Brand24 Pricing 2023: How does social media listening work?

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In recent years, social media has transformed the marketing landscape. Brands were quick to figure out banner ads and pop-ups—the digital versions of old school advertising techniques that just weren’t very effective ways in reaching consumers–but now they need more than ever before if their goal is a success!

Luckily for these businesses, Brand24 came along with software that gave them access to thousands upon tens of thousand conversations happening across different platforms; giving companies exactly what’s needed when it comes down to listening/managing customer feedback

Brand24-Pricing and Features

Brand24 is a company that has been around since 2011 and they’ve managed to withstand the test of time. They were one among many companies entering this still-growing market, but six years later with 2 million Polish zloty spent on funding -you can see why their success continues today!

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Brand 24 Features


Media monitoring is a great way to keep tabs on what the media has been saying about your brand. With online tools like Brand24, you can monitor all aspects of marketing and branding efforts in one place- bringing them right into focus so they are easily measurable!

Brand24 provides a powerful analytics platform that tracks keywords across different social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. It also analyzes the sentiment of posts to help you protect your brand reputation as well find marketing insights with their AI-driven engine.

The Brand24 platform makes it easy to track mentions of your campaigns, no matter how they’re keyword-based or advanced. You can search by typing in list words that are specific parties you want information on, as well as tracking which keywords must be included if any at all!

When you’re searching for a keyword in the “Keyword field, it can be hard to know which words should actually make up your main one. In this case, ‘keywords’ is followed by another set of fields called Required Keywords.” The video on how search engines work will help clear things right up!

The power of Brand24’s keyword search is that it doesn’t just bring you social media data, but all web searches for your keywords as well. You can use @mentions or hashtags in addition to plain language text on blogs and news sites outside Facebook–which gives an incredible insight into what people are talking about inside their networks!

There’s more to see here than just numbers. You can drill down into any day (or week or month) and read everything that has been said about your brand for that time period – but with a twist! Filter by source, filter by sentiment: who is trash talking you right now?

The Analysis section of Brand24 is a great addition to the tool, as it allows you access to your social media mentions. You can see how many people said nice things about themselves on various platforms like Facebook or Twitter without having any idea what impact those statements might have had! This information would be very useful if I wanted my brand’s reach expanded by appealing more potential customers who are interested in checking out our products/service offerings but haven’t yet interacted.

Brand24 has a powerful comparison tool that lets you see how your projects stack up against one another. You could use it for measuring campaign effectiveness or as opposition research, creating studies on what works best in different industries and contexts so we know where our efforts are most needed!

Brand24 enables you to export data from your projects and use it outside the tool. You can download a customized PDF report, which we have 100% control over what’s in there!

Brand 24 Pricing


Brand24 offers affordable social media monitoring for all businesses so you can find out what your website needs without breaking the bank. With quality data and four different price points, Brand 24 makes sure that everyone gets their money’s worth from our service! Plus we provide a 14-day free trial just in case you want more time to decide on whether or not this is right fit before subscribing.

Plus, for $49/month, you can track up to 3 different keywords and see up to 2k of these mentions per month. The data is updated every 12 hours, and you’ll get data and sentiment analysis. You can track all of this using their mobile app, as well as Newsletter and Podcast monitoring.

For $99/month, you get unlimited users, 7 keywords, and 5,000 mentions per month. You also get analytics and monitoring with Plus. In addition, you can see your total social media reach and find out who your “opinion leaders” are – the people who mention you the most. Data can be exported to an Excel file, and reports can be turned into easy-to-read PDFs. Live help is also available at this level, 24/7, by chat, email, or phone.

Business, $149/month – Unlimited users, 12 keywords, 25k mentions per month, updated in real time. You’ll get all of this, as well as the ability to track how people are reacting to your brand and access to a consultant who can help you set everything up and provide analysis for all the data you’ll be looking at.

Max, $249/month — You will get all of the features mentioned above, including unlimited users. But with this package, you will also get 25 keywords and 100,000 mentions per month that are updated in real-time.


👉What is Brand24?

Brand24 is an all-inclusive analytics platform that tracks your performance across major social media channels. With sentiment analysis, hashtag monitoring and more it provides the tools to measure success on every level from SEO research through customer feedback content creation -allowing you see what works best for YOUR brand!

👉 How does social media listening work?

To do social media listening, you track mentions of certain words, phrases, and even complex queries across social media and the web. Brand24 goes broader than that, though, and listens to other media types, such as blogs, news sites, reviews, video descriptions, and podcasts. Brand24 crawls through the entire web to find every occurrence of your selected keywords. You can drill down to any set time span to find everything that people have said about your brand during that period.

👉What does Brand24 cost?

Brand24 has a 14-day free trial so you can try it out before you decide to buy it. There are three different plans: Plus - $49 per month, Premium - $99 per month, Business - $149 per month,The Max plan is the most expensive and gives you the most features. The Plus plan is good for people who are tracking one brand. The Premium plan is good for professionals who want to analyze mentions. And the Business plan is good for teams and agencies who want to engage, analyze, and report on mentions.

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Brand24 goes way beyond being just a social monitoring tool. The comprehensive data and analysis you can get from it work together to paint the perfect picture of how people perceive your brand, which is why we say that this service deserves an honored place in any company’s arsenal!

Brand24 is great for managing your social media accounts and staying up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry. However, it does lack some features that would make life easier such as collaborative tools so team members can leave notes for each other or chat about stats without having to go through individual platforms like Facebook posts, etc., but this Slack integration works around these problems quite nicely!

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