Brand Building Techniques While Marketing Online

The Internet never sleeps. There are people logging online to browse for products and services all the time. With the advent of Internet, people have become more knowledgeable about the products they buy. They just don’t blindly follow the advertisements and buy a product or service.

Many have started checking on the Internet to get reviews and feedbacks given by other users on a particular product or service.

Brand Building Techniques While Marketing Online

Customers Have Become Smarter with the Internet in Hand

Deceiving customers with “We are the best in the market…” on the about us or home page is not going to work and that is NOT branding.

I don’t know why, but many businesses are of the opinion that if they fill their website with fancy words and words like ‘best, better, no. 1, exclusive’ here and there then their business is established!

Do you think people or prospective clients are going to fall for it?

If they are going to spend on something, they are going to research deeply with the resources (internet) they have in hand.

Understand the Meaning of ‘Branding’

If branding is so easy, why are all the small scale businesses still in the same level or closing down after a short period of time?

“Budget is a problem and not everyone can spend on branding”, you should say. I agree, but online branding is not going to cost as much as the other business needs.

The principle of branding is all about strengthening your ties with customers and your audience. Also, the employees of your company (if you have any) are the brand ambassadors of your business and your company positioning in the market starts with these important links. So, what are some effective techniques for the brand building while marketing online?

Be smart with marketing, never think that customers are stupid and give more importance to the quality of the content.

Keep Tabs on Competitors

Search Engine Optimization and branding go hand-in-hand and are equally important, especially when your business is completely online.

Learn about your competitors and analyze the branding strategies they implement. Keep a close look on the various links and advertising that appear. Just as retail stores are influenced by its neighboring competitors, your online business will be influenced by your online competitors.

Make Use of the Free Online Services

From social media to blogging, make full use of the free online services that helps in spreading the word on your business.

You can keep an eye on other blog posts and updates from your competitors, using the “Google Alert” service. Leverage the power of this tool, by creating an alert, based on specific keywords or even your brand name. Then visit those links and engage, interact and create even more content based on them.

But there are other free online resources available. Do you need a slogan idea for your business or new project? Use this free Spaces tool. Just type your keyword and get hundreds of possible business slogans you can use to promote your products.

Your slogan or tagline is just as important as your business name when it comes to branding and promoting your products or services. You need to aim to something that explains who you are in just a few words. You also want a slogan that’s unique and catchy, and, really important, helps people remember your brand.

Improve Your Website Design

Your website is an important feature to your branding. Make it creative and, at the same time, ensure it gets your message across. Think about what your brand image should say about you and design accordingly. Make your website design stand out by creating something different. ‘Professional’ design doesn’t mean you have to make your website as boring as possible with standard blue or green colors for the website. Make it fun and engaging for your readers and, at the same time, promote your product.

But remember, put user experience as the first and most important goal when building your website.

Blogs and Forums

Look out for forums, communities and other platforms of your expertise and give in your valuable ideas or provide solutions to problems. You can show people your quality by participating actively in these platforms. Quora is a great place to promote yourself and share your knowledge about topics of your niche.

Also, Yahoo Answer is another good way to share your insights and experience. Get answers, ask questions, and build your reputation.

Establish your business and become a name to reckon by cleverly positioning your business. When you optimize content to index your website, ensure you put up quality content. The content you provide on various platforms is going to portray the quality of your business, since the link you provide for the readers is going to redirect them to your website.

You can also search for blogs related to your niche and comment on interesting articles to start building relationships with the owner of those websites.

Also, blogging communities may help you with branding., GrowthHackers or BizSugar are the most popular places to share your content or start discussions within your market.

Final Words

Branding techniques are not that hard to follow. You should invest your time and give to branding more importance. Improve and establish your business without spending much on online branding, by leveraging the internet and all the resources available (remember, most of all are free). What do you think? Which techniques are you using to promote your brand and business online? Care to share them?

Please leave a comment below and start a conversation!

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