.

This is why Bouncer seems to be the only email checker which tells you what else to expect after you have sent out your project! They will determine how often the mails would bounce back utilizing their proprietary algorithm and an analysis of your entire list.

  • Free Email Verification Sampling

Bouncer lets you measure the accuracy of the list despite having to check it – and it’s absolutely free! Bouncer will inform you if your checklist is perfect or whether it needs cleaning depending on a randomly selected sample of your list.

It will save you money and time by reducing the time and expense of checking protected lists!

  • Data safety

Your information is secure with them! Their data facilities are located in EU territory, and all received emails are hashed (anonymized) in the application.

You may also request to remove your verification results; however, they will do so after 2 months. Furthermore, their system is based on dependable technology from organizations such as Amazon AWS and Netflix.

  • Affordable costs

Bouncer agrees that perhaps the price of the verification should really be reasonable, and must not outweigh the value of delivering an actual email.

As a result, their pricing was created to be reasonable to a variety of clients. You can buy credits whenever you want, and they’ll never get expired.

Your Guide For Email List Verification

This is not just a review you are going through. While writing this post, we have made sure that you don’t just settle with a conventional product review of Bouncer and leave.

We have made some extra efforts to make sure that you can enhance your knowledge about email list verification and several key aspects related to it so that you can understand where exactly you can use Bouncer during your email marketing campaign and how it can benefit you.

That being said, here is a quick question-answer guide followed by some FAQs which will help you learn and understand the concept of ‘bounced’ emails and email list verification even better. 

What is a ‘bounce’?

Bounced emails can be a total pain in the neck. How many of you have sent an email and received notification that it was not delivered? That’s what you call a bounce. Email bounces could be caused by a variety of factors.

What is meant by Email List Verification?

This is an advanced process to verify whether the email addresses are workable without having to send a real email to your email inbox.

In order to confirm whether an email does not cause a tough bounce, Email Checker not only checks an email language, executes DNS and MX record checks, and connects with SMTP server of receivers but also uses the proprietary artificial intelligence – supported algorithms to negotiate with databases from SMTP, and you will get the most reliable results possible.

How to determine whether or not an email address is valid or not?

Sending a blank message to it is the simplest way to do so. However, simple does not indicate nice – you risk receiving a bounce back, and you will also be sending spam to your receivers!

Bouncer, an email verification application that will verify whether the email address is correct for you – is a much more efficient and also quite an easy process.

You need to log in to your Bouncer profile, select the single email tab, enter the email address to be checked, and wait a few more seconds for the outcome!

How can you reduce the email bounce rate?

Email bounce rate reduction is critical for email deliverability and mailbox placement. If your failure rate is higher than 2%, you can address it right away.

In just some very easy measures, you can do that with the support of Bouncer! When you submit your project to your list, Bouncer will notify you whether these emails are undeliverable or not (undeliverable emails will bounce right back to your mailbox and raise your bounce rate).

By eliminating these people from your target audience, you will be able to maintain your bounce rate low and your engagement levels up!

What is the cost to clean an email list?

The cost will be determined by the size of the mailing list you want to check. Bonuses can be purchased on request, with 1 reward equal to 1 verified email.

A minimal payment of 1000 credits is required. Now, Start typing in the number of emails on your mailing list to measure your price using the calculator.

These points never get expired, and the rates decrease as you purchase further, so buy more points to get cheaper rates per $1000.

What is the best way to filter an email list?

Login into your Bouncer profile and select the Verify list tab. Now import your mailing list as a CSV or TXT format, and then press the START NOW key.

Yes, it is really that basic! After you have completed the verification process, try downloading the accurate result and celebrate your lower bounce rate!!

Now that we’re through the comprehensive review and guide, let us go through some of the most commonly asked questions asked about Bouncer.

Quick Links:

Bouncer – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

✔ What degree of precision should I expect for my results?

99.5 percent and up! Isn't it amazing?

🔥 What payment options do they accept?

PayPal as well as all major credit cards are accepted.

👓What is the process of email verification?

Here is the entire process of Email Verification. Verifying the email address's syntax to see if there is any sense in continuing verification Examining whether the server is properly configured to receive emails and determining which Email Service Provider is in charge of email management. Checking with the email service provider to see if the address is ready for delivery or not. And everything is accomplished in an interesting manner, to protect its credibility and reduce internet traffic (to be more environment friendly), by responding to greylisting (when an email service provider doesn't know who we are yet), and the need for retrying.

✌For email list verification, what file formats do you accept?

You can save your checklist as a Csv format and import it.

💥 Why can't I confirm my email address book?

When you are unable to begin the verification process after you have submitted your checklist and instead you receive a notice that your profile is partly disabled, it implies that your profile has been removed due to the content or source of your list. Their anti - spam rule formulas have been most likely activated by your list. Contact the customer service team so that they can look into your situation and reactivate your profile. Let them know immediately when you are unable to clear your checklist for any other cause.

👀Is it possible to get a receipt for my payment?

Yes, of course! Within 24hrs of your payment, the receipt will be delivered to your billing address! Please ensure that you fill out all of the required areas during the purchase process.

😎Is it possible to create a profile using a personal email address such as Hotmail or Gmail?

No, until you first send them an email with some additional information about yourself, you cannot create a profile.

Conclusion: Is Bouncer Worth The Try? Bouncer Review

So, Bouncer Email Verifier is a very easy and effective instrument for the address list validation. You can use different types of connections for safer and faster functioning of the program. Also, you can enjoy other features for better and more convenient verification.

As for the price, it’s rather affordable, especially taking into account that you shouldn’t pay every month. But it’s always better to try it by yourself than to read reviews. So, try it for free.

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