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Social media has completely changed marketing. Banner ads, pop-ups, and overlays, the digital equivalents of old-school advertising strategies, weren’t effective.

Marketers couldn’t just supply one-way content; they needed to build a dialogue. Brand24 quickly appeared with software that let organizations listen to and manage thousands of daily interactions.

What is Brand24?

what does Brand24 doBrand24 will assist you in monitoring internet mentions of your brand as well as keywords. Brand24 is a social monitoring tool that is user-friendly and dependable.

Businesses and corporations of all sizes use Brand24 to locate, participate in, and analyze online conversations taking place regarding their goods, brands, and competitors in real-time from all over the web.

Brand24 was founded in Poland in 2011 and soon gained a reputation. This 2013 article announcing their arrival in Indonesia also claims that Intel, Panasonic, and AirFrance have implemented the two-year-old software.

In the early days of social listening, their quick increase may have been easier to understand. Brand24 has been funded for six years and 2.4 million Polish zloty.

They still attract huge brands, like Uber, and have many happy customers. The software’s growing range of capabilities makes it more than a monitoring tool. You don’t only see who mentions you or what they say. Top-notch analytics can help boost your brand image and marketing approach.

Brand24 Pricing


Brand24’s four pricing tiers are meant to be affordable for businesses of all sizes. Brand24 makes social media monitoring affordable and accessible with excellent data.

You can get a 14-day free trial by signing up.

  • $49/month lets 1 user track 3 keywords and observe 2,000 monthly mentions. The data is updated every 12 hours, and you can track it with their mobile app, Newsletter, and Podcast track.
  • Unlimited users, 7 keywords, 5k monthly mentions, $99/mo. Plus gives you data and monitoring, plus a snapshot of your social media reach and “opinion leaders” Data can be exported to Excel and reported to PDF. 24/7 live chat, email, and phone support are accessible.
  • Unlimited users, 12 keywords, 25k monthly mentions, $149/mo. All of the above, plus interaction tracking and a consultant to help you put things up and analyze the data.
  • Max, $249/mo – Unlimited users, plus 25 keywords, 100k mentions each month, updated in real-time.

Quick links:

Brand24 Login

Just stick to these two simple steps:

Step 1: Click on the official URL provided below to access the Brand24 login page.

Step 2: Using your username and password, log in to the site. After successfully logging in, the login screen will show.

Final Thought on Brand24 Login

Brand24 performs a wonderful job of giving a large number of feature capabilities within a user interface that is both elegant and relatively simple to master. Even though it can get expensive if you surpass certain quotas, it is still well worth investigating for digital marketers working with small businesses.

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